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    At the 'Main' menu select 'Advanced' followed by 'Enable Developer Console' and type 'sv_cheats 1' (without the quotes) when the console window appears to enable cheat mode when 'Create a Server' is selected. If you now enter the following codes at the console window the corresponding effect will become enabled.

    A.I. disable/enableai_disable
    Allow cheatssv_cheats 1
    Enter noclip modenoclip
    Increase carry amountinv_maxcarry (i.e. inv_maxcarry 3000)
    Spawns all weaponsimpulse 101

    Contributed By: ItchiMS.


  • Steam Achievements

    357 ReasonsGet 500 kills with the S&W 686-6
    A Drink to go with the FoodGet 250 kills with the Molotov Cocktail
    Ace of SpadesGet 250 kills with the Spade
    Adolescent ResidentGet 250 kills with the Monkey Wrench
    Band of BrothersWe stick together. Join the official Steam group for No More Room in Hell
    Bare KnuckleYou like a good challenge? Engage 1000 zombies in fisticuffs and win
    Better Red Than DeadGet 250 kills with the Sledgehammer
    Blinded By the LightGet 250 kills with the Maglite
    Blunt Force TraumaGet 250 kills with the Lead Pipe
    BOPESuccessfully survive Favela
    Box Office HitSuccessfully complete Broadway
    Boys of SummerGet 250 kills with the Baseball Bat
    But They Used to be People!Complete Broadway, Chinatown, and Cabin without killing any Zombies
    Cabin FeverSuccessfully complete Cabin
    Chainsaw MassacreGet 250 kills with the Chainsaw
    Clear SkiesSuccessfully survive Flooded
    Closing Time!Successfully survive Northway
    Come Get Some15 Seconds. 30 Zombies. One Chainsaw.
    CzechmateGet 500 kills with the CZ858
    El MariachiGet 500 kills with the Ingram M-10
    Fire in the Hole!Get 250 kills with the M67 Frag Grenade
    First BloodGet 500 kills with the PSE Deer Hunter
    For Whom the Bell TollsSuccessfully survive Silence
    FreedomSuccessfully survive Isolated
    Hell's KitchenGet 250 kills with the Kitchen Knife
    Hey, Paul!Get 250 kills with the Fire Axe
    HypochondriacIn one life, take four bottles of pills to stave off a really bad case of death
    It's Always Sunny in LiverpoolSuccessfully complete Toxteth
    Jungle CleaverGet 250 kills with the Machete
    Just Watch Me ExplodeGet 250 kills with TNT
    KevorkianHelp a fellow survivor who is infected find peace.
    Let Your Inner Light ShineGet 500 kills with the Flare Gun
    Lethal WeaponGet 500 kills with the Beretta M92FS
    Light's OutComplete Broadway in 5.5 minutes or less
    Mare's LaigGet 500 kills with the Winchester 1892
    Mark It ZeroGet 500 kills with the Colt 1911
    Motherland!Get 500 kills with the Simonov SKS
    New York MinuteUnlock "Party's Over," "Rush Hour," and "Light's Out"
    No LoiteringSuccessfully survive Ransack
    One for Each EyeGet 500 kills with the SV10 Perennia
    One Free ManGet 250 kills with the Crowbar
    Only YOUGet 250 kills with the Extinguisher
    PacifistSuccessfully complete any level without killing a zombie or taking damage
    Party's OverComplete Cabin in 5.5 minutes or less
    Patrick Would Be ProudGet 500 kills with the Winchester Super X3
    PincushionStick 10 arrows in 10 different zombies while they still walk
    Private BeachSuccessfully complete Lakeside
    Problem of InductionYou can never be too sure that your new gun is loaded with a full magazine
    Rack ItGet 500 kills with the Mossberg 500A
    Remove the Head, Destroy the Brain500 kills-to-the-head resulting in a showery pop
    Robin in the HoodKill any enemy (Zombie or National Guard) from 125+ feet with the bow
    Rush HourComplete Chinatown in 10 minutes or less
    Safe ActionGet 500 kills with the Glock 17
    Solder ThisGet 250 kills with the Welder
    Some Room Left in Hell100% Complete! Unlock all achievements! Thanks for playing!
    Special Weapons and TacticsGet 500 kills with the MP5A3
    Stabbity StyleBayonet kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds
    StonerGet 500 kills with the M16A4
    Sturm on the HorizonGet 500 kills with the Sturm Ruger Mk III
    The Manhattan ProjectLiberate Manhattan - Kll 1,619,090 zombies by any means necessary.
    They're Coming to Get You, BarbaraSuccessfully survive Night of the Living Dead
    To Serve and ProtectGet 500 kills with the Remington 870 Police Magnum
    Varmint PlinkerGet 500 kills with the Ruger 10/22
    Waiting for the WormsGet 250 kills with the Barricade Hammer
    We Got This!Complete the following maps with AT LEAST 6 players without losing a single safe zone or incurring any casualties: Favela, Northway, Flooded, Isolated
    White DeathGet 500 kills with the Sako 85
    WoodsmanGet 250 kills with the Hatchet
    Year of the ZombieSuccessfully complete Chinatown

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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