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Throne Of Darkness FAQ 0.3
This FAQ Copywrite 2002 KJ
By ModernSwordHacker
A lil introduction about myself:
Real Name: KJ
Location: Singapore
E-mail: tiancai_sakuragi@hotmail.com
I love RPGs, so I decided to have a dig in the bargin bin of my local store 
and got this out. Iím still playing a little at a go, cuz Iím just a 15 year 
old and I have not got a lot of time for this game, but I will update at 
least once every week. Iím accepting all the help and opinion I can get for 
this game, but please donít send me any hate mails. This is my first FAQ so 
forgive me if I screw up.

This FAQ is written by me and me only, so if you wanna use this FAQ for any 
other purposes than just reading it, like posting, please ask for my 
Some of the websites that have the latest version of my FAQ:

Table Of Contents
1.1	Strategies
1.2	Characters
1.3	Walkthrough
1.3.1	Mori Castle
1.3.2	Castle Grounds
1.3.3	Mori Wilderness

2.3.1 Oda Castle

1.1	Strategies
I.	   Try to put gamma up till u can see everything as clearly as possible. 
It is hard to see some enemies like skeletons and dead foot soldiers taking 
a poke at you in the starting castle and the caves.
II.	Try to give all spare items you encounter to the blacksmith or the 
priest. It is a lot better not to waste anything. Unless you cannot tolerate 
the frustration you get when you have to get everything when you kill the 
baddies, this will help in the long run.
III.	The swordsman, IMO, is the best small-fry killing machine once you 
equip him with two swords. He is quick and deadly. However, his spell, like 
the stats increasing skills, needs only one point as they do not increase 
with more points. Bug?
IV.	The wizard, archer, and ninja are weak and easily dispatched by the evil 
minions. Try to play as them and run when creatures overwhelm your group. 
More often you will end out dying than being the victor if you take them on 
head on.
V.	   Always change characters when they take significant amounts of damage 
(like ľ for me) as battles are quite unpredictable. The minions can 
sometimes gang up on one character than picking out your ranged attackers
VI.	Build up the whole force as a unit than train on only a few characters. 
This will help in the long run, trust me. Although the wizard and ninja die 
often, they are quite powerful in the end, and things will get difficult 
when your more powerful characters get injured badly and your low-levelled 
wimps cannot replace them at all.
VII.	Range attacks seem to get overpowered in the game, as your characters 
and monsters seem to be able to pump out arrows and shurikens by the dozens. 
Therefore, focus on the range guys first, as they can interrupt your 
VIII.	Always kill the weaker guys before the powerful commanders of the 
packs, as even though they do not deal considerable damage, they can 
interrupt attacks.
IX.	Always use your leader for purchasing, repairing, identifying or any 
other cost-related actions as he has the highest charisma from the start.
X.	   Save up on your components and try not to be too much into customizing 
your weapons or armor as you can get much better combos further in the game. 
Also try to customize magical items only, and then, only powerful ones. 
Items drop by the dozens, and the next thing you know, the next pack of 
monsters may just drop a much better killer sword than the godly item you 
just found.
XI.	At least be familiar with tactics, as it can make or break your game. 
Use at least three tactics, one melee, ranged, and spell, for versatility.
XII.	Always check out rivers and places where you can do range or spell 
damage when the poor sucker on the other side takes a pelting.
XIII.	Almost all the great armor in the game has an inhumane str to be used, 
namely almost 200! So only some people are able to utilize it quickly. If 
you think itís not worth it, then donít pump unnecessary points in str, like 
for ninja, archer or wizard who takes oh so many lvl. Ups to get that high!
XIV.	Dual wielding swords are really cool in the start, but they dwindle 
into lower usage as polearms really overtake them in damage but are slower. 
Your call, but itís best to have a nice mix of everything in your arsenal!
XV.	Magic will get really powerful in the medium to end game phrase, 
especially those deadly area-effect spells. No risk of getting chopped by 
your enemies, and in the end you will be able to afford so much of those ki 
potions youíll be dishing out ki-expensive spell after spell.
XVI.	However, a good mix of everything is essential in a party. Get too many 
range attackers and see how your guys will fall with the help of dumb 
computer AI. Díoh!

1.2	Characters
1.2.1	Leader
Thatís the jack-of-all-trades guy. He can do everything but ainít quite 
effective in that. Could be modified into a swordsman, archer or wizard 
type, but not too terribly effective.
Primary stat to pump: Anything of your preference, but a wizard is the most 
1.2.2	Archer
IMO ranged attacks totally rules the game, as it can interrupt attacks and 
is very rapid. However, this guy will be chopped liver if you let him in the 
Primary stat to pump: Dex to 200 for his bows, then either HP or ki for an 
archer-wizard type.
1.2.3	Brick
The strongest guy in the arsenal, I think this guy was designed to use 
polearms, so I let him stay that way.
Primary stat to pump: Str to 200 for him to use his damaging weapons.
1.2.4	Swordsman
My favourite character who can dual wield two swords. Give him two quickly 
as his single hand style in quite slow IMO (itís a leaping slash)
Primary stat to pump: Dex then Str for his killer swords and those armor to 
prevent him form becoming chopped liverÖ
1.2.5	Wizard
The weakest guy from the start, he is easily killed (only 50 HP) but very 
powerful in the endgame when his spells become sort of Frozen Orb type of 
powerful. Requires strategy and patience to use, however.
Primary stat to pump: Ki at first, to compensate for the high ki uber 
spells, but then when you can spam ki potions (and you really should when 
you start casting spells by the dozens) ki ainít much of an issue.
Spell to use: IMO Lava ring is the most powerful skill for him, max out that 
and your wizard will be gaining levels almost like a trainer (heh heh)
1.2.6	Ninja
Walks the delicate line between the archer and wizard. However the silent 
assassin is great at thrown weapons.
Primary stat to pump: I prefer to up his HP first, as he, together with 
archer and wizard, are definitely not front line material. Dex is also a big 
concern, as his thrown weapons require high dex to use. Ki is also feasible, 
because hey, heís a lil wimpy wizard after all!
1.2.7	Berserker
The guy who definitely uses his strength and a big-ass polearm to smash 
minions to hell and back (wait a minute, arenít they from hell?)
Primary stat to pump: Str and Dex for this guy, cuz his HP is already enough 
to be your regular cannon fodder.

Iím writing for the first clan (Mori), so I do not know the stories for 
other clans. Please forgive me!

1.3.1 Mori castle
Mission: The general of the invading forces is inside the castle. Find and 
eliminate him.

The daimyo has escaped the initial slaughter, and he orders you to find the 
undead commander and kill him. The first guys you have are your leader, 
archer, and brick. Advance each floor slowly, and then check for all the 
items then are dropped or in chests. Also break barrels that contain stuff. 
The drums are beatable, but indestructable. My guess is that they are used 
in multiplayer games. As always, archers should be killed first. Any items 
that has 0 durability should be dropped and forgotten about, as they are no 
use even when you give them to the blacksmith.
1st floor Mori bedroom
Only some of those dead foot soldiers for target practice, and to get you 
warmed up for some slaughter afterwards.

2nd floor Dining room
You should find the swordsman just beside the stairs, so talk to him and he 
will teleport back to the shrine room. Shadow commanders and skeleton 
archers start to appear in this floor. Archers are the top priority, so go 
for them first. The wizard will be beside the stairs down to the third 

3rd floor Throne room
The ninja is just there, so you know what to do. This floor is populated 
with the familiar monsters, so just make quick work of them and then 

4th floor Ground floor
The last member of your proud clan is here, so click on him. Thereís a new 
guy on the block too, a neandleskull who looks huge and intimidating and 
rightly so. It has significant knockback, so donít rush it like a stupid 
fool and get knocked back and repeat that dumb approach again. Instead, 
leave this guy for later in group confrontations and gang on him.
The commander, Buaku the Blade, is on this floor with his group of merry 
undead. It will be a tough battle, so donít worry if your comrades die. When 
Buaku dies, he will drop a unique sword of his own.
1.3.2 Castle Grounds
Mission: One of the Dark Warlordís socerers is near our portal gate and is 
attempting to take control of it. Stop him before he can summon 
Mission: The blacksmith and priest fled the citadel during the attack. They 
will aid us greatly in our fight against the Dark Warlord.
          Once you go out you will get your second mission to kill the 
sorcerer who guards the portal, and a third one to find the cowards who 
escaped the castle. Slaughter those brainless troops outside, while taking 
care to heal once in a while at the daimyo.
          Once you cross a bridge to the lower left, youíll get pelted by 
ranged skellies on a building. Rush in the door to make their lives (or 
unlives?) miserable and pelt others below. Then slowly work your way down 
for the sorcerer called Majin(canít miss him). The trick to killing his 
weenies and him is to kill the archers and a few other guys if you can, then 
rush back to heal, then back again for the sorcerer. He casts spark seekers 
and a three-way lightning bolt, both which possesses knockback ability, so 
you really have to bring the fight to him!
(Why canít he take control of the portal when you can at a click of a 
button? Maybe he doesnít have a mouse? The miracles of RPGs nowadaysÖ)
          After heís dead, secure the portal and go out of the castle to see 
the stupid blacksmith who is so conveniently alive even though you have to 
wade through countless groups of evil monsters! So then he goes back 
(teleport?!? Whereís MY scroll of town portal?) and now you can finally 
chuck those useless items of yours to him and make some good stuff to 
support your rag-tag party.
1.3.3	Mori Wilderness
Mission: We will need warriors to help hold back Zanshinís army. Go to 
Castle Oda and ask Daimyo Nobunaga if he can send his samurai to assist us.
Mission: The Dark Warlordís army has captured the villagers. Try to rescue 
them, for we will need their help in defending the castle.
Mission: You must capture all eight portal gates. Zanshin, the Dark Warlord, 
is using the Wilderness Portal Gates to attack the castles. We must hinder 
his access by capturing the Portal Gates.
Private mission: The leader must check on the priests who brought him up.

           Once out, you will have to go to the southeast, along the 
waypoint, fighting enemies. The upper path is not accessible, as they are 
chock full of demons. Then you will find the priest who is helping some 
villagers fight demons, and he will return to his temple. One villager will 
then give you the quest to find their wives and children. Finally you can 
identify those magical stuff you found! Remember, use the leader always, as 
he can get the most discounts.
            The villagers that you have to rescue is somewhere on the east 
side of the map, which is away from the waypoint, as the waypoints only 
point to the important quests, and not the optional ones. Once you fight 
some pesky gakis, and see a unique debu grinding some bones out of children 
happily, and not even taking any notice to you attacking his cronies. 
(OUCH!) Then concerntrate on him, while taking a moment to admire the A.I of 
some a pathetic creature. Those villagers are at the top left corner of the 
village, with some stakes that can be broken. Break it, and enter to receive 
an Agrikato and NO (?) rewards.
            Exit the Morino village and you will see a six pack of skeleton 
archers guarding your first portal. Mow through them (or open a can!) and 
take the portal. Score one for the good guys! The waypoint will split into a 
blue and yellow one as you gradually progress down, so you can take the blue 
one for awhile for some Kappa fun and experience before having to go back as 
the Dark Warlordís army is fully entrenched in this position. That guy 
really can spawn monsters by the dozens huh. Sigh.
            As you continue down the Mori wilderness, the leader will 
suddenly give you his personal quest. The temple is also to the right of the 
map, away from any waypoints. Once you find the temple, speak to the priest 
with the leader and see the first cutscene of the game. (Cool comical takes 
huh? Never have I seen such scenes in an RPG!) Then the priest would give 
you a unique amulet before dying. How sadÖ To avenge him, wander around the 
temple compounds until you hear a waterfall. Enter the waterfall by the 
back, with the amulet equipped on the leader. In the cave there are lots of 
kappa, which arenít really THAT powerful in the cutscenes. (I donít see any 
chest being cut open when I dieÖ Ok, Iíll skip those gory details) Youíll 
receive lots of the kappa components as rewards, but hold onto them first, 
as it is better not to waste those valuable shells. Suizan isnít really that 
powerful a Kappa, and he dies easily like the others. The idol he drops can 
grant any of your characters an easy 8 plus spell points if offered to the 
water god, so make your choice carefully who you want to offer it to. The 
wizard is a feasible start to make his spells increase that much needed 

(This is a contribution from Animemasterd. Thanks!)
2.1 Oda Castle
                       You firs clear the citadel of the enemy
            commander (Baku again). And then rid the citadel
            of the enemy wizard (Majin). Then you find the
            blacksmith and priest. (Edís note: So I assume this is the
            same for all the castles.) Then you must go a mansion in
            the Oda wilderness and free the villagers and then go to
the citadel of Tokugwa and ask for help.