Question from macpotty

Dealing with 'the creature'?

Going to call the creature 'Carl' for this.

How exactly are you supposed to deal with Carl? I've tried using various weapons but nothing seems to phase him. The only tactic I've been able to use that works most of the time is to run and fall down a cliff until you lose him. He keeps popping up at the worst possible times like when I'm lost or ages away from a cabin or tent and falling down cliffs isn't the best defence.

Has anyone found any other methods for dealing with him?


Raven_Eclipse answered:

You can't actually hurt the creature with the weapons. You can ward it off temporarily with a torch or burning sticks. But the only real thing you can do is RUN. It won't follow you into tents/cabins. So you'll be (relatively) safe in there.

The creature shows up to protect certain plants/specimens you need for the cure as well.
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