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  • Console Cheats

    First, enable the console by going to Documents>BioWare>Mass Effect>Config on your computer. Then open BIOInput in Notepad. Find the line [Engine.Console] and under it add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde. Then when playing in game simply press the tilde key (above tab) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat.

    enable fly mode. very awkward
    Give all armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllArmor xs
    Give all grenades, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllGrenades xs
    Give all human armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllArmorHuman xs
    Give all krogan armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllArmorKrogan xs
    Give all quarian armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllArmorQuarian xs
    Give all Turian armor, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllArmorTurian xs
    Give all Weapons and Armor ModsGiveAllXMods
    Give all weapons, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllWeapons xs
    Give Super Armorgivesuperarmor
    Give Super Gungivesupergun
    Gives a bonus talentgivebonustalent #
    Gives all ArmorsGiveAllArmor
    Gives Bio Amps, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllBioamps
    Gives Omni Tool, replace the xs with the name of the manufactuerGiveAllOmniTools
    gives you everything exept for armor.giveall
    Increments or decrements the party's credits.AdjustCredits (plus or minus number)
    Move player to location specified by crosshairsteleport
    replace # with desired amount of experience pointsgivexp #
    replace # with desired amount of paragon pointssetparagon #
    replace # with desired amount of renegade pointssetrenegade #
    Replace # with desired amount of squad talent pointsset bioattributespawnparty m_TalentPoints #
    replace # with the desired amount of creditsadjustcredits #
    replace # with the desired amount of talent points.givetalentpoints #
    return to normal on foot controlwalk
    Set number of grenadesinitgrenades #
    Sets amount of medi-gel to the number requested.initmedigel X
    Sets the party credits to this amount.InitCredits (number)
    Super Speedsuperspeed
    Unlock Achievementsunlockachievement #
    walk through wallsghost

Mass Effect 3 Cheats


  • PC Achievements

    A Personal TouchModify a weapon.
    Almost ThereReach Level 15 in multiplayer or level 50 in single-player
    Always PreparedObtain two noncustomizable suits of armor.
    ArbiterWin a political standoff
    Battle-ScarredPromote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character.
    Bringer of WarChase down an assassin.
    BruiserKill 100 enemies with melee attacks.
    Combined ArmsPerform any combinations of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts.
    DefenderAttain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war.
    DrivenReturn to active duty
    EnlistedStart a character in multiplayer or customize a character in single-player.
    ExecutionerDefeat an old adversary.
    ExplorerComplete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.
    Eye of the HurricaneKill a brute while it's charging you.
    Fact FinderDiscover an enemy's monstrous origin.
    FocusedEvolve any of your powers to rank 6.
    Giant KillerDefeat a Harvester
    GunsmithUpgrade any weapon to level 10.
    Hard TargetCall down an orbital strike.
    HijackerHijack an Atlas mech.
    InsanityFinish the game on Insanity without changing difficulty after leaving Earth.
    Last WitnessExtract ancient technology
    LegendMission accomplished.
    LiberatorStop a Cerberus kidnapping
    Long Service MedalComplete Mass Effect 3 twice or once with a Mass Effect 2 import.
    Lost and FoundDispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.
    Mail SlotKill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.
    Master and CommanderDeliver most of the Galaxy at War assets to the final conflict
    MobilizerBring a veteran officer aboard.
    Overload SpecialistOverload the shields of 100 enemies.
    ParamourEstablish or rekindle a romantic relationship.
    Party CrasherSabotage a dreadnought.
    PathfinderExplore a lost city.
    PatriotMake the final assault.
    Peak ConditionReach Level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in single-player.
    Problem SolverEvacuate a scientific facility.
    PyromaniacSet 100 enemies on fire with powers.
    RecruitKill 250 enemies.
    SaboteurDisable a group of fighter squadrons.
    ShopaholicVisit a store in the single-player campaign.
    Sky HighLift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.
    SoldierKill 1,000 enemies.
    Tour of DutyFinish all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions in single-player.
    TouristComplete one multiplayer match or two N7 missions.
    Tunnel RatSurvive the swarm.
    UntouchableEscape a Reaper in the galaxy map.
    UnwaveringFinish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity.
    VeteranKill 5,000 enemies.
    Well ConnectedSend a warning across the galaxy.
    World ShakerDestroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.

    Contributed By: noz3r0.

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