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Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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 .                         ......,:+OO88OD8OO7~,..........                    
 .                      .....~88888OOO8888O888OOO8D?,.......                  
 .                  .....,78888O8888888888888888O88888D,....                   
 .               ......I8O888O8888D888O888888DD8O88O888OOZ,....               
 .              ....,7O88OO88ONMMMMO88O88888OMMMMMNOO888O888,.....            
 .              ...7O88O888DMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMN888888OO,...             
 .         ......,D8O8O8OMMMMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMMMM888O8887,....         
 .         .....IO8888ONMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMMMMMN8O88OO8,...       
 .          ...8OO888DMMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMMMMMMMDOO888O=...         
 .       ....,8O888ONMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN88888O:.....     
 .   ........8O88OOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD888888888MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM88O888=.....    
 .   ...=88888NMMMMM:.....=MMMMMMMMD88888888OMMMMMMMMMM,....,MMMMMMO8O88D..   
 .   ...:88O8ODMMMMMM.......,NMMMMMD88888888OMMMMMMMM,......MMMMMMNO8O88$..   
 .   ....8O88O8MMMMMM8..... ..~MMMM888888888OMMMMMM...... .=MMMMMMD88888=..    
 .   ....D888O8NMMMMMM7... ......MM888888888OMMM8., ... ..=MMMMMMM8O888O,..
 .    ...?8O8888MMMMMMM7 ...  ~MMMM888888888OMMM7.... ...:MMMMMMMN88O88D...  
 .   .......88O8O88MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD88888888OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD8O8888?....    
 .   .......,8O88O8DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM888888888OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN88O888I....    
 .        ...:8888888NMMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888O8OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8O88888?....     
 .        . ..:8888O8ODMMMMMMMMMMMM8888888O8OMMMMMMMMMMMMMN8OOO8OO$..        
 .         ....,O88888OONMMMMMMMMMM8888888O8OMMMMMMMMMMMM88888888+...       
 .          .....=8O888OO8NMMMMMMMM8888888888MMMMMMMMMM8O8O88888.....        
 .           .....,O88888O8ODNMMMMM88888888O8MMMMMMMD8888888OD~.....         
 .               ...:O8O88888888DMM8OOO888O8ONMMNDO8O8888O88=.....          
 .               .....,8O8888888888OO8O88O88888OOO88O88O8D+......          
 .                   ....=D88OOOO888888888888888888O888?....                
 .                    ......:ODO8888888888888888O8O8~,......                 
 .                     ..........=7O8O8888888OZ+:.........                  
 .                         ...........................                       
 .                                ............                                
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The merc with the mouth has finally gotten his own video game, courtesy of the 
folks that brought us the Transformers Cybertron games. Complete Deadpool's 
first video game adventure with this guide.

The *ONLY* sites that have permission to use this guide are CheatMasters.com 

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough
Home Sweet Home
Job One
Taking A Chance
Landed in Prison
Death, Baby
The Road to Victory
Front Gates of EEEEEEEvil!
03. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Deadpool has teamed up with High Moon Studios to star in his very own video 
game! See the insanity that the Merch with the Mouth brings to the table in 
this ridiculously over-the-top adventure.

LT - Aim
LB - Interact
RT - Fire
RB - Grenades
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Camera
D-pad (up) - 
D-pad (left) - Change melee weapon
D-pad (right) - Change change
D-pad (down) - 
Y - Heavy Attack
X - Light Attack
B - Teleport
A - Jump
Back - Upgrades
Start - Pause

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This mission is incredibly short. All you have to do is tilt the left analog 
stick up to make Deadpool stand up. Then you can explore his apartment and 
mess around with all the stuff in it if you want an achievement. Otherwise, 
when you are ready to continue the game, simply go answer the front door.

You begin this mission in a sewer. Here you will learn all the basics of the 
game. Do as Deadpool asks and listen to High Moon Studios! Press A to jump, and
then press A to double jump. Learn Deadpool's different attacks, and then 
practice them on the enemies that spawn. You will also be taught about 
teleporting and countering attacks. Teleport by pressing B. Counter attacks by 
pressing B when the "B" button appears above an enemy's head.

After all the enemies are dead, blow up the bounce house by mashing on the A 
button. Then you can exit this initial area through the open gate. Pick up all 
the coins to gain points. Then when you are told to, press "back" or "select" 
if you are playing on PS3 to open up the upgrade menu. Purchase whatever 
upgrade you can afford and then ascend the stairs.

As you climb this structure, you'll be taught how to use double jump and the 
wall bounce. Use these skills to get inside the building. Then fight all the 
enemies here. You can hold LT and shoot with RT if you want to shoot the 
enemies. Clear the room and collect all the goodies before making your way to 
the elevators.

Fight all the enemies here and then approach the elevators. Everything will 
be locked down. Kill the enemies here and then shoot the control panel through 
the gate. Backtrack through the lobby area, being sure to kill all the 
enemies. Make your way to the maintenance room.

Kill the enemies in the maintenance room and fight your way to the lever. Press
LB to grab the lever and then pull the left stick down to pull the lever, 
which will reboot the system. Enemies swarm the maintenance room, but you 
will learn the Momentum attack to take them out. Hold LB and press A to kill 
all of them and then return to the lobby and make your way back to the 

More enemies show up. You will also have to fight enemies that have large 
weapons they can use to block your attacks. It's simple enough to break their 
defenses, however. Just use a light attack followed by a heavy attack or a 
heavy attack followed by a light attack. Then go to the elevator and ride it 
as far as it goes.

The elevator will come to a stop. Shoot out the glass to escape the elevator. 
Then wall bounce up the side of the building. You will then reach another 
elevator. Rip the doors open by mashing LB and then start killing all the 
enemies on the other side. You will figt your way through a television studio. 
They will eventually try to impede you with smoke grenades, but this really 
has no effect on killing the enemies.

You then reach a room with a shuttered window. More enemies come in, so kill 
all of them. Then exit the window. Use the lifts to climb the building. Enemies
will come out of the windows and also shoot you from the safety of the windows 
(the smart ones), so kill them all as you continue climbing the building to the

A helicopter will attack. Shoot the helicopter to make it stop shooting you 
and try to dodge your bullets. Don't bother holding LT and aiming at the 
helicopter. Instead, just free-shoot at it by pulling RT repeatedly. Use the 
objects on the roof to avoid fire from the helicopter the rest of the time and 
kill the enemies as you make your way to the helipad.

At the helipad, hijack the helicopter. Use the turret to mow down the enemies 
and destroy objects on the roof. Following a scene, you'll be in another area 
just crawling with more enemies. Kill them all, and then they will be replaced 
by a Heavy-type enemy equipped with a rocket gun! Use teleport a lot to 
avoid the rockets he shoots and aim for his head. If you have grenades, lob 
some grenades at him as well.

Once the first Heavy enemy is destroyed, pick up the Solution, which is the 
rocket gun he's equipped with. Use this gun to kill the enemies that appear 
next, as well as the next Heavy that shows up. Don't bother trying to pick up 
his Solution weapon as it won't let you anyway. Another cut-scene plays, and 
then you have to mash on the A button to beat the hell out of Chance.

After the scene, go through the gate to get sent to a classic Zelda style 
level. Kill the skeleton in the first room then go north. Kill the skeletons 
in here and open the chest to get the key. Backtrack to the previous room and 
open the door using the key. Push the Deadpool block out of the way and watch 
the cut-scene.

Follow the Marauders through the sewers. Kill the enemies that show up as you 
continue. You will eventually reach a room with a bunch of enemies, as well as 
a new green enemy with blades for arms. Luckily, this guy is very stupid, and 
bullets are very effective against him. Hitting him in the head will stun him, 
so if you have enough bullets, he'll never even get a chance to attack.

As you move through the sewers, be mindful of the steam that is shooting out of
the pipes. Press B to teleport and avoid taking damage from the steam. You 
will also be introduced to a new enemty type. This enemy will have a blue 
shield above their head and they will protect and heal the other enemies around
them. So, obviously you'll want to get rid of the dude with the shield above 
his head first before killing the other enemies.

You will then reach an elevator where Arclight is. She will summon more enemies
for you to fight. Get rid of them and then fight Arclight. Dodge her moves 
with teleportation. Bullets and grenades hurt her a lot, but once you run out 
of ammo and explosives, start using melee attacks. If Deadpool is glowing 
orange, don't bother trying to counter her attacks because it won't work.

After draining Arclight's healt meter, press B repeatedly to pull yourself off 
the pool that you're impaled on. In the next room, Vertigo will mess with your 
mind to make things hard to see, plus a weird monster-like enemy will keep 
showing up and attempt to attack you. Ignore him and otherwise there are two 
switches to pull so that you can pull the lever in the actual control room.

Platform your way across the water and reach each of the two levers. There is 
one on the left side of the room and one on the right side of the room. Once 
both levers are pulled, return to the console in the control room and pull ]
the lever there.

Move forward. Jump on the tallest platform here and then jump on the spinning 
pipe, though wait for it to be tilted downward. Run forward and then jump off 
the pipe onto another platform. Jump up these platforms, but be careful not to 
fall off.

Pull the lever on the elevator in the next room. Kill all the enemies as they 
spawn. Finally, you will reach the top of the elevator and a large fire enemy 
appears. Throw grenades at him and use up all your ammunition on him as well. 
I found that the shotgun is particularly effective against him. After he has 
been defeated, pick up his gun and use it to blow up all the enemies that 
rush into the room, but keep your distance because its explosions can knock you
back and hurt you as well.

Leave this area and watch the scene. Then slide down the tunnel. Avoid the 
metal grates in the way. You can move Deadpool around by tilting the left 
analog stick left and right. Try to collect as many of the Deadpool tokens as 
you possibly can on the way down the slide. During the next cut-scene, you can 
press A to learn more about Mr. Sinister if you haven't watched his little bio 
video in the Extras section of the main menu already. I should warn you that 
doing this will actually make you have to rewatch the cut-scene, though.

After good old Deadpool crashes the Blackbird, you have to go check to see if 
Wolverine is okay. Press LB to hop on top of him and then press X to 
repeatedly "bitch slap" him. Every time a slap connects, Deadpool will spout 
off a one-liner. Smack Wolverine around long enough and you net yourself an 

Move through the tunnel when you're done, grabbing the coins as you go. Then 
kill all the enemies in the next area. A new enemy will then debut in the form 
of an obese Sinister clone. His attacks are that he tries to belly flop to 
crush you. He can also pound the ground and cause a purple stream of energy to 
come flying at Deadpool. Teleportation is the best way to dodge both of these 
attacks with relative ease.

Guns are the easiest way to kill him, as he has a tendency of swatting Deadpool
away while you're attacking with melee weapons. I prefer the shotgun. Anyway, 
kill the next enemies that show up and then drop down the hole. Wall-bounce (in
the game, walls with green lights typically mean that you are supposed to wall-
bounce at that point - just keep that in mind for future reference). In the 
next room, there are a lot of enemies, mainly those equipped with guns, so try 
to hang back and stay behind cover, shooting them from afar as much as you 

At this point in the game, enemies with firearms become much more frequent, and
they are definitelly the biggest threat to Deadpool. The melee enemies can be 
taken care of without too much of a problem. So you will want to upgrade your 
weaponry to better handle these guys. I recommend focusing on pistols and 
sub-machine guns. You can also buy the laser gun, but it is a bit difficult to 
use effectively without upgrades, and it costs a ton, so you probably won't be 
able to buy it and then immediately start upgrading it.

Kill all the enemies and then watch the following scene with Cable of X-Men 
fame. Deadpool can't stand Cable's explanation of what is going on, so put 
him out of his misery when the game prompts you to by pressing RT. When 
Deadpool wakes up, start taking out all of the enemies and scaling the 
central tower. The enemies are mainly those with guns, so be sure you are able 
to handle them with guns of your own well enough.

At the top of the tower, there is a new enemy that levitates with purple energy
and tries to shoot you with purple projects and make purple rain come down on 
you. The machineguns are best used to kill him quickly. Remember that you can 
lock on to enemies by aiming at them and holding LT for a while. This way you 
can simply pull RT and keep shooting him until he dies.

After he dies, jump across the gap and grab the blue power core there. Take 
the power core to the Sentinel arm to power it up. Pull on the cords to 
manipulate the hand. Move through the building, stealth-killing the enemies 
inside, and then you will meet up with your "fangirl". Squeeze Cable's chest 
and watch the subsequent cut-scene.

Now you have a very lengthy combat sequence. Kill everyone in the area, which 
will include a few very tough enemies. Luckily, Cable will help you out with 
his ridiculously powerful gun, so you have that to look forward to at least. 
Once the enemies are dead, enter the tower and interact with the machine down 
there. This will activate the magnetic tower.

Use the floating metal platforms to make your way up to the next landing that 
has another machine that is powering the tower. Interact with it and then 
watch the cut-scene. You can shoot the cow if you want. Afterwards, continue 
scaling the tower by using the floating metal pieces. Various enemies will be 
flying around to make your life harder, so kill them as you make your way from 
platform to platform to avoid being knocked off by them. In case you haven't 
realized it yet, however, falling off in this game isn't a big deal, as you 
can press B to teleport back up. That being said, you will take damage for 
doing this, and furthermore, if you fail to press B fast enough, then Deadpool 
will die and you are taken back to the last checkpoint.

At the top of the tower, mash on the face buttons to deal damage to Sinister. 
Another scene will play, and afterwards your new goal is to restore power to 
the Sentinel boot. Press "up" on the d-pad to find out where to go next and 
then go there. You will find a power core along the way, so pick it up as you 
need it to power the next Sentinel arm. Pull the cords and then use it to climb
up into the building to kill the enemies.

From my experirence, the part that Cable asks you to go get first can be 
different. Sometimes he'll ask you to get one part first and then the other 
times he will ask you to get another part. So just read the previous paragraph 
and the next few to get an idea of what you're supposed to be doing now at this

Anyway, move through the building. You'll find another power core and another 
Sentinel arm. Place the core in the arm and then adjust the position of the 
arm to be somewhat high. Then jump across the fence to the other Sentinel arm 
you dealt with earlier in this area and reposition it so it is positioned high 
as well. Return to the second Sentinel arm and climb up to its hand. Jump 
across the gap to the hand of the first Sentinel arm and you can get the 
first Sentinel part!

Return to Cable and give him the part. Then you will be taken to the second 
Sentinel part. Move through the area and kill all the enemies. You will find 
another Sentinel arm, this time with its palm facing upward. Grab the next 
power core and place it in the arm. Then use the cords near its wrist to blast 
a hole in the building. You need to blast the building a total of three times 
and then drop down the hole.

Kill all the enemies in the next room. Fight your way through the building and 
you will get another power core. Then return to the Sentinel arm and place the 
core inside it and use the cord to start aiming the Sentinel's palm. Blast the 
enemies and destroy the building to the left. Now you'll be able to get up to 
the second Sentinel part. Snatch it up and return to Cable, slicing and dicing 
your way through all the enemies along the way.

Upon returning to Cable, Deadpool will start flying around in the Sentinel 
boot. Basically, use the gun out of the boot to shoot all the enemies at each 
location Deadpool lands. Deadpool will lose control of the boot, so start 
pressing the buttons that appear on-screen as you continue to hop from location
to location, shooting all the enemies along the way.

Deadpool crashes into Rogue and lands upside down in the boot. Shoot the 
enemies while you're upside down. Following more scenes, Deadpool wakes up with
his head on backwards and his arm missing. His dog (the hell is he doing here?)
runs off with the arm. The controls are reversed during this segment, so to 
move forward, you actually have to pull the left analog stick back.

Follow the dog from room to room and when you get close enough, get your arm 
back. Deadpool will fix his head himself. Now a large stretch of this mission 
amounts to go from same-looking cellblocks. Your goal in each block is to find 
a control panel, highlighted in red, and then press the button open up the 
mutant cells in search of Rogue.

Honestly, there's nothing much to note here besides kill everything that you 
see and move from block to block. A new enemy type is introduced in the form 
of imperfect Gambit clones that tend to blow up. You can walk by them and then 
quickly teleport away to trick them into blowing themselves up and damaging 
everyone around them as well to save yourself some ammo.

Eventually, Deadpool will be forced to slowly walk through a heavily destroyed 
bathroom area. You'll then come up to a couple of enemies that are using the 
toilet. Press LB when you are done doing this for a rather graphic scene. 
Then continue moving through the prison looking for Rogue. Finally, after 
killing many, many enemies, you will come up to an illusion of scantily-clad 
ladies hanging out poolside.

If you want an achievement, go around the room and interact with all the groups
of women. If not, you can just head straight to Blockbuster and talk with him 
to initiate a cut-scene and get Deadpool out of fantasyland. Fight the new 
women enemies that spawn. They are tougher than the average Joe, and have 
long claws that do a lot of damage. Breaking their defense is a pain, but it 
can be done, especially by mixing a shotgun in with your regular assortment of 

In addition to killing those chicks, another new enemy type is in here as well.
These guys are those flying dudes from earlier. They can take a lot of damage, 
and have an annoying tendency to teleport all over the place. They are the most
dangerous when hanging out of a portal through a wall, where they will shoot 
very powerful purple blasts at Deadpool. Shoot them as soon as you see them 
while strafing from left to right to avoid taking damage.

Armed enemies will appear in the walkways above and shoot you through the 
bars as you continue through the prison. Shoot them with your own guns while 
also dealing with the enemies on the ground. Make your way up there and take 
them out, and then proceed through the prison, moving through cellblocks that 
look very much like the ones you've already previously encountered.

Eventually, you will finally see Blockbuster again, running off with Rogue. 
Chase after him, and then you will be in a sewage area with toxic waste running
through it. Use Deadpool's speech bubbles to get across the gap and avoid 
touching the waste. If you happen to fall, don't worry about it, because the 
piles of garbage that are floating through the sludge can be used to make it 
across safely as well.

In the next room, you have another toxic river to cross. Then you'll fight 
more enemies, followed by more toxic rivers. Shoot the red barrels whenever 
you see them because they destroy chunks of the environment and allow you to 
keep hopping across. After crossing yet another river of toxic nastiness, you 
will find a treasure chest that upgrades your teleportation ability.

Walk out onto the ledge and look up. Press LB to teleport to the higher area. 
Whenever there is a place that you can do this extended teleport, an arrow will
appear on the screen to point you there. Leap across the gap a bit to get 
closer to the next ledge and press LB to zoom there and continue pushing your 
way through the masses of enemies that appear.

Finally, many hallways and enemies later, you'll reach a large tower in the 
center of the prison complex. Using your fancy upgraded teleportation ability, 
you are able to climb it. At some point, Deadpool will run away from the 
camera and you have to follow him by controlling the camera directly. You will 
see Deadpool setting up a bomb.

When that's done, you regain control of Deadpool. Platform across the rafters 
and then reach the area with the green lights on the walls. Platform up the 
wall and grab the coins. Jump across the gap and stealth kill the first enemy. 
Walk down the hall and stealth kill the next enemy. Then wall bounce up to 
the higher platform.

Run across the next rafter and then jump through the hole. Upon landing on 
your two feet, walk over to the unsuspecting enemy and kill him from behind as 
well. Make your way around the inside of this complex, and you can stealth kill
a couple more enemies. Grab all the coins and then drop down the hole with the 
red light coming out of it.

Step outside and go around the corner to find the next object to place the 
bomb on. Deadpool will see Sinister in the distance, so press "up" on the d-pad
to check him out. Jump across the gap and press LB to teleport across to the 
next platform. Look up and you'll be able to teleport up to another chunk of 
metal extending from the wall. Gather the coins, and then leap across the gap 
to another chunk of metal. Then jump to the next object to strap a bomb to, 
highlighted in red so you know exactly where it is.

Now move through the ventilation shaft. You'll have to use your swords to rip 
the door open. Drop out of the shaft and stealth kill the enemy. Hide behind 
the statues and wait for the enemy with the blue shield above his head to look 
in the opposite direction. Then stealth kill him. Move to the left and then go 
into the next room and stealth kill the third enemy. The fourth enemy is easy 
to kill because he's just standing there. Wait for the fifth guy to walk up the
steps to Sinister's throne, and then follow him up there and get rid of him as 

After stealth killing all of these enemies, approach the back of Sinister's 
throne yourself and assassinate him. Following a funny cut-scene, you are then 
thrust into a boss fight against Blockbuster. Blockbuster will rip sections of 
the ground up and chuck them at Deadpool. He also has a tendency to charge you,
which can be avoided using teleportation. Blockbuster will also have other 
enemies spawn to fight you, so kill all of them while avoiding Blockbuster's 
attacks before returning your attention to the boss.

Shoot Blockbuster while doing all of this. After a certain amount of damage has
been done to him, wait for him to charge and then press B when it appears above
his head. This will cause Deadpool to jump on Blockbuster's shoulders and shoot
him repeatedly in the head. This will then stun Blockbuster, allowing you to 
hit him with a flurry of melee strikes to eat away at his health meter.

When Blockbuster has been killed, a surprising scene plays, and then you get to
be Deadpool/Rogue. Kill the enemies as Deadpool/Rogue until they stop coming.

With Deadpool literally hanging by a thread, alternate betweein mashing on LT 
and RT to climb up your large intestine. No, I am not making this tup. Cut the 
intestine with a button press when prompted, and then the top half of 
Deadpool's body lands on a guy's head. Kill the enemies as they come and then 
watch the subsequent cut-scene.

After Deadpool's body has been fully restored, move through the catacombs and 
kill all the enemies you see. Pull the large lever, highlighted in red, and 
then explore the catacombs further to find a few treasure chests that can be 
opened for extra points to spend on upgrades. The lever you pulled earlier 
actually opened a door that the minecart tracks leads to, so now go to the 
machine that is just across from the minecart.

Pull the lever on this machine and the mash the A button to shoot a ton of 
explosive barrels. When that's done, eliminate the enemies and then jump into 
the minecart and ride it. You can shoot the skeletons if you want, but it's 
easier to just stay inside the cart, as the bats will fly through here and do 
damage to you if you are standing up and aiming your gun.

At the end of the cart ride, you will be reunited with Cable. Help him get rid 
of all the Sinister clones by doing what Deadpool does best, which is killing 
them dead. So to speak. When that's done, approach the three pedastals sitting 
in front of the multi-colored assortment of squares. There is a green statue, a
purple one, and an orange one. You can do them in any order, but for the sake 
of simplicity, this guide will be doing them in order from left to right, so I 
am starting with the green one. If you need help with the purple or orange 
statue levels, then just scroll down a bit more to get more information about 
them. For the record, the green statue is "Hear no evil", the purple statue is 
"See no evil" and the orange statue is "Speak no evil".

First, let's go through the green portal. The green portal takes you to an 
arena like area filled with enemies. They will toss a bunch of grenades and 
explosive barrels at you, so run around to avoid being damaged by those. Shoot 
the explosive barrels when you can so that you have more places to run in case 
grenades land a little too close for comfort. Kill the waves of enemies that 
follow this attack, and then ride the lift up to fight even more enemies.

Keep pushing through the catacombs. You'll reach a shut door, so pull the lever
and mash A to open it. Keep fighting your way through the catacombs and then 
Death will show back up. Follow Death to a darkened part of the catacombs. 
Stay within the light she produces, otherwise the vengeful mutant ghosts of 
Genosha will attack you. There is an achievement/trophy here to open up all the
treasure chests in the area. They are all obviously placed and conveniently 
outlined in red, so you can easily get to them. Just be sure to stay within 
Death's light, and go open a chest as soon as the light is touching it so that 
you can keep following Death. Death will only stop when enemies show up, so 
kill any enemies that appear and keep moving.

Deadpool then gets to do a sidescrolling segment. The sidescrolling is obvious,
but basically move from left to right of the screen, killing the skeleton 
enemies and avoiding the hazards as best as you can. You will then be shot 
through a tunnel and land in some lava. Quickly get out of the lava and move 
forward to initiate a boss fight.

This boss is the barrel throwing machine that you messed with earlier in this 
chapter. Fight the skeletons and wait for the machine to shoot explosive 
barrels. Run into the barrels to make them launch at the machine. The machine's
life is shown by the bright pink hearts right below your feet. As the machine 
loses its hearts, the enemies show up in a much higher frequency. Kill the 
skeletons quickly as they spawn because they will block the barrels and the 
explosive barrels can kill you with one blast if you are too close to them when
they blow up.

Upon defeating the machine, open the treasure chest to get the first spirit. 
You will return to the mani area with Death and Cable. Help Cable kill all of 
the clones and then return to the pedastals and place the first statue in its 
spot. Grab the purple statue next.

With the purple statue, like all the statues, first press "up" on the d-pad to 
point your way to Death. Approach the portal and press LB to enter. Make your 
way through the catacombs to find a few chests. Follow Death down each hallway.
You'll then reach a larger area with a bunch of lights. Kill the enemies, and 
more enemies will burst through the nearby wall.

Kill these enemies as well. Chuck grenades at them as they enter for maximum 
effectiveness here. You have to eliminate every enemy in the area, and then 
Death will show up on a boat. Get on the boat with Death and ride it through 
the proverbial tunnel of love.

When the boat comes to a stop, approach the chest. You'll have to get the 
three heads of Deadpooli back on the stakes in order to open the chest. The 
Deadpoolio machines first have to be spoken to, and then you can solve their 
"puzzles". There are three Deadpoolio machines total. They are all accessed by 
simply facing the chest, turning to the left, and making your way to them by 

The first machine requires you to first make yourself turn giant by standing 
in front of the giant marking on the wall with the purple light shooting out of
the ground in front of it. Open the chest by the machine, then turn small and 
open the small chest by the machine. Turn big again and pull the lever in the 
other room, then turn small and go through the small door. You'll then make 
your way to another room with treasure chests.

The second machine is a game of what beats what. The questions he asks gets 
switched up, but the answers are all obvious. As long as you understand the 
basic concepts behind rock-paper-scissors, you should be fine. Finally, the 
third machine is protected by one of those flying enemies from before that 
shoots purple, but with a new skin. The person that won a contest to be in the 
game is flying around with a giant head. Treat him like any of the other guys 
of the same type you've fought, but he does have more health. Once he's 
defeated, interact with the third machine and return to the chest with the 
stakes. Open the chest to restore the spirit to the statue and return to the 
main area to fight the clones with Cable.

Finally, after helping Cable mow down the group of enemies, return the purple 
statue to its rightful spot. Then grab the orange statue and platform your way 
over to Death. Go through the portal, and you'll find yourself in line for 
tickets to a carnival ride. Follow the line forward. You can press LT to be 
patient about the situation, or press RT to go crazy and kill all of the 
people standing in line with you.

When that's done, ride the minecart and just keep your head down like before. 
You then have to do a shooting gallery segment. Shoot the purple cards held by 
the mostly-nude women to get power-ups. Otherwise, shoot all the evil looking 
clowns that appear with knives and hang from the ceiling. Avoid shooting the 
girls, as that will lose Deadpool points.

The second wave will be even larger cardboard cut-outs coming to get you, and 
then the third wave will be a series of flying Sentinel heads that will shoot 
laser beams that cause damage. If you get over the high score for any one of 
these three different carnival games, you'll get yourself an achievement. It is
not hard to do, but it's even easier during the Sentinel game because of how 
many Sentinels there are to shoot. Finally, this segment will conclude with 
Deadpool shooting the demons coming out of his own head, and then you can 
return to the main area, help Cable fight off the clones, and put the final 
statue to rest.

The ground will fall out from underneath your feet. Get to higher ground and 
kill all the enemies. This level is basically one giant enemy-slaughtering 
fest. Pretty much just move forward and kill everything that is in your sight, 
and you are doing a good job.

Honestly, the only thing of note is that there is a slow-motion sequence ala 
Call of Duty in which you breach a room and have to kill all the enemies 
inside. Then you have to move through an office building, and you can stealth 
kill enemies, which makes this entire stretch much easier. Otherwise, just 
kill them as usual if you get caught.

This level will end once you reach a bike. Press the buttons that pop up on the
screen to activate the bike and Deadpool will launch it off a ramp. Now you're 
ready to get to the final part of the game, and oh boy, is it a doozy...

If you haven't yet, upgrade Deadpool's healing abilities all the way. You will 
definitely need all the help you can get during this mission. It is a short 
mission in terms of actual walking time, but it is a long mission because of 
all the enemies you have to fight.

Start platforming your way up the floating platforms. When it seems like there 
is nowhere else to go, just look around and you will definitely find a spot to 
teleport to. Enemies are absolutely crawling all over the place. Don't be shy 
about using all your different firearms against these guys, because they will 
be shooting the hell out of you, and there is ammo everywhere, especially after
you kill these guys.

At the gates of Sinister's palace, you will be in for the longest combat 
section of the entire game. The first wave is incredibly difficult, with 
Sinister releasing a ton of enemies at you right off the bat. Kill them and 
when they are mostly dead, the gates that surround you will open up. Kill the 
enemies that come out of them and fight your way up the stairs. Kill all the 
enemies up here equipped with guns and then quickly go back down the stairs.

The second phase of this fight results in Sinister sending out those big ice 
dudes from earlier with the chainguns. There will be two of them, plus three 
overweight Sinister guys as well as an army of clones. Those powerful women 
with blades from before? They're here, too, albeit with the buff to make the 
attacks of everyone else in the area extra strong. Not only that but shielded 
enemies show up as well.

I recommend hiding in one of the little alcoves and waiting for the ice dudes 
to come in. Then kill them and steal their guns. Use their big chainguns to 
considerably thin the herd. When you run out of ammo with one chaingun, just 
drop it and grab the other one. Keep your back to a wall, and if someoen starts
shooting you, immediately turn your attention to them. There will be melee 
guys with swords that will also rush you, but it takes them a few seconds to 
come out of their animation where they are blocking your bullets, so this gives
you time to turn the gun on other enemies real quick.

After this wave of enemies has been taken care of, go to the bottom of the 
stairs. Watch the scene, and then you have to fight Arclight, Blockbuster, AND 
Vertigo all at the same time. Vertigo is actually killed very easy. Just point 
your gun at her and shoot her in the head once and she will die. Then all you 
have to worry about is Blockbuster and Arclight.

I would focus on Arclight first. Blockbuster is powerful, but his attacks are 
slower and easier to dodge. Plus, Arclight takes damage faster, whereas 
Blockbuster can only be hurt when he's dazed after you counter one of his 
charges. There is ammo for the machineguns and laser guns on either side of 
this area, so a viable strategy is to simply run away from them and shoot 
behind you. It will take a while, but it is effective.

When Deadpool starts getting low and health, don't be shy about teleporting the
hell out of the air. Just keep mashing B and keep teleporting away from them. 
I recommend purchasing the upgrade for Deadpool that allows him to teleport up 
to five times, if you have the credits. This is a super useful ability and 
honestly one of the best abilities in the game. It makes this hectic last level
considerably easier.

Kill Arclight and then one of those enemies that shoots yellow blasts and can 
turn into a tornado show up. Kill them while avoiding Blockbuster's attacks, 
then focus on Blockbuster again. When he's by himself, the fight with 
Blockbuster is very easy, albeit sort of on the lengthy side. With Blockbuster 
dead, Sinister sends out an army of his clones.

First you have to fight two Sinister clones at once. These guys are very 
powerful. They can grab you with purple beams and slam you into the ground to 
deal a lot of damage. They are also able to fire purple beams at you from a 
distance and they have quite a few different melee attacks. Running away and 
firing at them as you run is a very good strategy, actually. If you daze 
them, you can press B and instantly kill them. Also be sure to counter their 
attacks by pressing B when you have the chance, because this just makes it 
more likely that they will be dazed.

Following the first wave of Sinister clones, you have to fight even more, and 
then even more. They will start adding buffs, making each other stronger and 
improving defense, but no matter how many there are, you can dodge their 
attacks rather easily with teleportation and you can just run around and shoot 
them for the most part until they are dazed and you can then kill them very 

Killing all the Sinister clones will bring Deadpool's adventure to a close.

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete Deadpool for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

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