Question from gizmo_junior

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can i find that patch?

From my previous question which was how do i get the other teams from skirmish game to attack each other instead of me. someone answered it with getting a patch. how exactly to i find this patch he mentioned something about yuri's revenge which i do have. but mainly i just want to play a good skirmish game against 8 players that are not all attacking me at once

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From: timothykhoo 5 years ago

From the offical website:, download the patch for whatever language version of Red Alert 2 you have.
The v1.006 is the final offical patch, and will allow you to play a Free For All skirmish match against other computers.

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If you have the Sold Out version, it is on the disc, just look on the disc for the patches folder, copy it to your computer and then run it

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