• Steam Achievements

    10 speciesEat 10 species
    100 speciesEat 100 species
    50 speciesEat 50 species
    AnemoneDiscover a Anemone
    BloodbellyDiscover a Bloodbelly
    Element MasterDiscover three basic elements
    FishDiscover a Fish
    Giant - OcturyUnlock and finish "Octury Deep" zone
    Giant - SquidwormUnlock and finish "Squidworm" zone
    Glass squidDiscover a Glass squid
    Glowing squidDiscover a Glowing squid
    JellyFishDiscover a JellyFish
    MalariaDiscover a Malaria
    NebulaDiscover a Nebula
    PhantomDiscover a Phantom
    SkeletonDiscover a Skeleton
    Stage 1Evolve to stage 1
    Stage 2Evolve to stage 2
    Stage 3Evolve to stage 3
    Stage MasterEvolve to stage 4
    TrucheonDiscover a
    TutorialFinish the tutorial

    Contributed By: Guard Master.