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Asked: 6 years ago

Cheats not enabled on this server?

I entered +setsv_cheats1 on the target area and then i loaded a saved game and waited until it loaded then press the consol button and put in /god and then it tells me that cheats not enabled on this server. How do i enable the cheats on this server. i am playing RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN PLATUIM EDITION .

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Make sure it looks exactly like this "+ set sv_cheats 1" (without the quotes). Copy and paste that at the end of the target area, load a save and try a cheat, it should work.

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Enter +set sv_cheats not +setsv_cheats.
Start new game and save it.
Quit game. Load your saved game and cheats should be enabled.
-- Another way ---
Start game. Open console.
Type /spdevmap escape1 (only cheat that works when others disabled)
When map starts again other cheats should be enabled.

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