FAQ/Walkthrough by Lugnutz87

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Baldur's Gate 1.0
By Lugnutz

Section I:    Introduction / Basics
Section II:   Prologue
Section III:  Gathering Experience
Section IV:   Chapter 2
Section V:    Chapter 3
Section VI:   Chapter 4
Section VII:  (Most of) Chapter 5
Section VIII: TOSC
Section IX:   Chapter 6
Section X:    Chapter 7

After reading this and something is still not clear enough,
Lugnutz87@hotmail.com can get you in touch with me and I'll change
whatever needs to be done.

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Section I:  Introduction / Basics

     A quick note as to why I've done this.  I've had this game since
it first came out, and its still one of my favorite games to play, even
after all this time.  I've looked around at other walkthroughs, and
I've never really seen any that cover everything I think they should.
I don't put every quest here, only the ones I recommend you do.  So
here goes.

A few basics about your party:

1.     Character Creation:  Most of this is common sense, but I'll go
over it anyways.  First off, make sure you max out the stats that are
appropriate to your character (Strength for fighters, Intelligence for
Mages, ect.)  Always max out dexterity and constitution.  That will
lower your Armor Class and maximize your Hit Points.    Take a look at
the tables in the manual before you finish picking your stats.
Intelligence is useless for anyone but Mages (and Bards to a lesser
extent), so always lower it as much as you can.  Charisma is only
useful for the leader of the party, so have the most Charismatic
character 1st in line.  The introduction part of the game only has your
character though, so try not to have your charisma too low.  Also, if
you are planning to use your character in BG 2, keep in mind your
Wisdom, because that can affect your Saving Throws if your wisdom is
high or low enough.  Another thing to keep in mind:  There are tomes to
raise statistics; one for each stat except for Wisdom, which has 3
tomes.  If you're planning to play your character in BG 2, give all the
tomes to your main character.  If not, give them to whoever will
benefit from them the most.

2.     Basic makeup:  The basic setup of your party should be as
follows:  A thief, a cleric or druid, 2 pure (single or very early
dualed) specialist mages, and the rest fighters.  You can also combine
the cleric and/or thief as a fighter/cleric or fighter/thief.  That
will make things even easier for you.

3.     Useful Mage Spells:  There are a lot of different spells
available to you, but there are only 2 or 3 that are very handy per
spell level.  Feel free to try any that strike your fancy, but you'll
want these eventually.  The all caps ones are the ones you want to have
memorized the most.  The regular text ones are useful, but not very
frequently needed or something similar.  Make sure you find these
spells as soon as you can for your mages.

Level 1:    MAGIC MISSILE - Great for disrupting spell casters.  Easy
	      damage with multiple hits for magic resistance issues or 	
	      Mirror Image.
            IDENTIFY - Umm, yeah.  No explanation needed

Level 2:    MELF'S ACID ARROW - Decent damage, and the acid splash is
	      great for spell casters.  They are always hit with the acid
	      damage, disrupting them continuously.
	      STINKING CLOUD - Disables groups of enemies, and it doesn't
	      affect your skeletons you send in to fight.  You can pick 	
	      off disabled enemies with arrows and bolts.
	      Protection from Petrification - Basilisks will turn you to 	
	      stone quite frequently.  This spell makes them easy 		
	      pickings, and good experience too
	      Invisibility - Good for scouting and sneak attacks.

Level 3:    FIREBALL - This is what you want mages for.  Great area 	
	      HASTE - Doubling the amount of attacks you get can only 	
	      Slow - This would be a priority one, but enemies have a 	
	      tendency to save from the effects.  Still, when it works, 	
	      it's very helpful.

Level 4:    EMOTION - Your enemies lie down and let you hack them up.  	
	      What's not to like?
	      OTILUKE'S RESILIENT SPHERE - Very helpful when you have 	
	      multiple powerful enemies.  Killing them off one at a time 	
	      is usually the best way to go.
	      Confusion - Similar to emotion, but now they wander around.
	      Sometimes they'll fight back, which is why I prefer 		

Level 5:    CLOUDKILL - Does extreme damage.  Try pairing it with 	
	      Stinking Cloud.  It's almost unfair.
	      Chaos - Pretty much the same as Confusion.  I had to pick 	
	      something for Specialist Mages who can't cast Cloudkill.

4.     Useful Priest Spells:  Same deal as with mage spells, only now
you don't have to find any scrolls.  One thing to consider:  I always
recommend you give spells that mages or priests can cast to the
priests, i.e. Remove Fear and Dispel Magic.  The mages can cast the
damaging spells instead for better overall results.

Level 1:    CURE LIGHT WOUNDS - You're going to get hurt.
	      REMOVE FEAR - Useful for preparing for fights where you 	
	      might have Horror cast on you.  It works to prevent it if 	
	      you cast it before the fight.
	      Command - Very useful for low level clerics.  Higher-level 	
	      enemies will pretty much always save against it, but in the
	      beginning it will be effective.

Level 2:    DRAW UPON HOLY MIGHT - Helpful for when you need your 	
	      cleric to fight hand-to-hand.  Makes Fighter/Clerics very 	
	      SILENCE 15' RADIUS - Mages don't fight very well.  Any time
	      you force them to fight, you win.  It sucks when it happens
	      to you though.
	      SLOW POISON - This spell usually negates poisons, so keep 	
	      it handy.  You'll save a lot of lives that way.
	      Hold Person - If you have a high-wisdom cleric, you might 	
	      have enough room for this spell.  Being able to bypass 	
	      THAC0 makes even mages do some damage.

Level 3:    ANIMATE DEAD - Creates a swarm of skeletons to help for the
	      fight.  Useful for providing cover while you shoot your 	
	      enemies.  Skeletons are immune to Stinking Cloud and all 	
	      Hold type spells.
	      DISPEL MAGIC - Getting rid of your enemies' protection 	
	      spells just makes sense.  Can also free your party from 	
	      Hold Person, Confusion, ect.
	      Protection from Fire - Any time you know you're going to 	
	      get hit with fire attacks, this spell makes things easier.

Level 4:    CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS - Take a guess.
	      DEFENSIVE HARMONY - Helps for fighting high-level enemies
	      by increasing everyone's armor.
	      PROTECTION FROM EVIL 10' RADIUS - Increasing everyone's   	
	      saving throws helps against spell casters.

5.     Useful Druid Spells:  Same deal as with priest spells.  I don't
use Druids much, but here ya go.

Level 1:    CURE LIGHT WOUNDS- Yet again.

Level 2:    SLOW POISON - This spell usually negates poisons, so keep 	
	      it handy.  You'll save a lot of lives that way.
	      Barkskin - Improves the target's AC and saving throws.  	
	      Useful if you have a warrior going after a group by 	 	

Level 3:    CALL LIGHTNING - Does some serious damage, but it only 	
	      works outside, and is very slow in between strikes.  Still,
	      druids suck, so this is the best they have to offer.
		Hold Animal - You need something for fights inside.

Level 4:	CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS - Still going to need it.
		Animal Summoning I - You can't summon skeletons, so here is
	      your Druid option.

Level 5:	CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS - The only reason to have a Druid.
		Animal Summoning II - Better than the Level 4 version 	

6.     Different parties:  There are several different parties that you
can do to make the game easier/more challenging/more interesting.  You
can go by a theme, such as All good, All evil, ect.  One of my most
enjoyable games I've played is an all-magic team.  Everyone has to be
able to cast a Mage or a Priest/Druid spell at all times (No Imoen
getting to level 4 and then dualing her to a Conjurer, for example).
Anyways, I'll list a few types of crews you can use.
1.	Best crew:  Dwarf Fighter/Cleric, Kagain, Kivan, Coran, Edwin,
Xzar.  If you max your Constitution and use the Tome, you can
have a 20, which gives you regeneration.  Add in Kagain with
the Gauntlets of Dex, and you have a pair of wrecking
machines.  You'll save a lot of spells and potions by having 2
characters that regenerate their hit points.
2.	All Evil crew:  Dwarf Fighter/Cleric, Kagain, Shar-Teel,
Montaron, Edwin, Xzar.  Notice how similar it is to the best
3.	All Good crew:  Dwarf Fighter/Cleric, Kivan, Minsc, Coran,
Dynaheir, Imoen.  Imoen should be dual-classed into a Conjurer
as soon as possible (in order to get to a high enough level to
cast Level 5 spells).
4.	All magic crew:  Elf mage/thief, Yeslick, Viconia or Branwen,
Edwin, Xzar, Imoen.  Imoen should be a dual-classed to an
Illusionist as soon as you get her (to keep with the theme).
This game is a lot more difficult, but is very fun!
5.	Rogues' Guild:  Gnome Cleric/Thief, Montaron, Coran, Shar-
Teel, Garrick, Eldoth Kron.  Shar-Teel can be dualled into a
thief, which will give you a better fighter than the rest of
your options you could have instead.
6.	All Crazy crew:  Dwarf Fighter (Chaotic Neutral), Minsc, Tiax,
Xzar, Quayle, Safana.  Safana's not really crazy, but she is
Chaotic Neutral, so I picked her.  That would be quite the
crew to listen in on.  Especially if you give the main
character an opposite voice (female voice on a guy, ect)

7.     Some NPCs are pairs.  If you want to take just one of them, you
need to take them both into your party initially, and then kill off the
one you don't want.  Take off all their armor and send them off to
fight alone.  Then just kick their corpse out of the party, and there
you go.  Make any party you like and have fun.  If you find any groups
that are interesting, go for it.

8.     NPC starting levels.  NPCs start at levels proportionate to the
main character.  Since experience is divided amongst the party, the
fewer NPCs you use, the more experience each character gets.  You want
to get any NPCs as late as you can get them, especially mages.  The
only notable exception is your thief.  Thieves generally add Thief
skills to what they are already proficient at.  But the only thief
skills you are going to want to add to are Open Locks and Disarm Traps.
So you need to add your thief as early as you can, except for Safana;
those are her preferred stats anyways.  The walkthrough is designed to
follow this strategy.

9.     Leveling Up.  Save the game before you level up.  When you gain
a level, you want to have at least 1 HP less than the max you can get.
Make sure you remember the extra HP you can get from Constitution.  For
Multiclass characters, add the bonus HP to the maximum for the class
you are leveling up in, then cut the total in half.  That will be the
max HP you can gain.

Section II:  Prologue

     This shouldn't be a problem unless you are a mage.  You start off
right outside of the inn.  There is a chest just above the innkeeper
that has 2 spell scrolls inside of it if you can pick the lock or force
it open.  If not, leave it for later.  Head upstairs and the first 3
rooms you go to can be opened.  Hopefully you'll be able to open the
chest in the third room.  It has a Potion of Clarity, which will be
very useful later.  Head back downstairs and talk to the mage first.
He wants his Identify scroll back.  Talk to the innkeeper and buy
whatever supplies you need and can afford.  Make sure to pick up some
crossbow bolts.  You'll need them in a little bit.  Head out of the inn
and go north.  Talk to the lady and she wants her book.  M'kay, next
head east into the first building you see.  The guy in there will fight
you, so kill him and sack the room.  The locked chest only has a dagger
in it; so don't sweat it if you can't open it.  Next, walk over to a
guy next to a cow.  Talk to him once to find the book, the second time
he tells you he needs a potion.  Get the book and continue east until
you swing around and see a dwarf standing outside a building.  Talk to
him and go kill the rats.  Keep going and talk to a soldier just
standing around.  He needs his sword.  Continue southwest until you go
into the next building you see, and there will be a cleric who will
give you a potion if you ask nice.  Keep going west and go into the
next building you see on the north side; there will be a guy to fight.
Go back outside (checking all the barrels and chests) and go into the
barracks.   Talk to the guy on the right and offer to run errands.  He
wants the bolts.  If your Charisma is 18, he'll give you a Dagger +1.
If not, he'll just give you some money.  Open the chest right above him
to get the sword and potion you need.  Work your way back around
counterclockwise and give all of the stuff to the people who want them.
Cut through the middle to meet Imoen and to find the Identify scroll.
Now go back to the inn and sell all the stuff you don't want and buy
whatever you couldn't afford before.  After you're done, go talk to
Gorion and that's the end of the Prologue.

Section III:  Gathering Experience

     This section details everything you need to do before going down
into the Nashkel Mines.

Area:  Gorion's Ambush Site
NPCs:  Imoen (Good Thief), Xzar (Evil Necromancer), Montaron (Evil

     Fist thing that happens is Imoen wants to join you.  Let her in
and steal all her useful stuff.  Most of the time you'll get a few
healing potions, a potion of speed, and a Wand of Magic Missiles.  At
this point, you need to decide who your thief is going to be.  Kick out
Imoen (unless she is going to be your thief).  If you pick Montaron,
that's your next step.  If you pick someone other than Montaron or
Imoen, don't worry about it.  First, go north until you get to Gorion's
body.  You'll get a note and a few treasure items from the two Ogres as
well.  Go back to Imoen, and act like you are leaving the area to open
up High Hedge.  Cancel that and go east, and open up the Crossroads.
If you're taking Montaron, cancel leaving and go north a bit and you'll
see Xzar and Montaron.  If you want them both, then there you go.  If
you only want Montaron, empty out Xzar's inventory and send him east
until he finds some enemies.  Scratch one Xzar.  If you only want Xzar,
ignore the two of them until later.  The next area you want to go to is
High Hedge.

Area: High Hedge
NPC:  Kivan (Good Ranger)

     Kivan is in the middle of the map, but wait until later before you
go talk to him.  First, go right and open up the Beregost map.  Cancel
leaving and go west until you open up the area below Candlekeep.
Cancel yet again and go south until you open up the area just below
High Hedge.  If you happen to fight any skeletons on this map, keep one
of the skulls.  You'll need it later.  Next stop is to the south.

Area:  Bassilus' Refuge

     First, go to the right until you come across a wolf.  Kill it, and
then you'll see a chicken that will approach.  Talk to it a bit, and
agree to help out (or not if you feel like being evil, but you're
missing out on some decent experience).  Next, go straight down and
you'll see a little pass and a kid will show up and tell you Bassilus
(an insane cleric who has a 5000 gp bounty on his head) is just below.
Save first, then try and kill him.  If you don't want to fight all of
the skeletons around him, choose (1,3,1,1) on the dialogue options, and
he'll kill them all first.  Your best bet is to use the Wand of Magic
Missiles to disrupt his spells and then missiles of some sort to kill
him from long range.  After you kill him, save and then go back to when
you saw the boy and then go slowly west.  You'll see some hobgoblins
that demand your surrender.  As soon as you tell him off, go back east
a bit.  Edge closer to the Hobgoblins and you'll see just Zargal.
Shoot something at him, and he'll chase you without his companions (who
shoot poison arrows at you and can kill you quick).  Zargal has some
decent money and a Short Sword +2.  Go back to where you saw Bassilus,
and go south.  Open up the new area to the south and then cancel.  Go
to the east and open up the area below Beregost.  Cancel and then go
along the bottom of the map all the way to the west.  You'll open up 2
new areas.  The one you want to go to is the Lighthouse (unless you
didn't get the Potion of Clarity.  Without the potion, go to Beregost

Area:  Lighthouse
NPC:  Safana (Neutral Thief)

     Assuming you start on the east part of the map (which is usually
the case), go southwest until you see a lady standing there.  Talk to
her and you'll hear about a kid trapped by 3 worgs.  They are at the
lighthouse, which is just to the north.  If you kill them, talk to her
again to get some money and +1 to your reputation.  After you talk to
her, follow the dirt path to the northeast until you get to Safana.
Don't talk to her yet!  Instead, its time to go Sirine hunting.  SAVE
YOUR GAME HERE!  First, drink the Potion of Clarity, then the Potion of
Speed.  (In that order, because the clarity potion lasts longer)   Now,
there are 3 Sirines on the beach directly to the west.  Hopefully, they
will be spaced out enough so that you only see one at a time, or are
grouped together close.  The reason being they shoot some very good
arrows, and you want as many of them as you can get (not to mention
they hurt a lot if they hit you).  Make sure you save this type of
arrow until you get to particularly difficult enemies.  I'll mention it
when I usually use them.  After you kill all 3 of them, follow the
beach and then continue northwest until you see 3 sirines in front of a
cave.  This time they are all bunched together, so are easy pickings.
Well, those 6 just gave you 12000 exp, so you're a lot stronger now,
especially if you don't have anyone else with you.  Ignore the cave for
now and go back towards Safana.  Keep going east until you leave the
area.  Next stop is Beregost.

Area:  Beregost
NPCs:  Kagain (Evil Fighter), Garrick (Neutral Bard)

     First thing to do is go all the way east and open up the Temple
map.  Go to the Temple and give the cleric the Holy Symbol you got from
Bassilus.  Gotta like the money.  Now, back to Beregost.  Go east for a
bit until you get to the Red Sheaf.  There will be a bounty hunter
inside.  He is a fighter; kill him and go on in.  There will be a
halfling who wants you to kill some Gnolls at High Hedge and get his
sword back.  Keep it in mind.  Next, head on over to Feldpost's Inn,
which is on the southwest side of town.  You'll be accosted by a man
named Marl.  If you use dialogue choices (1,1,3,3,1) you get 900 exp.
Upstairs is a fat guy who has a Cloak of Charisma +2 if you pickpocket
him.  Remember it if you don't have a thief yet.  You can sell most of
your stuff downstairs.  In the house directly across the street, you'll
meet Firebead, the mage who wanted the Identify scroll in Candlekeep.
He wants a book.  If you go into the house directly below his, the book
will be in the downstairs bookcase.  Go back to Firebead and get some
experience and +1 reputation.  Next up, go south and then east until
you come to a house with a wood fence around it.  Inside are some
Spiders you need to kill.  There will be a body of one left over after
the fight.  Pick it up and put it and everything else you are carrying
in the chest near the bed.  Next stop, the Smithy.  It's on the east
side of town about halfway up.  Fill your pack with
bullets/arrows/bolts, but only the cheap ones, not the magic ones.
You'll see why in a minute.  Also, note some of the specialty items the
smith sells; notably the Crossbow of Speed and the Full Plate Mail.
You'll want the Full Plate at the very least sometime in the future
when you get more cash.  Now you need to make a decision:  whether or
not to have Garrick in your party.  I hate bards, but for some reason
you might want him.  If you do, you'll need to pick someone else in a
bit.  If you don't want Garrick, go talk to him.  (It sounds odd, but
you'll see).  He is in front of The Burning Wizard, which is to the
left of the Red Sheaf.  He'll offer you a job; take it.  His mistress,
Silke, will want you to kill some merchants.  I recommend you kill her
instead; you'll get better stuff.  She can cast Lighting Bolt, so be
careful.  You should be able to kill her easily.  Now talk to Garrick
and have him join your party.  Have Garrick pick up Silke's stuff and
put it in the chest with your other stuff.  You're not done with
Beregost yet, but you need to go kill Drizzt first.  His area is just
below Bassilus' Refuge.  If you want Garrick, go pick up Imoen, Kivan,
or Kagain, whichever of those you don't want in your party.  Next stop,

Area:  Drizzt's Grave

     First up, you'll probably start in the north.  If so, there will
be some half-ogres around there you need to kill.  After wasting them,
go south till you come to the lake.  There is a little island in the
middle with a narrow path of stones leading to it.  Put your best
archer on the island (as long as it isn't Garrick or his
"replacement").  Now you'll see why you need Garrick.  He is a
Sacrifice.  His job is to die while leading Drizzt to the south end of
the lake.  Send the Sacrifice around the west side of the lake (there
is a group of bandits on the east side that could cause some problems
for you right now).  When you get to the part of the lake just below
the island, go straight down until you see Drizzt and a bunch of
Gnolls.  As soon as Drizzt sees you, he'll go toward you.  Run to the
lake just below the island.  When Drizzt catches up, insult him and he
will immediately kill the Sacrifice.  He will then focus on your archer
on the island, but he won't be able to get to him.  Drizzt's AC is so
good, you'll only be able to hit him with Critical Hits, no matter how
good of an archer you are.  So now just sit there and pelt him with
arrows until he dies.  He has right around 90 HP, so that's a way to
keep track of how many hits you need to hit him.  After he dies, you
get 14000 exp, as well as Chainmail +4, a Scimitar +3, and a Scimitar
+5.  The Chainmail +4 lets fighter/thieves use their thief abilities
too, which is very handy.  Anyways, go get his stuff and then go back
around the lake and leave the area.  You should now have in the area of
32000 exp, and its time to get a party to help you out.  First, go back
to Beregost.

NOTE:  At this point, you need to get as much of your party as you can.
I'm going to continue this walkthrough as if I was using the Best Crew,
but you need to get whatever NPCs you can get.  Pick out who you want
and collect them.  When you get them all, make sure you pick back up at
Beregost.  If you want Coran, Alora, Skie, or Tiax as your thief, you
need to get Safana to be your interim thief.

Area:  Beregost (again)

     First up, go back to the Spider house and get all of the stuff out
of it.  Kagain is in the house above Feldpost's Inn.  If you agree to
help him out, he'll join you.  If you take him to the Crossroads just
above Beregost, that's good enough for him and he'll join permanently.
Now, there is a huge house on the northeast of town.  On the second
floor you will find a Wand of Lightning in one of the desks.  After you
get anyone you want in your party, its time to go to the cave back at
the Lighthouse.  On the way, you need to stop by High Hedge again.

Area:  High Hedge (again)

     This time go straight to the middle of the map, where you'll see
Kivan and a big stone mansion.  If you take that talking chicken
inside, the mage will restore him if you also bring him a skull from
any skeleton on the map.  Make sure you save before giving the mage a
skull, because sometimes his magic fails and you get no reward.  If he
is successful, you get experience and +1 reputation.  The mage sells
all sorts of scrolls and such.  Also, keep in mind the Robes of the
Archmagi for Good and Neutral characters he has for sale.  You'll want
to buy one or both of these if you have a mage that can use them.
Next, go out the building and go east a little bit.  You'll fight some
Gnolls.  One of them has the sword that halfling in Beregost wanted.
Now, head back to the Lighthouse map.

Area:  Lighthouse (again)

     First, talk to Safana and she'll tell you about the cave.  Your
best bet for the cave is to send in your fighters without Safana.
There are 3 Flesh Golems inside.  The plan is to go left once in the
cave, and then north, avoiding the Golem.  Keep going north, and you'll
see an island that has all of the treasure on it.  Pause the game after
you click on the island, and you can transfer all the treasure into
your pack without giving the Golem a chance to attack.  Immediately
drink the fat purple potion; it gives you +10 against crushing attacks.
This should give you enough resistance to kill all the Golems without
dying.  If you don't want to fight them (or can't seem to kill them
without dying), just get out as quick as you can.  Safana will then
offer to join you.  If you beat the Golems and take the treasure before
talking to Safana, and then you leave the area, Safana will never stay
with the group after you talk to her when you come back to the
Lighthouse map.  That's why you couldn't talk to her the time before.
The Book is a Manual of Constitution, so use it wisely.  Consult the
tables in the manual if you don't know whom you want to give it to.
Remember, a constitution of 20 gives you regeneration.  Anyways, that's
pretty much it for this map.  Next stop, Brage's Caravan, which is just
south of the Lighthouse.

Area:  Brage's Caravan

     This is basically for killing 2 birds with one stone.  If you took
Xzar and/or Montaron, they might be complaining about going to Nashkel.
So this is the shortcut for getting there.  You'll find Brage in
roughly the middle of the map, slightly on the east side.  If you
answer "death", you can take him back to Nashkel alive, which will give
you +1 reputation.  It will teleport you there automatically.

Area:  Nashkel
NPCs:  Minsc (Good Ranger), Edwin (Evil Conjurer)

     You'll start off in the Church.  If you haven't identified the
Manual of Constitution yet, you can do so here.  Anyways, leave the
church and you'll be stopped by the Mayor.  He wants you to clear out
the Mines.  This will satisfy Xzar for the time being.  If you head
southeast along the path, you'll come across a fat guy in yellow.  He
will ask you if you are Greywolf.  Deny it to get +1 to your
reputation.  Continue on the path and you will meet Minsc.  He wants
you to save his witch Dynaheir.  However, if you continue to the south,
you'll come across a bridge and Edwin.  Edwin wants you to kill
Dynaheir.  Edwin is the best mage in the game, and I usually take him
unless I'm sticking to an all-good team.  Edwin has an Intelligence of
18, as well as an amulet that gives him 1 extra spell per level.  Your
call on which (if either) you want to take along.  If you cross the
bridge you'll be harassed by an idiot named Noober.  If you let him
talk himself out, you get 400 exp.  I recommend you have one of your
fighters hit him with their fists so you knock him out rather than kill
him.  It's easier on your reputation.  Anyways go all the way west and
then head north a bit.  You'll see a small evergreen bush right next to
a tilled field.  There is a hidden cache right near it that has a pearl
and Ankheg Plate Mail.  Now, open up all four map sides around Nashkel,
canceling leaving each time.  Now, head to the North of town and go
into the inn.  A bounty hunter cleric will try and kill you, but at
this point, she is easy pickings.  Now its time to go to the Gnoll
Stronghold.  First stop, the Carnival.

Area:  Carnival
NPC:  Branwen (Neutral Cleric)

     Head east until you run across the Carnival.  In the first large
circular tent you see, a thief will steal 100 gp from you.  If you kill
him, he has a few potions and some money, plus no reputation damage.
He won't stop to fight you though, so you need to kill him quick.  If
you go out of the tent and go slightly southwest, you'll see an
Exploding Ogre act.  If you watch it too many times in a row, the Ogre
will attack the mage and kill him, then turn on you.  This is your
first chance to get a Mage robe.  After killing the ogre, go to the
east where you'll see a small purple tent.  Inside are 2 mages, one
holding the other captive.  You can kill the man (you can spare the
girl depending on your dialogue choices.  It's obvious), and there is
your 2nd mage robe.  If you ask for no reward from the lady, you get a
potion of heroism.  Next, head east and you'll see Branwen, who is
petrified.  You can buy a restoration scroll from the dwarf near her if
you want to take her along.  That's it for this map.  Next stop, South
of Nashkel.

Area:  South of Nashkel

     First go slightly west; you'll see a ring of trees and a
discolored spot in the middle.  The spot has a niche in it that has a
Cloudkill scroll hidden in it.  Sweet.  Next, head east until you see a
small group of trees, then go south.  You'll see 3 Amn's standing
around.  If you pick a fight, you can get some good stuff.  You can get
some Studded Leather +2 and a bunch of +1 arrows.  Next, head south
until you get to the bottom of the little mountain, then go west.
You'll come across 2 guys itching for a fight.  After you kill them,
you get the Bracers of Archery.  Keep on west and leave the map.  The
next map is the Waterfall, which is just to the west.

Area:  Waterfall

     Head west until you see a Dryad, who needs some help.  If you help
her, one of the thugs has a Girdle of Bluntness.  You'll also get +1
reputation.  Head south and you'll see a dire wolf guarding a cave.  In
the cave is a Halberd +1.  Continue southwest and you'll come across
the waterfall.  At the base you'll find a dead cat.  Take it and
continue northwest until you come across a ledge heading back to the
waterfall.  There is a kid up there who wants the cat.  If you give it
to her, you'll get a protection scroll and +1 reputation.  Next stop is
the map to the west of Nashkel, which is the Xvart Village.

Area:  Xvart Village

     Head southwest until you come to a gap in the mountains to the
north.  That goes to the Xvart Village.  I recommend you send your best
melee fighters up there alone.  The bodies will fly.  Anyways, kill all
the Xvarts you see, as well as the bear one of them summons.  If you go
to the northeast of the village, you'll come across a cave.  Inside
there is a bear and a chest.  You get some Bracers AC8, and a potion.
Head west of the village and you'll come across a mage/thief who will
try and swindle you.  I recommend you pick a fight instead.  He has
high magic resistance however, so be careful.  He has a Short sword,
and some mage scrolls.  The potion and the protection scrolls he has
are all cursed though.  Head west and leave the map.  The next stop is
to the north of the Gnoll Stronghold.

Area:  North of Gnoll Stronghold

     Head south until you come across a guy who is scared of a bear.
If you go across the bridge, you'll see a white bear.  I recommend you
use the shoot and run theory.  The bear can maul you if you're not
careful.  It's easy to kill if you draw it along the bridge.  Anyways,
talk to the guy and he'll give you Boots of the North.  Head south and
exit the map.

Area:  Gnoll Stronghold
NPC:  Dynaheir (Good Invoker)

     First, head across the bridge and you'll come across 2 ogrillions.
Kill them and collect their stuff.  They have the Gauntlets of
Dexterity, which kicks ass.  Either Kagain or Ajantis need these pretty
bad.  If you chose to take Kagain along, now you'll see why I like him
so much.  If you have him drink a strength potion before really tough
fights, he's a tank.  If you Haste him, he's a natural disaster.
Anyways (sorry about that.  Most websites I've seen diss Kagain.), head
southwest until you get to the bottom of the path.  Then head northwest
until you get to the side of the map.  Head north until the path forks
to the east.  Head east into the cave.  Inside you'll find the Manual
of Constitution.  Now, head back to the bridge.   Head west and follow
the path (killing a bunch of Gnolls on the way), until you see a very
narrow stairway heading north.  Go north and there will be a horde of
Gnolls waiting near 2 big pits.  After you kill them all, Dynaheir is
in the easternmost pit.  There is a small stairway leading into it.
Rescue her or kill her depending on if you have Edwin or Minsc with
you.  That's it for the Stronghold; head back to the bridge and leave
the map.  Next stop is just to the south of Beregost.

Area:  South of Beregost

     If you are coming from the north part of the map, head south and
you'll come across 2 ogrillions.  One of them has a note that you can
give to a lady in Beregost.  Her house is directly north of the Smithy.
Your reward is a Ring +1.  Anyways, head southwest of the ogrillions
and you'll come across a cave that has 5 healing potions in it.  Just
south of the cave is a Hobgoblin who has Boots of Stealth.  Next head
east until you hit the road again, then turn south.  You'll be accosted
by a soldier who accuses you of being bandits.  If you kill him, he has
Plate Mail, and there is no reputation hit the way there normally is.
Now, go east and exit the map, which will open up Ulcaster.  Next stop
is South of Candlekeep.

Area:  South of Candlekeep

     Head west until you see a Nymph standing there.  Have someone
other than your character (preferably a mage), talk to her.  She'll
kill that character and attack your party.  If you hurt her, she will
give up and bring the character she killed back to life (but with only
1 HP).  Then you get to fight an Ogre Mage.  He has a Helmet of Defense
on him.  Next, head south and there will be a whole bunch of ogres and
ogrillions.  Kill them all and you'll see a guy who will heal your
party for free.  Nice.  Head east and exit the map.  Now its time for

Area:  Ulcaster

     Head straight south until you fight some Hobgoblins.  One of them
will have some Boots of Stealth.  Then head northeast until you see a
narrow path that will take you to the upper part of the plateau.  Keep
going northeast until you find a skeleton that will attack you.  He has
a Flail +1 and a cool looking helmet.  Then head northwest until you
find the entrance to the dungeon.  Once inside, go southeast until you
fight some jellies.  There will be a treasure pile near them.  Then,
head back towards the entrance and continue on to the northwest.
You'll see a corpse with some treasure on him, including a Dagger +1.
The next room has some wolves and another treasure pile.  Go southeast
and kill the spiders in their lair, and get the potions lying around.
Next, go southwest until it turns southeast.  Continue on southeast,
ignoring any forks to the northeast or southwest.  The hallway will
widen, and you will see a bunch of corpses lying around.  There is a
trap near the lootable corpse.  Disarm the trap and enter the room.
There will be a Wand of Fire inside, as well as other treasures.  Head
to the north part of the room, and a vampiric wolf will attack you.  It
can only be harmed by magic weapons.  In the room to the northwest,
there is a treasure pile that has a trap before it.  Disarm the trap
and loot away, but make sure you take the book you find too.  Now,
backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon and leave.  Somewhere in the
vicinity of the entrance, you will find the Ghost of Ulcaster.  If you
talk to him some, he asks for the book.  Give it to him.  Now leave the
map, but make sure you open up the maps to the east and south first.
Next on the agenda is the Cow map, just to the south.

Area:  Cow map

     First head southwest until you come across some Half-Ogres who
attack you.  One of them has a Two-Handed Sword +1.  Next, head east
until you come across 3 bandits.  Kill them off.  Then head south until
you see a cow surrounded by Xvarts.  The easiest way to save the cow is
to cast Stinking Cloud on it and shoot the Xvarts.  You can summon some
skeletons too if you feel the need.  You get +1 reputation if you save
the cow.  Now head southeast and exit the map to the east.  That will
open up the Firewine Bridge map.

Area:  Firewine Bridge

     Head north and then northeast along the ridge until you come
across the bridge.  Go all the way across the bridge.  At the end, go
northeast and then follow the edge of the map north.  You will come
across a braggart fighter.  Kill him and take his Gauntlets.  Next,
head southwest and you'll see a little pathway into the dry riverbed.
Take the path and then go northwest until you come across a hysterical
woman.  In the dialogue, try to help her as much as you can, then keep
insisting on taking the jar.  She will summon an Ogre Mage.  Your best
bet is to either Haste your fighters, or cast Dispel Magic on the Ogre.
After you kill him, go north and exit the map.  Next up is Gullykin.

Area:  Gullykin
     Head east and you'll find 4 assassins.  Kill them all for some
decent stuff.  Next, head northwest until you reach Gullykin.  Go into
the house on the southwest.  Inside are a traitor halfling and a secret
entrance into a dungeon (its on the Firewine map, but the only
important part is right here).  Immediately inside the dungeon is
another Ogre Mage, but this one isn't ready for you.  After you kill
him, look at the southern path into the dungeon.  You'll find a mage
who will cast Lightning Bolt (which could cause all kinds of problems).
Kill him with arrows and Magic Missiles.  Loot his stuff and kill the
ogrillions he has with him.  That's it for the dungeon.  Leave and talk
to the Mayor of Gullykin, Luckyfoot.  He will give you cash for ending
the kobold threat.  Next, leave the map to the north.  If your mage(s)
don't have Protection from Petrification, you'll need to make a side
trip to High Hedge and buy it.  The next map will be the Basilisk map,
to the north of Gullykin.

Area:  Basilisks
NPC:  Shar-Teel (Evil Fighter)

     If you don't have at least 2 Protection from Petrifications
memorized, you better just be here to get Shar-Teel.  If you are
starting on the west side of the map (that's usually where I start
from), hug the west side of the map and go north.  Shar-Teel is near
the north border.  If your best male fighter beats her one-on-one, she
will join you.  After you get to her, cast your protection spells on
your 2 best fighters and have them go east and slightly south.  You
will come across a gnome mage and some basilisks.  Kill them and then
go southeast.  You will come across a small adventuring band.  They
have some decent stuff, including a Golden Girdle.  After that fight,
you'll want to either cast the protection spells on them again or leave
the map.  If you cast protection again, head south of where you fought
that party and you will find 4 or 5 more basilisks.  After that, leave
the map to the north to reveal the Mage Enclave map.

Area:  Mage Enclave

     Hide your thief in the shadows and head north until you see a mage
standing on a run down stone altar thingy.  If you have Edwin in your
party, the mage and his 3 friends won't attack you, which sucks because
you want their stuff.  To get around this, have your mages cast
Stinking Cloud targeted just before the mage.  Then add a Fireball to
draw his friends out of hiding.  Then Fireball away until you kill all
four mages.  They have lots of scrolls and a Ring of Energy.  After
stealing their stuff, leave to the south.  Next stop, the Crossroads,
just north of Beregost.

Area:  Crossroads

     If you are approaching from the south, head northeast until you
come across an Ogre.  Kill him and he has 2 belts.  The narrow one is a
Girdle of Piercing.  The fat one is cursed.  Go west from the ogre
until you get to the road, then go northwest.  You'll come across a
rock with a niche in it.  There is a Ring +1 hidden there.  Next, head
north and leave the area.  On to the Friendly Arm Inn.

Area:  Friendly Arm Inn
NPCs:  Khalid (Good Fighter), Jaheira (Neutral Fighter/Druid)

     First, head east until you come across a tall evergreen.  At its
base is a Ring of Wizardry.  Give this to a non-Conjurer so you can
have plenty of Identify and Magic Missile spells ready.  Continue east
and open up the Peldvale map.  Cancel out and go all the way to the
west and follow the stone path around the outer wall of the Inn.  Near
the top of the map you will fight some Hobgoblins.  On one of the
corpses will be a Flamedance ring.  Keep it for a bit.  Head north and
open up the Ankheg map.  Cancel and head back to where you started the
map.  Head north to the Inn and then go east until you come to a
stairway.  A low level mage will try and fight you.  Kill him and head
into the Inn.  Inside, you will see Khalid and Jaheira near the bar.
On the 3rd floor, you will see a gnomish woman.  She wants you to kill
those spiders in Beregost, which you did way back in the day.  Give her
the spider body, the wine, and the boots for some cheap experience.
Also on the third floor in the first room in the northwest is a
nobleman.  If you are going to use your main character in BG2, take the
pantaloons from him and keep them.  If not, then just give them back to
him for some cheap experience.  Now, head out of the Inn and leave the
map.  The next stop is the Ankheg map.

Area:  Ankhegs
NPC:  Ajantis (Good Paladin)

     For now, the only thing to do here is pick up Ajantis.  You'll
want to leave the rest of this map until you get to Chapter 5.  To get
Ajantis, head northwest a bit and you'll find him.  Now head south and
exit for the next destination: Peldvale.

Area:  Peldvale
NPC:  Viconia (Evil Cleric)

     The only thing to do on this map is to get Viconia.  Go north
until you see her asking for your help.  If you help her, you fight a
soldier.  If you take her into your party, you lose 2 reputation.  You
don't lose any if you simply help her and tell her she can't join you.
Now, it's finally time to play the storyline.  Off to the Nashkel

NOTE:  You'll notice that I've skipped a few map areas:  North of
Nashkel, East of Nashkel, and Larswood.  There is nothing of worth at
all in these areas, except for to the east.  However, you will end up
automatically going there later; so don't sweat it for now.

Section IV:  Chapter 2

     Well, now that you got most of the optional stuff out of the way,
its time to follow the storyline.  You'll follow the main plot until
you get to the TOSC stuff later.

Area:  Nashkel Mines
NPC:  Xan (Neutral Enchanter)

     First, hug the north border of the map and head west.  In the old
tree, you will find a Wand of Frost.  Then, head back to the start of
the map and head south.  When you get to the wooden tower, head
southwest.  You'll come across a guy carving a statue.  If you agree to
help him, you fight a bounty hunter.  He has a Long Sword +2 on him,
which is very nice.  You also get 2 emeralds from the artist.  If you
turn the emeralds in to that fat official in Nashkel, you get a reward,
but the reward is way less than you get for just selling them.  Once
you're done here, head north and enter the Mines.  Once in the Mine,
head straight south until you get to a miner who stops you and asks you
to give some other miner his dagger back.  Then head south and go into
Level 2.  First, go northwest and turn down the 2nd southern tunnel you
come to.  The miner who needs his dagger is here.  Then head back to
where you started from and head northeast.  Turn down the 2nd southern
tunnel you come to.  That's the entrance to Level 3.  At the beginning
of the third level, you will see a ring on the ground; take it.  There
is a trap directly to the east you need to disarm.  After doing so,
head southeast until you see a bridge across a chasm.  There is a trap
on the bridge too.  Disarm it and head southwest until you come to the
3rd tunnel going east.  Go that way until you see a wooden support arch.
Near the arch are several traps in a row.  Disarm all of these and go
down to Level 4.  Follow the path until you see the entrance to
Mulahey's Cave.  Go in and move your party into the north part of the
cave.  In the middle section of the Cave is Xan.  Add him to your party
if you want to (although he sucks big time.  Enchanters can't cast
Magic Missile, Fireball, Cloudkill.).  In the south part of the cave is
Mulahey.  He is a fighter/cleric.  First off he will instantaneously
summon some kobolds and skeletons near the entrance to the cave.
That's why your party is in the northern part.  Kill everything and
take Mulahey's stuff.  He has Boots of Grounding and a Ring of
Holiness, which kicks butt.  Take his symbol and everything in his
chest, including the documents inside it.  Read them to find out what's
going on next.  Ok, leave the Cave and head along the edge of Level 4,
going clockwise.  You will kill some jellies, and then hit the exit of
the mines.

Area:  Mine Exit

     Directly to the north you will find another band of assassins.
Kill them off to get some good stuff.  Next, head southeast until you
are pretty much near the eastern border of the map.  There will be a
cave with some ghasts in it.  Kill them and open the coffins for some
good treasure, including a Wand of Monster Summoning.  Next, head west
a little bit and you'll see a mage doing some jelly experiments.  He
summons some Green Slimes, which can kill you if they so much as hit
you.  I recommend you just kill him quick for some scrolls.  Now head
east until you come across a terrified grave robber who wants you to
save him by returning a dagger to some crypt.  The crypt is just to
your east.  Head in and kill the Revenant instead of returning the
dagger, which is a Dagger +2.  Next head south and exit the map for the
Gibberling map.

Area:  Gibberling map

     OK, there are gibberlings everywhere here, and all you are here
for is to get a ring.  Head southwest until you get to the edge of the
map, then go southeast until you get to where the cliff turns east.
Then you go east and along the cliff you will find a cache containing a
Ring of Fire Protection and some valuable gems.  Now you leave the map
for Nashkel.

Area:  Nashkel (again)

     Go back and tell the mayor you succeeded.  He will take Mulahey's
symbol and one of the documents.  You get some cash and +1 reputation.
Now head to Beregost to find Mulahey's contact.

Section V:  Chapter Three

     This is the quickest section.  Not much to it but one map to

Area:  Beregost (again)

     Head to Feldpost's Inn and go upstairs.  In the first southern
room you will find a mage.  Kill him to find out where the Bandit Camp
is.  (Incidentally, this is the guy who trapped Branwen in stone).
Head to the Jovial Juggler on the south end of town to meet Officer
Vai.  She will pay you for bandit scalps.  (After you beat the Bandit
Camp, talk to her again any time after selling all the scalps you have
to get +1 experience.  I recommend you wait until after you finish
Chapter 4 though).  Next stop, Bandit Camp.

Area:  Bandit Camp

     First, head west until you come across the stone path.  Follow it
all the way north.  Once you get to the top of the map, head east until
you come to a gap in between the trees between 2 wood houses.  There
will be 4 houses in a semicircle; go into the camp and slaughter
everyone you see.  Then, once this part is secure, send your thief
around and collect all the treasure from the boxes and chests.  You'll
see a cave to the east; ignore it.  Nothing but gnolls in there.  Keep
going east and you will find a fighter wearing Full Plate Mail.  Tight.
Kill him and any roving Bandit archers and get ready to enter the big
pavilion.  Inside you will find 2 fighters, a mage, and an archer.
There is a prisoner in there too, so area attack spells are out.  Kill
them all and talk to the prisoner.  The big chest is trapped, so make
sure you disarm it first.  This time you don't need to keep the
documents in the chest after you read them.  Collect all of the
treasures and stuff (including the very nice Longbow of Marksmanship),
and that will end Chapter 3.  Next stop is the Cloakwood forests.

Section VI:  Chapter Four

     Time to fight through the Cloakwood.

Area:  Cloakwood East
NPC:  Coran (Good Thief)

     First up, go south and kill a group of Tasloi.  One of them has a
Cloak of Non-Detection (which never seems to work right, but oh well).
Next, head northwest and you'll come across a hunting lodge.  Talk to
the hunter and agree to help him.  Side with the hunter and kill the
druids.  One of them has a Ring of Animal Friendship.  The hunter will
thank you and offer you a job once you get to Baldur's Gate.  If you
want Coran, he is on a bridge to the northwest.  If not, just go north
and open up the next map.

Area:  Cloakwood Central

     The first thing you see will be a boy crying about his brother.
Okay, next head slightly southwest.  There will be a Web trap and some
spiders.  Disable the trap and kill the spiders to continue on.  Go
northwest until the clump of trees end; there will be a trap here and
some ettercaps.  Disable the trap and head west, disabling another web
trap in-between the trees.  Continue west and you'll fight a Sword
Spider, which isn't too bad.  You will come to a cave; head in and kill
all of the spiders and such inside.  The creepy fat lady can't hurt
you, so kill everything else first.  Retrieve the Spiders Bane sword
and the body of the kid's brother.  Send someone back to the crying boy
and give him the body.  Next head north on the east side of the cave
and leave the map.

Area:  Cloakwood West
NPCs:  Eldoth Kron (Evil Bard), Faldorn (Neutral Druid)

     Head east a bit and you'll run across Eldoth Kron.  If you want
him or Skie, take him along.  Head north and follow the river until you
reach a bridge.  A guy will ask if you are allied with the Iron Throne;
tell him you aren't and you get a sweet potion.  If you don't want
Faldorn, head back south across the bridge and go east to exit the map.
If you want Faldorn, head west until you see her, then go all the way
east to exit.

Area:  Cloakwood North

     Head northeast, cross the bridge, and continue along the path to
the northeast until you reach a cave.  Inside are 2 wyverns and 2 baby
wyverns.  Kill them and keep the heads.  (One of them you can give to
the Temple near Beregost; any others you can sell to Officer Vai for
1000 gp apiece).  This fulfills what Coran wants you to do.  Now, head
east and exit.

Area:  Cloakwood Mines
NPC:  Yeslick (Good Fighter/Cleric)

     First, head across the bridge, killing the 2 guards there.  Next,
there is a group of 4 assassins waiting for you, including 2 mages.
The easiest way to kill them is to use Stinking Cloud where they can't
see you, then Fireball them to death.  You'll get some decent treasure,
including the Boots of Speed.  Now, head inside the barracks and kill
the guards.  Loot the joint and head back out.  Continue northeast and
you'll see the entrance to the mines.  Once inside the mines, head
northeast until you see the weird plug thing on the wall.  Talk to the
slave in red and he will tell you about a plan to flood the mines.
Next, head down the middle of the 3 southern passages to get to Level
2.  Kill the guards at the entrance, and then head all the way
southeast, ignoring the paths southwest.  Open the hidden wall, then
follow the new path southwest, killing the ghasts along the way.  Go
all the way southwest and then open the hidden wall at the end of the
path.  You'll then see Yeslick, as well as Rill, the slave who knows
about the plan to flood the mine.  If you help him, you'll eventually
get +2 to your reputation, if not, you'll get -2.  Go past Yeslick and
you'll get to an empty room.  The room to the northeast has a mage and
a bunch of guards in it.  Stinking Cloud and Fireballs or arrows is the
best way to go here.  Now, head down to Level 3.  Immediately you'll be
fighting lots of Hobgoblins.  After killing them, head northeast,
killing any guards and looting the rooms.  Across the way from the 2nd
guard's room are 2 rooms full of Hobgoblins.  Kill all of them and loot
their rooms too.  Go back northeast and go into the armory.  There are
a few magic items mixed in.  Exit the armory and go southeast.  You'll
come across a room with a mage and some more hobgoblins.  Silence 15'
Radius works well here I've noticed.  Kill them all and continue on.
The hall will bend southwest, so follow it until you come to a room to
the south.  There is an Ogre Mage here.  No problem for you now.
Continue along until you come to a path to the northwest.  Follow it
and you'll come to a room to the east.  Go in and loot the 2 pots on
the sides of the altar.  Go back south and follow the path, killing the
hobgoblins you come across.  Now head southeast until you come across
the entrance to Level 4.  The first thing you come across is a pretty
decent fighter.  Kill him and get ready for Davaeorn.  First up, disarm
the 4 traps in the little hallway to the southwest.  There are 3 traps
at the beginning of the hall, and 1 where it intersects another hall.
Now, hide your thief in the shadows and continue on.  Once you see
Davaeorn, creep back and cast Dispel Magic where it will hit him
without him seeing you.  Next, add a Silence 15' Radius, and watch him
turn into a wuss.  You should be able to kill him quick with arrows
even if the Silence didn't work.  Now you get his Robe of the Evil
Archmagi, as well as his Bracers AC6.  Too bad there is only 1 of those
robes in the game.  Now, send your thief around to collect all of the
treasures around his lair, but be careful about that hallway to the
southeast.  Send in some fighters to kill the jellies first.  The exit
here will take you to where you first entered the mines.  Now send
someone back to the slave in red near the plug to get the mines
flooded.  Exit the mines and get your reputation change, and that is
the end of this chapter.  When you leave, your goal is the Friendly Arm
Inn, but it's a long trip.  I recommend you move one section of the
Cloakwood at a time, rather than straight there.  You'll get fewer
random battles against wyverns this way.

Section VII:  (Most of) Chapter 5

Area:  Ankhegs (again)

     Head north until you get to the Ankheg pit.  Head along the north
part of the wall, killing any ankhegs you come across.  Eventually
you'll come across a treasure niche.  You'll find some decent stuff,
including a Wand of Fire.  There is also a kid's body.  Take it and
leave the pit.  Head east and you'll come across a farmer who is
mourning the disappearance of his son.  Give him the kid and he'll
thank you.  Talk to him again and give him some money and you'll get +1
reputation.  Head northeast and follow the road to exit the map.

Area:  Bridge
NPC:  Quayle (Neutral Cleric/Mage)

     Follow the bridge until a soldier stops you.  You'll find Scar,
who offers you a job investigating some trouble with a merchant
consortium.  Accept his offer and continue on.  You'll come across
Quayle, who will offer to join you.  Head north to open the Farm map
(which you don't need to go to) and Ulgoth's Beard.  We'll go there in
a bit.  The city has our attention as now.  Cancel leaving and go east,
opening up the City - Mage Shop district.

Area:  City - Mage Shop District

     First head north until you see a sewer grate near the top of the
map.  Head down it and you'll see an Ogre Mage with some carrion
crawlers.  Kill them all and loot the mage.  Make sure you take the
ruby ring off his corpse and don't sell it.  Now, head along the
southwest corridor and loot all the corpses.  There will be some good
potions as well as another ruby ring.  (You will need one of these ruby
rings for a quest, but I can never remember which ring is the one Scar
wants).  Now, head back up the ladder into the city.  Go north and open
up the City - Assassins' District.  Cancel and head south and you will
see a thief in red.  Talk to him and he will tell you the password to
the Thieves Guild.  Head into the guild and one of the thieves will
stop you and offer you a job.  Then, talk to the leader of the Guild,
who will offer you another job.  Now, head into the little room to the
east to find a thief who sells stuff.  Buy what you want, and then look
in a barrel behind her.  You'll find a Manual of Dexterity inside.  Ok,
head out of the guild and go west.  The colorful round building is the
Mage Shop.  If you pickpocket the owner, he has another Cloak of
Charisma +2.  There are all sorts of spells and potions available here.
I recommend you buy whatever mage spells you want, as well as all of
the Potions of Perception he has.  If you head upstairs, there are 4
mages hanging out.  If you have Xzar, they won't fight you.  Again, you
want their stuff, so use the same Stinking Cloud / Fireball method you
used for Edwin's friends.  Take their stuff and sell what you don't
want.  Now, leave heading southeast and go into the Elfsong Tavern.
Inside you will see a halfling, who wants you to steal a telescope.
Ask him for more money, and he will agree to also give you a Wand of
Lightning.  Now leave and head south and open up the City - Little
District, then cancel and head east and open up the City - Tent
District.  Now, you want to go to the Assassins' District.

Area:  City - Assassins' District (part 1)

     This is part 1 because there is a big wall that divides this
district in half.  If you are coming from the south, the only thing you
can do is run into a pair of assassins from the Iron Throne.  They give
you a vague warning and leave.  Ok, time to leave.  Head to the Tent

Area:  City - Tent District

     Head southwest and exit the map to open up the City - Docks
District.  Cancel and head west until you get to the big stairway
heading north.  Head north up the stairway and then head northeast
between the tents and the houses.  You'll be stopped by one of the
assassins who stopped you before.  Agree to help him out and follow him
to the Diviner.  You'll find out you need the help of the High
Priestess of Umberlee.  Leave after talking to the assassin again,
heading northeast.  The house next to the temple looking building has
the stuff the leader of the Thieves Guild wants.  Pick the lock to the
door, and then Hide your thief.  Send him up to the third floor,
remembering to Hide after going up each stairway.  The room to the
south has a desk that contains all of the items you need to steal.
Just remember to open the desk only when one of the wandering servants
isn't in the room.  After stealing the stuff, Hide again and go back
outside.  Head north and open up the City - Palace District map.  Your
next destination is the City - Docks District.

Area:  City - Docks District

     First, head southeast along the waterfront and go into the third
house.  Inside will be a greater basilisk.  You can cast Protection
from Petrification or simply fireball it to death where it can't see
you.  Leave and continue southeast until you come to the ship.  Go in
the ship and go to the 2nd level.  There you will see a couple of freaky
chicks that talk about entropy.  Go along with them and they will fight
you.  The fighter has the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.  Coran or Viconia
will like these a lot.  Head down to the 3rd level and go northwest.
Talk to the mage there and kill him.  Take his spellbook along too.
You'll need this for a quest later.  Go north and circle around
following the harbor.  The T-building you see is the Temple of
Umberlee.  There is a crate with Gauntlets of Weapon Skill outside the
temple.  Go in and ask to talk to the High Priestess, offering 50 gp to
do so.  When she asks what you want to talk to her for, tell her you
just wanted to show your devotion.  She'll tell you to go away.  Kill
her for 6000 exp and the scroll to cure the assassin, as well as the
body of a kid, which you need to keep for a little while.  Leave the
temple and exit the map to the west, opening up the City - Barracks

Area:  City - Barracks
NPC:  Tiax (Evil Cleric/Thief)
     Head west and you'll see the Seven Suns.  Go on in and talk to a
merchant who stops you.  He tells you that something is fishy here.
Talk to a merchant without giving your name.  Keep pressing him and he
will turn into a doppelganger.  Kill all of them on this floor, then
head upstairs and kill a couple more.  Go back downstairs and go into
the basement on the west side of the ground floor.  Kill another
doppelganger and set Jhasso free.  That's all you need to do for that
quest.  Now, leave and head south and you will see that hunter you
saved in the Cloakwood.  He wants you to help his trading coster, just
like the Seven Suns.  Agree to help and go on in.  Go up to the second
floor and talk to the fighter you see standing there.  He will agree to
help you.  Now search through the desk in the easternmost room to find
documents that say there are doppelgangers here too.  Talk to the
fighter again and the doppelgangers will change and it's fighting time.
Kill them and head up to the third floor.  There are a bunch of
doppelgangers up here.  Clear the whole floor (some are hiding in the
back), and then head to the first floor.  Kill any doppelgangers here
and go up and talk to your hunter friend.  He will give you a reward.
Now, this is pretty evil, but I recommend you kill him now.  You can
get a good crossbow later if you kill Aldeth now.  Head out of the
Merchant League and go west.  Go into the house with the cross-shaped
roof.  Inside you'll find a mage who wants a fight.  Kill him and take
his Ring of Wizardry.  Sweet, now you have one for each mage.  Now head
northwest and you'll see Tiax standing in front of the Flaming Fist
Barracks.  Go inside and talk to Scar.  Tell him that you killed all
the doppelgangers at the Seven Suns and you get a bonus.  Scar will
then ask you to solve the sewer problem, which you have already done.
Talk to him again to get your reward, and a bonus for this one too if
you kept the ruby rings.  He will then ask you to talk to him outside.
Talk to him and agree to meet with the Duke.  Talk to him and agree to
investigate the Iron Throne.  Leave and exit the map.  The next stop is
the City - Palace District map.

Area:  Palace District

     Head to the right until you get to that little temple-looking
building, then head northeast in between the palace and the houses.
Before you send your whole team north, just send your thief.  A mage
will approach you and ask you to help rescue a nymph.  Pick the mages
pocket as many times as you can (He doesn't care if you fail, just keep
trying).  You will get a Ring +2 and an Amulet that gives you 1 extra
2nd level mage spell.  Head north until you get to the tower, bypassing
it for now, and turn west.  Go into the 2nd house you come to, and a
mage will ask you to leave.  He has pretty decent magic resistance, so
kill him quick.  Afterwards, go upstairs and kill the fighter who
threatens you.  You will find a Helm of Glory on him.  Leave the house
and exit the map to the west, opening up the City - Mansion map.

Area:  City - Mansion
NPC:  Skie (Neutral Thief)

     If you want Skie, head west until you get to the mansion and have
Eldoth Kron go talk to her.  If not, from where you start head west and
go into the cross-shaped roofed house.  Inside you will find 2 kids who
are being stalked.  Talk to them, and then kill the man who appears.
Talk to the woman who appears to get a Wand of Polymorphing.  Talk to
the kids to get some experience.  Leave the house and go southeast.  Go
into the Helm and Cloak Inn.  Go past the bar, ignoring the adventurers
for now, and head up the back stairs.  In the northeast corner there is
a painting with a trap on it.  Disarm the trap and take out the Helm of
Balduran, which is the best helm in the game.  Ok, now head back
downstairs and position your fighters blocking off access to the bar.
Have someone talk to Gorpel Hind, who will want to swap stories.  Tell
him the long story, and another party will enter and pick a fight.  You
want your fighters where they are because Hind will be killed if he
gets too involved.  There are lots of innocents around, so area damage
spells are out.  Haste is usually all you need to kill the five
enemies.  Loot them all and enjoy the stuff, especially if you have
Kagain, who will like the Axe +2.  Now, exit the Inn and head west.
You might want to save before you go into the fancy cross-shaped house.
Inside is a hell of a fight.  3 Invisible Stalkers, 2 Helmed Horrors,
and 2 Doom Guards.  Nasty fight.  After you kill them all, go talk to
the mage in the northwest room.  He wants your Helm of Balduran.  Tell
him you aren't going to work for him and he will summon some more
nasties and try and kill you.  Kill everything and go lick your wounds,
enjoying the massive experience you just got.  Head south and exit the
map to open up the City - Hall of Wonders map.

Area:  City - Hall of Wonders
NPC:  Alora (Good Thief)

     You have to approach this map from the north; else you'll get
stuck behind some pointless wall.  First, head southwest and a kid will
stop you.  Agree to help him and go into the house.  Talk to the Cleric
and agree to rescue his kid, whose body you got from the High
Priestess.    Your reward is a Large Shield +1, +4 against Missiles.
Now, send your thief south into the cross-shaped temple.  Pickpocket
the man inside for a Manual of Wisdom.  Leave the temple and go south
to the Hall of Wonders.  If you go at night, you will meet Alora, who
wants you to steal a rogue stone.  Pick all the locks in the hall and
steal everything, including the telescope the halfling wants.  Leave
the Hall and go northeast to the domed house.  Go in and you'll see a
mage who is holding a nymph hostage.  Either talk the mage into
releasing her or kill him outright.  You can then take the nymph to the
other mage, or you can set her free (which is what I recommend).  Leave
the house and exit the map.  Next stop is the City - Little District.

Area:  City - Little District

     First, go inside the Blade and Stars Inn.  Go up to the second
floor and talk to the assassin.  He will tell you where his partner is.
Leave the Inn and head south.  One of the houses to the south has a man
who will give you a reward for killing that basilisk you killed at the
docks.  Now, leave the map for the City - Tent District.

Area:  City - Tent District (again)

     The only thing to do now is to kill Aldeth's brother, who is
standing at the top of the tall stairway in the south part of the map.
On his body is the Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, which is pretty good if
anyone you have uses crossbows.  Now, head to the City - Palace

Area:  City - Palace District (again)

     Head up to the mage tower.  Have one of your fighters drink an
Electrical Immunity Potion.  Send that fighter into the tower, and the
mage will shoot a Lightning Bolt at you and leave to the top of the
tower.  The second floor has jellies on it.  The third floor has ghasts
on it.  The fourth floor has Hobgoblin archers on it.  The fifth floor
has Kobold archers.  The sixth floor is the mage's bedroom.  Kill him
and loot the floor for lots of spell scrolls and a Manual of
Intelligence.  You'll also notice he has another Ring +2 and Amulet.
Gotta like that.  Now, head out to the City - Assassins' District.

Area:  City - Assassin's District (part 2)

     Now you have access to the rest of the district.  Head into the
Blushing Mermaid Inn.  I recommend you send in your fighters first,
because the game tends to turn your party around when you enter.
Immediately inside a stronger-than-usual Ogre will attack you.  He has
some jewels and Gauntlets of Weapon Skill.  Go upstairs and confront
the second assassin.  Talking to him cures you of the poison.  After
you kill him, he has a special antidote potion and the Eagle Bow.  Now
go back downstairs and go to the room on the northwest.  There is an
exit to the Undercellar here.  Go inside and pay the guard.  Send your
fighter down the hall into the last room on the left before the big
circular area.  Inside is a "lady" who has the Cloak of Balduran if you
pickpocket her.  Leave the Undercellar and then leave the Inn.  Head
southeast and you will see a lady mage who wants your help.  If you
have Coran, you have no choice but to help her.  She wants that
spellbook you got at the Docks.  Agree to help her and go south to the
Splurging Sturgeon Inn.  Go inside and give her the book for +1
reputation.  Send your thief outside if it is nighttime (stay at the
Inn until it is), and you will see a thief you agreed to work with
before.  Do as he says, then say "the jig is up" when a soldier
confronts you.  Run northeast until you get far enough away from the
soldier to Hide or use an Invisibility Potion.  Go back to the Inn and
collect the rest of your party and go to the City - Mage Shop District.

Area:  Mage Shop District (again)

     Head into the Thieves Guild and talk to the thief you covered for
just now.  You get a small reward and an offer for another caper.
Agree to it and then go talk to the leader of the Guild.  The mage will
then attack you (with no spells, making him easy meat).  Kill him for
some good experience and then the leader will apologize to you.  Leave
the guild and go southeast to the Elfsong Tavern.  Give the telescope
to the halfling to get your reward.  Leave the map for the City -
Little District.

Area:  City - Little District (again)

     Send your party into the Blade and Stars and then send your thief
out to talk to the thief partner.  You need to go into a house, up to
the second floor, and steal a stone from a chest.  The chest is
trapped, so be careful.  If the guy wakes up, pretend to be a cat and
finish the job.  Leave and go back to the Thieves Guild.  After you go
back there, you are done with everything in the city except for the
Iron Throne tower.  At this point, it's beneficial to do all the TOSC

Section VIII:  TOSC

     Now its time for the expansion stuff.  You want to do this now so
that the city of Baldur's Gate is still friendly towards your group if
you need to swing by there.  I hope you paid attention to me when I
told you to put your thieving skills in Pick Locks and Find Traps.  If
not, you're not going to like Durlag's Tower.

Area:  Ulgoth's Beard

     First off you will see a meditating halfling.  Pickpocket her for
a Ring of Free Action.  Next, head north and you will see a guy who
will offer you a tour of Durlag's Tower.  Agree and pay him.  Go into
the inn and a dwarf will ask you to retrieve a dagger from Durlag's
Tower.  Now talk to the innkeeper.  He has some good stuff to buy.
Regardless of who is in your party, you're going to want the Cloak of
Displacement.  Next, head west a bit and talk to the mage who is
standing there.  If you killed his daughters during the theft of the
skyship parts for the leader of the Thieves Guild, you have no choice
but to do his quest.  If you did the theft correctly, you have a
choice.  Tell him you will go, but are not ready yet.  Then, make a lot
of room in your thief's inventory and pickpocket him for a ton of
scrolls and a couple potions.  Then agree to his quest.

Area:  Mage Maze

     You will be teleported here automatically.  Go into the cave to
enter the maze.  First, there will be 2 winter wolves to kill.  After
you kill them, Hide your thief and explore the north path.  You will
see 3 mages to fight.  If you send your cleric on the west side of the
path, you can have him in a place to cast Dispel Magic and Silence 15'
Radius without attracting the notice of the mages.  You can also use
your mages and Stinking Cloud/Fireball like always.  Anyways, kill them
off and take their stuff.  Now, there are 2 paths heading northeast,
and both are trapped by their entrances.  Disable both traps (because
sometimes the AI gets screwed up and a party member might start down
the wrong path).  The easternmost path is the one you want.  Head
north, disabling another trap along the way.  The path will turn
northwest and there will be another trap roughly halfway through.  Once
the path turns southwest, there is another trap just past the bend.
Disarm it and Hide your thief, sending him down a ways until you come
across another mage.  He will fire a Lightning Bolt at you during the
fight, so it's important to kill him quick.  Your best bet is either 2
archers or Silence 15' Radius.  Kill him, and disarm the trap that is
just past where the mage was.  Follow the path, killing another pair of
winter wolves.  Turn northeast and you'll come across the last mage,
who is the guy with the cloak.  Kill him and leave by the exit right
behind him.  Stand outside for a little bit and you'll be teleported
back to Ulgoth's Beard.  Talk to the mage and you are done with his
little quest.

Area:  Ulgoth's Beard (again)

     The next quest will be given to you by a guy named Mendas, whose
house is in the southwest part of town.  Talk to him, and he will ask
you to retrieve some charts from Baldur's Gate.  If you click on the
Assassins' District, you will start in the first part.  The first
building on your right will be the one you want.  Hide your thief and
send him inside, then upstairs.  Find the captain and he will ask you
what you want.  Tell him you are wondering if there is anything he
needs before he leaves. He wants you to go fetch him some stuff, but we
don't really feel like it.  Pickpocket him for the charts, then Hide
again and leave the building.  Head on back to Ulgoth's Beard and talk
to Mendas again.  Get your reward and then agree to make the trip.  Go
outside and tell him you are ready to go.

Area:  Werewolf Village

     You start off washed up after your ship wrecks.  A little girl
will fill you in on the basics here.  Nobody else in the Village will
talk to you until you talk to the headwoman, so head over to her house.
Go northwest until you come to the village.  Her house is the
northwestern one out of the group of 4 houses on the east side of the
village.  Talk to her and agree to get rid of all of the werewolves to
the north of the village.  Ok, now it's time for you to get some quests
to do.  Wander around and collect the different quests.  There is a
doll, a baby, a cloak, and the body of a fisherman to collect.  Make
sure you ransack all of the huts in the village and around all of the
beaches.  Now, head north and leave the map for Balduran's Shipwreck.

Area:  Balduran's Shipwreck

     First off, head northwest and you will come across a ranger who
needs help.  Agree and follow him into a werewolf ambush.  Kill them
all (werewolves are immune to normal missiles, so be careful).
Continue northwest and follow along a strip of beach until you come
across a Sirine Queen.  I usually pick a fight with her out of general
principle.  Kill her and the 2 more Sirines that show up to the south.
Head north along the beach and kill 2 more Sirines.  Ok, back around to
where you started the map.  Now, head northeast, going through a couple
more ambushes.  Eventually you will come to a shack.  Go inside and
meet the crazy mage.  Agree to get his Spellbook back and then ransack
his cabin.  Your cleric will like the Staff Mace +2.  Also, hold on to
the flowers you find there too.  You can rest in his cabin without
worrying about being woken up in an ambush.  I highly suggest you have
your mages have at least 3 Hastes memorized.  Now that you are all
rested, go north a little bit and you will see the Shipwreck.  I
recommend you Haste your party and send in your fighters to clear out
the first floor.  After killing everything inside, heal them (if
necessary), and send them up to the second floor.  You should be able
to clear out both floors before the Haste wears off.  Haste your
fighters again and send them up to the third floor.  Clear the floor
out and then send your thief to the 1st floor.  Check for traps and then
collect the treasures.  Do the same for the second and third floors
too.  One thing you will find is a Silver Dagger.  This is the only
weapon that will hurt a Greater Werewolf.  Give this weapon to your
best fighter.  Haste everyone once more, as well as Defensive Harmony
if you have it.  Send your fighters up to the fourth floor.  You will
find a bunch of werewolves, as well as the leader of the pack, who
transforms into a Greater Werewolf.  Have all of your fighters kill the
werewolves, then have your best fighter kill the Greater Werewolf.
After the fight, send up your thief to check for traps and collect
treasures.  There is a trap on the floor before the smaller room.
Inside you will find Balduran's Logbook and the crazy mage's Spellbook.
At this point, you should have all 4 of the quest items you were
looking for.  Head on back to the shack and give the mage his
Spellbook.  Rest up, then go south and go back to the village.

Area:  Werewolf Village (again)

     First, go back and give all of the quest items to the folks who
requested them, before you talk to the headwoman.  After you give back
all of the quest items, including the flowers, send everyone in your
party into the headwoman's house.  As soon as you talk to her, she
tells you that you are infected with lycanthrope.  She will run away
and her friend will turn into a werewolf and attack you.  It turns out
that everyone in the village is a werewolf too.  Haste your fighters
and clear out a path from the headwoman's house and the biggest house
to the northwest.  Make sure you explore a little bit north and south
of the path, because there are some wandering werewolves that can kill
your mages real quick if they get ambushed when they join your
fighters.  (which just happened to me, again.  Sigh..) Anyways, head
into the big house and through the secret basement.  Head along the
southern part of the map and go east as far as you can.  When you can't
go east anymore, go north and you'll get to the exit.  Head out of the
caverns and you'll be on a beach.  Head northwest until you get to the
wooden walkway that leads to the ship.  Follow along the path and you
will find the headwoman.  Kill her; take the charts back, and click on
the mast to return to Ulgoth's Beard.

Area:  Ulgoth's Beard (again)

     When you return to Ulgoth's Beard, a fighter will stop you.  He
wants to know what happened to the headwoman.  He will stalk off to
Mendas' house; follow him in.  Inside, Mendas and his servant will
demand to know why you killed all the werewolves.  Pick a fight with
him.  You might want to Haste everyone here.  Your standard weapons can
hurt his servant, but Mendas can only be harmed by the Silver Dagger,
just like the head of the other werewolf clan.  After you kill them,
ransack the house.  The Chainmail +3 is pretty decent, but you probably
have better stuff by now.  Ok, head back to the Inn and recuperate.
Ok, head to the house just to the west of the Inn.  The woman inside
will ask you to find her son in Durlag's Tower.  Well, we've put it off
as long as we could.  Time to go to Durlag's Tower.

Area:  Durlag's Tower

     First off you will see is a guy who will sell you stuff.  Buy all
of his Potions of Perception.  Now, Hide your thief and go south until
you see 2 Battle Horrors.  Move back until you are just out of sight of
the Horrors and have your cleric cast Dispel Magic.  It should affect
both Horrors, taking away their swords.  That makes them much easier to
kill.  Bring up your fighters and kill them.  Head south until you come
across the outer gate of the Tower.  You will run into Ike, the guy who
you paid to give you the tour.  Follow him to the entrance to the
tower.  Before you go in, send your fighters to the west side of the
tower, where there will be a small entrance to the top of the outer
wall.  Go in and you will fight another Battle Horror and some
skeletons.  After the fight, go back down and go to the east side of
the tower.  There will be a stairwell to another platform; this one has
a Doom Guard and some skeletons.  Now that you've cleared the outside
of the tower, head on in to Durlag's Tower - Ground Floor.

Area:  Durlag's Tower - Ground Floor

     First, take whoever has the Boots of Speed in to talk to Ike.
Follow him around the main area, and refuse him when he tries to sell
you a wardstone.  Then, a Demonknight will appear.  As soon as he does,
run back to the rest of the party to get out of the way of the 2
fireballs the Demonknight tosses out.  Go over to Ike's corpse and get
some cash and the wardstone.  There aren't any traps on this floor, but
the flip side is that there is nothing worth looting.  Oh well, go up
the circular stairwell to the 2nd floor.

Area:  Durlag's Tower - 2nd Floor

     Right off the bat a ghast will attack you from the northwest.
Kill it, and then disarm the trap in the doorway.  Go through and kill
the rest of the ghasts in the room.  To the southwest is a doorway with
another trap in it.  Keep going south, killing another ghast.  There
will be a locked chest with a trap on it.  Disarm it and take the fire
arrows and the green gem.  Leave the turquoise gem there; it's only
worth 1 gp.  Continue along the bottom path and there will be another
trap to disarm very soon.  You will see a doorway that leads to an
outside platform.  Cast Protection from Petrification on your best
fighter(s) and send them outside.  Immediately you will fight a
basilisk.  Head up the stairs and go through the doorway.  Up on this
level, there are 3 Greater Basilisks.  Kill them off, then send your
thief up to join you.  Have the thief disarm the trap in one of the
vents to get a Scimitar +2.  Head back inside the tower.  Go to the
room on the east and disarm the trap on the locked chest, collecting
the potions inside.  Go south and disarm the trap on the chest there.
Now, head northeast and open up the rest of the map.  That's it for
this floor, time for the 3rd floor.

Area:  Durlag's Tower - 3rd Floor

     To the west is a library with nothing of importance in it.  Head
south and you will encounter a ghost.  He will teleport towards the
rest of your party and start casting spells.  Get rid of his mirror
image with Magic Missiles and then have your fighters kill him before
he can do too much damage.  Go back into the ghost's room and disarm
the trap on the chest.  Take the potions (except for the unidentified
one; it's cursed), then pick the lock on the other chest and take the
cash.  Continue north and take the money out of the barrel there.  Now,
go back to the main area and head to the southeast room.  You will be
hassled by a guy named Riggilo.  Pick a fight and kill him for some
decent potions.  Now, disarm the trap on the chest in the southeastern
room.  Head into the room Riggilo was in and open the chest there (no
trap).  Continue northeast and you will come to a room with an altar.
The altar is trapped, and you probably can't disarm it; don't worry,
it's a Dire Charm trap, so if your thief is there alone it won't
matter.  Inside the altar is a Manual of Wisdom.  Continue on and take
the healing potion out of the barrel.  Next stop, 4th floor.

Durlag's Tower - 4th Floor

     Head to the room to the southwest.  Open the chest and take the
robe and the cloak.  Now, send everyone in your party to the 3rd floor,
except for the fighter with the best saving throws.  Send the fighter
along the north path from the southwest room; there you will run into a
Succubus.  Tell her you won't help her and start fighting.  She casts
Dire Charm, Energy Drain, Ethereal (Invisibility basically), and
Teleport (like Dimension Door).  Keep attacking her with your fighter
and you shouldn't have too much trouble with her.  She has a
Staff/Spear +2 and a cursed lock of hair on her.  Head into the eastern
room and disarm the trap on the chest; take the magic darts.  To the
north are 2 paths full of ghasts.  Kill them all to finish off the
upper floors of the tower.  Now it's time to go to the dangerous parts
of the tower: the Basements.

Durlag's Tower - 1st Basement

     There are 3 ghasts in the room to the west, but be careful.  There
is a trap by the doorway, and if you characters go chasing after them,
you'll set it off.  Disarm the trap and loot the room, again leaving
the turquoise gem.  Now, head north and you will fight a couple more
ghasts.  Continue south through that room to find a room with 3 traps
on the floor.  One of the traps is over a cache containing a star
sapphire and a Ring +1.  Head back to the main area and loot one of the
barrels on the right for some Leather Armor +1.  The south room has a
trap before it.  Disarm it, but unfortunately there is nothing inside.
Now, talk to the wuss who is standing there, and he will try to scare
you off.  Whatever.  The door to the 2nd basement is "hidden" to the
north, but I recommend you go outside and send your leader (wearing the
Boots of Speed) to sell all your treasure from the tower that you don't
want to use.  Sometimes a couple of doppelgangers will be in your way,
but you can run past them or just send your fighters to kill them.  The
merchant is in the northwest corner of the map if you've forgotten.
Now, go through the hidden door to the 2nd basement.

Durlag's Tower - 2nd Basement

     This floor is really long.  You're going to be spending some time
here.  When you first enter the map, there is a trap just past the main
doorway.  Continue past the long table where you will see hallways to
the north and south.  Head down the north hall and you will find 2
trapped chests.  One note here:  Leave any bolts/bullets/arrows that
you find if you don't have any characters that use that weapon.  For
example, I usually don't have anybody who uses a crossbow, so I leave
the Bolts of Biting in chests when I find some.  You also need to dump
all of your non-magical projectiles now and only use magical ones.
You'll need the pack space for other stuff.  I also recommend you dump
any arrows of Fire or Ice; they aren't worth the room.  Arrows +1 and
Acid Arrows are more effective.  Anyways, back to exploring the floor.
The entrance to the path continuing northwest is trapped right before
the entrance; disarm it and continue that way.  In the next room has a
cauldron that is trapped.  Disarm it and loot the 2 caches in here.
Now, head back to the room just south and take the west hallway.  There
are 3 ghasts inside.  Kill them and disarm the trap on the chest.
There are secret doors to the south and west; open them.  Head down the
south path and open the other door too.  Back up and continue on west.
You will find another trap near some corpses you find.  Disarm it and
continue.  Open the secret door at the end of the hall and a group of
zombies will attack.  They are basically just a nuisance at this point.
Kill them and go up the northwest hall.  There is a barrel you can loot
for another big stack of Healing Potions.  Have your characters have
the big stacks in their Quick-Slots.  It's better for your inventory.
Head south and go in the west room.  Read each of the 4 books and you
will complete a quest for later.  Head towards the eastern room and a
sword will thank you.  M'kay, head back down the southwestern path.  In
the doorway is another trap.  Inside is a Skeleton Warrior, which is a
decent fighter with a Two-Handed Sword +1.  Kill him, disarm the trap
on the bookcase, and loot both cases.  Continue on and the path will
fork.  At the fork there is a trap on the south hall.  Disarm it, and
then go in the east room.  There are 2 mustard jellies there.  There
are hidden doors to the northwest and southeast.  Open them up, and
then take a look at the northeastern hall; mainly the massive number of
dead bodies on each end.  There is a reason for this.  There are a
bunch of traps down there, including one that is a Fireball trap that
cannot be detected.  Hence, you want nothing to do with that hallway.
Make sure that nobody ever goes that way!  Ok, now that I've warned you
as much as I can, go back out of the room and go down the south hall.
There is a little room on the west side that has a trap on a drawer.
Disarm it and take the loot, including the bunch of grapes.  You'll
need these in a bit.  In the room on the west side is another trapped
chest.  Included in the treasure is Plate Mail +3.  Nice.  Go down the
hall to the northeast, where there will be 2 skeletons and another
Skeleton Warrior.  There are 2 treasure piles here; one of them has a
blue gem that is another Quest item you'll need later.  There is also
the key to the chest you cant open in the room you just came from.
Open the chest and take the stuff, including the Switch, another Quest
item.  Throw away the key after you take whatever you want out of the
chest.  Ignore the hidden door in the treasure room for now; instead
head south and you will find some spiders and a Flesh Golem.  In the
next room, you'll find another Flesh Golem and a Skeleton Warrior.
Once you finish them off, the path curves north.  Open the double doors
to find an engine-looking thing.  You need to use the Switch you found
on a spot on the wall above the engine.  On the west side of the room
is a hidden door, followed immediately by a trap.  Disarm it, and then
open the other hidden door (which is the one in the treasure room).  Go
back out the double doors and continue east, disarming another trap
along the way.  In the next room is a wine press, which now works since
you powered up the engine.  Click on it to turn the grapes into wine.
Open the hidden door to the north, and immediately disarm the trap.
Open the next hidden door to go back to the main area.  Ignore the
dwarves for now and loot the various barrels you see.  You'll find a
handle in one; keep it for now.  At this point, you probably have more
stuff than you have room in your inventories.  If so, head upstairs and
outside to sell the extra stuff you have again.  You might want to rest
your party up near the merchant if they are tired.  If/After you have
room and are fresh, the only way you haven't been is the hallway to the
southeast.  There are a bunch of spiders in the first room you come to,
and some of them are phase spiders, which have the annoying habit of
teleporting next to your mages, so be careful.  Inside you'll find a
trapped box and a locked one.  Open them both for some loot.  Continue
south into a little library, where both shelves are trapped.  Disarm
them and get a couple spells, including a Cloudkill scroll.  If your
mages already know Cloudkill, hold on to the scroll anyways for an
emergency.  Go up the northeast hall and you will find another library,
only now there are 3 Greater Doppelgangers inside.  They each cast
Mirror Image and Haste, so caution is advised.  The way I recommend you
handle them is to let them all see you.  They will first cast Mirror
Image, and that is your cue to leave somewhere they can't see you.
They will then cast Haste, but won't know where you are.  Then you can
move your cleric someplace where (s)he can cast Dispel Magic without
them seeing you.  Then they are easy pickings.  Once you kill them, go
inside the library and disarm the traps on these shelves.  You'll get
another spell and the head to a Mallet.  Now, send whoever has the
Boots of Speed up to the northwest to the room that had the trapped
cauldron.  Inside the room is an anvil; use it to repair the Mallet.
Then, send them southwest and into the northwestern room.  You may find
that the hall is full of ghasts again, so you may need to send your
fighters in to clear them out.  Once you get to the room there is a
gong to strike with the Mallet.  Now you are ready for the big fight on
this level.  Send your party back to the long red table near the
entrance to the level.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!  Now, send in a fighter
with the Boots of Speed and talk three of the dwarves (you saw them to
the southeast) twice.  Send your fighter back to the party and beef
everyone up you can.  Haste, Defensive Harmony, Strength potions,
Protection from Evil, whatever you have.  Send your fighter in to talk
to the last one; now they will all turn hostile.  Run back to the party
and kill them as they come at you.  Usually there is a small amount of
time between each one's arrival, so you can kill them fairly close to
one-at-a-time.  Even with all the buffs you used, you're still going to
take some moderate to severe damage, but you should be able to beat
them all without dying.  One of the bodies has the Wardstone that will
let you go down the well they were guarding.  However, depending on how
bad you were hurt, you may want to go up to the 1st basement and rest
first.  Your call.

Area:  Durlag's Tower:  3rd Basement

     You start off in a circular room with 4 exits.  The door to the
southwest is open, so go that way.  At the end of the hall is a globe
that is trapped.  Disarm it and loot the cache.  Now, click on the
southern statue to open the door to the southeast.  There are 3 chests
in this room; each of them has a Wardstone.  Collect them all and a
Greater Doppelganger looking like Durlag will appear.  When he does, go
south and he will talk 3 times, then change and hit himself with a
Fireball.  Then send in your fighters and kill him.  One of the
Wardstones opened up the room to the northwest, so head there.  The
floor is covered in traps, so go slowly and disarm them all.  Loot the
dummies, and then hit the one on the right.  This will open up the door
to the northeast.  Go all the way north and pick up the helmet.
Immediately go south and you will run into 3 Greater Doppelgangers
dressed up as dwarves.  Go southwest as far as you can, when the door
will close.  However, the doppelgangers won't be able to see you if you
are right next to the door.  Send someone in to hit the dummy again to
open the door back up.  Launch a couple of fireballs through the door
to draw out 2 of them.  (you need to do this so you can kill them,
rather than let their Cloudkill kill themselves and lose out on the
experience)  Wait out the Cloudkill, and then send in your fighters to
kill the third doppelganger.  Now, there are 2 hallways open in this
room.  Head into the northwestern one.  There are traps all over this
room, so be careful.  Once you get into the room with the pattern on
the floor, a couple of what I call Shapeshifting Doppelgangers will
show up.  These can switch between a number of forms, including a
cleric who can heal itself.  After you kill them, its time to go into
the hall on the southeast.  There is a switch panel on the left side of
the room; leave this alone.  Pick the lock to the hidden door and go
in.  There is a trap just after the hall bends that you need to disarm.
The next room you get to has several traps to disarm.  Save here, then
pick the lock to the door.  There are 5 Shapeshifting Doppelgangers
here.  Kill them, and then head down the hall to the west.  It bends a
lot, but there aren't any traps.  You'll come to a room that has 4
Dwarf Doom Guards.  Have your thief disarm the trap on the chest, then
empty out the other chest.  The chest that was trapped triggers the
doom guards.  Send your thief back to the bridge room with the rest of
your party, and then send the fighter with the Boots of Speed in to
empty out the chest.  Run back to the party so you can draw out the
doom guards one at a time.  Kill all four, then head to the northwest.
You will see a stairway; it's trapped.  Disarm it, and then head west
down the hall.  There is a trap just past the doorway to disarm, as
well as one other along the way.  There are also ghasts that show up
periodically.  The next room has a trap in the middle, as well as traps
on the little wells you see.  The statue to the northwest has some
magic bolts in it.  The room to the southeast has a trap right by the
doorway and one on the big statue.  Loot the statue for a Wardstone,
and then loot the pedestals beside it.  The Wardstone will open the
hidden door by the stairwell.  This leads to the entrance to the 4th

Area:  Durlag's Tower - 4th basement

     You start off facing a circular room, which fills with fire
periodically.  You can send your characters one at a time to the
southeast, where there is a doorway.  Once through the door, 2 Greater
Ghouls will attack you.  Head along the northwest, disarming another
trap.  You will come to another room; this one has 2 more ghouls and a
statue.  Disarm the trap on the statue, and collect the stuff.  Bala's
Axe is decent for fighting mages if you have someone who likes axes.
Continue on southwest, making sure to disarm the trap next to the big
plant.  There is another trap right before the path turns north.  Right
after this, you will run into a pain-in-the-butt monster named
Ashirukuru, who likes to go invisible and backstab you.  Killing her
quickly is the call to make here.  After you kill her, head west and
open the door.  Go in and disarm the trap in the middle of the room.
Now, there are 4 rooms on the west side of this hallway.  Ignore them
for the moment and go all the way to the end of the hall.  Open the
door to the northeast and send in your Boots of Speed fighter.  You
will draw out a Greater Wyvern.  Go back to the hall, where the wyvern
will get stuck in the doorway.  If you have someone who has a Two-
Handed Sword, you can sit there and hack away at him without getting
hurt.  There are 2 more Greater Wyverns inside.  Draw each one out and
kill them off for some easy experience.  Now, head into the
northernmost door on the west side.  Inside you will find a powerful
bear and some winter wolves.  Focus on the bear, and then kill the
wolves.  Now, head back into the hallway and into the next door to the
west.  Once inside, Hide your thief and send him southwest until you
find the slimes.  Go back and have your mages cast Fireball at it.
Fire is the only thing that will hurt it.  2 Fireballs are usually
enough.  Now, head back into the hall and into the next room.  This
room has an Air Aspect (a fast small wyvern) and some Invisible
Stalkers.  Kill them all, then head back to the Slime room.  Heal
everyone and rest.  At this time, your mages should be level 9 by now,
if not, you're going to have a tougher time in a little bit.  Make sure
you have plenty of Cloudkills memorized.  Save your game, then send
your Hidden thief into the last room.  Inside you will find a male and
a female fire warrior.  Backstab the female; hopefully it will kill her
outright.  If not, then send in your fighters to kill her.  Once she is
dead, kill the male and your party will be teleported to the Chessboard
room.  Once here, you will notice your party is spread out and the
rules of the game will be established.  My recommendation:  don't move
anyone.  Your mages will be on each side of the board.  Have them cast
as many Stinking Clouds as they can, guesstimating the point to cast
them to get them as far out on the board as possible without having to
move.  Now, follow the Stinking Clouds up with all your Emotions,
followed by Cloudkills.  You should kill everyone without taking any
damage at all.  Collect the loot, especially the Two-Handed Sword +3.
Go through the door and you will be teleported to a new area.

Area:  Durlag's Tower - 5th basement

     Here you will see the Ghost of Durlag.  He tells you to solve the
three parts of this floor in order to continue.  Ok, can do.  Open the
door to the south and head down the hall.  Right where the hall opens
up to the big room is another trap.  Disarm it, and then bring your
party here.  You will fight many spiders, including an Astral Phase
Spider.  Kill them all, and then send your thief to the northeast
corner to disarm a trap right before a door.  Ignore the door for now
and head northwest.  Inside you will find a statue that will ask you
some questions.  The first question is the identity of Durlag's
youngest son, Fuernebol.  The second is Durlag's nickname, Trollkiller.
The third is Durlag's father's nickname, Thunderaxe.  You will then be
teleported into a room with statues on each compass point.  Start at
the northwest and go counterclockwise around the room listening to the
statues.  The answer to the last question is (west, south, east,
north).  You will then be teleported back to the beginning of the
level.  Now, head down the northeast hall, ignoring the hidden door for
the moment.  At the end of the hall you will encounter the Ghost of
Islanne, Durlag's wife.  Ignore her for the moment.  Head northwest to
a room with 2 Helmed Horrors.  Disarm the trap on the well and loot the
three caches for some treasure and another Wardstone.  Now, it is hard
to see the door to the southwest in the room, but it's there.  Open it
and go through the room, making sure nobody crosses the rune carpet you
see to the west.  Continue on through the hall and you will find a
machine that needs the Wardstone you just got.  The machine will then
turn off the wards on the rune carpet, allowing you to cross.  Disarm
the traps on the 2 chests and enjoy the spoils.  The Large Shield +2 is
very useful, as well as the Sling +3 and the Mace +2.  Now, click on
the bed and you will be teleported to the compass room again.  Same
deal as last time, counterclockwise starting at the northwest.  The
answer is the first option.  You are teleported back to the beginning
once again.  Now, head back to the northeast and go in the hidden door.
Note the pools of acid on the floor; don't walk on them.  Continue
south and loot the caches in the wall.  You'll run into a Greater
Ghoul.  Kill it and continue southeast.  Hide your thief and look into
the next room.  It is full of Crypt Crawlers and Greater Ghouls.
Fireball is your best bet here.  Clear out the room and loot the cache
to the south.  Open the hidden door to the southeast.  Kill the
crawlers and ghouls here and raid the 2 caches.  Now, head northwest
(ignoring the secret door for now) and you will see a door sitting to
the north.  Disarm the trap on the door and fight the ghouls inside.
Continue to go northwest, opening the secret door and killing the
ghouls inside.  Head north and open the secret door there.  Kill the
ghouls and crawler here.  Now, head south and you will come across a
huge acid pool.  Send someone with Boots of Speed through to the west
and you will see a ghoul.  Kill it and open the secret door to the
south.  There are several ghouls here, so you may need to lead them
back to the party to help you out.  After the first group of ghouls is
dead, head further south and you will see a cursed ghoul.  Kill him for
a Wardstone that you will need in a little bit.  Head east to the room
with the pool of acid in front of a hidden door.  Use your thief to
find it, and then cross the pool alone.  Disarm the trap on the chest,
and then open the hidden door to the north.  The hallway to the
northwest has a trap at the beginning of it, and again when the hall
forks once more.  Head southwest and disarm the trap halfway down the
hall before it turns northwest.  Head into the room and you will find a
door that requires the Wardstone you just got.  Loot the 2 caches here
then click on the throne to have your party teleported to the compass
room once more.  Same pattern as before, and now the third option is
the correct answer.  You will be teleported back to the beginning of
the level.  Talk to the Ghost of Durlag and he will open a room for
you.  Inside the room, you will find an adventurer who has a "plan" to
kill the Demonknight.  Screw her; we'll do this legit, thank you very
much.  Disarm the trap on the chest and prepare to face the strongest
enemy to date.  First off, it's time to use those arrows you've been
saving, the Arrows of Biting.  Have whatever archers you have equip
those.  Now, Haste your party.  Send your archers about of a third of
the way around the outer circle each way, while hugging the outside
wall.  Give your highest HP fighter a protection from magic scroll or
potion.  Send him in alone to the inner platform and you will come on
the Demonknight.  Have your fighter absorb the initial magic attack
while the archers hammer him with all those dangerous arrows.  You
should be able to kill him fairly quickly.  15000 exp for a quick
session of work.  His corpse has the dagger the dwarf wanted you to
get.  Now, on the other side of the room is the kid you were supposed
to rescue.  Tell him his mom sent you and he'll run away.  Head out of
the room and talk to the Ghost of Islanne and she will teleport you
outside of the tower.  Head up to the merchant and sell whatever stuff
you don't need.  Next, travel to the City - Mage Shop district and
sleep at the Elfsong Tavern.  The reason for this is because you don't
want to be tired when you get back to Ulgoth's Beard.

Area:  Ulgoth's Beard (again)

     As soon as you get to the village, pause the game.  Send one
fighter just to the north of your 2 mages, and one fighter south.  Cast
Haste and Defensive Harmony.  Leave the rest of the party where they
start off.  After you unpause the game, you will be stopped by a group
of assassins.  They will demand the dagger you just worked so hard to
obtain.  When they attack, they send one invisible fighter from the
north and south towards the back of your party, which is why you have a
fighter there to absorb the backstab.  Cast Emotion to help your
fighters out.  You should be able to kill them without too much damage.
Ok, head into the Inn to find out what their deal is.  The dwarf who
wanted the dagger will explain about the demon cult.  Great.  First,
head into the house to the west of the Inn to get the reward for
finding the boy you rescued from the tower.  Ok, leave 1 fighter in
front of the house and arrange the rest of your party in front of the
next building to the west.  Send another fighter to the south corner of
the house.  Send another to talk to the cult guard and pick a fight.
The fighters you sent away from the main group will have some enemies
pop into view.  It's not too bad of a fight.  Now cast Haste and send
your fighters inside.  There is a mage, an archer, 2 assassins, and 2
fighters.  Send the fighter with the Boots of Speed to kill the archer.
Send the other fighters in to deal with the enemy swordsmen.  The
assassins will pop out, and you can turn on them after you kill the
others.  Your mages with Magic Missile can kill the enemy mage after
the assassins reveal themselves.  Don't send them in until the
assassins show up, or else your mages will be splattered all over the
place.  Ok, after the fight, gather your party, save your game, and get
prepared for the next fight.  Give your archers the Arrows of Biting
again.  Caste Haste and Protection from Evil 10' radius.  Once you head
down, the cultists will have freed the Demon.  Great.  Quickly have
both mages cast Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on the Demon.  One of them
will work, giving you the time you need.  Quickly have your fighters
kill everyone here, then run like heck back upstairs.  Once everyone
comes back upstairs, Haste everyone again and have the archers break
out their bows.  Send in any fighters who can't use arrows in to fight
him quick.  Same theory as with the Demonknight.  If you don't kill him
quick enough, he will turn some of your party members into ghouls, so
make sure he dies fast.  You get 16000 exp for killing him (not that
you need it.  I'm usually maxed out by now.  After you kill the Demon,
talk to the dwarf again and you are finally done with TOSC.  Rest at
the Inn, then head to the City - Docks District to assault the Iron

Area:  City - Docks District (again)

     The Iron Throne citadel is in the northwest corner of the map.
Once inside, don't bother with anyone unless they attack you.  Instead,
just go upstairs until you see a bar/library.  Go through the library
and take the spell scrolls there.  Now, Haste everyone and send them up
to the next floor.  You will see a party of enemies waiting for you.
At this point, you can ground them into the floor.  Cast Emotion if you
really feel like you need to, but it's not necessary.  Anyways, take
all their stuff and then talk to the guy hiding in a southern room.  He
will tell you the next place you need to go is Candlekeep.  Kill him,
then head over to the Flaming Fist Barracks and the Duke will reward
you and teleport you to Candlekeep.

Section IX:  Chapter 6

     This is pretty straightforward.  You are powerful enough now to
wade through all the enemies from now on.

Area:  Candlekeep

     First up, head to the Inn and rest.  Next, head into the Library
in the center of the map.  Once inside, loot the spell scrolls from the
shelves on the first floor.  Do the same for the second floor.  Once
you get to the third floor, don't go wandering.  Instead, head upstairs
all the way to the top floor.  In Gorion's room on the fifth floor, you
will find a note explaining your heritage, that of a child of Bhaal,
the dead god of murder.  Continue looting the floors until you get back
to the third floor.  Here you will find the leaders of the Iron Throne
plotting.  Since you are going to be arrested and convicted of killing
them regardless of what you do, go ahead and pick a fight.  At least
you get their stuff.  Anyways, after they die, go up to the fourth
floor, where you will be arrested.  Don't fight this; there isn't
anything good that can come from it.  Anyways, you will be locked up
for a minute, and then transported to the Catacombs.

Area:  Catacombs

     First, take the scrolls off of the shelves, and then go inside.
Head northwest until you find a doppelganger; kill it and then send
your thief southwest.  Disarm the trap before the hall splits again,
and then take the south hall.  At the next doorway will be 3 traps in
succession.  Disarm them, as well as the trap on the crypt.  Open it to
get a Manual of Wisdom and a Ring of Fire Protection.  Now, head back
and take the hall continuing to the southwest.  Disarm the traps on the
doorway and crypt to get a few potions.  Now, head back and take the
last fork from this hall: the one headed east.  Ignore the two forks
you'll see, and continue on.  You will see a broken wall section that
has a trap right by it.  After disarming it, bring your best fighter to
where your thief is.  At the end of the hall there will be a room with
some spiders and a Web trap in front of the doorway.  After you kill
them, head into the room and disarm the trap at the top of the stairs.
Disarm the trap on the crypt and get the Manual of Strength and the
Cloak +2.  Ok, now head back to the main room and take the northwest
hall.  You'll come across rooms with some ghasts and a bunch of
corpses.  The last room will have a cache with some potions and a Wand
of Fire.  Head back to the main room and go northeast to get to Level
2.  You will be approached by a doppelganger.  After killing it, send
your party along the southwest side of the map all the way to the end
of the hall.  There isn't anything you really need/want from any of the
rooms here.  The middle section has traps in it, but you don't have to
worry about them.  At the end of the hall you will find another hallway
leading northwest where 3 doppelgangers try and trick you.  Kill them
and head on down the hall, ignoring the rooms to the side.  Kill a few
more doppelgangers and head to Level 3.  Once inside, hide your thief
and send him south a bit, where you will find 4 assassins waiting.  I
recommend casting Silence 15' Radius on them (for Prat, who's
spellcasting doesn't get interrupted by damage the way it should), and
then Stinking Cloud/Cloudkill combo.  Collect the treasure and head on
along the southwest side of the lake, ignoring all the adjacent
tunnels.  You will see a stone bridge heading east; cast Protection
from Petrification on your best fighter and send him across to the
southeast.  You will come across 2 Greater Basilisks.  Kill them and go
south and then west along the lake.  You will run into a wuss from the
Iron Throne that you can kill after he blabs to you if you are quick
enough.  Head past him and you will find yourself outside of
Candlekeep.  It's time to return to Baldur's Gate.  I recommend you
start at City - Mage Shop.

Section X:  Chapter Seven

     This is the last chapter; you finally get to take on Sarevok.
However, you are also wanted by the Flaming Fist when in the city, so
you have to be circumspect.  I'll tell you the easiest path to the end,
since you already have all the experience you need.

Area:  City - Mage Shop

     First, head off to the Mage Shop.  If you are accosted by any
soldiers and tell them you will fight them.  Then use the Cloak of
Charisma to charm him.  Easy enough.  In front of the Mage Shop, you
will run into Tomoko, who is Sarevok's lover.  You will also run into a
Harper, who tells you Scar is dead and the Duke is ill.  Now, head
inside to sell off any extra stuff you have.  Next, head in to the
Elfsong Tavern and rest.  Now that you are all rested, head to the City
- Barracks District.

Area:  City - Barracks District

     Head straight into the Barracks.  You might have to charm another
soldier on the way there.  In front of the Barracks, Tomoko will be
waiting again.  Agree to her promise and agree to save Sarevok (ok,
you're lying, but it will work out better for you).  She will tell you
the next 2 places you need to go, after you clear out the Barracks.
Inside, you will fight 6 soldiers.  Note that there are a couple of
innocents here, so Fireball is out.  I recommend having one mage cast
Emotion, the other Haste.  You will make short work out of them.  Head
upstairs to find a soldier who is friendly.  He will tell you that the
Duke's healer is a phony.  Accuse the healer in the next room and he
will turn into a Greater Doppelganger.  Kill him and talk to the Duke.
He tells you to take him to the Docks District.

Area:  City - Docks District

     There are two things to do here.  First up, send your thief Hidden
to the big building by the docks on the east side.  Talk to the
halfling inside to give up the Duke.  Now, send your thief back to the
rest of your party right by the Iron Throne fortress.  Just like
before, go all the way up to the top of the tower.  There you will find
Sarevok's other woman.  Kill her and the 2 Ogres she summons.  A Haste
from one of your mages should be plenty.  On her corpse, you will find
Sarevok's Diary, which you will need to keep.  Now, head back down the
tower and to the Palace District, in order to get to the second part of
the Assassins' District.

Area:  City - Assassins' District

     Head on into the Blushing Mermaid and into the Undercellar.  Haste
your party and send them to the large circular area.  There you will
find 2 assassins, a mage and a fighter.  The place is full of
"innocents", so you have to attack them directly.  Your Hasted fighters
should make quick work of the fighter.  Then have your cleric cast
Dispel Magic to reveal the mage, as well as removing any protective
spells she has by now.  Kill her off and loot their stuff.  Included
are the Short Sword of Backstabbing and 2 documents you need to hold on
to.  Now, leave the Undercellar and head over to the Palace District.

Area:  City - Palace District

     Head down to the palace and talk to the soldier in front of it.
Show him your invitation and go inside.  Once inside, cast Haste and
Defensive Harmony on your party.  Move to the north room and you will
find a gathering of Dukes and Sarevok himself.  Pay attention to the
Duke with the blue shield and the lady mage in the blue and red robes.
You'll need to recognize them here in a sec.  They will blab for a
little while and then a whole bunch of doppelgangers will attack those
2.  Have your mages cast Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on them, making
them immune to attack.  Now, have your fighters beat the snot out of
the doppelgangers.  Once they are all dead, show all the documents you
have to the Duke.  Sarevok will attack you for a second (and dish out
some good damage), and then he will teleport away.  You will be
teleported to the Thieves Guild to chase after him, but at this point
you probably want to go to the Elfsong Tavern and heal/rest up.  You
can also visit the Mage Shop to sell off any unwanted stuff and stock
up on any supplies you need.  I recommend you buy all his Potions of
Storm Giant Strength if you haven't done so yet.  It's your last chance
to buy and sell stuff, just so you know.  Once you are all set, head
back into the Thieves Guild and head after Sarevok.

Area:  Thief Maze

     The first thing you see will be an injured lady.  Talk to her and
you'll find that there are traps through this maze.  Compared to
Durlag's Tower, this is a cakewalk.  The first section won't have any
traps, and there is pretty much only one way to go.  Follow along and
kill whatever jellies you come across.  Once you kill the Grey Oozes,
you will come to a long hallway leading northeast.  Near the middle you
will fight 2 Doom Guards.  Send your thief northeast after you kill
them and the path will bend back.  About a third of the way back down,
you will see a big green mark on the wall.  Here you need to look for
traps.  Before you start disarming them, have your cleric summon some
skeletons.  There are 2 Skeleton Warrior Archers who can be a nuisance
if you can't get to them quickly because you have to disarm the 4 traps
in between.  The skeletons won't set off the traps, and they can keep
the Skeleton Warriors busy while your thief disarms the traps.  Then
send in your fighters to kill the Skeleton Warriors.  Now, continue
along the path until it forks; take the first fork.  Continue along
until it opens again to the west.  Take that path and continue
southwest.  The path will eventually turn northeast.  Halfway up will
have a very difficult-to-see green mark along the wall.  There are 3
more traps here to disarm.  Continue along and take the west fork.
This will bend southwest and take you to the exit from the maze.  At
the exit, you will run into Sarevok's mentor.  Talk a bit and you will
find out his plans.  Exit the map to the City Ruins.

Area:  City Ruins

	First up, head south and kill a group of Ghouls (mainly just so
they don't bother you later).  Next, Hide your thief and send him west.
You will see a group of 6 hostile adventurers.  Have each mage cast
Stinking Cloud and Cloudkill to finish them off without having them so
much as attack you.  The Ogre might make it through, but by himself he
is no threat.  Now, Hide your thief and send him west.  You will
eventually run into Tomoko, who is standing in front of the Temple of
Bhaal.  Kill her and take her Full Plate +1.  Sleep here, and then head
into the Temple.

Area:  Temple of Bhaal

	First, make sure your thief has a Potion of Invisibility in a
Quick Slot.  Then send your thief along the very west side of the map.
Head northwest, disarming any traps along the way, while making sure to
stay on the west side of the statues.  At the top of the map, Sarevok
will make a speech and move to attack your thief.  Use the Potion of
Invisibility once Sarevok gets close to you.  As soon as Sarevok moves,
a mage will Dimension Door to the rest of your party.  Use Magic
Missile to disrupt his Mirror Image and his next spell he was going to
cast.  Your fighters can then kill him quick.  Now, send your thief
back to your party, while making sure you avoid the Symbol of Bhaal.
Now, send your thief in between the Symbol and the statues on the east
side.  You will then see a mage by the mural; Tazok is also there, but
he is invisible.  You will set off a Web trap, but since you are
invisible, you can just wait it out rather than become visible and try
to disarm it.  Now, after the Web is finished, have your mages cast all
of their Stinking Clouds at the bottom right corner of the mural.
Follow these by Emotions in the same spot, then Cloudkills.  This will
kill off both of them without any hand-to-hand combat.  Now, send your
party back to the entrance and prepare for the fight against Sarevok.
First, give any archers those Arrows of Biting that are so effective.
Next, use all of the buffing potions you have on your fighters:
Strength Potions, Potions of Heroism, ect.  Now, have your mage caste
Haste and your cleric cast Defensive Harmony and Protection from Evil
10' Radius.  Now, send your invisible thief over to where Sarevok has
been standing and Backstab him.  Since you are Hasted, you should be
able to run back to the party without getting hurt.  Now, have your
fighters all attack Sarevok, while any fighter who takes serious damage
retreats to make Sarevok focus on another fighter.  You should be able
to kill him fairly quick with all of the protective stuff you used.
Congrats, you just beat one of the all-time best games!

Final Note:  Wow, this was long.  I hope this helped you get through
the game without too many problems.  If you think anything needs to be
changed/clarified, drop me a line at Lugnutz87@hotmail.com.