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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 12/27/13

Side Quests (Continued)


There are three types of resources that are used in Kenway's Fleet:


Gemstones are the currency in Kenway's Fleet. They are used to repair ships, unlock new docks, and expand your fleet. To obtain gemstones you must either salvage ships or complete Ship Battles.


Cargo is what you will be trading to make money and is gained by completing Ship Battles. There are five types: Rice, Tobacco, Cocoa, Wine, and Olive Oil.

Fire Barrels

Fire Barrels are used in Ship Battles when the outcome looks grim to do massive damage.


Ship Battles

Ship Battles are a major function of Kenway's Fleet, securing routes and giving you new resources. Trade routes are classified as four different types: Green = Safe, Yellow = Hazardous, Orange = Dangerous, and Red = Treacherous. When hoving on any trade route you may have the option to take part in ship battles. Once selected, the odds of success will be presented. If it is less than 100% you can either add more ships or repair ships to reach 100% (less than 100% can result in losing your ships altogether). There are three attributes that determine the outcome of each battle:


The ships speed determines how fast it will fire, with the ship in the top row getting a +10 speed bonus. In general you want the ship in the top row to be faster in speed value than the fastest ship in the enemies ranks. This will allow you to strike first and slow the enemy attack.


This is the ships damag output. The ship in the middle row gets a +5 damage bonus.


The maximum damage the ship can sustain. The ship in the bottom row gets a +5% health bonus.

In general, frigates are the best all around as they are not too slow but still put out a lot of damage. Keep a few in your docks specifically for combat to ensure you are getting the most resources with the least amount of damage to your ships that will need to be repaired.


Trading Missions

Trade Missions give you the chance to turn resources earned through Ship Battles into money. Each mission involves loading up one of your ships with the required cargo units and sending them to a destination. Every mission has four characteristics:

Travel Time

This is the required real-world time (hours.minutes) needed to complete a mission. This can be shortened by using a ship with a high Travel Reduction percent.


This is the amount of real-world time before a completed mission can be taken again.

Cargo Units/Space

This is the amount of resources and space required for the ship with low cargo ships such as schooners are unable to take on high Cargo missions (40+).


This is the reward for completing a mission. Note that any additional rewards past money is a one-time reward that will not be rewarded on multiple completions.
Southern British Colonies
First Business0.030.18Wine5550R
The Sail Mates0.030.21Tobacco5575R, Kast Cupboard
American Dreams0.050.30Tobacco38100R, Bracelet
New Horizon0.050.30Tobacco55100R
Gulf of Mexico
The General Store0.181.48Tobacco1010200R, Jar with Four Faces
Diplomacy I0.090.54Wine1515150R
A Good Deed0.090.54Tobacco55100R
Diplomacy II0.303.00Wine2020400R
Fortune's Flavor0.303.00Tobacco1515300R, Chalice
South Atlantic
A Feast of Riches8.0016.00Rice5151000R, Trumpet
Outlaws III8.0016.00Tobacco20201200R, Gilded Wheel
Diplomacy III10.0020.00Tobacco10101300R, Mirror Back
Brethren of the Coast I10.0020.00Wine20201400R
To the South5.0010.00Wine1015800R, Yoke-Form Vessel
Good Works5.0010.00Rice2525900R
The Big Smoke5.0010.00Tobacco30301000R
Eastern British Colonies
Taste of Money5.0010.00Tobacco1515800R, Joined Armchair with Cushion
The Empty Cellar5.0010.00Wine2525900R, Treasure Map
Secret Medicine4.008.00Olive Oil55600R
New Partners4.008.00Rice2020700R, Clock
Save the Children3.006.00Rice1515600R
Emerging Opportunities3.006.00Cocoa525800R, Silver Two-handed Bowl
North Africa
A Popular Stop6.0012.00Olive Oil10101100R
Feeding the Fathers6.0012.00Rice15351200R
The Sweet Tooth6.0012.00Cocoa15151000R, Map of the World
The Cook's Order10.0020.00Wine25451800R, Drum
The Famous Stew10.0020.00Olive Oil5351800R
The Musicians8.0016.00Rice20401500R
Before the Storm8.0016.00Wine30301300R
New Trading Posts15.006.00Rice30402500R, "Nymphs By A Fountain"
Olive Oil10
The Old Man's Order15.006.00Tobacco35352200R
Cursed Night12.000.00Wine40401900R, Goa Stone Container
Do No Harm12.000.00Cocoa15151700R
Eastern Canada
Promises to Keep8.0016.00Wine30551700R, Commode
The Lost Expedition I8.0016.00Tobacco45451600R, Diamond Sail
Scarlatina8.0016.00Cocoa20201400R, Treasure Map
The Lost Expedition II6.0012.00Rice45451300R
Old Partners6.0012.00Tobacco30451700R, Silver Teapot
Olive Oil15
Break of Dawn II10.0020.00Rice30452200R, Beaver Pelt
Olive Oil15
The Lost Expedition III10.0020.00Wine40401700R
Cape Verde
An Old Frenchman10.0020.00Tobacco30301600R, "The Flight into Egypt"
Meet the Tributes I12.000.00Cocoa40402300R
Giant Appetites0.000.00Wine30503400R, Wooden Term Statue of St. Livertin
Meet the Tributes II0.000.00Rice50503400R
South Africa
A Promise of Profit10.0020.00Rice45451800R
The Eager Hunters10.0020.00Wine30702200R, Head of an Oba
Door to Europe18.0012.00Wine30302400R
Table Bay's Luck12.000.00Cocoa40405000R
New Economic Hub12.000.00Olive Oil30305200R, Parade Helmet a l'Antique
Bay of Biscay
Alliance I18.0012.00Tobacco50502700R
Hungry Corsairs18.0012.00Rice30703000R, Cabinet
The Corsairs' Request18.0012.00Cocoa40403000R, Wooden Term Statue of St. Adrian
Alliance II10.0020.00Rice60602000R
Sweet Broth10.0020.00Olive Oil10101500R, "Saint Jerome as Cardinal"
A Sweet Journey10.0020.00Cocoa20201600R, "Harbour Scene at Sunset"
Successful Atlantic12.000.00Cocoa45452400R, Violoncello
North West Europe
Homeward Bound12.000.00Rice75752400R, Ranger Figurehead
A Worthy Trip12.000.00Wine60602200R, "An English Ship in Action with Barbary Vessels"
Welcoming the Irish12.000.00Tobacco30501800R
A New Cathedral0.000.00Wine75753800R, "Merry Company"
The Poet0.000.00Tobacco60603500R
The Great Plague0.000.00Rice60603500R, Scherer's 1700 Globe
A Piece of the Action18.0012.00Tobacco75753100R, "The Burning of the 'Royal James' at the Battle of Solebay"
A Long Voyage18.0012.00Cocoa50503200R, Oboe
Mediterranean Sea
Great Reputation I18.0012.00Wine80803200R, Officier Outfit
Being Mad18.0012.00Rice40803200R, Vanitas Still-life
Great Reputation II0.000.00Rice70703700R, Treasure Map
The Catalans0.000.00Olive Oil30303800R, Baroque Guitar
The Smokers0.000.00Wine70703700R, Whydah Gally Style Bell
Great Reputation III12.000.00Tobacco80805200R
A New Medicine12.000.00Cocoa50505200R, Copper Field Flask


Aveline Missions

- Info Coming Soon



- Info Coming Soon



Main Story Milestone
NameUnlock Condition
Heroes Aren't BornComplete Sequence 01
Good While It LastedComplete Sequence 02
A Pirate's Life For MeComplete Sequence 03
No ApologiesComplete Sequence 04
Death Of A SalesmanComplete Sequence 05
Mixing Up The MedicinesComplete Sequence 06
The Hammer FallsComplete Sequence 07
AdriftComplete Sequence 08
A New HopeComplete Sequence 09
My Elusive FortuneComplete Sequence 10
Been Down So Long...Complete Sequence 11
Just Like Starting OverComplete Sequence 12
Saw That One Coming...Complete Sequence 13
Routine HackingComplete Present 02
Getting Weird Around HereComplete Present 03
Bunker BuddiesComplete Present 04
It's All GoodComplete Present 05
Side Quests & Optional Objectives
NameUnlock Condition
By The BookComplete 100% of all main mission constraints
HungoverWake up in a haystack
Silence, Fool!Kill a guard ringing a bell
OwnedComplete every activity in a single location
Vault RaiderUnlock the secret door in Tulum
Killer KillerHarpoon a killer whale
Help A Brother OutComplete a Templar Hunt sequence
Sea LegsComplete all naval contracts
King Of The CastleCapture all forts
Employee Of The MonthComplete 25 Abstergo challenges
Business And PleasureEarn 50,000 reales
Mer-manSwim a total of 1 nmi
Redingote Up!Craft the Hunter outfit
Thug LifePlunder 30 ships
Devil Of The CaribbeanDefeat all 4 legendary ships
DestroyerFully upgrade the Jackdaw
Seven Deadly SeasExplore all underwater shipwrecks
BarflyUnlock all taverns
Cannon fodderRecruit 500 crew members
FTFYFully upgrade your hideout
CartographerVisit every location of the game
Ghost In The MachineHack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment
Roped Inperform 5 air assassinations from a swining rope
Sharing Is CaringShare each type of discover with friends once
All Aboard!Board a ship without losing any crew members
Siren SongRescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with dancers
Wild West IndiesKill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols
ExcavatorFind a hidden treasure
NameUnlock Condition
Committed To The CauseReacg level 55 in Multiplayer
Personal Bag Of TricksFinish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Mutiplayer
Master Of The CaribbeanComplete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer
Lab TechnicianPlay and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist
All RounderPlay on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer



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Version History and Updates

Version 1.14 - Dec. 9, 2013

  • Completed
    • Collectibles - Mayan Stones

Version 1.13 - Nov. 26, 2013

  • Completed
    • Collectibles - Documents
    • Collectibles - Art Collection
    • Side Quests - Naval Contracts
    • Side Quests - Naval Forts
  • Updated
    • Collectibles - Shanties

Version 1.12 - Nov. 21, 2013

  • Completed
    • Side Quests - Templar Keys
    • Side Quests - Shipwrecks

Version 1.11 - Nov. 18, 2013

  • Fixed the bug that was causing the guide to not appear.
  • Completed
    • Collectibles - Treasure Maps
    • Collectibles - Elite Designs
  • Updated
    • Collectibles - Shanties
    • Collectibles - Documents
    • Collectibles - Art Collection
    • Collectibles - Files
    • Side Quests - Templar Keys
    • Side Quests - Shipwrecks

Version 1.1 - Nov. 12, 2013

  • Complete
    • Equipment
    • Naval Basics, Upgrades, Ship Archtypes
    • Hunting Basics, Animal Locations, Edward's Upgrades
    • Collectibles - Figurines
    • Side Quests - Abstergo Challenges
    • Side Quests - Kenway's Fleet
  • Updated
    • Collectibles - Shanties
    • Collectibles - Files

Version 1.0 - Nov. 4, 2013

  • Layout Complete
  • Gameplay Complete
  • Walkthrough Complete


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