Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
        "The easiest way to complete the adventure"
              By Sir Matarael of Qintarra


I. Introduction
II.Step By Step Guide to Beating Arcanum 
     1.	Crash Site
     2.	Shrouded Hills
     3.	Dernholm
     4.	Black Root
     5.	Tarant
     6.	Ashbury
     7.	Stillwater
     8.	Black Mountain Clan
     9.	Isle of Despair
     10.Wheel Clan
     14.T'sen Ang
     15.Caladon II
     16.Ashbury II and Stringy Pete's Cove
     18.Vendigroth Entrance
     21.Roseborough II
III.Credits and Disclaimers

I. Introduction

       Arcanum. An amazing world with complex rules and detailed environment. 
There are thousands of decisions to make in the world of Arcanum, and some 
decisions doesn't allow you to retract it to make another (unless you saved 
and reload, indeed). For instance, once you decided that you want to help the 
Mayor rid the thief, you can't assist the thief, and thus eliminating your 
option to do other certain quests.
       Here I will try to help you make those decisions. Having passed the 
game several times, I think I have about enough information to call myself an 
expert (if not a master). I've found out that some quests doesn't really need 
to be completed, for instance. Following this guide, you should be able to 
pass the game easily. This guide doesn't give any bollocks about alignment, 
but you will more likely turn out to be an alignment challenged character, if 
you catch my drift...
       Assuming that you have the game up and running, I will begin with the 
character creation. The first thing you need to do is make the right 
character. Here's the description:
       You can choose whatever race you want, but I recommend an Elf, a Human, 
or a Half Elf, since they are the most magick-friendly of all the races. 
Magick, as you will find out, is the short cut to Arcanum. Now, proceed to 
adding DX, ST, Melee, and Minor Heal spell. You can distribute the points as 
you wish. 
       DX will give you extra speed, ST will give you extra melee damage, and 
Melee will add accuracy to your hits. Heal is VERY useful because healing 
salves are expensive.
       Before you begin the game, I will remind you several things: First, 
SAVE A LOT. Especially when you are an evil character. Next, keep magickal 
objects, but sell all the rest. Gems, rings, armors, sell them. They are 
useless and money is good. Also, since I made this walkthrough as the fastest 
way to pass the game, you might miss many opportunities to level up by doing 
certain quests that I leave out. Compensate by killing enemies using 
fireflash in the wilderness or random locations. It's faster than doing 
quests :)... 
       Off you go!!

II. Step By Step Guide to Beating Arcanum

1. Crash Site

Level up tip : If you level up during this time, add up to your DX or Melee. 
They make it easier for you to kill, and thus gain more level.
Good quests :
       1.Go to a cave north of the map. In there you will fight several rats, 
find several useful explosives, and a ghost. Talk to the ghost, and you will 
receive a quest to kill a man named Arbalah. Upon exiting the Crash Site, a 
robed man will stop you and question you. You can trust Virgil to talk to him 
(and he will leave peacefully), or you can talk to him yourself (and he will 
attack you). I vote attack the little monkey and steal his robe. Easy.
       Go to Arbalah's house from the world map. He will tell you that the 
thieves had killed his wife and child, and stole his cup. Tell him you'll get 
his cup back.
       Go back to the crash site, then get to the thief's cave. Tell him that 
you promise to free him if he'd tell you where his partner is.
       Find his partner (Farhkus's shack in the world map), and take the cup. 
Then run him through anyway.
       Go back to Arbalah, give him the cup, and he will bless you. Then kill 
him and take back the cup.
       Go to the first thief, and tell him he's free. Next;
       The first thing you'll find in the game is a dying Gnome, giving you a 
ring. You will then find a human named Virgil, who will then join you. Being 
the smartass that he is, he will suggest that you go to Shrouded Hills to 
find the Elder Joachim.
       First things first :
       Make sure that you loot all the corpses around the crashed zeppelin. 
Items you should be looking for :
1.	A broken camera
2.	A note for Jared from a woman's corpse.
       You should then look at the aeroplane carcass at the northwest section 
of the map. 

2. Shrouded Hills

Level up tip : Tap Harm as soon as you can. It is very useful to kill pests 
like wolves and rats. Also keep leveling up your Melee, DX and WP. In the 
end, you will need at least 18 points of DX and WP.
Good quests :
       1.Go to a house located a bit above the stores. You will find Doc 
Roberts. Ask him for work, and you will be asked to help him thwart a bank 
robbery. Meet him in front of the bank, and help him rid the robbers.
	He will give you a present, and you will become the Hero of Shrouded 
Hills = cheaper price for items in stores.
2.The Toone mine quest. You will be doing a part of this anyway, so you 
might as well finish it. 
       In Shrouded Hills you will find a shopkeeper named Ristrezze. Go and 
ask him about the ring. He will say that he'll tell you about it if you get 
him one or two of these items:
1.	A camera (which by now you should already have)
2.	Something that belongs to Bessie Toone.
You should not give him the camera, because you can use it later on. Instead, 
go to the Toone mine. Explore the mines, and find several neat magick items. 
You will also find the ghost of Bessie. Talk to her, and look at the crates 
in the room where you found her. You will find a boot with her name on it. 
Take it.
	Go to the house right south of the mine. You will find Percy Toone. 
Talk to him about his mom and the mine. He will give you a quest to rid the 
mine of the ghost.
	While you're around there, kill some chickens. They give you good exp. 
	Go to Ristrezze and give him the BOOTS. Not the camera, remember. He 
will tell you that P Shcuyler & Sons is located in Tarant, and mark your map. 
While you're there, sell everything you can sell (like the robes from the 
freak you met at the crash, and any looted items he's willing to buy).
       Go to the man standing in the middle of the town and ask around. But 
DON'T ACCEPT HIS QUEST. A little above is a dwarf. He claims to be Preston 
Radcliffe's brother and wants the ring. Tell him to piss off.
       Talk to a guard, and tell him you want to be an apprentice in melee. If 
you have more money, train in dodge as well.
       Then go to the inn. Go to the room down the hall, and loot the bodies 
there. Then take the note lying on the floor. Read it, and Virgil will rudely 
interrupt you, telling you to do as the note says. Ignore him.
       Now go the bridge, and talk to the thief guarding it. If you are a good 
thief, pickpocket the key from him. Otherwise, you can kill him (unlikely, 
since he has 2 ogre guards), or pay him, or accept his quest to destroy the 
bridge materials located southeast from there. I prefer destroying the 
materials, because he will give you some useful info afterwards.
       How do you do that : SAVE. Take off all weapons and gloves. Take 
Virgil's weapons and gloves. Go to battle mode, then press and hold Alt, 
while clicking on the materials. You will suffer health damage, but Virgil 
will heal you. If you come close to dying, press spacebar, and the battle 
will turn to turn based mode. Stop hitting the materials and just stand until 
Virgil heal you or destroy a pile of material. After which , rest for an hour 
(to replenisch Virgil's fatigue points so he can heal you again). Proceed to 
destroy the other piles. Why not use the bombs, you ask? Because it's a 
priceless weapon to be used againts enemies too powerfull for you in your 
early levels, like the Golems.
       Go back to the Witless. He will give you the key and inform you about 
the Thieve's Circle. You can join them later in Tarant, but it's not 
essential, so I won't mention it any further in this quick Guide.
       Now get out of town. Upon exiting, the dwarf who claims to be Preston 
Radcliffe's brother stops you. Tell him to go to hell and send him there. 
Then take his belongings. Off to Dernholm.

3. Dernholm

Level up tip : Tap Disarm spell. And continue upping your DX and WP.
Good Quests :
       1. First things first. Go straight along the street past the statue, 
then enter a house on your left. If you have the right house, you should meet 
Sarah Toone. Tell her about the mine, and she will tell you the address of 
the current owner. He is in Tarant, so you will have your map marked.
       2. Head to the castle. Meet the king and ask around; he will give you a 
quest to retreive some tax money from the mayor of Black Root. Now your map 
has been marked.
       Next, get to the weapon store. See his inventory by asking for barter. 
Yeeessss.... Nice items. Wait till evening, then wait 2 hours. When he is 
going to sleep, follow him. As he sleeps, SAVE. Then use Harm spell on him 
(if you have it), or just whack him good with your sword. When he dies, loot 
him. Then proceed to opening his crates. In one of them, you should find 
those goodies he was selling. Take as much as you can, and have Virgil carry 
some as well. Have Virgil wear the Dread Armor because although it's VERY 
good, it makes people hate you. Now you are dressed for the adventure!
       While in this town, you can ask around to get the location of the 
Ancient Temple.
       On to the next town... 

4. Black Root.

Level up tips : If you enough Melee and Dodge level to become an Expert, then 
use the points on St., Dx, or Wp. Otherwise, get them first. You will learn 
to become an Expert here : go to the house in the just below the mayor's 
office, surrounded by water. There should be several guards walking around 
there. Talk to the older one, and listen to his story. Now ask him to train 
you in Melee and Dodge. Since you've releived the Dernholm weapon 
storekeeper's belongings, the cost shouldn't be a problem.

Good Quests : 
       1. Go to the eastern part of town. You will find a woman in a large 
house. Talk to her, and she will tell you about her missing son Liam. Where 
is he? On the world map, go to the coordinates 1181W, 1464S. You will find 
the boy's shack. Enter, and take his book and his device. Save. Follow the 
road to the Gate. Slowly. Meet a monster, kill him with everything you have, 
and rest  to fill your Ft. Save. Keep doing this until you find the Gate. Use 
the device immediately on it, or more and more monsters will come. Return to 
the lady in Blackroot.
       2. Go to the Mayor, and pick his pocket for the treasure tax box. Use 
your Fate Point here if you have any, because it's a tough one. Or do it 
after he's asleep. Tell him afterwards you have the money, and that his 
useless guards won't help him much. Then have him rejoin Dernholm. Off to 
Dernholm, and give the tax to the King. More money. Now talk to him, and 
he'll mention another quest.
       In Blackroot, nothing will move you forward in the main quest. But 
here's a good trick : talk to the Weapon shopkeeper, and listen to his story 
like you really care. He will give you a dwarven gauntlet. Now save, and pick 
his pocket for a key. Use the key to open the chest on his table. Take 
whatever is in it, and use the chest as YOUR safe. This will be your Bank in 
Black Root. Banks are useful for storing your items, so you can use them 
later without having to have to carry them. You can store gems, weapons, 
armors, and spells, and they wont disappear. Next, ...

5. Tarant.

Level up tips : Use your points on DX, ST, WT, and skills like Melee and 
Dodge. Magic you might want to tap is Unlocking Cantrip or Agility of Fire. 
Remember, NEVER tap Gambling, Haggle, Heal, Prowling, Backstab, Repair, 
Disarm Trap, or Fire Arms. You won't get to use them anyway in this Guide

Good Quests :
       1. Upon entering Tarant, head towards the east side docks. Somewhere 
near Madam Lil's is a huge warehouse with a man standing in front of it. Ask 
him and he will give you a quest to rid the building of rats. Go in, enter 
the smaller building, and KILL RATS. Take a key from the desk, and proceed to 
the main building. Then KILL RATS. Don't use harm, because there are too many 
rats and you will drop tired before long. They are easy, so you shouldn't 
have too much trouble. Check everything, and take what you like. There is a 
locked crate in the end of the room. Empty it of useless garbage, and store 
your precious items there (like any magic items you have but not using, gems, 
and armors). Also store a Molochean amulet there. This is your Bank in 
Tarant. Tell the owner you've rid the rats.
       2.  Go to Madam Lil's. Ask her how you can shag her girls without 
paying, and she will send you on a quest to retreive a medallion. The house 
in which the amulet is located  (Moore's Residence) is in the midwest of the 
city. Keep looking at the street name and number, and you should have it. 
Enter, and there should be a woman there. Talk to her, and scare the piss out 
of her. She will give you a Dorian Amulet. Wear it. [Note : You can return it 
to Madam Lil, and receive a second quest, in which you can milk the 
Bridesdale Inn doorman of all his money, but since you don't need money that 
much in this game, I just keep the amulet]
       3. Go a bit above your Bank (rat warehouse), and there should be a 
building (25 Lion's Head Circle : "Stanton Importer") with 3 people standing 
in it. Talk to the man in the middle, and have him sell you the deed to the 
Toone Mine. It should cost you 350. Buy it.
       Head west of the warehouse, passing an empty house. Enter a garden, and 
you will find a Gypsy. Ask her to identify your unidentified magick objects.
       Head to the house where you found the Dorian Amulet (Moore's 
Residence). Next to it is a small alley leading to a house with a symbol of a 
bird with a snake's head. P Schuyler and Sons. Enter, and you will find a man 
standing there. Off with his head, and take his key. Enter the next room and 
use the trap door.
       KILL ZOMBIES. Save, and loot the chests. Work your way down, saving 
oftenly. In the lowest level, you will find Dwarven zombies. Save, and go to 
the next room. You will find the Schuylers. Talk to them and tell them you 
will keep their secret if they show you the ring's owner. Now the deceased 
Mr. Pelonius will speak to you. "Gilbert Bates". Now kill the Schuylers. Take 
the armors in the room with the dwarven zombies, and have them identified by 
the Gypsy. Use the better armor, and sell the other. (Virgil must ALWAYS wear 
the Dread armor).
       Head north, and find the biggest house. Convince the guard you need to 
come in. If he says no, follow his quest:
       Go to the northeast part of the city, and find the warehouse. Tell the 
guard what you're there for, and go to the room with the Steam engine. Wait 
until evening, and wait 4 more hours. Some fellows should be teleporting in. 
Let them taste your blade, and loot them naked. Ah. Before you go, head down 
a little to a small warehouse with an Ogre in it ( 57 Mulligan Bone Alley). 
Talk to him and he'll say that you are in the wrong house. Off with his head, 
and take his key. Open the case in the locked room. A Painting! Go to 
Gilbert's house.
       On the second floor, you meet Gill Bates. Talk to him, and get the 
location of the Black Mountain Clan. Okay.
       But don't go to the BM Clan, because they are golems there and you will 
be rendered boneless within seconds at your current level. Instead, let us go 
on a side trip first. Go over to P Schuyler's place, and head south from 
there. There should be a house with its door facing east. Enter, and you will 
see a woman crying next to her bodyguard. Tell her you have her painting 
back. She will get suspicious, so just tell her to have the bloody thing. She 
will reward you DOUBLE. Heh heh... Now head west to the Vermillion Station. 
The guard standing to your right on the entrance is Jared. Give him the note 
from the woman's corpse in the crash. He will mention another quest. Ignore 
       Enter the station, and reserve a ticket to Ashbury. You will be asked 
many questions, and the lady will tell you to ride on the Mage side of the 
train. Go to Ashbury!

6. Ashbury.

Level up tips : Keep using your points on DX, WP, and skills Melee and Dodge. 
Magic you might want to tap is of the Fire.and Dark Necromancy school. 
       Good Quests :
1. None.
       There is no good quest here in Ashbury at the moment because your level 
isn't sufficient, but the first thing, the VERY FIRST THING you do is SAVE. 
Then run as fast as your feet can take you to the east, heading to the north 
part of town. Above the city hall, there is a house. On its east side, there 
is a Worthless Mutt (dog) being kicked by a kid. Threaten him to give the dog 
to you, and kill him if you wish. This dog is the most POWERFUL NPC you'll 
find in this game.
       Now head back west. There is an herbalist here somewhere, and behind it 
is a series of identical small houses. In the middle one, however, you will 
find a man standing. Enter the house, and you will be attacked by a 
mechanical poison Arachnid. Have the dog attack it, and use your harm spells 
on it. Why? Because it damages your weapon. After that, rest an hour and 
save. Then proceed downstairs via the trapdoor. Once you're down there, cast 
Agility of Fire on yourself and the Dog. Then have the dog walk (right click 
on his portrait, the select Walk) to the big crate in the middle of the room. 
An automaton will emerge. Have the dog attack it, and you attack it with 
Harm. Easy. Now open the crate near there, and take the armor. Shed your 
armor, and wear the Iron Man armor. Wheee! 
       Now go to the docks, where you will find an elf shopkeeper. Buy a 
statue of L'itani.
       Now skip town to Stillwater. Where is it? Take a look at the World Map. 
Next to the Black Wheel clan's entrance is a Y-shaped river. THAT's where it 
is. The coordinates are 1190 W 754 S. Head there!

7. Stillwater.

Level up tips : Now it's time to level up your magic in the school of 

       Good Quests : 
1. The Geshtianna quest : See the town map, and scroll east. Almost off the 
map to the east is a house. Enter. Inside you will see a man who looks -
weirdly- beautiful. Cast Agility on yourself and the Dog, and put an end to 
this man's life. Take his key, and take the huge idol in the next room. Go to 
the Stillwater Giant statue in the middle of the town again, and go to the 
building west of it. It's a church. Go on to its backyard, and meet the lady 
there. Tell her you have the statue. You are Blessed, and get an invitation 
to an orgy. What's an orgy? Well, it's like they say; "if you gotta ask, . . 
2. Now head to the east. On the city map, you'll see a house barely clinging 
on the town map. Around the house you should find foot prints. Follow it to a 
cave, loot the things laying about, and wait for the Ogre to return. Have the 
Dog chew on him. [ Important note : You MUST ALWAYS attack your enemies too! 
You and your party members only take Exp. points based on YOUR attacks, so 
don't get lazy and just let everyone else kill your enemies, you have to do 
it too!]. Take his key, and free the wizard. Back in town, go to the 
weaponsmith. Ask him about Stillwater, and he'll tell you about Stillwater 
blades. Ask him if he charms his weapons too, and he'll mention the little 
wizard. Tell him you've freed him, and you get a Stillwater blade. Now sell 
all the useless weapons you might have, and use the Stillwater (if I'm 
correct, this should be the best weapon you have at the moment).
3. Now go to a house somewhere in the middle of the town with a thief in it. 
Have him tell you the story of the Great Ruby. Get his book, and have him 
mark your map. Toss the book, and wait until he sleeps. Now snatch his neat 
ring and run like the wind. Later, when you are more powerful, pay a visit to 
the Altar. Waltz in there like you own the place and the so called 
'frightening' demons will appear. Reduce them to bloody pulp, and take the 
       Anyway, go to the Innkeeper. Steal the book in his possession (this is 
meant for you anyway, but following the main quest takes too long)
       Off you go to the Black Mountain clan.

8. Black Mountain Clan.

Level up tips : Same as before. The key is that you MUST get these spells : 
Teleportation and  Fireflash. With these spells, you will be a god.
       Good Quests :None.
       You will find many Detect Trap spells in the mines, and it's a good 
idea to use it in the levels where the traps are infuriatingly scattered like 
dandruff on a hot day. Whenever you spot a Golem, have your Dog attack it, 
with you Harming it from a distance. You should be able to level up a few 
times here. A tip to eradicate the Kites is to just Fireflash them when they 
are grouped. Your party WILL NOT be harmed by your fireflash, so have no 
doubt about using it. But pay attention to your Ft bar. If it goes zero or 
negative, you will drop unconcious.
       Go until you find a set of 3 stairways surrounded by wolves. The 3rd and 
4th leads to the same area, while the 2nd goes to your destination. Raid the 3rd 
and 4th stairs first, since there are some valuables there.
       Anyway, in the end of the tunnels, you will find a mad Dwarf rambling 
on about a pillar. Go read the pillar behind him. Bang! Quest completed.
       Now go back to Tarant, and tell Gill Bates. He will instruct you to go 
to the Isle of Despair, via Ashbury.
       Note : 
       By now you should have some pretty impressive equipments and a worthy 
level. You may want to go to :
       1. Shrouded Hills to give Percy the Mine Deed (and get reward - only if 
you haven't said you'll give it to Sarah) or to Dernholm and give it to Sarah 
(to get  Filament Sword and become the Saviour of Shrouded Hills).
       2. Ashbury. You can also go to the large castle in Ashbury, and KILL 
GHOULS & SKELETONS there. You can increase your level up to FOUR times there, 
beating the easy skeletons, using Fireflash. BE WARNED, however, that the 
boss there (The Lord Of the Damned) is extremely tough. If you CAN defeat 
him, you'll get a few great equipments.
       While in Ashbury, you might want to visit the graves and KILL ZOMBIES. 
Go to the mausoleum, and go further down to the Catacombs, and get 
interesting things like The Mace of The Damned, and the Gem of Malachai Rench 
(Which, you can give to Ashe outside the gates, and thus completing his 
quest, and have him join you - provided that you are leveled enough and have 
seen a lot of the world).
       3. Dernholm. Complete Sir Garrick Stout's quest and have him train you 
to be a Master of Melee. You can then be a goody character and kill him, and 
let the girl (Lady Drusilla) go (which will lead to the quest in which you 
can train to be a Master of Dodge - see #5), or just leave.
       4. Tarant. Join the Clan Maug in the Boil. It's fairly simple. But I 
don't see much good in this, save for the fact that you can start a war with 
the Pollocks gang.
       5. Stillwater. Find the blind Adkins there. If you've become a Master 
of Melee, you should know who I'm talking about. If you have the CURE for his 
blindness, even better. Ask him to train you to become a Master of Dodge.
       6. The Ancient Temple. Go there and kill all the ghouls and skeletons. 
Plenty of easy level ups. And there is Torien Kel, an ancient warrior of the 
Derian Ka who can join you.

9. Isle of Despair.

Level up tips : Same as before. If  you have the spells : Teleportation and  
Fireflash already, then gods be with you, you are soon a master of the game. 
Otherwise, gain them.

Good Quests :
       1. Upon entering the gate, the guard will tell you about the strange 
beast plaguing the camp. Go around the camp, and behind it you will find foot 
prints. Follow it, and you will come across a building with a Temporal beast 
in it. Send him to the great beast heaven in the sky, and loot the area. You 
should find the venom gloves among other things. Don't use it. Return to the 
guard and he will give you a Serpentine Necklace. Have Virgil wear this, 
since it lowers people's reaction to you.
       2. Inside, the first house to your left is a man making potato  
moonshine (Norian). He will have you deliver a bottle to Maximillian. Accept 
this, and head to the man's house. After delivering the good, persuade him to 
tell you his story. Wow! He's the true prince of Dernholm! You can later go 
to Dernholm and tell Del Par about him. 
       Now to the main quest. You will soon realise that in order to meet the 
only dwarf in the camp is to pitfight, which is a fairly easy thing to do.So 
easy, in fact, that I came back to do more fights. Fight 4 times (until you 
face the 3 halflings), and you will be the World Wide Pitfighting Champion, 
and everyone in the enclave will respect you more.
       After that, go in and meet the dwarf Thorvald. After he explains 
everything, save the game. Wear your glove of thieving and pick his pocket of 
his Glasses. Also get the key to his drawer and get his book and schematic. 
The book reveals the location of  the entrance to the Wheel Clan. Done here, 
go back to the mainland. If by now you have Teleportation, teleport straight 
to the Wheel Clan entrance. Once you are there, stand on the platform and 
wear the glasses. Voila!

10. Wheel Clan.

Level up tips : You should have most requirements you need. Level up as you 
wish now.

       Good Quests :
       1. The Dread Spider quest. I did this unknowing it WAS a quest. 
Basically, you go to the mines and rid it of all sort of monsters,  until you 
find a chamber with Dread Spiders in it. Destroy them and you will become a 
hero of the Clan.
       2. The Iron Clan quest : Some fellow named Erick Obsidian will give you 
a quest to find the mysterious Iron Clan and Durin's Stone. This quest can 
only be completed once you're discovered the location of Caladon and 
Roseborough. Accept it anyway, and do it as you do the main quest. Now : You 
will receive a schematic, and some clue. What to do : Along your travel, the 
main quest will have you obtain a book called "Horror Among the Dark Elves" . 
The man who has it is said to live in Caladon. In his house, there is a 
locked display of a book , "Durin's Truth". Steal the book. It will reveal 
the location of "The Iron Clan Entrance". Now head to the church there 
(Caladon).  Talk to Hadrian, and he will have you obtain the skull of 
Nasrudin. Snatch the key from the guard of the tomb, and enter. Find the 
coffin, and look at it. Human. Then see the lid. Hmm... Take the skull to 
Hadrian. Then talk to Gunther. Go back to Hadrian's room. 
       There are glass cases containing an eye, a finger, and a glass key. If 
you haven't found the Journal of Mannox, do so : 
       It's a bit off to the west of Roseborough (see Roseborough part a bit 
down this Guide). Just go west from the Ring of Brodgar, and once you reach 
the beach, follow it to the north. There will be some sort of lid. If Hadrian 
gave you the password already, you will be able to open it. Do so and go in. 
Take the book and sword, and go back to the church.  Give the sword to the 
Acolyte and go to Hadrian, who will then give you the items. You can kill 
Hadrian and take the key, but he is vital to the main ("good") quest. 
       Anyway, once you have the key, go to the Iron Clan entrance. Use the 
glass key. Go in and KILL ROBOTS. Take the armour, hammer, and stone. Give 
the stone to Obsidian and done.
       In the Wheel Clan, go to its throne room. It's straight on from the 
entrance. Just go north and you will find it. Talk to the King, and he will 
tell you that the real king, his father, has gone into exile in the Dredge. 
Tell him about the mission and receive his permission to enter the Dredge. 
Now head out of the throne room, and go east to an entrance guarded by a 
dwarf. Tell him you have permission to enter. The cave is not that hard a 
maze, but the monsters can be a bit tough. Soon you will find a large room 
with monster corpses scattered about. Go straight into the next room and you 
will find the NAKED king. Just what you need after a lengthy,exhausting  
quest: an old, naked, crazy dwarf. But anyway, talk to him and be 
       He mentions something about elves forcing him to punish the Black 
Mountain Clan into banishment, so that's where you need to go : the City of 
Elves, Qintarra.
       Go to Stillwater, and find a house a little north of the Geshtianna 
temple (where you had the orgy). Inside is an elf. Talking to him needs a 
trick. But eventually he will ask you if you mind telling him your quest. 
Tell him you don't mind, and don't tell him. Wait until he asks why aren't 
you telling him, tell him you said it's okay for him to know, but it doesn't 
mean you will tell him. And he will give you a quest to obtain a Stillwater 
Giant pelt. 
       Head to Tarant, enter the H T Parnell's museum (the one with the 
Brahmin and intelligent orc), and wait until the curator sleeps. Steal the 
key, and take the fake pelt. Give it to the elf in Stillwater. He will give 
you the location of Qintarra and Hardin's Pass. Go through the pass, and head 
for ... Qintarra!

11. Qintarra.

Level up tips : If you are satisfied with your current level and ability, the 
use your points to increase St, Persuasion, and other magicks you want..

Good Quests :
       1.The first thing you do as you enter Qintarra (up the tree) is walk 
down a tad. Right below the stairs to the west is a hunter. He will give you 
a quest to find one of his hunters. Accept this quest, and you will be 
pointed to the Bedokaan village. Head there, and talk to the king. He will 
give you yet another quest, to rid the poachers. KILL POACHERS. Tell king, 
and voila. While you are there, walk around the village to pick up AT LEAST 2 
heartstones. Yo will need 2 for offerings to Makaal, whose altar is located 
in the village as well. Find a pit in the centre of the village and tell the 
elf he is free.
       2. The Swyft quest. There is a young elf (150 years old) named Swyft 
who wants you to take her to Tarant. Just take her because you're bound to go 
back to Tarant anyway. Someday.
       On to the main quest. Head towards the throne room. Talk to the sexy 
Raven. She will send you to Falcon's Ache to rid the area of industrialists. 
Head there.
       Talk to the head, and provoke him. Tell him he talks like a woman and 
everything, and then let HIM ATTACK YOU. He is toast. Go back to Raven.
       She will allow you to enter. Talk to the spooky Silver Lady. Head back 
out to Raven. "Find the leaves" the Lady said. Which means find the book. 
Where is the book? Let us find out in Tarant. 
       Go to the library and pickpocket the lady there. Read the book. Bam! 
Now head for the docks and rent a ship. Go to Caladon.

12. Caladon.

Level up tips : No more.
Good Quests :
       1. If you obeyed me and took the camera from the crash, head to the 
southern part of town and enter the huge warehouse. Ask the man what is going 
on and he will give you a quest to prove his machine can fly. Give him the 
camera, and he'll give you a Medical Arachnid. 
       Basically, you are here only to find out the location of Roseborough. 
You will need to get back here later though.
       Anyway, you best have a shovel by now; if not, get one from a general 
store. Go to the cemetary, and dig up a fellow named Misk's grave. Find a 
book there. Now talk to the Misk lady (whose address you can find by talking 
to anyone in the city). Ask her about her husband and his father. Now ask for 
the location of Roseborough (from anyone, I believe).Head to Roseborough.

13. Roseborough.

Level up tips : No more
Good Quests :
       1. The Lithe Wyvern quest. A man in the inn will give you a quest to 
photograph the Wyvern, which is said to be able to erase memory, which is bollocks. 
You just take the camera, put it in an active slot, then head to the 
location. Use the camera on the Wyvern, and kill it dead. Then photograph it 
again, just for kicks. You will notice that there is a bridge here somewhere. 
If you haven't tapped Teleport, then SHAME ON YOU, but this bridge will make 
traveling easier. Give the camera back.
       Now head to the cemetary. Dig up graves until you find a book titled 
"Horror Among the Dark Elves". Open it, and thou shalt receive the location 
of Tsen Ang. Head there. You can't teleport there, by the way.

14. Tsen Ang.

Good Quests :
       1. There are some ogre captives here. You can take their quest to take 
out the mage holding them, and in return they will kill all the elves, which 
is an amuzing sight to behold. Or you can take on all the elves yourself. 
It's not that hard.
       2. There is an NPC named Z'an Alurin here that you can recruit if you 
       Here the path divides. You can finish the game as the 'good' guy, or as 
the 'evil' guy. I will provide the 'good' guy method first, and make a second 
walthrough ending half later.
       Go to the throne room. (So very predictable, is it not?). Talk to M'in 
Gorad. Then show her how sharp your sword is. Search her corpse. After that, 
you can Conjure Spirit her corpse, for kicks.
       Go out, and the Molochean Hand leader will stop you. You can either 
tell him that they've been used, like it says on that book you stole from the 
innkeeper in Stillwater, and he will then spare you and you become "Friend of 
the Molochean Hand"; or you may just kill his monkey arse, since the 
Molochean are easy kills anyway.
       Either way, head back to Qintarra.
       Once you've reached Qintarra, take ALL of Virgil's belonging. I mean 
everything that you deem valuable or necessary. Leave him naked. Talk to 
Raven, who will now join you. You need to consult the Church of the Panarii 
in Caladon! 
       As you leave Qintarra, Virgil will leave you..

15. Caladon part II

       [Note: I wrote this part in the Durin's Stone Quest back in the Wheel 
Clan section, but I will write it again in case you didn't do the quest] 
       Talk to the Acolyte in the church. Then head to the back, and talk to 
Hadrian and Gunther. Hadrian will have you obtain the skull of Nasruddin in 
the tomb below the church. Go to its gate, and relieve the guard of the keys. 
Enter the tomb, and check the coffin. Then check the lid. Now take the skull 
and go to Hadrian. He will be shocked. Talk to Gunther. Talk to the Acolyte. 
You must now go to the island of Thanatos.
       Before you go : If you managed to take the Journal of St. Mannox, 
Hadrian will give you the objects he has in those glass cases. The Finger 
makes an exellent amulet for you to wear.
       Also, head to the Weeping Onion. Go to the room next to it (with the 
pool table), and use the trap door. SAVE. Then enter turn based battle mode. 
Go to the next room and destroy the mafias. Virgil will be there as well. 
After Virg awakes, he will talk strange. You see, the game programs the 
mafias to kill Virgil. And by the time you arrive, you were SUPPOSED to see 
him getting killed; you kill the attackers, and use the Resurrecting scroll 
on Virgil, who will then talk like he'd just been dead. But the thing is, he 
DIDN'T die. So his speech will sound strange :)
       So how DO you get to Thanatos? Well, you need a boat. Get to Ashbury.

16. Ashbury & Stringy Pete's cove.

Good Quests :
       1. It turns out captain Teach's the Gypsy Shadow has been lost in a 
game of dice. Bollocks. Now you have to get a new boat, or  win the Gypsy 
back, or take Stringy Pete's boat. I vote the third. There's a drunk in the 
Meager Draught bar somewhere. Steal his map. Head there. 
       In the location you will find a boat. Take it to an island just off 
shore. Walk the path and you will meet Pete. Talk to him. You can then choose 
: just gut the old bastard or do his quest to release his soul. Listen to his 
quest, one by one, until you get all the detail. If you are good, do the 
quest. If you are evil, then show Pete just who is the king of the seas. He 
will summon more skeletons. What you must do is go into turn base combat, and 
disarm ALL of them. Fighting them will then be a breeze. A long battle, but 
an easy one. Take their belongings. His quest to the Bangelian Deeps is good, 
because then you get to have the Bangelian Scourge, which is an evil, EVIL 
sword. Use it, and your alignment drops 20 or so by each hit. If you decided 
to do his quest, then here we go :
       First go to his treasure location (given by the Stringy One himself), 
and dig it up. Then go to the family he owes and give them the treasure and 
the boot buckle.
       Next go to the Halcyon Church. Ask the priest if you can make an 
offering, and he will tell you to get a stone from a special quarry. Empty 
you belongings, and head to the quarry. If you have enough St., pick up the 
huge altar stone yourself and give it to the priest. Otherwise, have the ogre 
in front of the church to come with you. He will carry it.
       Third, go to the Bangelian Deeps. Fight your way through, and you will 
reach a room with several Paladins in it. KILL PALADINS. Then look at the 
chest on the corner. If you are good, DON'T use it. Just pick it up and toss 
it inside the furnace (the almighty furnace will destroy anything you put in 
it.).  If you are evil anyway, use the scourge. But then the quest will not 
be complete, and you would have to kill Petey. And pick up some Black 
Diamonds while you are there.
       Anyway, now you have a ship. Go to Thanatos. 

17. Thanatos.

       As you arrive you will see a camp. Ransack it and read the book. Now 
you have the location of the tomb of Nasruddin. Now take the boat back to 
Ashbury. Then Teleport back to Thanatos. Go to the tomb of Nasruddin. Kill 
your way to the small hut, and talk to the old Elf. Whoa; Nasruddin himself! 
And it turns out, Arronax is his son! (Nasrudin is "N'as R'din",  and "A'yr 
N'as" means "heir of N'as") Ah well. Listen to his story, and head to 
Vendigroth to get the Device.

18. Vendigroth Wastes Entrance.

       Talk to the man here in the entrance. He will give you a location of a 
city with no gates and the location of a ruin. The city is Tulla.

19. Tulla.

Good Quests: 
	1. Once you are inside, you will find Masters of each college of 
magick. The master of water magick will have you take a gem from his pupil 
just outside Tulla. Go out, meet him, and kill him dead. Take the gem, and 
his Power Armor, which is better than the one you are wearing. Return the gem 
to the master.

       On the gate, the guard will tell you that you've been expected. Right. 
Enter, and head straight to the main building. Go straight until you see a 
mural. Take a look at it. Then go upstairs. Now go in and talk to the mage. 
Tell him everything, and he will say that Pelojian, a fellow who'd been dead 
for a few hundred years, will tell you what to do. Bollocks. Now what?
       Remember the mural? Look, and write down the groupings of the magick 
symbols. They are a sequence; first the one on the upper left, then the upper 
right, then the lower left, and the lower right. Each group has its own group 
symbol. Now head outside. You will see the Pelojian pool. Around it are the 
group symbols. Choose one, and consult your note. Around Tulla are tiles with 
magick school symbols on them. Step on the tiles, in sequence (I think), as 
written on your note, per group symbol. If you have it right, the last symbol 
of each group will be in front of a building, and the door will open. Pick up 
the object in the buildings. You will then have 3 books and an amulet. Wait 
until midnight, and stand in front of the pool. Wear the amulet. Bingo! 
Pelojian will appear and talk to you. You will now have the location of the 
Vendigroth ruin.
       While you are here in Tulla, you might want to master a school of 
magick. Becoming a master means you will only use half Ft point when you are 
casting a spell of that school. But mastering one school means you can't 
master another. And you can only become a master once you've learned all the 
spells in the school, because the test involves you using them magic. You 
should now have the school of Conveyance studied fully. You could master 
that, or a school you think you will be using more, like Necromancy Dark or 
Fire. Anyway, just do it and head to Vendigroth.

20. Vendigroth.

Good Quests: None.
       Vendigroth is fairly easy. What you will find there are mostly spider 
kin. From Molten Arachnids to those spider maidens. Go to the next levels by 
using the air vents. A simply straight forward dungeon with minor twists will 
lead you to the Altar of Velorien. Whatever you do, DON'T STEP ON IT. Just 
note the location. After that, you will find another building. In it are 
several automatons. Just Fireflash them to hell or let the Dog finish them 
off. You will find the Vendigroth device here. 
       Now your journey near its end. Time to do the Altars quest. First of 
all, collect the following ingredients : 
       1 L'itani statue (which you obtained in Ashbury), 
       2 Heartstones (available in the Bedokaan village), 
       2 Lava Rocks (from Black Mountain Clan or Wheel Clan), 
       1 Passion Root (available in the wilds)
       1 Olive Branch (available in the Wheel Clan near Erick Obsidian)
       1 Ruby (available everywhere)
       2 Rings (any ring)
       2 Minura Coins (available everywhere)
       1 Bone Dagger (carried by barbarians or kites in the Morbihans) or 
         Reaper Axe (sold by Gypies)
       1 Black Diamond (available random in the world, mostly in the Bangelian 
       1 Geode.
       Now head to Falchon's Ache. Near there is the Altar of Ter'El. Put the 
L'Itani in the Altar. Next to Bedokaan. Find the Altar of Makaal, and use the 
Heartstone. Next, to Alberich's Altar in the Wheel Clan. Use the Lava Rock. 
Now to Stillwater. Head to the Geshtianna Altar, and use the Passion Root. 
Then go to Halcyon's Altar in Vooriden(the one you built during Stringy 
Pete's quest). Use the Olive Branch. Bam! You have now completed the First 
       Now go to Torg's Altar (1215 W, 1138 S) and use the Ruby. Next go to 
Bolo's Altar (1625 W, 1635 S) and use a ring. Then to Kerlin's Altar (882 W, 
424 S), and use a Minura Coin. Then to Shakar's Altar in Kree and use the 
Bone Dagger or the Reaper's Axe. Finally, head to the Ancient Temple (777 W, 
920 S)and use the Black Diamond. Blam, you have completed the Second Circle.
       The final Circle is Alberich, then Makaal, then Kerlin, then Bolo. 
After that, head to Gorgoth's Pass (1500W, 1442 S)from Caladon's side, and 
find the Altar of Kaitan there. Use the Geode. Third Circle!
       Now head to Vendigroth and go to that Altar of Velorien. Now walk into 
it. You will DIE!!! But then you will be resurrected. And you have completed 
the Altars Quest. Which means you now have better statistics.
       Now go to the Ring of Brodgar in Roseborough.

21. Roseborough Part II.

Good Quests: None.
       Skip all the bollocks and head for the Ring. But SAVE first. Now whack  
Nasruddin on the head. You will be banished...the man just doesn't have a 
sense of humor.

22. Void.

Good Quests: None

       Nothing interesting here but weak Void lizards and Arayas (the jelly 
fish thingamajig). Destroy them all. Use the teleporter to get to the next 
location. It's an ancient ruin of a building. Go downstairs and find... 
Arronax! WAIT, don't kill him. Go talk to him and find out what's REALLY 
going on. Then butcher the guards outside. Arronax is now free. Have him join 
you.Step into the ring in Arronax's chamber, and you will teleport to 
Kerghan's castle. Skip it for now. Enter the next teleporter. Keep using the 
teleporters to jump to the next land mass, while cleaning each one of pests. 
Whenever you find one of those legends who were banished, try to provoke them 
to fight you. It's amusing. They should have done THAT all those years ago. 
You will find interesting objects while you are here, like the Torien Kel's 
Ancestral Blade and the sword of . After you are through, head to Kerghan's 
Palace. Provoke the guards, and kill them dead. I believe you should be level 
50 by now, but if you're not, then proceed to the super portal next to the 
castle. Kill them too. Then enter the castle.
       Fight your way through, which is also quite easy, and you will meet 
       Talk to him, and hear his tale. Pretty damn original ambition. Usually 
they want to RULE the world, or enslave it, or something. He just wants to 
kill them all.
       Ah, well. You will be presented with a choice : join him or DIE!! I 
vote join him. But you may destroy him as well. He will transform into an 
Alien Queen (or something similar). Keep whacking him with your blade, until 
he transforms back to human form and tries to regenerate. Then use the 
Vendigroth Device on him. End!!!
       If Raven is still with you, you get to shag her rotten :).

III. Credits and Disclaimers.

       Credits : 
1. Sierra, ofcourse who'd made the game. I hope they will make 
Arcanum II, III, ... X. I will keep buying them! Unless they switch 
to first person mode. Then I won't buy them.
2. Troika, same as above. And I also hope they get the rights to 
make the Fallout series too, so we get to see Fallout 3.
3. Gamefaqs. And those who visit it. I made this walkthrough knowing 
that there are people who will read them from Gamefaqs... If they 
post it.
4. q-cept's FAQ. Not that I took any material from his FAQ (because 
I know all the things I need already), but it brought me the idea.
5.	My friend Coki (read : Chock-ee), for trying out things I 
wouldn't do in the game.

Disclaimers : 

       This walkthrough is written by me, Matarael, for personal use only on 
September 2001. It is not meant to be used commercially.
       Don't do the things said in this WT (that would be 'walkthrough') in 
real life.
       Don't hold me responsible if following this WT makes your character 
evil. Evil is good.
       Don't copy this WT without crediting me, or I will be forced to kick 
your arse. Well, not really, but some bad karma will come your way. If you 
want to post it or use it, then please let me know first (
       Sierra or Troika has nothing to do with writing this WT, so don't 
bother asking them.
       I try to make a WT that will make your journey as quick as possible, 
but I realise this WT is not perfect. Yet. So any help will be appreciated. 
But please write "Arcanum WT" or something on the subject so I won't 
accidently delete it.