• Steam Achievements

    Cheat WalkDo a full year walk without uncovering the secrets of the rune and the doll. The grim will visit your dreams.
    Clockwise Minute Box48, 30, 42, 30, 18
    Digital RuneA mysteriously modern rune.
    Logo TypeA three letter word in the dark. Without it, it's silent.
    LostDo a full year walk without looking at the map.
    New YearYear walk on New Year's eve.
    No CluesDo a full year walk without any hints.
    OWL 6The owls sing a song that they learned in the lobby of a castle on a remote island.
    Watchers’ Stone CryptogramMYL1NGBRO0KHORSEN1GHTRAVENHULDR4
    Year RunDo a full year walk in 20 minutes.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.