• Steam Achievements

    Accurate DetectiveYou have analyzed the fingerprints on the window.
    Advanced Detective (Episode 1)You've finished episode 1 and done well!
    Amateur Detective (Episode 1)You've finished episode 1.
    Crime Scene InvestigatorYou have examined all objects in the baroness' cabin.
    Forensic OfficerYou have exercised care and analyzed the bullets.
    Hero of the HourYou have saved Matt. You're a hero!
    HoudiniYou have freed yourself from the bonds.
    Humble HelperYou have found the baroness' purse.
    Master Detective (Episode 1)You've finished episode 1 and did an outstanding job!
    Music LoverYou have switched on the radio in the saloon car.
    PrometheusYou have built a functioning torch!
    PyromaniacYou have lit 5 matches.
    SprinterYou have caught the runaway train!
    SurvivorYou have survived the explosion in the freight car.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.