Question from pobecrba

Asked: 5 years ago

I have American McGees Alice pc game and lost the code to download it please help?

i dont have the internet but i figured id give it a shot while i have the chance im not Technologically advanced ive had this game for like 9 years or something and really wanna play it

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Unfortunately, I was in the same boat so I can relate. But since there is no way to check and EA could probably care less you are essentially screwed. There is a few ways to get the game you paid for working but we can't talk about them on this site.

I can only suggest but I know some people would just re-buy it.

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If you go to the store where you bought the game and ask for a new keygen, i'm sure you will get one.

But even easier , you can just search on google for American McGee's Alice PC keygen, you will find it.

Good luck , x

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