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How do I play on line? I can't find any servers! 2
Where can I find a nomad system? 2
Bedford station?? 1
Why does the game keep reseting me to lvl one after I install a MOD? 2
I seem to have ticked off a single location...? 3
  • Total Answered Questions: 5
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Wepons only fire sometimes? 0
View change? 1
Why can't I level up? 5
Win 7? 3
Why does the in-game text jumble and jump around super fast? (i run it on vista) 2
Weapons grouping and firing these groups? 1
Empathy.ini? 1
How do i get freelancer patch to work? 1
Train mod??? 1
Where can I find Paralizer launcher ? 2

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