Question from cmeragon

I Always Need To Start over?

When i finish a quest it says "Saving" but it doesn't actually save so when i close the game and open again i have to start over. What should i do?


Doc_M answered:

You need to buy the game, not steal it and use an imperfect crack.
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DocJohnson92 answered:

If you do have the full version then uninstall it ant reinstall it. If you do not have the full version, that is liekly why it is not saving.
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froznic answered:

I don't know if there's any way to save before you get off the first island but once I did, the game saved. It may be that there's no way to save anytime you want, which in my opinion, that practice needs to be abolished. Game developers who force you to only save at certain points need to get shot in the dick with a harpoon gun made of cotton candy, thorns and some super venomous breed of spiders. Those people can go **** themselves.
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Adam_gudplayer answered:

You need to save in the sleep area as the other saves as you mentioned are just checkpoints.
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JarlFenrir answered:

If i choose the same character i chosen last time, on next screen i have option to continue game.
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milles_mules answered:

You must to have the full version, if you only have the cracked version, the alternative is save your progress at a save house before you exit the game. Actualy, i just have the cracked version too
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