• Steam Achievements

    ANGER.COMPLETEBeat Anger in Normal difficulty
    BIT.TRIPPERRegister a high score on the leaderboards
    BUDDY.SYSTEMUse each buddy power up at least once
    DESPERATION.COMPLETEBeat Desperation in Normal difficulty
    DETERMINATION.COMPLETEBeat Determination in Normal difficulty
    ENDURANCE.GAMERBeat the game, from start to finish, in one sitting
    FALL.COMPLETEBeat Fall in Normal difficulty
    FATE.MASTERDefeat 5,000 enemies
    FLAWLESS.DESPERATIONGet a PERFECT score in Desperation
    FLAWLESS.DETERMINATIONGet a PERFECT score in Determination
    FLAWLESS.FRUSTRATIONGet a PERFECT score in Frustration
    FLAWLESS.PATIENCEGet a PERFECT score in Patience
    FRUSTRATION.COMPLETEBeat Frustration in Normal difficulty
    OLD.SCHOOL.SKILLSEscaped Nether Mode
    PATIENCE.COMPLETEBeat Patience in Normal difficulty
    TRUTHWatch the hidden cutscene

    Contributed By: Guard Master.