FAQ/Walkthrough by Kelsper

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Freelancer Guide/FAQ
By Kelsper (mllaing@gawab.com)

Version 1.00

 Legal Stuff

You can use this walkthrough and put it on your site as long as you:

A. Email me and tell me where you want my guide to go. 
(Email is mllaing@gawab.com)

B. Put some sort of credit on it.

 Opening Scene

It was the 23rd century
Mankind's darkest hour
The war had been raging for almost a hundred years
We had been fighting for so long 
No one could remember the reason why 
it started in the first place
All we knew there were two sides...
The Coalition and the Alliance
For decades, millions died for the same piece of rock
Again... and again...
Finally, one side manage to gain the upper hand
The Coalition...

In desperation, The Alliance launches five sleeper ships
The hope was, for them to begin again,
Far for the wars strive that have befallen Earth
To start free from the prejudices that have divided us for so long
Each sleeper ships was christened after its father nations

The Britonia
The Rheinland
The Hispania
The Kasuri
The Liberty

Against all odds, the colony breaks through the Coalition blockade,
And headed for the Sirius system

That was 800 years ago
When we came here to rebuilt our lives
We've come a long way since then

We have grown
We have prospered
We have flourished
But, we will never forget...

 Table of Contents

0. Version History
1. Introduction
2. Game Controls
     2A. Movement Controls
     2B. Weapons Controls
     2C. View & Targetting Controls
     2D. Other Controls
3. Money Making Techniques
     3A. Mining
4. Walkthrough
     4A. Mission 01
     4B. Mission 02
     4C. Mission 03
     4D. Mission 04
     4E. Mission 05
     4F. Mission 06
     4G. Mission 07
     4H. Mission 08
     4I. Mission 09
     4J. Mission 10
     4K. Mission 11
     4L. Mission 12
     4M. Mission 13
5.  Roles
     5A. Missions
6.  Wrecks
     6A. Liberty
     6B. Bretonia
     6C. Kusari
     6D. Rheinland
     6E. Borderworlds
     6F. Independent Worlds
     6G. Edge Worlds
7. Jump Holes/Gates
     7A. Liberty
     7B. Bretonia
     7C. Kusari
     7D. Rheinland
     7E. Borderworlds
     7F. Independent Worlds
     7G. Edge Worlds
8. Ships
     8B. Places  to  find  them
9. Weapons
10. Credits

 0. Version History

Version 0.10 (31/07/2006)
Started basic guide because I was really bored when I was digging out my 
old cd's :). Finished Mission 1,2 & some of 3.

Version 0.74 (02/08/2006)
Finished Walkthrough - Missions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 
9, 10, 11, 12 & 13. Put Wrecks, Roles and Jump Gate/Hole Sections in.
Guide is now 87kb

Version 0.92 (03/08/2006)
Added Ships section - Guide is 94kb and is heading towards 100kb.

Version 1.00 (04/08/2006)
Added Weapons Section - Guide is 106kb

 1. Introduction 

First try at a guide and I know it must one of the most oldest games 
I've come across in my search through the old city of cd's. 
I've just started this guide but I'll try to update it as soon as I can. 
After playing through the game once more, I saw that it is still a great 
game with all the planets and the storyline.

If you want to email me aboute anything, email me at mllaing@gawab.com  
with 'Freelancer' 
in the title so I can read it ASAP.

Freelancer, after the missions (theirs 13 of them; well 14 but the 
last one is: Get a Job) is pretty repetitive. Well, since you just do 
missions or become a pirate, then change to a police, then changing to a 
smuggler, and go through various jobs; bounty hunter, freighter, 
fighter etc. Although it is pretty cool when your smuggling a 
load of cardamine to Manhatten through 6 systems and 
just as your landing, "Freelancer... mind if I take a peek 
in your hold? Didn't think so..." comes up, but your long gone :D. 
And then you make a hefty profit of around 700+ for each item. 
Not bad. And killing bajillions of nomad ships for there energy 
blasters & cannons... then your the meanest of the bunch.

 2. Game Controls

A basic insight into the controls.

F1 = Menu
Save (if docked),load,quit,options,and resume game.

F2 = Goto	
Takes you to selected object. Goes around any objects or 
asteroids that might be in the way.

F3 = Dock
Docks with trade lane, jump gate or hole, station or planet docking ring.

F4 = Formation
Joins formation with selected ship; follows them and 
goes through trade lines and cruises when they cruise.

F5 = Neural Net Log
Missions & Log entries (Kind of funny... :P)

F6 = Nav Map
Displays all known planets and trade lines and all details basically in the 
system you are in. Mission details are at the sides.

F7 = Inventory.
Shows everything you own. Where you can change equipment.

If the item has sort of blue closed box click on it to unmount it. 
If the item has a open blue box click on it to mount it. Mounting means you 
fire it and it is ready to use and attack people with.

F8 = Player Status
Displays information and reputation.

F9 = Current Information
Displays information on the planet or base your are currently on.

 2A. Movement Controls

W/Up    = Increase Speed
S/Down  = Decrease Speed
A/Left  = Veer Left
D/Right = Veer Right
Shift+W = Cruise
Tab     = Afterburn
Space   = Mouse Flight
X       = Reverse Thrust
Z       = Kill Engine

 2B. Weapon Controls

Mouse 2 = Fire
G       = Nanobots (restores hull)
F       = Shield Batteries (restores shield)
C       = Countermeasures

 2C. View & Targetting Controls

H       = Turret View
V       = Rear View
Ctrl+V  = Change View
Ctrl+T  = Clear Target
Shift+T = Previous Target
T       = Next Target
Ctrl+R  = Nexy Enemy
Shift+R = Previous Enemy
R       = Closest Enemy

 2D. Other Controls

B       = Tractor
O       = Scan Cargo
N       = Display Objective

 3. Money Making Techniques

I like this little route... although the cardamine is very risky because 
if your scanned you have to hand it over...

[Magellan Run: Mactan Base]

Mactan Base -> Manhatten: Cardamine
[Magellan, New York]

Manhatten -> Stokes Mining Station: Boron
[New York, Maggellan, Leeds]

Stokes Mining Station -> Lost Angeles: Beryllium
[Leeds, Magellan (F5-6) California]

Los Angeles -> Freeport 4: Engine Components
[California, Magellan]

Freeport 4 -> Mactan Base: H-Fuel
or maybe a more "dangerous route"

[Two Stop Magellan/New York Run: Mactan Base]

Mactan Base -> Manhatten: Cardamine
[Magellan, New York]

Manhatten -> Mactan Base: H-Fuel
[New York, Magellan]

[Two Stop Omicron Theta/Cambridge Run: Freeport 9]

Freeport 9 -> Cambridge Research Station: Alien Organisms
[Omicron Theta, Omega 41, Omega 5, Cambridge]

Cambridge Research Station -> Freeport 9: Pharmaceuticals
[Cambridge, Omega 5, Omega 41, Omicron Theta]


 3A. Mining

Mining is searching asteroids for valuable commodities. 
Go to your Nav Map, and click on 'Mineable Zones'. This is where you can mine.
To mine simply shoot asteroids. Most of the time nothing will come out but 
sometimes you'll get something. Mining is quite slow and not 
very profitable, so I don't do it. Depending on what asteroid field 
you mine you get different things. Some asteroid fields have loads of 
stuff, while others have basically nothing.

 4. Walkthrough

 4A. Mission 1

Mission 1. Manhatten, New York
Look for a job in the bar.
Talk to Jun'ko Zane
Meet Jun'ko at the equipment dealer

After many-a-cutscenes, go into the bar for yet another cutscene. 
The bartender will tell you about Jun'ko Zane over in the corner. 
Jun'ko is an Libery Security Force agent. Go and talk to her... 
you're obviously interupting something. Anyway, go to the 
equipment dealer after you have spoke to her for your 
first ship: a starflier... If I can remember correctly... It should

Class 2 Gun/Missle
Class 2 Gun/Missle
Class 3 Gun/Missle

as its gunpoints.

Escort a convoy of food and medical supplies from Fort Bush to the mining 
colony of Planet Pittsburgh. The mission's commanding officer, Michael King, 
is waiting to rendezvous in space near the Manhattan docking ring.

LSF Intel has classified this mission as low-risk. Pirate attacks are
considered possible.

2000 credits

Accept the mission because you can't do anything right now... 
not even launch (no ship :P). You can either buy 
another gun, food rations to sell at Pittsburgh 
(a profit of 80 credits... Wooooh). After you've done 
everything you want to next thing to do is to launch to space.

A cutscene occurs and the Rheinland Donau gets exterminated.
Man that was a big explosion. You can't do anything to stop 
them from killing the Donau buuuuuut....

Mission 01: Avenge the Donau
New Objective: 
Destroy the Hostile Ships.

Must be the easiest battle ever. Lots of police and the enemy 
doesn't even scratch. Target someone and hold right click when you see the 
little red + thing (You hold white thing over it). Just back up your allies 
a bit and once the battles done, press B. This tractors in any weapons or 
items that may have been dropped by the "pirates". A few tooltips will pop up 
during this, showing you what to do and stopping the game.

Mission 01: Join the Convoy
New Objective: 
Fly to Waypoint
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Transport USV Brandt
Destroy All the Criminal Ships
Re-enter Formation with the USV Brandt
Dock with Planet Pittsburgh

You'll get more popups on trade lane docking; 
so dock with the trade lane. The USV Brandt is waiting at Fort Bush. So go and
enter formation with the USV Brandt and you will enter the trade
lane automatically. Half way through you'll get a...


and some Liberty Rogues will come out and attack you and disrupt the trade
lane, knocking you, King, the USV Brandt, and the USV Champion out of it. 
Engage the enemy and with the help of King, you should be able to fight 
them off. Once you kill all of them, re-enter formation with the 
USV Brandt... DO NOT ENGAGE the rogues. You'll enter the trade 
lane with the USV Brandt and will safely get to Pittsburgh.

Then you find out that King paid the conveys to act as bait. Anyway, 
Dock with Pittsburgh and upgrade/buy new weapons and stuff if you want to.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 1

You'll accept the next part of the mission automatically. 
You got to find a rogue base.

It is believed that the Liberty Rogue attack on the transports was staged from
a base somewhere in the Pittsburgh debris field. Assist King in locating the
criminals' base and eliminating the threat.

LSF Intel has classified this mission as medium-risk. Is is unknown how much
resistance will be encountered should the base be located.

3500 credits

Mission 01: Pittsburgg, New York
New Objective:
Meet King in Space Above Planet Pittsburgh
Enter Formation with Epsilon 1
Destroy All the Hostile Fighters

Enter Formation with Epsilon 1. Your just about to start looking for the rogue
base when Prison Ship XT-19 (near Maine) is under distress and needs immediate
backup. Of course, you have to do it. Its not hard, just kill the ships. Use 
Afterburn (Tab) but watch the % bar beside your shield, hull and energy. If 
it goes below 15% I think, you'll start burning up (I think). Protect the 
Prison ship "at all costs".

Mission 01: Continue the Search Pattern
New Objective:
Fly to the Waypoint
Resume the search pattern from your current location.
Destroy All the Hostile Fighters

Fly to the new waypoint.

Then you'll hear another distress signal from Beta-4. Just go there 
and kick some rogue ass. Not hard.

Mission 01: Beta 4 Reports
New Objective:
Fly to the Waypoint
Destroy the Hostile Fighters
Fly to the Waypoint
Fly to the Rogue Base
Destroy the Weapon Platforms Near the Pirate Base

Beta-4 has a idea of where the rogue base might be. King calls for backup 
and Alpha and Delta wing are coming to assist you. So Beta 4 gives you a 
waypoint. Fly towards it. You'll see the Rogue Base. Delta wing are 
carrying torpedos but won't be able to get there until you take out the 
two weapons platforms. So take 'em out. Shooting down the enemy ships is 
probably better first because its hard when you have half a dozen 
lasers on your back.


Torpedos hit the station and well it's... dead. Fly back to Planet Pittsburgh.

Mission 01: Criminal Base Destroyed
New Objective:
Fly to Planet Pittsburgh

You'll hear a lot of speaking on the intercom when you are going 
to Pittsburgh. Anyway, the mission is complete, and you have some more money.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 2


Your free to do missions and stuff. You have to gain a 
level before you can do the next mission. Levels are gained 
by gaining lots of net worth (money). Take up missions 
in bars, go trading or mining.

Juni will contact you and tell you to meet her at the Planet 
Manhattan bar. She might have another job for you.

Patriot sounds good.

I recommend you visit he shipwreck Flint, located in the lower-right 
part of sector 6C. Sell the cardamine at Manhattan (it can get scanned)

 4B. MISSION 2         

When you meet Juni in the Bar at Planet Manhattan, New York, 
she'll explain about the mission.

Capture Artifact smuggler. The LSF has received information that a wanted 
criminal, Sean Ashcroft, is attempting to move a shipment of illegal alien
artifacts into the New York system.

LSF Intel has classified this mission as a moderate risk. Ashcroft will have
strong defensive capabilities.

4500 credits (and to go anywhere in Liberty)

Mission 02: Manhattan, New York
New Objective: 
Meet King in space near Manhattan.

Launch to space. You now have Colorado Jump Gate access so you can actually use 
it to get to Colordo but nowhere else until you complete this mission. 
On the launching pad theres a cutscene. You meet your "friend". How charming.

Mission 02: Outside Manhattan
New Objective: 
Dock with the Trade Lane
Take the Jump Gate to the Colorado System
Fly to the Waypoint
Start scanning nearby ships
Disable enemy's engines
Stand down from combat

Follow waypoints until you just get inside the Colorado jump gate where 
you have to start scanning for suspicious ships that pass. Wait until 
DSE - Unknown appears and scan him. He has 20 artifacts and Kings going in.

Attack him until he reaches a certain point when a short cutscene appears. 
He's annoying... but not Ashcroft. Don't attack him when it says 
"Stand down" or you'll fail the mission. 
(believe me, I tried to kill him >.<)

Pueblo Station is under what seems to be a big attack. Go through the trade 

Mission 02: Head to Pueblo Station
New Objective: 
Dock with Trade Lane
Help defend Pueblo Station

Dock with the trade lane. 

Once you get there, its under attack by several rogue fighters. Defend it. Its
hard for Pueblo Station to actually explode... after all it IS a STATION.

Pueblo tagged one of Ashcrofts men. Uploading coordinates...

Mission 02: Hunt down Ashcroft
New Objective: 
Fly to the marked ship
Destroy the Enemy Rogues
Follow Ashcroft
Destroy Ashcroft's ship
Tractor in Ashcroft's Lifepod

So cruise into the Silverton Field. You're getting some backup from the Rio 
Grande. Zeta Wing are on approach and will get to you as soon as you reach 
the target. Destroy the fighters. Follow Ashcroft after. Hes trying to 
get into cruise speed. Kings disruptor misses Ashcrocft. Once you 
reach the waypoint, kill Ashcroft's ship and tractor in (B) his lifepod.

Mission 02: Return Ashcroft
New Objective: 
Fly to the New York Jump Gate
Take the Jump Gate to the New York System
Dock with the Trade Lane
Destroy the Enemy Rogues
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Battleship Missouri
Dock with the Battleship Missouri

King thanks Zeta Wing for help and explains he's taking Ashcroft 
for interrogation. Head towards the waypoint and forget the other ships. 
Some talking goes on blah blah blah...

Change of plans. Instead of going to Planet Manhattan, Juni tells 
you to come to Battleship Missouri. Dock with the trade lane.

When your at Fort Bush, Ashcroft's gang attacks you and Fort Bush sends 
some reinforcements; two Fighter Wings. Just dodge any fire that is 
about to hit you. Join in the battle occasionally if you want.

Continue your journey to Missouri and King will have to leave. One cutscene 
will show and this mission is over.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 4


I recommend you visit the shipwreck Balboa, located in the lower-right
part of sector 5C in California. Sell the cardamine at Manhattan 
(it can get scanned)

Buy a new ship at the Battleship Missouri: the Defender. It's a 
heavy fighter. Do some missions for money and basically earn 
some money. Get some new equipment. I advise you go to Rochester 
base (just above Manhattan - Junkers base) and get some shields 
and weapons. Get shields first, then weapons. I like to have 
a couple of each weapons instead of having like 6 
different kinds. Same fire rate really. If you go to Manhattan 
after Juni calls you, the bartender will say she went to California 
Minor in California (hmmm...). Head to California Minor and when you 
pass through the jump gate, an event will happen. You can attack the 
three ships but they are REALLY hard to beat. If you win, you get 
"Rowlett's Revenge", a level 3 turret weapon. It comes up as 
"Nomad Prototype Weapon". That doesn't sound good. Anyway, 
continue to California Minor, and dock.

 4C. MISSION 03         

When you meet Juni at the Bar, she'll explain to you the situation 
and the mission she wants you in.

Escort a convoy from the Magellan Gate to Research Station Willard. The
transports are carrying alien artifacts to be studied by LSF scientists on

LSF Intel has classified this mission as a hish risk. Attacks on the convoy are
considered very likely.

3000 credits

Mission 03: Cal. Minor, California
New Objective: 
Meet Juni in Space above Planet California Minor
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Transport Convoy
Fly to the NavBuoy

You'll see some news on the bar tv, but then you just have to go and launch
anyway. Dock with the trade lane and go to the waypoint. The convoy has 
already left.

Follow the waypoint and enter formation with it. It'll automatically head to 
the first buoy.

Mission 03: Entrance to Barrera Passage
New Objective: 
Escort the Transport Convoy to the first buoy
Escort the Transport Convoy to the second buoy
Escort the Transport Convoy to the third buoy
Defend the Transport Convoy
Escort the Transport Convoy to the Fourth Buoy
Escort the Transport Convoy to Research Station Willard
Dock with Research Station Willard

Fly to the first buoy... no problems. Fly to the second one. On your way
to the third buoy you get ambushed. So break and engage the fighters. You'll
get some help from San Diego Border Station (Gamma Wing). Protect the transport
because if it's destroyed the mission is over. The battle shouldn't be too 

Re-enter formation with the convoy. You'll fly to Research Station Willard.
Go and dock with Willard. You'll get another mission automatically. 

~Important~ Buy a shield of Research Station Willard! Its really quite an 
important thing to do. You can buy a shield after the next huge 
battle, but its an investment to buy a shield now (less damage).

Travel with Juni to discover more about the pirate attacks on the transport 
convoy. Between Juni's LSF contacts and her more surreptitious sources 
she shold be able to acquire more information.


 New Objective:
Meet Juni in Space outside Research Station Willard
Fly to Planet California Minor
Destroy the Rheinland Valkyries
Fly to Planet California Minor
Dock with Planet California Minor
Meet Juni in the Bar
Meet Juni and Walker in Space above Planet California Minor
Fly to Walker

Launch to space and follow all the waypoints to California Minor. 
You'll be attacked by Rheinland Valkyries... Juni tries to 
speak to them but they just open fire. So just go and kill them. 
Use afterburners if nessecery.

Continue to the waypoint in California Minor. Dock with California 
Minor and meet in the bar. Juni will introduce you to Marcus Walker. 
So anyway, get stocked up on nanobots and shield batteries. 
Weapons might be alright to get.

After you've launched, fly to the waypoint and meet with Walker. On the way, 
King will come through the intercom and tell you about the stuff going on 
in Liberty. Walker's ship is ordered back to space dock for inspection 
but Research Station Willard has a fight on their hands. Fly 
to Research Station Willard. You'll get a mission. 

Respond to the distress call of Research Station Willard. Walker's attack group
should serve as a powerful force to help combat the Rheinlanders.

The Rheinlanders are well known for their military skills. There is a very high
risk associated with getting involced in this conflict.

3000 credits

Mission 03: Respond to Station Willard
New Objective: 
Fly to Research Station Willard
Destroy the Rheinland Pirates

Fly to the waypoint and you'll see that things are great over there. 
Get ready to use your nanobots and shield batteries, and equip what 
you think is your best weapon combo.

Use Afterburn! You'll easily get overwhelmed by the Rheinlanders. 
Don't let Walker die either. If he dies, it's mission over.

Great... Now you have to take down some Rheinlander Gunboats. Use 
Afterburn to catch up with them. Keep pounding on them. Next a bomber squad
will appear. Attack all the bombers and then finish off the remaining 
fighters. If you survived all that, Well done. It's over. 
If some cruisers die, some credits will be deducted from your reward.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 6


Back to freelancing. So you can rest for a while. 
Do missions and upgrade EVERYTHING that can be upgraded. 
You won't be coming back to Liberty for a long, long time 
after Mission 4. Purchase some new stuff as your now level
6. Get a new stock of nano's and shield batteries. Once 
you've gained a level and your ready, head to Manhattan, in New York.

 4D. MISSION 04          

Walkers gone missing and it's, as usual, you to save him.

Follow Juni to the California System to find Walker. The last known location of
Walker's ship was near California Minor.

Since this is not an official LSF mission, there is no LSF Intel data available.

7000 credits

But after one cutscene, you have a different mision. Escape from Liberty.

Something has gone terribly wrong and now you and Juni must escape from Liberty

Standard operating procedure would be for Liberty to launch a system wide
dragnet for your capture. Escape will not be easy.

Your life.

Mission 04: Manhattan, New York
New Objective:
Meet Juni in space outside Planet Manhattan
Dock with the Trade Lane
Defend yourself!
Destroy the Battleship Unity
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Waypoint
Fly to the Waypoint
Fly to the Waypoint
Dock with Benford Station

Get everything you need from Manhattan and launch. A few Liberty Navy 
Defenders will intercept you and this is when... well; everything in Liberty 
goes hostie towards you (except maybe the pirates).

So defend yourself! Don't even try to fight because you'll be cut down very 
fast. Go into cruise as fast as possible and if you get knocked out of it,
use your afterburners. Wait for Walker and Lambda Wing and King to appear.
Hoorah! They're going to attack the Battleship Unity. Just fly around and 
bit and when its open, DOCK! Follow the waypoints to get to Benford Station.
A cutscene occurs after you dock with Benford.

Mission 04: After meeting Van Pelt
New Objective:
Defend Benford Station
Fly to the Magellan Jump Gate
Take the Jump Gate to the Magellan System
Fly to Freeport 4
Destroy the Bounty Hunters
Fly to Mactan Base
Dock with Mactan Base

So Trent and Juni are now wanted for murder, artifact smuggling, treason, 
resisting arrest, and the destruction of Freeport 7. Cool. Bad thing is, 
theres a 1 million bounty on you.

So the liberty ships are like "Surrender and we will spare your life". 
Fat chance. Just as King would say later in the game, "Riiiiiiiight"
Just cruise about Benford station and wait for it to be destroyed. Fly to
the Magellan Jump gate and dock with it. On your way to Freeport 4, you'll 
get attacked by bounty hunters. Run, Run, Run! Then you'll be saved by... 
the Lane Hackers! Gotta love those guys. You can now attack a bit. 
Or just run a bit more. Fly to Mactan Base; and dock with it.

With Liberty behind you the only place left to go is home. Go meet back up with
your old friend Tobias on Planet Leeds.

It should be smooth sailing from here on out, but don't let your guard down.

Your life.

New Objective:
Meet Juni in space outside Mactan Base
Destroy the Rheinland Assault Wing
Fly to the Leeds Jump Hole alone
Take the Jump Hole to the Leeds system
Fly to Planet Leeds
Dock with Planet Leeds
Meet Tobias in the Leeds Equipment Shop

Mactan Base is under attack by, you guessed it, Rheinlanders. Just kick their 
asses. Shouldn't be too hard. Juni's going to Cambridge to look for that 
artifact person (forgot his name). You have to go to Leeds, where Tobias is. 
Go to the Leeds Jump hole and basically go to Planet Leeds. Meet Tobias in 
the equipment room. You'll get 25,000 credits! He tells you to get a new 
ship on New London. But for now, this mission is over.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 8


Juni will contact you after you've gained a level and 
you can get on with the story. Juni will ask you to meet on 
Planet Cambridge, in guess where? Cambridge!

You should go to the New London System to get a new ship. 
But don't go to Planet New London. Go to the Battleship 
Suffolk. You can get a Crusader there. Once you buy a new ship, the Bounty 
Hunters will be neutral against you because they dont know 
if your "Public Enemy Number #1"! Buy some new weapons and 
maybe a shield upgrade. A new stock of nanobots and 
shield batteries wouldn't be bad either. If you've gained 
a level, proceed to Planet Cambridge.

 4E. Mission 5

Go to the bar. You will now not get any cash rewards 
from the storyline missions. Hoorah.

Juni has a lead that might shed some light on the whereabouts of Professor
Quintaine. He's the key to learning more about the alien artifact.

Since this is not an official LSF mission, there is no LSF Intel data available.

Valuable information about the mysterious alien artifact.

Mission 05: Cambridge, Cambridge
New Objective:
Meet Juni in Space above Planet Cambridge
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Take the Jump Gate to the Omega 3 System
Dock with the Trade Lane

After a short conversation with Mr. Vance, he concludes that 
Dr. Sinclair might know where Quintaine is. Sinclair is at Sprague, in the 
Omega 3 System. Once you've bought everything you need, launch to space 
and meet Juni. Waypoints, waypoints, waypoints. After you get to Freeport 1 
in Omega 3, you'll hear about Rheinland activities. You'll get no help if 
you get attacked.

Mission 05: Route to Sprague
New Objective:
Fly to Sprague
Destroy the Rheinland Ships
Dock with Planet Sprague

So a trip with no trade lanes. Sounds good. And no backup. Sounds really 
good. but anyway, its not that far, what could go wrong; put your feet back 
and relax.

Some Rheinland ships "decloak" in front of you and of course, you 
have to defeat them.

Cloaking Techology? That might be dangerous if they colonies start attacking 
each other. Anyway, land on Sprague and you'll find the excavation site.

The Rheinlanders have found you. Get Sinclair to safety.

The enemy is right on top of you, expect heavy resistance.


Mission 05: Flee from Sprague
New Objective:
Flee from Planet Sprague
Fly to the Waypoint Coordinates
Fly to Baxter Research Station
Dock with Baxter Research Station

Dr Sinclair. doesn't know where Quintaine is. Great. And to top it all off, 
Rheinlanders are attacking the dig site. Sinclair decides to 
come with you and you dock.

They blew up the docking ring! Sinclair gives you coordinates 
for Baxter Research Station. Go through the nebula and you'll lose the 
Rheinlanders. Dock with Baxter and after a short cutscene, More Rheinlanders. 
How many Rheinlanders are there???

You get a new mission automatically.

There's no hiding from the Rheinlanders this time. You have to fight your way

The station is exploding around you. You'll be lucky to live through this.


New Objective:
Meet Juni and Sinclair in Space outside Baxter Research Station
Destroy the Rheinland Ships
Fly to the Cambridge Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Cambridge System
Fly to the Trade Lane
Follow Rheinlanders to the Leeds Jump Hole

Reload any nano's or shield batteries you may have lost and stock up 
on anything else you might need.

Meet Juni and Sinclair outside in space and boot the Rheinlanders in 
the face. If the battle gets too tough, afterburners. After you've defeated 
them, you'll be given a waypoint to head to the Cambridge Jump Hole so go to 
it. Dock with the jump hole and follow to the waypoint.

Two Rheinlander ships! As your about to fire, they said they come in 
peace and they've been deserted by they're group for failure to 
open fire on a civilian transport (or something like that). 
They give your coordinates for a secret jump hole
that is apparently "not very well guarded". 
Not very well guarded becomes quite a weak assurance 
when you see the... Battleship Wutan...

Mission 05: Route to Leeds
New Objective:
Wait for Rheinlanders to make Torpedo Run
Destroy the Rheinland Ships
Take the Jump Hole to the Leeds System
Fly to the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with Planet Leeds

A cutscene occurs when the Rheinlanders cloak and go past the 
fighters that are coming at you. Then they fire about 5,6 or 
7 torpedos at the battlship wutan and its toast. Destroy the 
remaining Rheinlander fighters. Shouldn't be hard.

Enter the jump hole and once you get to Leeds, the Rheinlanders 
are giving themselves up to Battleship York or LD-14 (not sure 
witch one). Nothing else happens on the journey and your free 
to take a trade lane to Planet Leeds. Meet in Tobias' 
equipment shop. Mission Done.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 10


Stay around the Dublin system because thats where you'll be going next for 
your mission. Dr Sinclair needs Quintaine now and a racer called Dexter 
Hovis might be able to help. But you'll have to race before he tells you 

Upgrade any weapons you need to upgrade and stock up on anything you 
need to stock up on.

 4F. Mission 6

Get to Battleship Hood in the Dublin System and go to the bar. 
Cutscene happens. Your racing him. Woop.

Defeat Hovis in a one-lap contest of speed. Then find Quintane and bring him to
Planet Leeds to help Sinclair and Juni with the artifact.

Unknown. Hovis seems to be confident of his abilities.

Critical information about the artifact.

Mission 06: Hood, Dublin
New Objective:
Launch to Space when You and Your Ship Are Ready to Race
Meet Hovis in Space near the Racecourse
Beat Hovis to the Final Gate
Final Gate

Its quite easy to complete this mission. After a short 
explanation of the rules... 3... 2... 1... And a tooltip 
pops up. Close it and activate cruise engines ASAP.
Keep into the inner ring like this..

 #####    #####
#    >#  #     #
#    >#  #     #                     > = Your Ship
 #####    #####

Instead of

 #####    #####
#>    #  #     #
#>    #  #     #                     > = Your Ship
 #####    #####

Just stay in the inside and you should be ok. About 3/4 through the race, 
Hovis will cheat and will get the weapon platforms to attack you. Nifty 
thing is you can blow these up before the race if your having a hard 
time with them. The race shouldn't be that hard. He messes up or 
something but won't stop forever.

You'll get an automatic mission

Find Quintaine and bring him to Planet Leeds to help Sinclair and Juni with the

Quintaine may be in a non-combat vessel and must survive the journey. You must
be alert. Obviously, you are not hte only person trying to find him.

Critical information about the artifact.

Mission 06: Hovis Lost
New Objective:
Fly to Battleship Hood
Land on Battleship hood
Launch to Space
Fly to the Waypoint
Fly to Station Glorious
Defend Station Glorious
Land on Station Glorious

Go and meet Hovis on the Hood. He'll tell you Quintaine was hiding on 
Mining Station Glorius which apparently disappears when you leave the system.

Rheindlanders actually came here before so stock up on stuff and launch.
Fly to the Waypoint and then Glorius. The station is under attack by a 
Rheinlanders Gunboat and several fighters. Defend the station. 
Theres some allies they're to help you. After you've helped 
the station, the'll thank you and you are cleared to dock.

Mission 06: Quintaine Found
New Objective:
Meet Quintaine in Space near Station Glorious
Fly to Quintaine
Fly to the Waypoint
Defend Quintaine
Destroy the Rheinland Gunboat
Destroy All Hostile Ships
Fly to the Leeds Jump Hole
Destroy All Hostile Ships
Take the Jump Hole to the Leeds System
Dock with the Trade Lane
Land on Planet Leeds

So Quintaine is in a freighter with some fighter allies. Launch when your 
ready and fly to the waypoint. Boom... Rheinland ships. Suprise, Suprise. 
Take down the gunboat and then defeat the remaining fighters.

Dock with the Leeds Jump hole when you get there. Well, you could have, 
if the Rheinland ships weren't there. Fight them offf and dock.

Dock with the trade lane to Planet Leeds and your there. Dock with the docking 
ring and your done with this mission - after you bring Quintaine to Tobias' 

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 12


Cutscene. You can continue instantly instead of having to gain a level. 
Stock up on everything you have and prepare to go to "Kress".

Nothing else really to do. You can do a few missions for credits if you want,
but you can't level up.

 4G. MISSION 7          

You've got to get to the border worlds. Fast.

You have to hide from the Rheinland agents. Fly with Juni, Sinclair and
Quintaine to the Border Worlds and find the base of the mysterious Kress.

The Rheinland agents will be trying to stop you from reaching the Border Worlds.
They will likely to hunt you the entire way. It's very advisable to fly a
powerful combat vessel.

This is not about money; it's about survival.

Mission 07: Leeds, Leeds
New Objective:
Meet Juni, Quintaine and Sinclair in Space above Planet Leeds
Destroy the Rheinland Agents

Two Rheinlander ships with uncloak when you launch.
Once you kill one of them, the other will flee and cloak. Proceed to the trade

Mission 07: Escape from Leeds
New Objective:
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Destroy the Rheinland Fighters

Dock with the Stokes Mining Station Trade Lane. Take out the Rheinlanders!
Shouldn't be hard.

Mission 07: Outside Stokes Mining Station
New Objective:
Dock with the Trade Lane
Destroy the Rheinland Blockade Ships
Dock with the Jump Gate to the Tau-31 System
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Trade Lane

Dock with the trade lane. You'll find a Rheinland cruiser and several 
Rheinland fighters. Tobias and his friends come along to save you! The 
Cruiser might be a good choice to attack first. Then kill the remaining 
fighters. Glasgow will give a warning but, alas, we must go on. Take 
the jump gate, and your at Tau-31. Dock with the trade lane. dock 
with the next trade lane.

Huge Rheinland Fleet. Ouch.

Dodge, run and hide. Follow the waypoint when it comes up.

Mission 07: Fleeing to Tau-23
New Objective:
Dock with the Trade Lane
Defend Quintaine and Sinclair
Fly to Quintaine and Sinclair
Take the Jump Hole to the Tau-29 System
Fly to Shinkaku Station

So dock with the trade. Disrupted by 2 Rheinland Gunboats. The rest of the 
group (except Tobias) will head for the nearby Tau-29 Jump Hole.

After a while you are told to go with the others to the Jump hole. Take the 
Jump hole and your in Tau-29. Go to Shinkaku and dock.

Mission 07: Shinkaku Station
New Objective:
Dock with Shinkaku Station
Meet Quintaine in Space outside Shinkaku Station
Fly to the Waypoint Coordinates

Launch to space after getting nanobots and shield batteries. You WILL NEED 
THEM. So go to the coordinates. Good so far. Then...

The whole northern (southern?) fleet. Meep. Long Fight.

Mission 07: Engage the Rheinland Fleet
New Objective:
Destroy the Rheinland Fleet
Fly to the Waypoint Coordinates
Fly to the Tau-23 Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Tau-23 System
Fly to Kress' Base
Dock with Cali Base

Razor-One appears with his Wing to come and save. Quintaine and Sinclair will
head to a coordinates. Then he'll ask you and Juni to attack the WHOLE FLEET.
Thanks, bud.

Stay back for most of the fight. Fighters might be first choice 
to kill. Just don't let them lead you into the big guns.


You can let your allies take care of the big guns. Woah that was tough.

Proceed to the waypoint and meet Sinclair and Quintaine and then proceed to 
the Tau-23 gate. Dock with it and you'll be in Tau-23, where you get the 
waypoint for Kress' Base. So head there and dock with it.

Juni's coming with you to get "The Proteus Tome".

Meet up with Kress's agent, Lord Hakkera, to arrange for the retrieval or the
Proteus Tome.

The trip through Kusari should present little risk as it would be a very bold
move for the Rheinlanders to show their presence there.

This is not about money; it's about survival.

New Objective:
Meet Razor-One in Space outside Cali Base
Fly to the Kyushu Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Kyushu System
Fly to Planet Kyushu
Dock with Planet Kyushu
Restock your nano's and shield batteries. Get weapons if you want to.

Launch to space when your done Razor-One will accompany you to the Kyusha Jump
Hole, then your on your own. So fly to it and dock. Your in Kyushu. Just fly 
to Planet Kyushu and dock and you'll have a small cutscene. After it's done.
Then your on your own to Freelance for a while.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 13


When your ready to level. Juni contacts you to meet her in Shinagawa, 
New Tokyo.

If you want a new ship, you can get a Heavy Fighter for some credits at Planet
Kyushu. Barracuda. Or you could get the Heavy Fighter at Battleship Nagumo. 
Dragon. Buy a new shield if you want.

 4H. MISSION 08         

Well, it looks like you won't be getting the Proteus Tome through Lord Hakkera
after all. Tekagi is about to defect, taking with him the Proteus Tome to
Rheinland. Juni's friend, Ozu, who is also a Lieutenant of the Blood Dragons, a
sort of good rebels. He'll offers you a deal. 

Help him capture the Transport and kill Tekagi, who is a traitor to Kusari. 
He'll get Tekagi, and whatever the Transport holds, while you can have the 
Proteus Tome. It's a deal!

Attack a transport in the nearby Honshu system that is secretly transporting the
Proteus Tome to Rheinland. Join Ozu and a Blood Dragon strike force in their
attempt to capture the transport.

The transport is under heavy guard and will be well defended. This mission will
be very difficult and a potent combat vessel is highly recommended.

The Proteus Tome - the very reason why you came to Kusari.

Mission 08: Shinagawa, New Tokyo
New Objective:
Meet Juni and Ozu in Space near Shinagawa Station
Dock with the Trade Lane
Fly to the Waypoint
Take Jump the Hole to Honshu
Fly to Tekagi's Transport
Destroy the Weapon Platforms
Destroy the Kusari Forces
Enter Formation with the Transport
Destroy the Enemy Ships
Escort the Transport to the Waypoint
Take the Jump Hole to Chugoku
Escort the Transport to the Waypoint
Dock with the Blood Dragon Base

Launch to space to meet Juni and Ozu and dock with the trade lane. 
But you dont go through the Jump Gate, your going through a more 
remote Jump hole. You meet some of the Blood Dragons along the way, 
not many though. Anyway, take the Honshu Jump Hole.

Head to the waypoint and prepare for a attack. Fly Fast. You have to 
take out the weapon platforms and take them both out. Then eliminate the 
remaining ships. After a while you must enter formation with the transport
(Blood Dragons stole it).

You'll be attacked by a patrol halfway through the journey. Enter the jump 
hole when you defeat them. When your in Chugoku, re-enter formation. 
You'll go to Kyoto.

But the transport had no Proteus Tome or Tekagi. This mission is ooooover.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 15


Ooh, the Blood Dragons. So basically you can do missions. 
You can buy the Sentinel shield if you can afford it. You can get Advanced 
Thrusters and Imp. Countermeasures (I think - not sure). You could get a 
few wrecks around the place if you want. Once you've gained a level, 
meet Ozu in the Kyoto Bar.

 4I. MISSION 9         

Attack Tekagi's fortified base in the Tohoku System. You have to enter his base
and steal the Proteus Tome out of Tekagi's control.

Tekagi's fortress is heavily protected and it will be very difficult to get into
the complex.

The Proteus Tome - the very reason why you came to Kusari.

Launch and meet Ozu, go to the waypoint and take the jump hole, then take 
another waypoint. Thats pretty much it.

Mission 09: Attacking Tekagi's Fortress
New Objective:
Fly to Tekagi's Arch
Destroy the Tekagi Patrol
Fly to Tekagi's Arch
Destroy the Generators
Dock with the Tekagi's Base

Fly to the Arch. theres a lot of generators.

       /         \                     (!) = Generator with Battleship
      /           \                    (#) = Generator
     /             \                   [DU] = Docking Upper
    /               \
   (1)     [DU]     (!)
    \               /
     \             /
      \           /

Generator (!) has a battleship guarding it. 1,2 and 3 shouldn't 
be much of a problem to take down but (!) will be a problem. Use the most 
nano's and shields on the (!) one. After you've got it down, go to the 
docking part on the top [DU]. Use afterburn a lot with strafing and 
it should get them down. A big cutscene will happen and Ozu will 
die but will kill Takagi whilst you get the Proteus Tome. You'll
jump into a ship flied by Hakkera and you'll go back and get your ship.
You'll get a new mission automatically.

You have to return the Proteus Tome to Juni. Fly back to Kyoto Base with Lord
Hakkera as quickly as possible.

With Tekagi dead and a large portion of his forces defeated your escape should
be less difficult than gettign in. Resistance is expected to be sporadic and

The Proteus Tome - the very reason why you came to Kusari.

Mission 09: 
New Objective: Return the Proteus Tome
Fly to the Chugoku Jump Hole
Fly to Juni
     Help Juni fight off the Rheinland attackers
Destroy the Rheinland Forces
Fly to the Chugoku Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Chugoku System
Fly to Kyoto Base
Dock with Kyoto Base

Theres nothing outside. Fly to the waypoint. 
Mid-way, Juni is under attack, so go and help her. You should 
be able to kill all the fighters that are harassing Juni. Its a smooth ride 
back to Kyoto and theres a small cutscene (man isn't there alot?) Hakkera 
will explain a few things during the trip aswell.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 17


Meet Juni in the bar. That's all you need to do to get your next mission.
You can decline and decide to get some credits though.

|3J: MISSION 10          |

Remember when you were in Kyushu and Hakkera said he lost contact with one of
his informants? Well, the informant has vital information about The Nomads but 
he is now in trouble and needs to be extracted... from Rheinland.

Lord Hakkera's key informant in Rheinland, Herr Von Claussen, has vital
information about the Nomads. It is imperative to extract the informant alive.
Fly to New Berlin, find Von Claussen and bring him back to Kusari space.

Rheinland has declared war on Kusari and the Nomads now have a complete control
over the Rheinland Military. It will be difficult for anyone to get into the
heart of Rheinland territory, but it likely will be harder to get out with a
wanted spy on board.

The survival of mankind in the colonies.

Mission 10: Kyoto Chugoku 
New Objective:
Meet Lord Hakkera in space outside Kyoto Base
Fly to the Sigma 13 Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Sigma 13 System
Fly to the Waypoint
Destroy the Rheinland Heavy Fighters
Break off your attack and fly to the New Berlin Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the New Berlin System
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with Planet New Berlin
Launch to space
Fly to the Frankfurt Jump Gate
Dock with the Trade Lane
Take the Jump Gate to the Frankfurt System
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with the Trade Lane
Dock with Planet Holstein

Quite a long one this. Stock up on stuff before you go. Kusari has declared
war on Rheinland. You'll get escorts to the New Berlin system.

Launch and meet Lord Hakkera in space, fly to the Sigma 13 System and use 
the Jump hole. Fly to the waypoint. A huge Rheinland Fleet will come and 
Hakkera decides to slow them down. Don't follow them; its suicide. 
Follow the waypoint once their finished fighting and now your in New Berlin.
Just follow the waypoints and dock with Planet New Berlin and go to the bar.
Two people will give a message on where to find Van Claussen. Launch to space
and you'll Fischer, whos a friend of Von Claussen. He'll escort you. Follow 
the waypoints to the Frankfurt jump gate. Use the tradelanes to get to Planet
Holstein and then dock with it.

Mission 10: After meeting Von Claussen
New Objective:
Fly to Bruchsal Base
Destroy the Rheinland Assault Wing
Dock with Bruchsal Base

Fly to Bruchsal Base and eliminate any Rheinland threats. 
Then dock with Bruchsal. You'll get a mission automatically.

Herr Von Caussen's contacts have located a secret experimental shipyard located
west of Bruchsal Base. Rheinland's mobilization for war against Kusari has
afforded us a rare opportunity. Form up with Herr Von Claussen and await further

Even with their forces spread thin, the installation will still be heavily
guarded by both passive and active defenses. Herr Von Calussen's extensive
intelligence networks have been unable to retrieve tactical data on the area.
No matter what, that installation must fall.

Time is running short for the colonies. This action will hopefully buy them the
time they need.

New Objective:
Meet Von Claussen in Space outside Bruschal Base
Fly to the Waypoint
Destroy the Experimental Battleships
Fly to the Waypoint
Take the Jump Hole to the Hamburg System

You'll have to go through a minefield, so stock up on shield batteries and 
nanobots. Launch and meet Von Claussen and Botzler and his Wing. Head for the
Experimental Shipyard. Mines are active so be careful. After you get there, 
you'll found out A WHOLE FLEET is guarding it. Ouch. Position yourself inside
the drydock thing like this. (side view)

   #       #        #
  B#BBBBBBB#BBBBBBBB#BBB                          ^ = Your Ship (Inside)
   #^      #        #                             B = Battleship
##########################                        # = Drydock

You thankfully only need to take down one before Botzler 
sacrifices himself to destroy the other 7 battleshis (WOW!)

Fly out through the Waypoint and take the jump hole to the Hamburg System.

Mission 10: After the Experimental Ship Yard
Meet Order Forces at the Waypoint
Defend yourselves!
Dock with the Battleship Osiris

Once you Arrive, the Battleshio Odin decloaks in front of you.
I think survival has gone from 70% to 5% in 3.5 seconds. Then a friendly
battleship will appear! The Battleship Osiris! Dock with it quick! 
A big talk will go on...

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level 17


You can't decline the next mission. Or any mission after that. 
Walker is actually alive! Havn't seen him since Walker since Mission 4.

 4K. MISSION 11          

President Jacobi languishes in a maximum-security prison call. She is the
Order's last hope for breaking the Nomads' hold on Liberty. Perhaps there is
a chance that she can be reached before the Nomads own her, body and soul.

Expect the prison to heavily guarded. Getting the president will be very

A change in the overwhelming odds against humanity.

Mission 11: Osiris, Texas
New Objective:
Meet Juni and King in Space outside the Battleship Osiris
Fly to the New York Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the New York System
Destroy the Enemy Ships
Fly to Buffalo Base
Dock with Buffalo Base

Go to the ship dealer and buy the Anubis for 1,100 credits. 
Probably the cheapest ship buy. Don't you love Order discounts?
Then head to the equipment dealer and buy some stuff.

And then stock back on nano's and shield batteries.

Then launch and take the New York Jump hole (Isn't it good to be back...). 
You'll be attacked by Navy fighters (I think). Continue to Buffalo 
where Walker is.

Walker has a lead on the president. You have to save her.

Expect the prison to heavily guarded. Getting the president will be very

A change in the overwhelming odds against humanity.

Mission 11: Buffalo Base
New Objective:
Meet Juni and King in Space outside Buffalo Base
Fly to the In-System Jump Hole
Take the In-System Jump Hole
Fly to the Navy Satellite
Destroy the Navy Satellite
Fly to the Walker Rendezvous

Launch when you're ready and reloaded Shield Batteries and nanobots.
Fly to the waypoint and take the in-system jump hole. Take out all the 
fighters before you try the satellite. Then find Walker at the rendezvous 

Mission 11: Route to Zone 21
New Objective: 
Follow Walker into Zone 21
Destroy the Enemy Ships
Defend the Order ships
Take the Jump Gate to the Alaska System
Follow Walker to the Prison Station
Dock with the Prison Station

Go to the waypoint. Then you'll find Defenders attacking you!. 
Try to defend yourself and use afterburners until Juni unlocks the 
Jump gate to Alaska. Its quiet in Alaska when you get there. 
Just land on Prison Station Mitchell. Cool Cutscene. You've got the president!

The president is in your hands now. Get her to safety.

The nomads want Jacobi back. Your chances of getting out of Alaska are low.

A change in the overwhelming odds against humanity.

Mission 11: Flee from Prison
New Objective: 
Meet Juni and King in Space outside the Prison Station
Follow Walker to New York Jump Gate
Defend the Order Ships
Take the Jump Gate to the New York System
Fly to Buffalo Base
Defend the Order Ships
Dock with the Battleship Osiris

Put cruise on ASAP!!!

And just cruise to the jump gate.

It tells you to defend the order ships when you get to the jump gate,
but you don't really have to do that. Just fly about a bit untill Walker 
makes his grand sacrifice. It takes out the two battleships and he'll blow
them up. The gates open! Go, go, go!

Great, as you go through, more ships. 
And a battleship says surrender... and this is where King says, 
"Riiiiight" earlier :D. The Osiris uncloaks on the other side of the 
battleship. Afterburn, full speed and get there and dock as fast 
as you can. Get nano's and shield batteries as this probably depleted 
all them. Mission succesful

Mission Result: Success


Great. So now what? A Nomad Power Cell. Wheres that? In a system, with a 
Nomad lair and a collasping jump hole. Oh ha ha ha... You've got to be 
joking me... Nope? Great.

 4L. MISSION 12         

Extract a Nomad power cell from an unknown Alien structure in this system. You
have to use your tractor beam to get the needed power cell.

The attack on the Nomad Lair is a suicide mission.

This is not about money; it's about survival.

Mission 12: Osiris, Omicron Beta
New Objective:
Meet Juni and King in Space outside the Battleship Osiris
Fly to the Waypoint
Destroy all the Shield Generators
Fly to the Waypoint


Resupply yourself with stuff and get prepared for a hard mission. 
After the cutscene, go in cruise ASAP. 

9 minutes remaining untill Jump Hole collapse. Bah. 
So much for abandoned aswell! Theres ships everywhere!

Find "Shield Generator" and target it. These are what you need to 
bring down the shield and to get the power core. Once the first is down, 
head for the second one and if your lucky you 'might' get into cruise. After 
the second one's down, proceed to the third. When they're all down, you'll
get a waypoint. Head there with afterburners.

Mission 12: After entering the Nomad Lair
New Objective:
Fly to the Core
Tractor in the Nomad Power cell
Exit the Structure
Defend yourself!
Break your attack and fly to the Omicron Minor Jump Hole
Take the Jump Hole to the Omicron Minor System
Destroy all of the Nomad Ships
Fly to Planet Toledo
Dock with Planet Toledo

So fly to the core and get through the fans. Watch out for Radiation. 
When your near the power core, press B to tractor it in.

Go to the waypoint for a fast way to get out!

Once your out, theres another waypoint to the Jump Hole. 
You need to get there fast before it destabalizes. Get cruise or you 
won't make it. Dock, dock, dock quick!

After you dock, theres an army of Nomads (not a big army).
Just defeat them, they have no shields but deadly weapons. Your backup is 
Von Claussen :D. Head to the waypoint when your done, and dock with Planet 

Your done (thank god!). Mission successful.

Mission Result: Success


As I've told you, restock, restock, restock.
(I think) This is the last time you can visit Toledo, after this mission.

 4M: MISSION 13          

Before anything else can be done, Toledo will be under attack by the Nomads. You
need to defend the Order Base to give time for the evacuation.

Fly into the Nomad home system and activate the Hyper Gate system.

The attack on the Nomad home world is another suicide mission.

This is not about money; it's about survival of mankind. Orillion offers you one
of the highly sophisticated Order Heavy Fighter as a reward. The dealers on
Toledo will give you whatever you desire - a new ship, weapons, shield.

Mission 13: Toledo, Omicron Alpha
New Objective:
Launch to Space
Defend the Order Base
Destroy the Nomad Battleship
Destroy the Nomads
Dock with Planet Toledo
Escort Sinclair to the Battleship Osiris

Restock and buy torpedos if you want, then launch to space. 
After a few Nomads are down, attack the hooj (*huge) battleship. Another 
battleship will uncloak after you killed the first but Orillion will 
order you back to Toledo because the Nomad weapon is ready.

Enter Formation with Sinclair and Quintaine's ship. You're going to the Osiris.

Mission 13: Land on Battleship Osiris
New Objective: 
Dock with the Battleship Osiris
Meet Orillion in Space outside the Battleship Osiris
Follow Orillion to the Jump Gate
Take out the Nomad Ships
Dock with the Nomad Jump Gate
Head to the Barrier
Destroy the Generators
Enter the Dyson Sphere
Fly to the Waypoint
Destroy the Generators

Prepare for the final battle and launch when your ready.

Enter formation with Orillion and your on your way to the Alien Jump Gate. 
Nomads ships will decloak in front of you but they are easily destroyed.

Enter the Nomad Gate.

Oh My God... [ascii art needed I believe] The "Ship" means where you SHOULD be.
    ________                                           ________
   /        \                                         /        \
  /^^ ____   \                                       /   ____ ^^\
 / ^^/    \   \_____________________________________/   /    \^^ \
|   /      \                                           /      \   |
|  |   G    |                                         |   G    |  |
|   \      /                                           \      /   |
|    \____/                                             \____/    |
 \              __________________________________               /
  \            /                                  \             /
   \          /                                    \           /
    |        |                                      |          | G = Generator
    |        |                                      |          | S = Sphere
    |        |                                      |          | ^ = Your Ship
    |        |           ________________           |          |
    |        |          /                \          |          |
    |        |         /                  \         |          |
    |        |        |                    |        |          |
    |        |        |       _______      |        |          |
    |        |        |      /       \     |        |          |
    |        |        |     |         |    |        |          |
    |        |        |     |    S    |    |        |          |
    |        |        |     |         |    |        |          |
    |        |        |     |         |    |        |          |
    |        |        |      \_______/     |        |          |
    |        |        |                    |        |          |
    |        |        |                    |        |          |
    |        |         \                  /         |          |
    |        |          \________________/          |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
    |        |                                      |          |
   /          \                                    /            \
  /            \__________________________________/              \
 /    ____                                               ____     \     
|    /    \                                             /    \     |           
|   /      \                                           /      \    |
|  |   G    |                                         |    G   |   |
|   \      /   ______________________________________  \      /    |
 \ ^^\____/   /                                      \  \____/ ^^ /
  \^^        /                                        \        ^^/
   \________/                                          \________/

Once you kill the generators, and are inside the Dyson Sphere, 
cruise to the Nomad city and bring down the shield generators. 
Stay in the purple light as this means you won't get hit much.
Concentrate fire on the shields and they will go down.

A final cutscene will happen after you bring two shields down.

Mission Result: Success
You have advanced to Level #

Level is determined by current worth.


New Objective:
Find a Job

You can continue to play the game. 
But you are free and the campaign is now over. Well done.

 5. Roles

Police: The police forces are in charge of patrolling the tradelanes and 
also fly combat patrols into asteroid, debris or nebula fields in order to 
track down criminals. Police ships also regularly scan ships for illegal 
cargo and participate in prisoner transfers. The police generally protect 
the shipping convoys in their areas against any type of attack. 

Military: The Military usually sends the player on patrol, destroy and 
assassination missions. It is the responsibility of the military to 
protect the borders of their territory and to patrol the most dangerous 
zones of a system. The military therefore offers missions to assassinate 
well-known criminals and also simple enemy suppression missions in which 
the player has to destroy a certain number of hostiles. 

Shipping/Mining Companies: Of course, the player can also work for one of 
the shipping or mining companies, which mostly means that they are protecting 
their convoys or mining operations against attacking criminals. 

Criminals: These groups are forced to live in hiding and have established
secret bases inside the nebula, asteroid or debris fields. 
They usually engage in hit & run tactics and are mostly 
after transport convoys and their cargo.Criminals try to steal the 
cargo of transports, loot depots, smuggle illegal artifacts or drugs, 
attack stations and interrupt the tradelanes connecting the 
different star systems. 

Terrorists: Finally, the player can also associate themselves with a 
terrorist group - or, from their perspective, a group of freedom fighters. 
These groups usually live in hiding among the general population from where 
they attack military installations and generally try to instill 
chaos to achieve their political goals. 

As one of these you can:

 5A. Mission Types

Random Missions
The random missions are offered on bases either through the mission vendor 
or from a faction representative. The missions offer the player a chance to 
perform a service for a faction in exchange for cash and a reputation boost. 

Mission types: 

Assassinate - This mission requires the player to kill a specific target ship.
The target will rarely be alone, so players should come prepared to 
fight through a number of escorts and the target may spawn at the 
first waypoint checked. 

Capture Prisoner - This is similar to assassinate in that you have 
to destroy a target ship but it also requires that the pilot's 
escape pod be returned to the base where the mission was offered. 

Destroy Loot - This mission requires the player to destroy a piece of loot
that will drop when the target ship is killed. 

Kill Ships - The only objectives are to head to a waypoint and destroy 
all of the hostile ships that you find.If any weapons platforms are found,
they are optional targets. 

Kill Station - The goal of this mission is to destroy one or more 
space stations or weapons platforms located at the waypoint. It's smart to 
clear out any hostile ships before entering the weapons range of the target 
objects.Sustaining simultaneous fire from turreted space stations as well as 
enemy ships can quickly make space junk out of almost any fighter. 

Tractor Loot - This is a cross between the 
capture prisoner mission and the destroy loot mission.
Instead of destroying the loot, the player must return the loot 
to the target base. 

 6. Wrecks


C5/6 Balboa: Cardamine(20),Pyros 2,Pyros 1(T) - lower right on line 

Dangers : Outcast, Lane Hackers

  New York
C67  Flint Rogue Fighter: Cardamine(20),Azrael(3),Badariel(T) - lower left
D6   Aggressor Bounty Hunter: Gunslinger Mk 1 - upper right
E6   Navy Patrol 27: Justice Mk III(8) - center

Dangers : Radiation , Rogues , Outcast

C34  Avenger Bounty Hunter: Winchester Mk I, Catapult,Gunslinger Mk 1 - 
right part on line
CD3  Prudhoe Rogue Fighter: Diamonds,Usiel,Vengeance Turret - center
CD6  Ft. Worth Transport: Trade Lane Parts(20) - lower part on line

Dangers : Radiations , Rogue , Xenos


E6  Caraz: Artifacts(20), Angelito Mk1 (2) - center to right
F5  Henry Jones: Gold(10),Starbeam - lower left corner

Dangers : Corsairs

D6  Storm  Bretonia Military: Ad. Ripper (2) - center to left
E6  Scargill Molly Fighter: Gold(20), Dublin Duster Mk2(2) - center to right

Dangers : Mines , Molly

C3  Lorenzo: Cardamine(20),Dragoon Type 1(T),Pyros 2(2) - upper right corner
D6  San Vicente Outcast: Dragoon Type 1(T) and 2(2) – center to left

Dangers : Radiation , Molly

  New London
C3 Puno: Cardamine (20), Dragoon 2(2) and 1(T) - lower center
C5  Vanguard Molly Fighter: Gold(20), Dublin Duster Mk 1 - lower left corner
G4 Trujillo Corsairs: Artifacts(20), Angelito Mk 1(2) - lower left corner

Dangers : Volatile  Gases , Radiation , Corsairs , Molly

C3  Lorenzo: Cardamine(20),Dragoon Type 1(T),Pyros 2(2) - upper right corner
D6  San Vicente Outcast: Dragoon Type 1(T) and 2(2) – center to left

Dangers : Radiation , Molly

  New London
C3 Puno: Cardamine (20), Dragoon 2(2) and 1(T) - lower center
C5  Vanguard Molly Fighter: Gold(20), Dublin Duster Mk 1 - lower left corner
G4 Trujillo Corsairs: Artifacts(20), Angelito Mk 1(2) - lower left corner

Dangers : Volatile  Gases , Radiation , Corsairs , Molly


C3 Kusari Naval Fighters: Scrambler2(4),Sunfury2(2),Disinfector MkI(2)- center
F4 James Morrell: Trade Lane Parts(10) – upper right corner

Dangers : Golden Chrysanthemums , Blood Dragon , Radiation

C3  Fugaku Blood Dragon Fighter: Tanto(2),Tanto(T) – upper right corner
F7  Malaga Corsair Fighter: Angelito Mk2I (2) – upper left corner

Dangers : Corsairs , Mines

B4  Shoki Blood Dragon: Wakizashi(2), Tanto(T) - center
D2  Ohtori  Golden C.: Suncannon B (2) – lower center

Dangers : Blood  Dragon , Golden Chrysanthemums

C5  Kobe Maru Hogosha: Artifacts(20), Drake A (2) - center to left
D6  Shibuya Maru: Cardamine(20), Suncannon B (2) - center to left

Dangers : Rogue , Xenos , Police


D3 Danzig Kruger Minerals: Diamonds – upper right corner

Dangers : Red  Hessians

  New Berlin
C3   Hessian Fighter: Natter Zwei(2), Natter(T) – lower right corner

Dangers : Unioners , Red  Hessians

C6  Nurnburg Red Hessian: Light Arms(20), Natter(2), Natter(T) – upper center
D6  Patrol 421: Stealthblade Mk1(2) and Mk2(2) - upper left corner
F5  Babylon: Luxury Consumer Goods(10),Starbeam(T)(6) – center to right
G4  Belknap Freighter: Luxury Food(20) - center to left

Dangers : Red  Hessians , LWB


DE5  Corsairs and Red Hessians wrecks: Salamanka Mk1, Natter, Rotter Blitz(T),
Angelito MkI, Natter Turn,Natter turret

Dangers: Mine , Corsairs , Red Hessians

C5  Corsair Fighter: Angelito Mk1 (6) -  lower left corner
E34 Monschau Kruger: Silver(5), Starbeam(T)(6) – center part on line
E6  Bremerhaven: Engine Components(20) – lower right corner

Dangers: Volatile  Gases , Corsairs , Red Hessians

E6  Daumann Fighter: Diamonds(5), Flashpoint(2) - upper left corner
D6  Corsair Fighter; Diamonds(20), Salamanca Mk1(2) - upper right corner
E6  Bounty Hunter: Diamonds(20), GOLDENBLADE(2), Gunslinger(T) - 
upper left corner
F5  Hessian Fighter: Diamonds(10), Natter Turn(2) - center to left

Dangers : Radiation , Red  Hessians , Corsairs

C3  Old Imperial Navy Fighter: IRON HAMMER(2) -	lower right corner 				  
C5  Old Imperial Navy Fighter; JADE(2),Drone mines(20), Wasp(5), Cruise
C3  Old Imperial Fighter: SILVER FIRE - center to right
C4  Old Imperial Navy Fighter: ONYX 2),Drone(20),Wasp(5) – lower left corner
C4  Old Imperial Navy Fighter: BLOODSTONE(2), Drone(20),Wasp (5) – upper center
CD5 Old Imperial Navy Fighter: DIAMONDBACK(2),Drone(20),Wasp(5) - 
upper left corner
C5  Old Imperial Navy Fighter: JADE(2),Drone mines(20),Wasp rachete(5),
Cruise disruptor - center

Dangers : Radiation , Volatile  Gases , Corsairs , Junkers , ALG

E6  Mongoose Bounty: BLUE BLAZE(2), Gunslinger MkI, Paralyzer(10) – center
F4  Robert Fitzgerald: Alien Organism(20), Heavy Starbeam(2), 
Adv. Starbeam(T)(3) - lower center

Dangers : Radiation , Corsairs

CD3 Perez Outcast: Cardamine(2), Wyrm 1(2), Dragoon Type 1(T) – 
lower part on line
E3  Hiem GMG Ship: Sunblast B(2), Sunblast A(T) - center
F6  Menorca Corsair: Artifacts(20), Angelito Mk2 (2) – upper left corner

Dangers : Radiation , Corsairs , Outcast

E56  Wolverine Bounty Hunter: Winchester Mk2(2), Wasp, Gunslinger Mk 1(T) - 
right part on line
H67  Edward Marshall: Beryllium - right part on line

Dangers : Mines , Outcast

D3   Valiant: Gaia`s Savior B(2), Countermeasure – center
D34  Whetstone: Machinery(20), Heavy Starbeam(2), Adv.Starbeam(T)(3) – 
right part on line

Dangers : Gaians , Outcasts

E2   Griffin: DARK BLOSSOM(2), Gunslinger Mk 1(T) – center to left
E67  Barossa IMG: Niobium(20), Flashpoint(T)  - left corner

Dangers : Outcast


C6  Lonestar: Advanced Tarantula(2) - center

Dangers : Unioners

C5  Edward Kane: Gold(10), Starbeam(T)(6) - center to left

Dangers : Rogues

C3  Shibuya Maru: Cardamine  -  upper right corner
C3  Chesapeake: Pharmaceuticals(20) - upper right corner
D5  Freespirit: Artifacts(20), Vassago(2), Badariel(T) – upper left corner

Dangers : Radiation , Rogues , Lane  Hackers

E3  Nikko Maru: Luxury Consumer Goods(8), Starbeam(T)(6), Tanto(T) – upper 
F3  Kamakura Maru: Niobium(20) - center to left
F6  McKinley: Superconductors(20) - upper left corner

Dangers : Radiation , Xenos

C7  Bradley: Gate Parts (13) – upper center

Dangers : Lane Hackers , Outcast


D4   Volsung: ARCHANGEL(2) – left corner
DE4  Independence: Diamonds(20) - center of line

Dangers : Radiation, Mines, Corsairs

  Omicron Alpha
D6  Viking Bounty: PROMETHEUS(2),Gunslinger Mk 1(T),Paralyzer(10),Ripper - 
F4  Outcast Fighters: GUARDIAN(2),CERBERUS(2),Wyrm 2, Ripper - center

Dangers : Radiation , Outcast , Nomads

  Omicron Beta
C5  Pathfinder: WILDFIRE(2), Gunslinger Mk1(T), Paralyzer(10) - lower center
E4  Hosho Maru GMG and 2 escort ship: Adv.Starbeams(2),Adv.Starbeams(T)(4), 
Skyblast B(2) - center

Dangers : Radiation , Outcast

 Omicron Gamma
C5  Vengeance Bounty Hunter: GUARDIAN(2), Gunslinger Mk 1(T),Paralyzer(10) – 
upper right corner
F2  Graveyard of Innocents: Artifacts, Salamanca Mk 1 - center

Dangers : Corsairs , Nomads

  Omicron Theta
E6  Rebel Bounty: THOR`S HAMMER(2), Gunslinger Mk1(T), Paralyzer(10) – lower 
G4  Fearless: Flashpoint(T)(2), Heavy Starbeam(2) – lower left corner

Dangers : Radiation , Corsairs

 7. Jump Holes/Gates

 7A. Liberty

   California                                    Colorado
B-C5  Cortez - middle part on line         B4  Kepler - lower right corner
F-G5  Texas  - upper part on line          D3  Galileo - upper center
                                          D7  New York - upper left corner

   New York

C3   Colorado - upper left corner
E7   Texas -  center to left
E-F7  New York (inside system jump hole) - upper part on line
F-G6  Zone 21, New York (inside system jump hole)  - upper part on line

C4   California - center to right
D2-3  New York - lower right corner
E7   Hudson -  center to right


   Cambridge                                       Dublin
C3  New London - upper right corner        E3  Leeds - lower left corner
F3  Leeds  - upper right corner            E3  New London - lower center
F6  Omega 5  - lower right corner

   Edinburgh                                     Leeds
C-D2-3 Tau-31 -  crosslines                  C3  Edinburgh - upper center
F3   Leeds -  center to right              C6  Dublin - upper left corner
                                           D6  New London - lower left corner
                                           E-F6 Magellan - middle part of line
                                           F6	Manchester - lower center

      Manchester                                     New London
D3  Leeds - upper center                   B5   Dublin - lower right corner
F3  Magellan - lower left corner           C2-3  Leeds - left part on line


      Chugoku                                        Hokkaido
D5-6  Hokkaido - middle part on line        C3  Chugoku - lower center
E4-5  Tohoku - right part on line           C6  Kyushu - lower center
E5   Sigma 13 - upper center               E3  Tohoku - center to right
E5   Honshu  - lower center

      Honshu                                         Kyushu
C3-4  New Tokyo - left part on line         B-C4 Tau 23 - upper part on line
D2-3  Chugoku -  left part on line          E2  Hokkaido - lower center
F6-7  Sigma 13 -  middle part on line       G4  New Tokyo - center
G3   Sigma 19 - lower center               G4-5 Shikoku - middle part on line

      New Tokyo                                      Shikoku
C6  Kyushu - upper right corner            D3  Kyushu - center to left
G4  Honshu - lower left corner             E7  Galileo - upper center


     Dresden                                      Frankfurt
C3  Stuttgart - center to right            CD3  Hamburg - lower part on line
C4  Omega 11 - lower left corner           D6-7  Dresden - middle part on line
D3  New Berlin - upper left corner         E3   Sigma 13 - upper left corner
G4-5 Frankfurt - left part on line

     Hamburg                                      New Berlin
D-E7 New Berlin - upper part on line        C3   Hamburg - upper left corner
E2  Bering - lower center                  D6   Dresden - lower left corner
F5  Frankfurt - upper right corner         E5   Sigma 13 - lower right corner
F-G4 Frankfurt - upper part on line

C-D6 Omega 11 - lower part on line
G4  Dresden - lower left corner


     Omega 3                                      Omega 5
B5-6 Cambridge - right part on line       CD5  Cambridge - middle part on line
D7  Omega 5 - center                      D3-4  Omega 3 - middle part on line
                                          D3-4  Omega 7 - middle part on line
                                          D5-6  Omega 41 - left part on line
					  E-F4  Omega 11 - lower part on line

     Omega 7                                      Omega 11
C6  Omega 5 - center to left              B-C4  Omega 5 - middle part on line
F-G6 Omega 11 - upper part on line        C3-4  Omega 7 - left part on line
                                          C5   Omega 41	- lower left corner
                                          D2-3  Stuttgart - right part on line
                                          E-F3  Dresden - center

     Sigma 13                                     Sigma 17
C3  Honshu - center to right              C4  Sigma 13 - upper center
C5  New Berlin - upper left corner        D3  Sigma 19 - center to left
C6  Frankfurt - upper center              F6  Omicron Theta -upper left corner
D4  Choguku - upper left corner
E3  Sigma 19 - upper right corner
F5  Sigma 17 - lower left corner

     Sigma 19                                     Tau 23
C4-5 Honshu - middle part on line          E2  Tau 37 - lower center
C5  Sigma 13 - center                     F3  Kyushu - lower right corner
E3  Omicron Beta - lower left corner      F-G5 Tau 29 - lower part on line
F6  Sigma 17 - center

     Tau 29                                       Tau 31
B5  Tau 31 - upper right corner           A-B5 Edinburgh - lower part on line
D3  Tau 23 - upper right corner           F4  Tau 29 - upper left corner

     Tau 37
D6-7 Tau 23 - right part on line
E3  Omicron Alpha - center


      Bering                                      Cortez
C4  Hudson - center                       E6   Magellan - lower center
D6  Hamburg - center to left              F-G5  California - lower part on line

      Galileo                                      Hudson
B2  Shikoku - center                      C-D3  Texas - middle part on line
B3  Kepler - center                       F5-6  Bering - middle part on line
C-D6 Colorado - middle part on line

      Kepler                                       Magellan
B-C6  Colorado - middle part on line        C2  Cortez - lower right corner
F-G4  Galileo - middle part on line         C3  Leeds - lower right corner
 			  		    C4  Manchester - center to left

      Omega 41
C-D5  Omega 5 - upper part on line
D3-4  Omega 11 - right part on line
E5   Omicron Gamma - lower center
E-F4  Omicron Theta - lower part on line

      Omicron Alpha
C5  Tau 37 - lower left corner
F4  Unknown System ( Nomads ) - center
F5  Omicron Beta - upper right corner
F5  Omicron Theta - lower right corner

      Omicron Beta
D-E3 Omicron Alpha - middle part on line
E6  Sigma 19 - lower left corner

      Omicron Gamma
C5  Omega 41 - center
D3  Omicron Theta - upper right corner
F2  Unknown System (Primus/Gammu) - center

       Omicron Theta
C5  Omega 41 - center
E3  Sigma 17 - center to left
E6  Omicron Gamma - center to right
F-G3-4 Omicron Alpha - crosslines

 8. Ships

Name	  Cargo	Armor  Guns  Class   Registry	   Class	   Level


Piranha	   35	1800   4/0   2/4     AP-6364	Light Fighter	     4
Barracuda  45	3600   6/0   4/6     AP-7031	Heavy Fighter	    13
Hammerhead 70	7900   6/1   7/9     AP-8050   	Very Heavy Fighter  26


Cavalier   30	2100   4/0   3/5     B-224-F    Light Fighter	     6
Clydesdale 125	2200   3/5   2/4     B-27-E	Freighter	     4
Crusader   35	2600   6/0   3/5     B-907A	Heavy Fighter	     8


Starflier  20	1100   3/0   1/3     CTE–750AE	Light Fighter	     0
Startracker30	1800   3/0   2/4     CTE–1270AV	Light Fighter	     4
Hawk	   45	3300   4/0   4/6     CTE–1500	Light Fighter	    13
Falcon	   60	6200   5/1   6/8     CTE–3000	Heavy Fighter	    24
Eagle	   70	9900   6/1   8/10    CTE-6000	Very Heavy Fighter  30


Legionnaire35	2400   4/0   3/5     M3 Class	Light Fighter	     8
Centurion  45	9200   6/0   7/9     M7 Class	Heavy Fighter	    28
Titan	   70	12600  6/1   8/10    M10 Class	Very Heavy Fighter  32


Drake	   35	2800   4/0   4/6     J7P-7Q	Light Fighter	    10
Drone	  175	3600   2/6   4/6     J20P-21F	Freighter	    10
Dragon	   40	3600   6/0   4/6     J10P-15P	Heavy Fighter	    13


Patriot	   25	1300   4/0   2/3     LZF–6364	Light Fighter	     1
Rhino	   80	1600   3/5   1/3     EL–Hil27	Freighter	     1
Defender   30	1600   5/1   2/4     BDR – 337	Heavy Fighter	     2


Bloodhound 35	1900   3/1   2/4     Z-2010	Light Fighter	     2
Mule	   90	2200   4/4   2/4     Z-1138	Freighter	     4
Wolfhound  40	3600   5/1   4/6     Z-3005	Heavy Fighter	    13


Anubis	   70	4200   6/1   5/6     07A	Very Heavy Fighter  16


Dagger	   35	1800   4/1   2/4     Series X	Light Fighter	     4
Dromedary 275	3600   3/5   4/6     Series YX	Freighter	    10
Stiletto   45	4900   6/0   5/7     Series YX	Heavy Fighter	    20
Sabre	   70	10800  6/1   8/10    Series Z	Very Heavy Fighter  30


Banshee	   45	4500   4/0   5/7     72-ARKM-G3 Light Fighter	    20
Humpback  250	5800   2/6   5/7    203-ARKM-B5	Freighter	    20
Valkyrie   50	5800   5/1   6/8     90-ARKM-N9	Heavy Fighter	    22


    Name	        Cargo   Guns  Class     Purpose
    CSV                799,999  2/1   2/7	Salvage  Vessel


Liberty Dreadnought              0/10           Military Capital Ship
( Battleship )
Cruiser                          1/7            Medium Range Military Ship
Large Transporter    4000	 0/5    	Transporter
Heavy Lifter			 0/5    	Person Transporter
Prison Ship			 0/5    	Prison
Train	             799,999	 0/6    	Trade
Armored Transport    7999        0/9   5/6	Trade / Person

 8B. Places  to  find  them

Type	                    Name	                  Base and System

Light Fighter	         Patriot	       Planet California Minor
	                 Patriot,Startracker   Planets Denver(Colorado),
                                               Manhattan (New York),Houston
                                               (Texas),Los Angeles
	                 Bloodhound	       Rochester Base (New York)
	                 Dagger	               Buffalo Base (New York)
	                 Cavalier, Piranha     Planets Cambridge (Cambridge),
                                               Leeds (Leeds),New London
                                               (New London)
	                 Cavalier	       Battleship Hood (Dublin)
	                 Piranha	       Sheffield Station (Manchester)
	                 Legionnaire	       Trafalgar Base (New London)
	                 Hawk	               Kyoto Base (Chugoku)
	                 Hawk, Drake	       Planets Honshu (Honshu),Kyushu
	                 Drake	               Planet New Tokyo (New Tokyo)
	                 Banshee	       Planets Hamburg (Hamburg), New
                                               Berlin (New Berlin),Stuttgart

Freighters	         Mule	               Alcatraz Depot (California)
	                 Rhino	               Planets Denver (Colorado),
                                               Pittsburgh,Manhattan(New York),
                                               Houston (Texas),Los Angeles
	                 Clydesdale	       Planets Cambridge (Cambridge),
                                               Leeds (Leeds),New London
                                               (New London)
	                 Dromedary	       Mactan Base (Magellan)
	                 Drone	               Planet New Tokyo (New Tokyo)
	                 Humpback	       Planets Holstein (Frankfurt),
                                               Hamburg (Hamburg),New Berlin
                                               (New Berlin),Stuttgart
                                               (Stuttgart),Harris(Tau 31)

Heavy  Fighters	         Defender	       Battleships Yukon(California)
                                               Rio Grande (Colorado),Missouri
                                               (New York), Mississippi(Texas)
	                 Crusader	       Battleships Norfolk(Cambridge)
                                               Essex (Dublin),York (Leeds),
                                               Suffolk (New London)
	                 Wolfhound	       Arranmore (Dublin),Montezuma
                                               Base (Cortez)
	                 Dragon	               BattleshipsMatsumoto(Hokkaido)
	                 Barracuda	       Planets Honshu (Honshu),Kyushu
                                               (Kyushu),New Tokyo(New Tokyo),
                                               Curacao (Cortez)
	                 Stilleto	       Bruchsal Base (Frankfurt)
	                 Valkyrie	       Battleship Westfalen (Hamburg)
	                 Falcon 	       Planets Hamburg (Hamburg), New
                                               Berlin (New Berlin),Stuttgart,
                                               Baden Baden (Stuttgart),Kurile
                                               (Sigma 17)

Very  Heavy  Fighters	 Anubis	               Battleship Osiris;Planet
                                               Toledo (Omicron Minor)
	                 Hammerhead	       Freistadt Base (Omega 7),Leon
                                               Base (Omega 41)
	                 Eagle	               Freeport 9 (Omicron Theta)
                         Sabre	               Vogtland Base (Dresden),Planet
                                               Malta (Omicron Alpha)
	                 Titan	               Planet Crete (Omicron Gamma)

 9. Weapons

Class  Name     Best Weakest Type Hull  Shield  Range Bullets Refire Energy
              against against                         speed          required

Blood Dragon

5   Tanto(T)	 P      G      L   40	  20	 600   750     8.33     12
6   Wakizashi	 P	G      L   52	  26	 600   750     8.33	16
7   Katana(T)	 P	G      L   69	  34	 600   750     8.33	21
8   Gendaito     P	G      L  106     53     600   750     8.33	33

Bounty Hunters

2 GunslingerMk1(T)P	G      L   20     10     649   700     8.33      7
2       Brave Mk1 G	M      Pa  49	  24	 650   650     4	15
4 GunslingerMk2(T)P	G      L   31	  15	 649   700     8.33	11
4    Brave Mk2(T) G	M      Pa  75	  37     750   750     4	23
6  Winchester Mk1 P	G      L   52	  26	 649   700     8.33	19
6     Warrior Mk1 G	M      Pa 126	  63	 650   650     4	34
7  Winchester Mk2 P	G      L   69	  34	 649   700     8.33	26
7     Warrior Mk2 G	M      Pa 167	  83	 750   750     4	52
8      Reaver Mk1 P	G      L  106	  53  	 649   700     8.33	39
9      Reaver Mk2 P	G      L  163	  81	 649   700     8.33	61
9      Buckshot	  G	M      Pa 391	 195	 750   750     4       122


4      Skyrail(T) G	M      Pa  94	  47	 600   600     4	23
4      Ripper	  M	P      T   79	  39	 700   700     4	23
5      Ad.Skyrail G	M      Pa 121	  60	 600   600     4	30
5      Ad. Ripper M	P      T  101	  50	 700   700     4	30
6      Sunrail	  G	M      Pa 158	  79	 600   600     4        39
6      Dissolver  M	P      T  131	  65	 700   700     4	39
6    Dissolver(T) M	P      T  131	  65	 800   800     4	39
7      Ad.Sunrail G	M      Pa 209	 104	 600   600     4	52
7    Ad.Dissolver M	P      T  174	  87	 700   700     4	52


6   Luger Type A  M	P      T  210	 105	 700   700     3.03	52
7   Luger Type B  M	P      T  278	 139	 700   700     3.03	69
8   Luger Type C  M	P      T  426    212	 700   700     3.03    106


1     Starbeam(T) P     G      L   14	   7	 600   750     8.33      4
2  Ad.Starbeam(T) P	G      L   18	   9	 600   750     8.33	 5
2    Stunpulse(T) P	G      Pu   4	 155	 700   700     4	 9
3    Ad.Stunpulse P	G      Pu   5	 189	 600   750     4	11
3  Heavy Starbeam P	G      L   22	  11	 600   750     8.33	 7
6      Flashpoint P	G      L   47	  23	 600   650     8.33	14
6  Debilitator(T) P	G      Pu  11	 401	 700   700     4	23
7   Ad.Flashpoint P	G      L   62	  31	 600   750     8.33	19
7   Flashpoint(T) P	G      L   62	  31	 700   700     8.33	14
7     Debilitator P	G      Pu  15	 530	 600   750     4	31
8Ad.Debilitator(T)P	G      Pu  23	 806     600   750     4	47
8Heavy Flashpoint P	G      L   95	  47     600   750     8.33	29


5        Borroco  P	G      Pu  10	 308	 600   600     4	24
5   Angelito Mk 1 M	P      N  121	  60	 600   600     4	24
6      Borroco(T) P	G      Pu  13	 401	 700   700     4	31
6   Angelito Mk 2 M	P      N  158	  79	 600   600     4	31
7   Angelito Mk 3 M	P      N  209	 104	 600   600     4	41
7          Rapier P	G      Pu  17	 531	 600   600     4	41
8  Salamanka Mk 1 M	P      N  318	 159	 600   600     4	63
9  Salamanka Mk 2 M	P      N  489	 244	 600   600     4        97
9  Tizona del Cid P	G      Pu  40	1242	 600   600     4        97

Farmer Alliance

4       Vulture 1 M	P      N  126	  63	 549   600     3.03	21
5	Vulture 2 M	P      N  161	  80	 549   600     3.03	26
6	Vulture 3 M	P      N  210	 105	 549   600     3.03	35


3  Avenger Type A P	G      Ph  41	  20	 600   750     5.88	 9
4  Avenger Type B P	G      Ph  52	  26	 600   750     5.88	12
5 Gaia`s Savior A P	G      Ph  67	  33	 600   750     5.88	16
6 Gaia`s Savior B P	G      Ph  87	  43	 600   750     5.88	21

Gas Miner Guild

6   Sunblast A(T) P	G      Ph  79	  39	 700   700     8.33	19
7   Sunblast B(T) P	G      Ph 104	  52	 700   700     8.33	26
8   Skyblast A(T) P	G      Ph 159	  79	 700   700     8.33	39
9   Skyblast B(T) P	G      Ph 244	 122	 700   700     8.33	61

Golden Crysantemum

4     Suncannon A P	G      Ph  52	  26	 600   750     5.88	15
5     Suncannon B P	G      Ph  87	  43	 600   750     5.88	26
6     Suncannon C P	G      Ph 176	  88	 600   750     5.88	53


6 Drake Type A(T) G 	M      Pl 158	  79	 550   650     4	32
7    Drake Type B G 	M      Pl 209	 104	 550   650     4        43
8 Drake Type C(T) G 	M      Pl 318	 159	 550   650     4	66

Independent Miner Guild

3   Matterthief 1 M	P      T   49	  24	 700   700     4        14
4   Matterthief 2 M	P      T   63	  31	 700   700     4	18
6       Vampire 1 M	P      T  105     52	 700   700     4        31
8	Vampire 3 M	P      T  212	 106	 700   700     4        63


2 Barrager Mk 1(T)P	G      Ph  30	  15	 600   600     8.33	 9
4 Barrager Mk 2(T)P	G      Ph  47	  23	 600   600     8.33     14
6   Barrager Mk 3 P	G      Ph  79	  39	 600   600     8.33	23


5    Sunfury 1(T) P	G      Ph  50	  25	 600   600     8.33	15
5    Scrambler 1  M	P      N  101	  50	 549   600     4	20
6    Sunfury 2(T) P	G      Ph  65     32	 600   600     8.33	19
6    Scrambler 2  M	P      N  131	  65	 549   600     4	26
7  Sunfrenzy 1(T) P	G      Ph  87	  43	 600   600     8.33	26
7Disinfector 1(T) M	P      N  174	  87	 549   600     4	34
8  Disinfector 2  M	P      N  265	 132	 549   600     4	53
8    Sunfrenzy 2  P	G      Ph 132	  66     600   600     8.33	39

Lane  Hackers

4 Hellflury Mk 1  M	P      T   79	  39	 700   700     4	23
4 Hellflury Mk1(T)M	P      T   79	  39	 800   701     4	23
5 Hellflury Mk 2  M	P      T  101	  50	 700   700     4	31
6 Hellflury Mk 3  M	P      T  131	  65	 700   700     4	39


1  Justice Mk1(T) P	G      L   16	   8	 600   750     8.33	 5
1 Lavablade Mk1(T)G	M      Pl  97	  48	 600   500     2	20
2  Justice Mk2(T) P	G      L   20	  10	 600   750     8.33	 6
2   Lavablade Mk2 G	M      Pl 122	  61	 600   500     2        25
3  Justice Mk3(T) P	G      L   24	  12	 600   750     8.33	 7
3  Lavablade Mk 3 G	M      Pl 149	  74	 600   500     2        31
3 Lavablade(T)Mk2 G	M      Pl 149	  74	 700   500     2	31
4  Vengeance Mk 1 P	G      L   31	  15	 600   750     8.33	 9
4 Magma Hammer
              Mk1 G	M      Pl 189	  94	 600   500     2	35
5  Vengeance Mk 2 P	G      L   40	  20	 600   750     8.33	12
5 Magma Hammer
           Mk2(T) G	M      Pl 242	 121     600   500     2	50
5   Vengeance (T) P	G      L   40	  20  	 700   700     8.33	12
6  Vengeance Mk 3 P	G      L   52	  26	 600   750     8.33	16
6 Magma Hammer
             Mk 3 G	M      Pl 316	 158     600   500     2	65

Liberty Rogue

1          Azrael P	G      L   19	   9	 600   750     8.33	 6
1  Zaphiel Turret P	G      L   19	   9	 700   700     8.33	 6
3 Badariel Turret P	G      L   29	  14	 700   700     8.33 	 9
3	    Drail P	G      L   29	  14	 600   750     8.33	 9
4	  Raphael P	G      L   37	  18	 600   750     8.33	11
5	    Usiel P	G      L   48	  24	 700   750     8.33	15
5   Sapiel Turret P	G      L   48	  24	 700   700     8.33	15
7	  Vassago P	G      L   83	  41	 700   750     8.33	26
7    Thoth Turret P	G      L   83	  41	 700   750     8.33	26


6   Ad.Devastator M	P      T  175	  87	 700   700     3.03	35
7      Eliminator M	P      T  232	 116	 700   700     3.03	35


5  Dublin Duster
          Mk 1(T) M	P      N  101	  50	 549   600     4	20
6  Dublin Duster
             Mk 2 M	P      N  131	  65	 549   600     4	26
7  Dublin Duster
          Mk 3(T) M	P      N  174	  87	 549   600     4	34


5  Death’s Hand
          Mk 1(T) P	G      L   40	  20	 600   750     8.33     12
5  Reaper Mk 1(T) M	P      N  101	  50	 549   600     4	20
6  Death’s Hand
             Mk 2 P	G      L   52	  26	 600   750     8.33	16
6     Reaper Mk 2 M	P      N  131	  65	 549   600     4	26


4      Pyros 1(T) G	M      Pa 113	  56	 600   600     4	23
4  Dragoon Type 1 M	P      T  126	  63	 700   700     3.03	31
4 Dragoon Type1(T)M	P      T   94	  47	 800   701     4	23
5         Pyros 2 G	M      Pa 145	  72	 600   600     4	30
5 Dragoon Type2(T)M	P      T  161	  80	 700   700     3.03	40
6      Pyros 3(T) G	M      Pa 189	  94	 600   600     4	39
6  Dragoon Type 3 M	P      T  210	 105	 700   700     3.03	52
8     Kraken 1(T) G	M      Pa 381  	 190	 700   700     4	79
8	Wyrm 1(T) M	P      T  424	 212	 700   700     3.03    106
9	 Kraken 2 G	M      Pa 586	 293	 700   700     4       122
9	   Wyrm 2 M	P      T  652	 356	 700   700     3.03    163

Red Hessians

5       Natter(T) P	G      L   53	  26	 700   700     5.88	16
6     Natter Zwei P	G      L   70	  35	 600   750     5.88	21
7    Rotter Blitz P	G      L   92	  46	 600   750     5.88	29
8      Natterturn P	G      L  141	  70	 600   750     5.88	48


6   Flamecurse
          Mk 1(T) G	M      Pl 316	 158	 600   500     2	65
6 Stealthblade
             Mk 1 M	P      T   70	  35	 700   700     5.88	26
7   Flamecurse
          Mk 2(T) G	M      Pl 418	 209	 600   500     2	87
7 Stealthblade
             Mk 2 M	P      T   92	  46	 700   700     5.88	34
8 Firekiss Mk1(T) G	M      Pl 636	 318	 600   500     2       132
8 Hornviper Mk1(T)M	P      T  141	  70	 700   700     5.88	53


4  Protector Mk 1 M	G      N   79	  39	 549   600     4	15
6  Protector Mk 2 M	G      N  131	  65	 549   600     4	26
8  Protector Mk 3 M	G      N  265	 132	 549   600     4	53


2        Scorpion G	M      P   73	  36	 549   699     4	15
3    Ad. Scorpion G	M      Pa  89	  44	 549   699     4	18
5	Tarantula G	M      Pa 145	  72	 549   699     4	30
6   Ad. Tarantula G	M      Pa 189	  94	 549   699     4	39


3	 Helios 1 P	G      Ph  41	  20	 649   700     5.88	12
4     Helios 2(T) P	G      Ph  52	  26	 649   700     5.88	15
6	Fury 1(T) P	G      Ph  87	  43	 649   700     5.88	26
7	   Fury 2 P	G      Ph 116	  58	 649   700     5.88	34
8	Fury 2(T) P	G      Ph 176	  88	 750   750     5.88	53
8	   Fury 3 P	G      Ph 176	  88	 750   750     5.88	39


10 Energy Blaster -	-      -  635	 317	 699   600     4	 0
10  Energy Cannon -	-      -  847	 423	 699   600     3.03	 0

Special Weapon

10   Diamond Back -	-      - 1173	 586	 699   600     2       293
10	 Cerberus -	-      - 1173	 586	 699   600     2       293
10	     Onix -	-      - 1075	 537	 699   600     2       268
10	 Guardian -	-      - 1075	 537	 699   600     2       268
10     Blue Blaze -	-      - 1075	 537	 699   600     2       244
10	Wild Fire -	-      - 1075	 537	 699   600     2       220
10	Archangel -	-      -  978	 489	 699   600     2       268
10   Dark Blossom -	-      -  978	 489	 699   600     2       268
10  Thor`s Hammer -	-      -  880	 440	 699   600     2       244
10    Iron Hammer -	-      -  880	 440	 699   600     2       220
10    Blood Stone -	-      -  880	 440	 699   600     2       220
10   Golden Blade -	-      -  782	 391	 699   600     2       195
10    Silver Fire -	-      -  717	 358	 699   600     3.03    179
10	     Jade -	-      -  652	 326	 699   600     3.03    163
10     Prometheus -	-      -  586	 293	 699   600     3.03    146


Small Train
      Turret Mk 1 -	-      -   81	  40   	1200  1000     2	 0
Large Train
      Turret Mk 1 -	-      -   40	  20	1099  1222     2	 0
    Lifter Turret -	-      -  124	  62	1200  1000     2	 0
    Prison Turret -	-      -   40	  20	1099  1222     2	 0
 Cruiser Forward
              Gun -     -      -  202    101    1000   500     2         0
   Cruiser Turret -     -      -   40     20    1099  1222     2         0
 Cruiser Missile
           Turret -     -      -   81     40    1500   200     2         2,90
   Primary Turret -     -      -   81     40    1099  1222     2         0
 Secondary Turret -     -      -   81     40    1099  1222     2         0
  Tertiary Turret -     -      -   81     40    1099  1222     2         0
   Defense Turret -     -      -   40     20    1099  1222     2         0
      Flak Turret -     -      -   81     40       0   249     2       100

 10. Credits

GameFAQ's which is the best FAQ site I've ever seen :)

Limona Razvan

--Will Update--