• Steam Achievements

    AcademicFinish Chapter II.
    Aftermath-InverterComplete The Aftermath with 2 inversions.
    BridgewalkerCross The Bridge.
    CatcherCatch the unchained key in The Courtyard.
    ChallengerFinish Chapter IV.
    CollectorCollect all hidden wisps.
    Corridor-InverterComplete The Corridor with 3 inversions.
    Garden-InverterComplete Mirrored Garden with 5 inversions.
    PlummeterFall for 30 seconds.
    RefrainerComplete The Precipice without rotating.
    RunnerComplete The Timepiece in less than 1 hour.
    ScholarFinish Chapter III.
    SliderComplete The Intersection without walking.
    ThinkerFinish Chapter I.
    VisionaryComplete all mirrored worlds.
    WhispererComplete The Library being no louder than a whisper.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.