Question from AlarictheCleric

Why does the game keep telling me Model Load Error?

I just loaded tribunal. When I go to sleep the first time, I get an error as follows:

Model Load Error: Meshes\a\A_DarkBrotherhood_Helmet.NIF cannot load file in Meshes\a\A_DarkBrotherhood_Helmet.NIF.

Anyone else get this or know how to fix it?


shinkuu_nage answered:

It appears to be a corrupt installation of Tribunal from what I can tell.

Can you please look in your 'Data Files' folder and see if you have a file called 'Tribunal.bsa'. This is where the 'A_DarkBrotherhood_Helmet.NIF' is stored.

It sounds as if the game is looking for 'A_DarkBrotherhood_Helmet.NIF' but can't find 'Tribunal.bsa'.

Maybe try re-installing Tribunal.
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clearlytoad answered:

Ihave the problem too
did reinstall
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