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Gangsters: Organized Crime
The Living Guide
Scattered Comments and Various Tips on Defense
Version 1.001
Copyright 2003 Mikell Lowe


I. Legal
II. The Living Guide Series
III. Basic Game Breakdown
IV. Types of Defensive Hoods
V. Weapons
VI. Constitution of New Temperance
VII. Defensive Tips
VIII. Things I Need
IX. Version History
X. Special Thanks
XI. About the Author

I. Legal
Copyright 2003 Mikell Lowe

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

II. The Living Guide Series

Notice I have titled this guide 'The Living Guide'. I gave it that
title for a reason. This guide is truly a living one. It is by no
means a dead document. It is almost constantly being changed and is
open to suggestions and questions. Anyone may email me at any time
with any questions or suggestions they might have. The actual guide
really isn't in this document, but in the emails you send to me. I
check my email on average every two days, so getting a response from
me shouldn't be a problem. Just remember, this guide is a LIVING guide.

However, it is not for anyone. When you pick up this guide, you are
already expected to have a basic knowledge of the game's interface.

III. Basic Game Breakdown

Gangsters takes place in a giant 3D world comprised of hundreds and
hundreds of individual characters. The basic point of the game is to
conquer this world, called New Temperance, through organized crime.
You must recruit gang members, extort businesses, cheat, steal, kill,
and lie to make it to the top. In accomplishing this task, you will
come into contact with the three other gangs who are going for the
same goal.

There are actually three different ways you can win. Lets take a look
at them in order of difficulty.

1. Going straight

If you have a lawyer and enough money, you can go straight and leave
your life of crime behind. If you choose to go straight, you cannot
own any illegal businesses. Although this is supposed to be the
'easiest' way to win, inexperienced players will no doubt have trouble
in achieving its objectives.

2. Being elected mayor

To run for mayor, you must have a large sum of money and a lawyer to
assist you. Being elected mayor is one of the hardest things to
accomplish because the rival gangs will stop at nothing to humiliate
you and ruin your election campaign. I personally would not recommend
trying this, but then again I'm not exactly what you'd call a veteran.

3. Eliminating the rival gangs

This method of winning is supposedly the hardest, but inexperienced
players should try to shoot for this one. In order to eliminate a gang,
you must assassinate its leader and anyone else who might be able to
take over. Sometimes when you kill a gang leader, one of his/her
lieutenants will take over the gang and you will have to eliminate him.

There are many different types of citizens in the world of Gangsters.
Lets take a look at a few of them.

Average Citizen

These people are just regular people like you and me: weak, employed,
innocent, and utterly terrified. Although you can't control these
people directly, you can use money and intimidation to manipulate

Unattached Gangster

These people are criminals looking for work. They can be found in gyms,
pool halls, docks, and labor exchanges, and are able to be recruited.

Belonging Gangster or "Hood"
These people are employed criminals belonging to one of the four gangs.

Police Officer

A police officer is basically an average citizen with enhanced
abilities. All police officers are armed and will shoot at you if they
see you doing something illegal. Officers can be bribed.

Gang Leader

There are four of these types in the game: one for each gang, and you
are one of them. Gang leaders always stay in their office, never
venturing outside. They do nothing but sit there and give orders,
but most of them are well guarded.

FBI Agent

An FBI agent is basically an elite police officer. Unless you are
really bad, you will rarely see one of these. FBI agents are
incorruptible. They cannot be bribed.


A judge is, well, a judge. These people make a living by sitting in
the courthouse and ruling on criminal cases. Judges can be bribed.


These people help you out with legal issues. If you can afford one, I
would highly recommend picking one up. If you do, make sure he has at
least four stars in Intelligence. Lawyers can also get your Hoods out
of legal trouble and bribe police officers and top brass officials.


Accountants help you out with financial issues. They are not exactly
essential, but if you run a lot of businesses you should hire one.

The gameplay of Gangsters is split into two basic sections: the
Planning Period and the Work Week. You give the majority of your
orders during the Planning Period and then watch them being carried
out during the Work Week.

IV. Types of Defensive Hoods

I have divided up Hoods into specific defensive categories. I would
recommend you placing Hoods with the listed skills in their respective

1. Security Hoods
Requirements: 3 stars intelligence, 3 stars firearms

These Hoods are responsible for taking out enemy gangsters that enter
your territory, but are rare. If possible, they should be formed into
a separate team.

2. Streetfighting Hoods
Requirements: 3 stars intelligence, 3.5 stars fists

These Hoods are useful in assaulting enemy gangsters on the street.
If possible, they should be formed into a separate team.

3. Intimidation Hoods
Requirements: 3.5 stars intelligence, 3.5 stars intimidation

These Hoods are responsible for convincing wayward business owners
that have left you to join your side.

4. Extortion Hoods
Requirements: 3 stars intimidation

These Hoods are responsible for expanding your protection racket.

5. Assaulting Hoods
Requirements: 2.5 stars intelligence, 3.5 stars intimidation, 4 stars

These Hoods are responsible for assaulting wayward business owners that
have left you.

6. Business Hoods
Requirements: 3 stars business, 3 stars organization

These Hoods are in charge of running your businesses.

7. Clean Cut Hoods
Requirements: 3 stars intelligence, 3.5 stars knives

These Hoods are useful in killing people using hand-to-hand combat
instead of guns. This method of killing is quiet and won't attract
much attention.

8. Collection Hoods
Requirements: Any skills

Save your most worthless Hoods for this job. These Hoods are
responsible for collecting protection money each week,
which takes no skill. These Hoods should be formed into a separate
team, if possible.

V. Weapons

Lets take a look at the different kinds of weapons that you will find
in New Temperance.

1. Pistol
Price: $100
The pistol is weak and has limited range, but is easy to conceal.

2. Shotgun
Price: $750
The shotgun is extremely powerful close up but has the same maximum
range as the pistol. I would not recommend using this weapon alone.

3. Rifle
Price: $750
The Rifle has a very long range and is also the most accurate.
This gun is my favorite. I would strongly recommend using it.

4. Tommy Gun
Price: $2000
I don't know much about this gun because I haven't really used it,
but Tommy Guns aren't all they are cracked up to be. While powerful,
they are wildly inaccurate and should only be given to 4 star shooters.

5. Twin Pack Pistols
Price: $3000
I know nothing of this weapon. I've only used it once, and its
supposed to be good.

Try arming your Hoods in Shotgun-Rifle pairs. This combination is

VI. Constitution of New Temperance

The justice system of New Temperance is quite unique. It is essential
that you know the rules.

Shooting people without reasonable cause is illegal. You may only
shoot someone if you have been shot at first. Killing police officers
or FBI agents is illegal, under any circumstances.

Assaulting people on the street, however, is okay. You just can't
assault police officers or FBI agents.

Running an illegal business is, obviously, illegal.

If one of your Hoods becomes wanted, police officers will shoot at
him on sight. You can tell if your hood is wanted by looking at his
or her name. If there is a weird-looking symbol next to hit, he is

Bombing and arson are also illegal.

VII. Defensive Tips

If you want to take over New Temperance, your territory must be secure.

It is important that you have every block in your territory covered
by a patrolman. These patrolmen should be Security Hoods (Hoods who
have at least 3 stars of intelligence and 3 stars of firearms). All of
your patrolmen should be armed. Unless you're in an alliance you
should eliminate all enemy Hoods that enter your territory.

How you arm your Security Hoods is very important. Simple pistols are
enough to get by at first, but you will have trouble later in the game. What you
really need are rifles and shotguns. Seriously, a Security Hood armed
with a rifle is almost unstoppable. Once I equipped a guy who had 4
stars intelligence and 3 stars firearms with a rifle and he was taking
out guys in one shot! As soon as you can, start purchasing rifles for
your Security Team. At the very least, you should have one rifleman.
Believe me, it's worth it.

There will come a time, however, when the police will become suddenly
interested in your activities. You will notice officers appearing more
and more often in your territory. With all of this police action going
on, it will be hard to keep the bad guys out without getting your Hoods
arrested. So what do you do?

You will have to resort to hand-to-hand combat, which is quieter.
Pick up a few Hoods who are proficient with knives and set them loose.

If you are in Aggression with another gang, it is important to always
have a guard at your office. He or she should be a Security Hood.
Try to arm your guards with shotguns.

Sometimes a business owner in your protection racket will transfer over to
another gang. This is a serious problem because they are very hard to
get back. Here is a list of steps to take if this happens.

1. Intimidation

Send an Intimidation Hood (see section IV) to try to convince the
owner to rejoin your side.

2. Assault

If Intimidation doesn't work, try sending an Assault Hood to beat 'em
up. This Hood should have a low knives skill.

3. Smash Up

If Assault doesn't work, try sending someone over to smash up the
business. I'm not exactly sure what skills are required for this

4. Bombing/Torching/Killing

If Smashing Up doesn't work, extreme measures are required. Send a
Hood with high intelligence, explosives, and stealth skills to bomb
the place. Or, send a Hood with high intelligence, stealth, and arson
skills to torch it. Or, just send a Clean Cut Hood to kill the
business owner once and for all.

VIII. Things I Need

This guide is by no means complete. There are still many things that
I don't know about this game. Below is a list of things I need more
info on. People who help out will receive special recognition in the
Special Thanks section.

1. Info on weapons

I need more information on the Tommy Gun and the Twin Pack Pistols.
Also, I would like to know your favorite weapon so I can post it here
for the sake of interest. I also need more info on the advantages and
disadvantages of the shotgun.

2. Info on the New Temperance justice system

I need info on what's illegal and what's not. More specifically, I need
to know whether killing people hand-to-hand is legal or not.

3. Defensive Tips and Discipline

I could always use more tips on defense and how to get business owners
back in line.

4. Anything Else

More than anything I need your opinions and suggestions.

My Email Address:

IX. Version History

January 7, 2004

First Version completed and edited

January 7, 2004

Version 1.001 completed with fixed formatting and spellcheck

X. Special Thanks

-Prima for making the Gangsters strategy guide
-The people who made this game

XI. About the Author

I am a teenager living in Washington State. The message boards I post
on are the Goldeneye 64 Board, the Gangsters Board, and sometimes the
Star Wars Board. My message board name is lonelyguy547.