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What is the best strategy for 9pool?

What is the best strategy for 9pool?

LordOfDabu asked for clarification:

Do you mean executing it or stopping it?

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SantaKhala answered:

There are two variations or playstyles for the strategy. The first (Speedlings) is:

- Keep morphing Drones until you have nine
- 9 Overlord
- When you have about 250 Minerals, select two Drones and order them to morph into a Spawning Pool and an Extractor
- 7 Drone
- 8 Drone
- 9 Drone (The food count should be 10/17 and the Spawning Pool should be at about 50% Health, which is when you should start reserving larvae to have three Zerglings)
- When the Extractor is finished, send three Drones to harvest some Vespene Gas. Be sure to stop harvesting gas as soon as you have 104 Gas.
- As soon as the Spawning Pool is completed, morph three Zerglings
As soon as you exceed 100 Gas, research the Metabolic Boost (Zergling speed) upgrade

The second (regular Zerglings) is:

9 Spawning Pool
8 Drone
9 Extractor
8 Overlord
9 Drone
Six Zerglings.
Keep morphing Zerglings until you have 300 minerals, then you can expand with a Hatchery.

I noticed a tendency from progamers to use the first method. Speed-upgraded Zerglings are that much more powerful than non-upgraded ones. And if you're playing against a Protoss that's fast expanding behind a Pylon-Forge-Two Cannon wall, you should try your best to sneak at least two of these Zerglings past his wall, then you could wreak havoc upon his assembly line.
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