2D/3D Art (All Areas)Ryan Trenhaile
2D/3D Art (Vehicles)Eduardo Franz
3D Art (City and Vehicles)Ron Suverkrop
3D Art (City LOD)Lisa Mulvaney
3D Art (City)Scott Stoabs
AudioJim Laurino
Biped Art & AnimationDianna Davies
Chicago City DesignMicheal Limber
City ConstructionBrad Hunt
Composer for Tracks 14-16Jay Levorson
Game DesignerFrederic Markus
Graphics EngineDave Etherton
Graphics LeadMicheal Limber
Networking & Game LogicRyan Camoras
ProducerJay Panek
Project DirectorClinton Keith
Sound Designer/CompserPaul Lackey
Technical LeadDave Etherton
UI and Input DevicesClinton Keith
Vehicle and Pedestrian AIJospeh C. Adzima
Vehicle Simulation & PhysicsSantiago Becerra
Vehicle Simulation & PhysicsSam Buss


Data and credits for this game contributed by Masamune2, Guard Master, and oliist.