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Outlast Walkthrough Part 1 - Objective: Investigate Mount Massive Asylum
Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough [Part 1] Indie Horror Game from Dice17
Outlast Walkthrough Part 2 - Objective: Escape the Asylum. Access Security Control to unlock the main doors.
Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough [Part 2] Access Security Control from Dice17
Outlast Walkthrough Part 3 - Objective: Restart the generator in the basement
Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough [Part 3] I HATE BASEMENTS!!! from Dice17
Outlast Walkthrough Part 4 - Objective: Follow the Bloodtrail
Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough [Part 4] NAKED BROTHERS - FOLLOW THE BLOOD TRAILS from Dice17

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Outlast No Commentary HD Playthrough
Outlast Playthrough Part 1 (No Commentary) HD from munday78
STATIC HEART ATTACK! - Outlast Gameplay Part 1
STATIC HEART ATTACK! - Outlast Gameplay #1 from Seren's Gaming Channel

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Outlast - Official Trailer from Red Barrels (Full version) from Red Barrels

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