The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Race Creation Tutorial V1.0
        By: Tito13KFM

Purpose: To show you how to quickly and easily make your own race to use
         in Morrowind
Method: I will provide a step by step walkthrough of creating a sample race
         and you can adjust it to meet your needs.
Conventions: File->Data Files means go to the File menu, and click on Data
             Object Window: The main window of the editor.  It contains lists
              of information.

In this Tutorial we will be creating a new race called Dwarf.

Revision History:
V1.0   First Tutorial, will update as needed.  Contact information at bottom
        for suggestions.

*Step by Step Walkthrough*

1. Load the main data set
  1.1  Start TES Construction Set
  1.2  File->Data Files.
  1.3  Double Click Morrowind.esm, click OK

2. Use the art files from the construction set CD.
  2.1  File->Preferences
  2.2  Place check mark on "Use Data Files on CD-Rom"
  2.3  Place Construction Set CD (CD #2) in the CD-Rom drive.
  2.4  Click OK

3. Enter base stats and special abilities of race
  3.1  Character->Race...
  3.2  Click New
  3.3  Type Dwarf and click OK
  3.4  In the name text box type Dwarf.
  3.5  Under Skill Bonus click the drop-down box and choose the following
        (the number following goes in the text box next to the drop-down box.)
        3.5.1  Axe (15)
        3.5.2  Hand-to-Hand (10)
        3.5.3  Heavy Armor (10)
        3.5.4  Armorer (5)
        3.5.5  Unarmored (5)
  3.6  For gameplay balance issues I kept the total of these bonuses to 45.
  3.7  Under Base Attributes enter the following
                 Male       Female
       Str        50          40
       Int        30          30
       Wil        40          40
       Agi        30          40
       Spd        35          35
       End        50          50
       Per        35          35
       Luc        40          40
  3.8  Rest of the stats
       Male: Height: .80    Weight:1.25
       Female: Height: .85    Weight: 1.15
       Playable: Check
       Beast Race: No Check
  3.9  Place the Specials
        3.9.1  On the Object Window (look above in the preface if you can't
                find it) click on Spellmaking tab.
               *Note: The Race window will still be open.
        3.9.2  For organizational sake Click on the Name column to sort by
        3.9.3  Scroll down until you find Resist Fire (ID: Resist Fire_50)
        3.9.4  Click and drag this ability onto the Race window, to the
                Specials section.
        3.9.5  Do the same for: Resist Frost_50, Resist Magicka_25, Adrenaline
                Rush, Weakness to Poison
  3.10  In Description enter: "Short in stature, dwarves generally only reach
                               a Dunmer's shoulder in height but can weigh as
                               much. They have immense strength and endurance
                               which accounts for their fearsome reputation in
  3.11  Click OK

4. Assign art files for the game to render the Dwarf with.
  4.1  In the Object Window click on the Body Part tab.
  4.2  For organizational sake Click on Race to sort by race.
  4.3  Scroll down until you find the files for the race of Breton.
  4.4  The first one listed is b_n_breton_f_ankle
        4.4.1  The b is for body part, the n is for npc, breton is the race,
                f is for female, and ankle is the body part.
  4.5  Double click on b_n_breton_f_ankle
        4.5.1  In the ID box change it to read b_n_dwarf_f_ankle.
        4.5.2  Under Skin Info change the race to Dwarf.
        4.5.3  Click Save
        4.5.4  A new dialogue box which says "Old ID: etcetera, etcetera..
                Create a new object?" appears.
        4.5.5  click Yes
  4.6  Do the same for b_n_breton_f_chest, b_n_breton_f_foot,
        b_n_breton_f_forearm, and so on and so forth until you run out of
        Breton parts.. you know you have gone to far if under Skin Info
        the selections are greyed out.
  4.7  Scroll down to where the entries for Dwarf are listed and count them..
        if you didn't miss any there will be 51 of them.

5. Save this as a mod and apply it to the game.
  5.1  File->Save
  5.2  Name it Dwarf and click Save
  5.3  Place your Morrowind Play CD (CD1) back into the drive .
  5.4  If the autorun screen doesn't appear click start->run and type
  5.5  Choose Data Files and double click Dwarf.esp.
  5.6  Click OK.

That is it.. Now you can start a new game and Dwarf should be a new choice
for your race.

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