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What is the best strategy for dark templar rush?

What is the best strategy for dark templar rush?


Dephos answered:

The strategy itself depends on the enemy; Dark Templar Rush requires good scouting of the enemy base. If you're looking for a Build Order, just google "Dark Templar Rush," and you should find some sites with build orders.

It is best used against Terran, as by the time you get Dark Templars, the Terran will , more often than not, lack any units or buildings with Detector, making your units more effective. Against Protoss, the strategy is a little more difficult if they have Photon Cannons, and against Zerg it's almost completely ineffective due to the Overlords.

You must also remember to hide your tech buildings (the citadel and the archives) somewhere away or behind your main base, else your opponent will see the rush coming and act accordingly. Or, alternatively, you could position Zealots to prevent his unit(s) from scouting your base.

There is no "one-strategy-beats-all" with the Dark Templar Rush; it's all based on each individual match. Against computers, the rush itself can win you the game, but against smarter, more analytical human opponents, you will have to be a bit creative.
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Mythe00 answered:

do you mean strategy for or against dt's?
There are lots of ways to defend against dt rushes. If you're playing as terran just make your ebay fast and put a turret up at your ramp. You can do a fake double and mine up as well. You can also try to get your comsat up quickly but that sometimes doesn't work if you've already lost some units and can't kill them wiht a single scan. A couple of times I've even deterred dt's with just a good wall in because they couldn't get through. As protoss all you need to do is throw up a cannon or two.
If you're trying to dt rush and you can't get your dt's into your opponent's base, you can always try dropping them in or just using them to delay their expansions.
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