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Cant Find Mournhold?

I have the tribunal expantion but I dont know where to look for Mournhold should I do the main quest for tribunal or can i find it myself.

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HETT answered:

Getting to Mournhold is a quest!

You must Rest and, while Resting, be attacked by a Dark Brotherhood Assassin.

That attack by a Dark Brotherhood Assassin will cause a Journal entry. With that entry in your Journal, speak to any Guard and he'll say:

"You say you've been attacked by assassins? From your description, it sounds like the work of the Dark Brotherhood. I'm not sure who you angered, but stay away from me. I suppose this should be officially reported, though. Speak to Apelles Matius in Ebonheart about this matter."

Then go to Ebonheart and speak to Apelles Matius. At that time, Assassin attacks on you will stop and Matius will direct you further on getting to Mournhold.
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Galahaut answered:


In the PC version, there is no level requirement to be attacked.
In the Xbox version, you have to at least level *6*.

After being attacked (the dart is not required...), talk to a guard, and follow the instructions you are given.
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jepaan answered:

You have to enable it in the Data Files menu, then wait outside until you get attacked.
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renodin answered:

If you are playing on PC, make sure you have Tribunal selected in the Data Files list.

For the next step, you just have to be patient. Eventually, whenever you sleep, an assassin will attack you. It doesn't matter what level you're on, I've been attacked on only level 1 on both Xbox and PC versions. However, most people have better results at higher levels. Just be patient, and rest in a bed or in the wilderness every now and then. Once you are attacked, kill the assassin, and talk to any guard. The guard will tell you who to speak with.
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