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Is there any cheat to make your units invincible in a game ?

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PTP2009 answered:

The cheat "power overwhelming" (press enter to bring up the chat, then type it, then enter again). The way it works is that it sets all of the enemies' damage to 0, not by making your units not take damage, so you can still be hurt by your own splash damage, attacking yourself, or have units mind controlled or spawn broodlinged.
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666Dead answered:

Additional cheats can be found in the section helpfully labeled "Cheats," which is painstakingly concealed in the upper area of the webpage.
It is hidden underneath the title, "Starcraft: Brood War," and between the "FAQs" and "Reviews" tabs.
If you cannot locate this section - as it is quite cleverly hidden - consult the following picture for reference:

Should you require additional assistance, please feel free to request the resources of the Brood War community so that we may accompany you on your quest to uncover the "FAQs" section.
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