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Item/Recipe Locations by john_h_rand

Updated: 02/11/14

Los Riscos Island

  • Kovacs Rules Introduction, Ch1 Close Combat, Ch2 Healing, Ch3 Skills, Ch4 Survival by Night, Ch5 Bows and Arrows
  • Instructions Healing Poultice Beach, Classic Arrows & Wooden Long Bow Mini Village, Aim Potion Central Camp Fire, Leather Strap, After Explosive Charges: Triple Sticks Boomerang, Green Beef Soda, Fish & Chips

Flint a pile on each beach area.

Healing Plant everywhere.

South Beach Shed Medical Kit

Western Shed - Hardware

Eastern Shed - Reel

East Beach Shed - Bottle

East Beach Hardware

South East Beach Shed - Fork

Central Firepit: Rusty Machete

Central Firepit Shed: Aim Potion

Safehouse Village: Medical Kit

Safehouse Village Reel, Flexible Branch

Post Explosive Charge Los Riscos Island

Western Beach Safehouse Sheds: Manual Compressor, Long Tube

Western Beach: Glasses, Harpoon Grip

Eastern Secure Shed: Instructions

Middle Secure Shed: Motorbike Motor

Safehouse Brute: Short Tube

Safehouse Secure Shed: Red Stone

La Vendida Island

  • Recipes Molotov Cocktail, Helment with Bones, Shield Potion, Cooked Meat, Hand Made Fast Shotgun, Hand Made Gun, Explosive Charge, Post Explosive Charges: Steak n Mushrooms, Angry Deer Helment, Angry Tapir helment, Explosive Bait.
  • Kovacs Rules Ch 6 Eating, Ch 7 Drinking, Ch 8 Hand Made Guns, Ch 9 Sleeping

Flash light

Flint x2

Flexible Branch x2

Fuel Depot Shed: Empty Bottle

Camper Shed: Hardware

Camper Supplies: Medical Kit, Short Tube, Sticks, Manual Compressor, Real

Kovacs Dumpsters: Ammo, Short Tube, Compressor (Spawned after all Kovac Quests)

South Beach Shed Instructions

Root Farm Shed Instructions

Flexible Branch

Truck Tire

Solider Helmet

Well Shed Shield Potion

Workshop Shed Instructions

Safehouse Shed - Hardware

Northern Safehouse Shed Instructions

Post Explosive Charge La Vendida Island

Secure Sheds Kovacs Camp: Big Chain, Instructions, Pulleys, Red Stone, Instructions

Ship Wreck: Harpoon Grip, Diving Tank, Carbon Mudflaps, Flint

Western Beach: Instructions

La Sonada Island

  • Recipes: Tire Strap, Leg Protectors, Bone Blade, Twin Stick Boomerang, Shield Ultra Potion, Stabilized Long Bow, Hand Made Stine Gun, Arm Protectors, Fishing Rod, Home-Made Pump Shotgun, Carbon Longbow, Incendiary Arrows, Small Capacity Chainsaw, Post Explosive Charge Explosive Arrows, Iron Ax, Twin Sticks Cutting Boomrang, Wooden Long Bow Pulley
  • Kovacs Rules: Ch 10 Fishing, Ch 11 Piranhas




Truck Tire



Safehouse Shed: Manual Compressor

Safehouse/Swamp Shed: Leather Straps

South Swamp Shed: Harpoon Grip

Mini-Village Shed: Reel, Dive Tank (In Hut)

Fuel Tank Shed: Dive Tank

Fuel Tank Shed: Instructions

Carbon Fiber Mud Flaps

Mid Swamp Shed: Instructions

Jerry Can x2

Piranha infested Swamp underneath dilapidated shed with tire in it: Gas Mask

Post Explosive Charge La Sonada

Eastern Safehouse Sheds: Pulleys, Manual Compressor

Eastern Safehouse Beach area: Long Tube, Iron Sheet, Bones, Glasses, Gas Mask, Reel, Iron Stick, Pulleys, Carbon Mudflaps, Hardware

Middle Safehouse Secure Shed: Red Stone

Santa Barbra Island

  • Instructions: Reinforced Helmet, Handmade Scope, Handmade Scope Gun, Strength Potion, Strength Ultra potion, Hand Made Precision Rifle, Attractive Molotov, High Capacity Chainsaw, Reinforced Jacket, Handmade Scoped Sten Gun, Post Explosive Charge Small Capacity Improved Chainsaw, Visored Helmet, Aim Ultra Potion, Reinforced Leg Protections, Hand Made Machine Gun, Lemonade, Triple Stick Boomerang, High Capacity Improved Chainsaw, Reinforced Arm Protections

Eastern Beach: Glasses, Iron Stick, Flanged Tube, Hardware

Beach Safehouse Shed: Carbon Made Mudflaps

Mid-safehouse: Harpoon Grip, Long Tube, Bottle with Gasoline, Medkit

Plane Crash: Iron Sheet, Hardware, Glasses

Cemetery Shed: Short Tube

Western Beach: Iron Pipe

Western Shed: Hardware, Air Compressor

Western Graveyard Shed: Harpoon Grip

Post Explosive Charge Santa Barbra Island

Southern Farm Sheds Harpoon Grip, Carbon made Mudguard, Iron Stick, Glasses

Southern Farm: Football Visor* (Found in the Field with many Barricades), Big Chain, Reel, Iron Sheet

Southern Farm Secure Shed Red Stone

Northern Farm Iron Stick, Carbon Made Mudguard

Northern Farm Shed Jerry Can, Instructions, Pulleys

Northern Farm Secure Shed Glasses

Northern Farm Safe House Long Tube, Instructions

Northern Swamp Instructions, Jerry Can

Northern Swamp Shed Short Tube

Southwestern Beach (Well & Campfire): Fertilizer, Harpoon Grip, Bottle of Gasoline

Northern Swamp: Iron Sheet, Iron Grid (In swamp on zombie body), Harpoon Grip

Northern Swamp Sheds: Leather Strap, Instructions

Hidden Swamp Safehouse: Big Chain, Dive Tank, Medkit

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