Additional Background DesignOlga Andriyenko
Additional Background DesignMathias Fischer
Additional Background DesignSebastian Kempke
Additional Background DesignAnna Otten
Additional Background DesignYury Schicker
Additional Background DesignManuel Vormwald
Additional Character DesignMatt Kempke
Additional Character DesignSebastian Kempke
Additional DesignRebecca Bertram
Additional DesignNicky Dretvic
Additional DesignCorinna Ertl
Additional DesignClaudie Marvisi
Additional DesignStefanie Szabo
Additional DialogueCorinna Ertl
Additional DialogueAljoscha Jelinek
Additional DialogueMalin Lovenbërg
Additional DialogueValentina Tamer
Additional ScriptingBenjamin Kuhn
Additional ScriptingMarvin Schwieger
Additional ScriptingOliver Urbanik
AnimationChristian Ahlers
AnimationOlga Andriyenko
AnimationTobia Baraccani
AnimationStephanie Barz
AnimationJohanna Baumann
AnimationGunnar Bergmann
AnimationNadja Clauberg
AnimationMaren Collet
AnimationCorinna Ertl
AnimationRegina Haselhorst
AnimationTatjana Heinz
AnimationOliver Hinzmann
AnimationMarco Hüllen
AnimationMartin Kailuweit
AnimationMartin Kailuweit
AnimationSimone Kesterton
AnimationSimone Kesterton
AnimationFranziska Klaus
AnimationIngo Leitner
AnimationJohannes Lott
AnimationStephan Mangelsen
AnimationNick Noah
AnimationAnna Otten
AnimationMarta Pevida
AnimationCarolin Simon
AnimationSarah Slabiak
AnimationPhilipp Suchowski
AnimationValentina Tamer
AnimationIrina Zinner
AnimationFabia Zobel
Animation LeadOlga Andriyenko
Animation LeadGunnar Bergmann
Animation LeadMartin Kailuweit
Card Game DesignMathias Fischer
Core ScriptingSimon Nguyen
Core ScriptingKevin Niederelz
Core ScriptingTobias Omernik
Core ScriptingHeiner Schmidt
Core ScriptingEduard Wolf
Creative Lead, Writer, DirectorMatt Kempke
CutscenesOlga Andriyenko
CutscenesMathias Fischer
CutscenesMartin Kailuweit
CutscenesSimone Kesterton
CutscenesRino Pelli
Interface DesignOlga Andriyenko
Interface DesignMatt Kempke
Interface DesignJohannes Lott
Interface DesignMatthias Mangelsdorf
Interface DesignAnna Otten
Lead Background PainterSimone Kesterton
Lead Background PencilerMatt Kempke
Lead Character DesignerOlga Andriyenko
Lead ScripterKevin Niederelz
Puzzle DesignMatt Kempke
Puzzle DesignUlrich Wanitschke
Sound DesignTilo Alpermann
Sound DesignThomas Gimpel
Sound DesignTobias Omernik
Sound DesignMalte Seddig
Sound DesignSamantha Werner
Soundtrack ComposerTilo Alpermann
StoryMatt Kempke
StorySebastian Kempke
Voice: Anja MouseAlix Wilton Regan
Voice: Backpack MouseNeil McCaul
Voice: Banking LizardAndrew Wincott
Voice: Building Contractor LizardNeil McCaul
Voice: Cannon GuardIan Drysdale
Voice: Conrad OwlGlen McCready
Voice: Dance MouseAli Pettit
Voice: Edith SquirrelAli Pettit
Voice: Fortune Selling LizardNeil McCaul
Voice: Fox GatekeeperTim Bentinck
Voice: Friend of the Polar ScientistAli Pettit
Voice: Garden RabbitKieth Wickham
Voice: Hangover MouseTim Bentinck
Voice: Hedgehog with Blue PantsSteve Furst
Voice: Hedgehog with Red PantsDavid Rintoul
Voice: Hespera, Moth NunAli Dowling
Voice: Huckster LizardWayne Forester
Voice: HumbertBen Elliot
Voice: Japanese PoetAndrew Wincott
Voice: Jerry HazelnutJed Kelly
Voice: Jonathan SquirrelJohn Bull
Voice: KitsuneHarriet Carmichael
Voice: Ludwig MoleKeith Wickham
Voice: Memory of a RavenJohn Bull
Voice: Mouse Guard 1Ali Dowling
Voice: Mouse Guard 2Adam Longworth
Voice: Mr. ChurchmouseIan Drysdale
Voice: Mr. HazelnutPeadar Kelly
Voice: Mrs. HazelnutCharlotte Moore
Voice: Night WatchmanTerry Wilton
Voice: Phosphera, Moth High PriestessRula Lenska
Voice: Plato the FrogAdam Longworth
Voice: Polar ScientistAlix Wilton Regan
Voice: SpitzwegSteve Furst
Voice: SteinbergDavid Rintoul
Voice: The Great ZaroffBrian Deacon
Voice: The LeprechaunPeadar Kelly
Voice: The Marquis de HotoWayne Forester
Voice: The Mysterious WoodspriteSteve Furst
Voice: The Old Magician of MousewoodPeter Marinker
Voice: The Pole WhaleAdam Longworth
Voice: The Rock ToadTerry Wilton


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE and oliist.

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