Quest List by Blackdog

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Subject: BG: Quest List  - Long (poss spoilers)
From: (Blackdog)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 22:32:02 -0600

	Here's what I have so far. I'm just posting them in the order I 
found them in the game. I've also included what I received but I'm 
playing CG and using Imoens CHA of 16. The XP listed doesn't include 
the monsters of course. I'm sure I missed a few details and others may 
have gotten different things based on their stats. 

Candlekeep (CK)
Friendly Arms (FA)
Beregost (BE)
Nashkell (NA)
Wilderness (WI)

Candlekeep I (missed the XP results though)
 - (CK) Get ID scroll for Firebeard Elvinhair from Tethtoril 
	- Enchants you with Protect From Evil spell

 - (CK) Get Phyldia's Book
	- She gives you a gem to sell

 - (CK) Get Hulls sword and antidote from barracks
	- Give Hull his sword and Dreppin the cow guy the antidote
	- Hull gives you 10G

 - (CK) Get quarrel of bolts for soldier in barracks
	- 10G

 - (CK) Kill rats in storehouse
	- 5G

 - (WI) Stop, or don't stop, some guy from jumping off a cliff
	- forgot about this in my second game (trashed the first game - 
weak character) but I think you got Rep +1 if you stopped him

 - (FA) Get girdle from ogre for Unshey
	- Unshey gives 70G and 800XP

 - (FA/BE) Clear Landrins house in Beregost of spiders and bring back 
spider body, boots and wine
	- body gets 100G, 200XP, Boots 120G, 300XP and Wine 75G, 300XP

 - (FA) Return flamedance ring to Joia in FA
	- 400XP Rep +1

 - (BE) Encounter Marl in Feldeposts
	 - kill 650XP, calm him down 900XP

 - (BE) Bassilus the evil cleric
	- 5000G, 1000XP

 - (BE) Bring news of Roe's travels to Mirianne
	- 300XP and Ring of Protection

 - (BE) Kill half-ogres for Bjornson the paladin in Jovial Juggler
	- 400XP, Rep +1, medium shield of protection (+1)

 - (WI) Bring Chicken Man to Thalantyr in High Hedge
	- 2000XP, Rep +1

 - (NA) Clear the mines and bring proof to Berrun Ghastkill
	- Ends chapter 2, 900G, 1000XP

 - (NA) Find Captain of the Guard Brage
	- Didn't try the kill and bounty route
	- Bring him to the Temple, 1000G, 1000XP, Rep +1 and Cursed Sword 

 - (NA) Bring Josephs greenstone ring from the mines back to his wife in 
	- 800XP

 - (NA) Help Minsc rescue Dynhera from Gnolls
	- I never got any XP for this. I tried with Minsc as the leader, 
first to talk to her, even one time he was dead. Never got a thing but a 

 - (NA) OR you could help Edwin kill her
	- never went this route, no clue

 - (WI) Find the body of Samuel (uhhhh, I think I'm coughing up blood) 
Two choices here
	- Turn into Flaming Fist guy on same map for 50G
	- Take him to Friendly Arms Temple 500XP, Rep +1, potion of 
Clarity and Elixer of Health

 - (WI) Find Alberts dog Ruffie
	- 1000XP

 - (WI) Help Dryad the Druid (Dry-AD the Dru-AD) protect tree
	- 500XP, Rep +1, Potion of Heroism

 - (WI) Find Driennes cat.
	- 200XP, Rep +1, Scroll of Protection from Undead

 - (BE) Return stolen cloak to Gurke in Jovial Juggler
	- Haven't completed yet

- (NA) Prism the sculptor
	- Protect from Greywolf 1000XP, Rep +1 and you get Greywolfs cool 
+2 sword with cold damage. Don't do what I did and sell the damn gems 
though! Never collected the bounty.

 - (NA) Mines. Return Kylees Dagger
	- 200XP

 - (WI) Get Golem Dagger (its unidentified first) and return to Revenant
	- Return dagger 900XP
	- Kill Revenant 3000XP and sell Dagger

 - (WI) Save Jared the Nobleman from bears
	- 150XP

 - (WI) Help protect archeological site
	- 50G, 1000XP, Rep +1
	- Keep the idol, beat Doomsayer (sounds so easy here) for 4000XP, 
sell idol for 50G

 - (WI) Clear out ogre camp for Sarhandra 
	- 300XP

 - (WI) Save cow from Xvarts
	- 350XP, Rep +1

 - (WI) Help Laurel defeat gibberlings
	- 250XP

 - (BE) Get copy of "History of the Fateful Coin" for Firebeard Elvinhair
	- 300XP, Rep +1

 - (WI) Help Farmer Brun find his son
	- 500XP

 - (BE) Help Kagain the Dwarf find son of Entar Silvershield. Supposedly 
in an ambushed caravan
	- haven't finished but would love the spoiler please!