Additional ProgrammingAlain Dessureaux
Additional ProgrammingLiam Flookes
Additional ProgrammingAbdelmadjid Hammou
Additional ProgrammingYassine Riahi
Additional ProgrammingFrancis Theoret
Art DirectorJeremy Price
Assistant Art DirectorCedric Schmitt
Associate Cinematics DirectorManuel Vallelunga
Associate Cinematics ProducerJulie Cazzaro
Associate Gameplay ProgrammerMarie Mejerwall
Associate Level ArtistEmilie Beauchamp
Associate Level ArtistRemi Couture
Associate Level DesignerSophie Leal-Bolea
Associate Level DesignerGabriel Loignon
Associate Rendering ProgrammerSimon Sirois-Deschenes
Audio DirectorAlice Bernier
Audio ProgrammerAmaury Evra
Character and Cinematics ProducerBryan Theberge
Character ArtistChristopher Cao
Character ArtistJocelyn Zeller
Cinematic Animation DirectorLloyd Colaco
Cinematic AnimatorDominic Beaudoin
Cinematic AnimatorAlexei Bresker
Cinematic AnimatorBenoit Galarneau
Cinematic AnimatorMelanie Vachon
Cinematics DirectorStefan Leblanc
Conception Art DirectorMike Yazijian
Conception Gameplay DirectorBill Money
Consulting Gameplay Animation DirectorBrent George
Contract Camera DesignerJerry O'Flaherty
Contract Cinematic AnimatorDimitrios Aspros
Contract Cinematic AnimatorHugu Au
Contract Cinematic AnimatorHilary Boarman
Contract Cinematic AnimatorKosta Dracopoulos
Contract Cinematic AnimatorEmile Ghorayeb
Contract Cinematic AnimatorAdrian Leblanc
Contract Cinematic AnimatorSianoosh Nasiriziba
Contract Cinematic AnimatorYasmine Vesalpour
Contract Concept ArtistNicolas Ferrand
Contract Concept ArtistJoel Dos Reis Viegas
Contract Gameplay AnimatorGerardo Astudillo
Contract Gameplay AnimatorMartin Daraiche
Contract Gameplay AnimatorSteven Miller
Contract Level ArtistRicardo Rambarran
Contract Storyboard ArtistTapani Knuutila
Contract Storyboard ArtistThierry Labrosse
Contract Storyboard ArtistDaniel Payette
Contract Storyboard ArtistNick Vallinakis
Contract UI ArtistCarmen Chiang
Contract UI ArtistVincenzo Spina
Creative DirectorEric Holmes
Executive ProducerReid Schneider
Game DirectorBenoit Richer
Gameplay AnimatorSherwin Barraquio
Gameplay AnimatorTom Beirnes
Gameplay DirectorMichael McIntyre
Gameplay ProgrammerDavid St-Hilaire
Intern Systems ProgrammerMarc-Antoine Desbiens
Intern Systems ProgrammerVincent Gallant
Intern Systems ProgrammerEtienne St-Onge
Lead Character ArtistJay Evans
Lead Cinematic Technical ArtistErick Bilodeau
Lead Game DesignerPierre-Luc Foisy
Lead Gameplay AnimatorJoseph Nasrallah
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerMatthew Kadai
Lead Level ArtistPierre-Luc Boulais
Lead Level ArtistPatrick Dubuc
Lead Level ArtistVincent Robichaud
Lead Level ArtistRoy Tuazon
Lead Level DesignerFrancis Beauchamp
Lead Level DesignerSebastien Bouzac
Lead Level DesignerMatheiu Laurin
Lead Level Designer (Lead DLC Level Designer)Pierre-Richard Malvoy
Lead Lighting ArtistMathieu Houle
Lead ProgrammerOlivier Pomarez
Lead Rendering ProgrammerColin Barre-Brisebois
Lead Systems ProgrammerJean-Noe Morissette
Lead UI ProgrammerDavid Boileau
Lead VFX ArtistAlexandre Belanger
Level ArtistSebastien Boulay
Level ArtistJulie Durocher
Level ArtistAlexandre Labranche
Level ArtistEmmanuel Pappas
Level ArtistNicolas Sieniski
Level ArtistJason Tonks
Level ArtistEvan Yovanovich
Level ArtistNabil Zakher
Level Design DirectorStephan Carmignani
Level DesignerEric Hein
Level DesignerJulien Prince
Level DesignerEmmanuel Richer-Cloutier
Level DesignerSimon La Salle
Lighting ArtistPierre Olivier Roy
Narrative DirectorDooma Wendschuh
Pre-Production Lead Level DesignAdam Alim
Presentation Art DirectorLudger Saintelien
Rendering ProgrammerSebastien Turcotte
Senior Audio ProgrammerStephane Beauchemin
Senior Build MasterCharlie Hann
Senior Character ArtistYanick Desrosiers
Senior Character ArtistMaurizio Memoli
Senior Character ArtistLudovic Pinard
Senior Cinematic AnimatorSteve Bouliane
Senior Cinematic AnimatorSamuel Eniojukan
Senior Cinematic AnimatorSimon Habib
Senior Cinematic AnimatorVelislava Nikolova
Senior Cinematic AnimatorHenry Wojcik
Senior Cinematic Technical AnimatorClaudio Alvaro
Senior Compositing ArtistDaniel Kvasznicza
Senior Concept ArtistEric Gagnon
Senior Concept ArtistMeinert Hansen
Senior Concept ArtistDaniel Kvasznicza
Senior Concept ArtistVirgile Loth
Senior Game DesignerGregory Belacel
Senior Game DesignerNicolas Monteilhet-Labossiere
Senior Game DesignerDave Shannon
Senior Gameplay AnimatorSebastien Bergeron
Senior Gameplay AnimatorStephen Yu
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerAnurag Banerjee
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerGuillaume Guay
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerFrancois Leblanc
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerSerge Menard
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerSaid Fellah Semlali
Senior Level ArtistJacques-Patrick Audain
Senior Level ArtistAnnika Bernhoff
Senior Level ArtistChristopher Brooker
Senior Level ArtistYik Lun Chan
Senior Level ArtistLee Church
Senior Level ArtistYannick Couture
Senior Level ArtistLouis-Maxime Gagnon Dumas
Senior Level ArtistLouis-Philippe Durand
Senior Level ArtistOlaf Quinzanos Kroth
Senior Level ArtistKetan Lad
Senior Level ArtistNicolas Painchaud
Senior Level ArtistChristophe Prelot
Senior Level ArtistRainer Ricq
Senior Level ArtistPierre Tremblay
Senior Level ArtistMichael Yeomans
Senior Level DesignerJacques-Patrick Audain
Senior Level DesignerPierre Tremblay
Senior Level DesignerClark Jiayang Yang
Senior Lighting ArtistNezam Jinnah
Senior Lighting ArtistPatrick Martel
Senior ProducerBen Mattes
Senior Rendering ProgrammerJimmy Beliveau
Senior Systems ProgrammerEric Allard
Senior Systems ProgrammerPierric Gimmig
Senior Systems ProgrammerPhilippe Malenfant
Senior Systems ProgrammerMatthew Miller
Senior Systems ProgrammerStephane Zaouak
Senior Technical ArtistPhilippe Bernard
Senior Technical ArtistMarc Bouchard
Senior Technical ArtistDaniel Goupil
Senior Technical ArtistRyan Lewis
Senior Technical ArtistDavid Massicotte
Senior Technical Game DesignerJean-Francois Boulanger
Senior Technical Gameplay AnimatorEric Bresse
Senior Technical Level DesignerPatrick Carroll
Senior Technical Level DesignerFrederic Ouellet
Senior VFX ArtistGabriel Charest
Senior VFX ArtistGabriel Pare
Special Project ProducerAns Beaulieu
Special Project ProducerJonathan Lim
Supervising ProducerMathieu Raymond
Technical DesignerRoxanne Blouin-Payer
Technical DesignerMaxime Chapleau
Technical DesignerEduardo Sempe
UI ArtistMegan Berry
UI ArtistRandy Humphries
UI ProgrammerGuillaume Dubeau
UI ProgrammerTomas Pawliuk
UI ProgrammerFrancis Tremblay
VFX ArtistJean-Marie Petit-Homme
VFX ArtistJames Nelson Desousa Pimentel
VFX ArtistLouis-Joseph Sabourin
World Team ProducerDiana Torrejon
World Team ProducerGuillaume Voghel
WriterCorey May
Writer and Senior Narrative DesignerRyan Galletta


Data and credits for this game contributed by oliist, Blk_Mage_Ctype, BGoldTLE, and BartSmith.

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