• Steam Achievements

    AccompliceRevisit the crime scene.
    BackstabberSomething borrowed needs to be returned.
    Bang! Bang! Bang!Knock, knock, knock.
    Bounty hunterKeep an eye for the Casanova.
    Chemical warfareResort to extreme measures.
    DentistSomeone needs a dental job.
    DetourTake the alternate route.
    Frontier flatulistPractice makes you perfect!
    Girly gunslingerSettle for less.
    Got time?Lost and found.
    Locked and loadedMoney well spent.
    Permission grantedGain entrance to Torn Blister.
    Rise and shine!Zzzzz...
    The Phlegm MasterAim and shoot.
    To be continued...Complete Episode 1.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.