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Impossible Creatures Strategy Guide
By Chetflavin
September 07, 2003
Ver. 1.0

	Once again the new year of collage is starting, and the $45 in change isnít
helping pay for classes! Itsa me, ChetFlavin, back again and twice as ugly.
Iíve brought you strategy guides for Fighting Force 2, Alien vs. Predator 2
Primal hunt, Soldier of Fortune 2, and Blood Omen 2. This time I'm here to
collect on the $30 bounty for Impossible Creatures. But I guess helping out
people is itís own reward.

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo. As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of
Impossible Creatures for making such a great game. As for who can post this
guide on their site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN

Table of Contents
1. Game Introduction
2. Controls
3. Creature Info
4. Walkthrough
5. Cheats
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated

1. Game Introduction
	Youíre Rex Chance and you just received a letter from your long lost father
that he has been doing research on an isolated island. However when you go to
his lab instead of a heartwarming reunion you encounter freakish animals.
Despite some good reviews, this game hasn't sold well. While it plays like most
RTS games the unique feature of being able to combine animal characteristics to
create your units is what sets it apart from the others. However the most
powerful creature in the game is the Lobster which kind of makes it limits your
creativity unless you donít mind struggling.

2. Controls
	Thankfully the creators of the game saw to it that the instructions were
included in the game files themselves. You can find a document on the controls
in the Impossible Creatures folder (wherever you installed it) in a folder
marked goodies. The alternative to learning the controls is playing the
tutorial at the beginning of the game when prompted. To sum up it plays just
like any other rts with its right clicks and mouse scrolling so if youíre
really having that much trouble you should really play the tutorial.

3. Creature Info
	The creators of the game were generous enough to put in this info in the
goodies folder as well. Just locate the Impossible Creatures folder wherever
you installed it and open up one of the pdf files. The second pdf file contains
info on the bonus creatures.

4. Walkthrough
Level 1 -Exile-
You finally take control of Rex Chance (nice name), and it's time to kick some
freaky animal butt! If you are new to the game I really recommend playing the
tutorial to learn the controls.

1. Have Lucy start gathering coal.
2. Gather Genetic material from at least two different animals.
3. Take Rex to the village.
4. Have Lucy Build a creature combiner.
5. Destroy all creatures on the island.

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Coyote.
2. Collect the Porcupine.
3. Collect the Mountain Lion.
4. Collect the Skunk.
5. Research Level 2 at the Lab

Objective 1 is very easy. Just click on Lucy, scroll down till you see a pile
of coal, and right click on it to have her start collecting it. After that take
control of rex and head south east. Here there should be a coyote. If you have
control of Rex, right click the coyote to automatically tranq him to get some
good ol' coyote DNA. Now you should head north toward the village (the yellow
pulsating circle on your map) and collect Mountain Lion, Skunk, and Porcupine
DNA along the way. Oh no, your presence on the island is causing enemies of
yours to attack the locals.

After the in-game movie you'll have two new objectives. #4 is very easy because
all you have to do is have Lucy build a creature combiner, der! As for #5,
you'll have to make some monsters of your own to combat those freaks of nature
already populating the island. As for how you combine your creatures, itís up
to you. Personally I made a Mountain Lupine which consisted of a head and tail
of a Porcupine and the limbs and body of a Mountain Lion. You might want to
alter the design to conserve on coal and electricity cost but if you think
thatís a minor thing you could always use the cheat codes to get around that. I
also made a Coyunk, a coyote with the tail of a skunk, just for variety.
Anyways, make whatever creatures you want only to get a new bonus objective.
Basically you should do it encase you made some level 2 creatures. Without the
research you won't be able to have access to them for battle.

Once that is done start mass producing your strongest unit, this will trigger
then enemy to start attacking you so get ready to rumble. Send your units up to
the village to fight the enemies there and keep producing more animal
reinforcements to aid in the battle. Once it seems the battle has died down,
head north, around the coast, and south to fight the big bad polar bear lookin
monster and the last of his goonies in a battle to the death. After they're
defeated you learn about your enemies on the next island and that you need
fuel! But that can wait for level 2.

Level 2 -Renewal-
1. Get Rex to the fuel depot.
2. Take Rex and the henchman back to the lab and deliver the fuel.
3. Use Lucy to capture the genetic amplifier technology.
4. Destroy the enemy base.

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Wolf.
2. Collect the Lemming.
3. Build at least one additional henchman.

Right away your base is attacked and oddly enough, your animals from your last
level didn't make it over to this one. As soon as the level starts up, make
sure you research level 2 and start making animals to guard your base. After
you fight them off, its time to build up a small army to escort Rex to the fuel
depot. First you might want to look west of your base for some Lemming DNA. The
lemming has the ability to dig so your animal can hide underground. After you
collect that, head north to the ice bridge with your small army. Remember where
the Polar Bear monster from the last level was? Well if you go there you can
find a Wolf! I replaced my Coyunk brigade with Wolunks (wolves with skunk
tails) but feel free to do with its DNA as you wish. Anyways back to the ice
bridge. Lead Rex and his minions to the fuel depot located on your map and kill
off the few creatures there. Once thatís done, a cowardly henchman offers to
carry fuel back to your base but you have to protect him!

Immediately you'll be attacked before you can even cross the Ice Bridge. Make
sure the henchman and Rex stay in the back as to not get killed. After the road
is safe, proceed on your way back to the base. Once you get back to the base
you'll proposition the henchman to work for you. He's scared because of some
dude named Whitey but no matter, you now have the henchman unit at your

After that little discussion your base will have moved near the fuel depot.
This is kind of bad seeing as how you still have a creature combiner at your
old base. You can either keep some units down there to protect the buildings or
destroy it or use the one at your new base. I recommend relying on the creature
combiner closer to your base encase the enemy decides to send an army at you
and you don't have to wait for reinforcements to trek a whole island to back
you up. Either way, finish the bonus mission by building an additional
henchman. Henchmen for the most part work like Lucy. They can build things,
repair buildings, and mine for coal. They can't, however, capture blue prints
for enemy buildings so you'll need to pull Lucy from her mining duties and
replace her with a henchman.

Once thatís all done, take Lucy and an entourage of Creatures to protect her to
the east. Eventually you'll come upon some enemy force along with the genetic
amplifier technology. Have your creatures face off with the enemy force and
while Lucy is selected, right click the building to get its blue prints. Once
thatís done send her back to the base to build it. One problem you might run
into is that your creatures, if there are no enemy units around will start
attacking the structure before Lucy can get its blue prints. Simply keep them
from doing so by changing their behavior to no stance. Getting back to the
amplifier, once it is completed you'll find you can improve your units stats.
While it is entirely optional itís highly recommended that you upgrade, unless
you need the coal for creating units or buildings.

Now that you have completed that objective, there is only one left. Destroy the
enemy base! If you havenít upgraded yet, upgrade at the very least defense and
offense for your creatures and build up an army for the upcoming battle. Once
you have a large army, and I do mean large, head east to take on the enemy
stronghold. I went in with 20 units and barely managed to defeat the enemy with
three surviving units. Basically I'm hinting that while your units fight you
should be making a back up army at your base to reinforce the massacred one.
The base only consists of a creature combiner and two electrical towers but it
does have a lot of strong creatures protecting it. After the battle is won, the
level is over. Hurray, go take a break and have lunch!

Level 3 -Fathers and Sons-
1. Find the villager scout on the ice fields. He will point out Whitey's
creature chambers.
2. Have Lucy capture the electrical generator technology.
3. Get Rex to Chanikov's lab.
4. Destroy Whitey's Creature chambers.
5. Destroy Whitey's base on this island.
6. Get Lucy to gather tech from the sound beam towers. Be careful, they'll harm

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Grizzly Bear.
2. Collect the Wolverine.
3. Collect the Ram.
4. Collect the Musk Ox.

Right from the start, get the Grizzly Bear DNA from the bear that happens to be
right by your base. You can use the DNA to make new creatures but they'll most
likely be level 3 so upgrade before you start mass producing them. After making
a small army, a little bit northeast is a new structure for Lucy to examine.
After getting the blue prints, Lucy also develops the ability to sabotage enemy
structures. Might as well put it to good use and take out that turbine! After
itís gone you might as well build your own electrical generator on top of the
steam vent. You can also build a workshop near the coal pile. This makes it
easy to harvest coal from that pile without having to go all the way back to
your base.

When thatís done, head to the northwest to finish objective #1 and open up
objectives #Ďs 4 and 5. Like usual since you havenít captured all of the animal
DNA yet, take Rex and an army of your strongest animals to hunt them down. At
the cross road, head east in order to find the Wolverine, Musk ox, and Ram. If
you go far enough you'll also run into another objective with the sound beam
tower. Like the other times you needed to steal blue prints, keep your animals
from destroying the structure until Lucy gets what she needs. After she's done,
destroy all the buildings and any creature that isn't yours. Now that you can
build sound beam towers you might as well build some along the narrow path to
your base. Be careful not to build them to close together so your troops can
still get thru. Anyways now that the eastern creature chamber has been
destroyed time to head to another creature chamber.

Head north from the creature chamber you just destroyed and around a frozen
lake. You'll encounter some sound beam towers, some enemy henchman mining, and
an enemy creature chamber. During your attack reinforcements are sent toward
you so be ready for an ambush from behind. Make sure to attack the buildings
and units hiding out behind the initial base. After you destroy all the enemy
buildings and units over there, back track around the lake this time heading
east. You'll run into another enemy creature chamber, just like the last so
take it and its protectors out! After itís destroyed you'll get a communication
from Whitey himself via the radio. When he is done blabbing his mouth, take the
small path east of where you are. There are some henchman mining coal for
whitey to the north and Chanikov's lab to the south. If you go south Rex will
gain the ability to fire Neuro Toxin darts at enemy creatures. While the rate
of fire is very slow, it is devastating to the enemiesí health.

That should have ended the level for you, but if you find yourself still
fighting, it means enemy bases have been re-spawned somewhere on the island.
Check out the whole map and make sure to kill those henchmen because they can
rebuild again and again and again. Once all the enemiesí bases and units are
destroyed enjoy a tasty in-game movie :P

Level 4 -Ship Wreck-
1. Have Lucy gather the technology from Whitey's water chamber.
2. Have Lucy gather the technology from Whitey's research clinic.
3. Destroy Whitey Hooten.

New Objectives-
1. Collect the Lobster
2. Collect the Snowy Owl.
3. Collect the Polar Bear.
4. Find and destroy Whitey's electrical generator and lighting rod farm.

OoOoO, that Whitey Hooten is going down, especially because in this level you
can capture the DNA of the Lobster. What's so special about the lobster you
ask? Well itís the first animal you can collect that has regenerative
capabilities. I made a Muskobster, a Musk Ox with the Tail and Pinchers of a
lobster. It's effective but it is level 4 and costs a lot. But like always,
itís up to you to make the creatures you find most effective. Start by
collecting the DNA of a Lobster on the beach south of you. There is also a
Polar Bear wondering to the northwest of you and a snowy owl flying near the
enemy research clinic north of you. The thing that sucks about the owl and the
lobster is that you need a water chamber to have access to the lobsters
swimming abilities and a building that isn't available to you now to gain
access to the owlís wings. The water chamber is located in the pulsating yellow
circle to the northwest corner of the map, more on it later. Now that you know
the general areas where the animals roam, time to focus on other objectives.

Before heading out you should upgrade your units, your level capacity (so you
can make stronger animals), and create many units in order to destroy Whitey!
Immediately head north and Rex will say that he hears something big coming and
man is he not kidding. A creature that is part killer whale is headed your way
and aims to take you out. Kill this brigade of enemy forces and proceed to the
enemy base to the east (you'll have to go around a corner to the north). When
you get here destroy all units and buildings except for the Research clinic.
Have Lucy steal the plans for it and build one of your own at your base. You'll
also notice a huge iceberg blocking your path to Whitey Hooten's main base.
Remember where it is because you'll be accessing it later.

Now you need to track down and steal plans for a water chamber. You'll find
this located to the northwestern corner like stated earlier. Be careful though
because there are many sound beam towers and a creature chamber spouting
enemies along the way. After you clear a path, send Lucy in to steal yourself
some water chamber blue prints and trigger a cut scene opening a path to
Whitey! Before going to him, you might as well build a water chamber by your
base, just for the fun of it. If you havenít created a Musk Ox/Lobster creation
by now, you should because they're great at destroying buildings.

Now that you have access beyond the former iceberg and the ability to swim to
the other side of the island you can take on the last two objectives in the
level. The bonus #4 is located directly east of where the iceberg once stood.
It consists of destroying Whitey's electrical buildings so use your best siege
weapon (Musk ox/Lobster) to destroy them and the enemies that come to protect
them. After this is done you have just one objective left, to finally destroy
Whitey Hooten!
I was able to accomplish the task with 40 Musk Ox/Lobsters, so obviously you'll
need a pretty big army yourself. After getting at the very least 40 units made,
start the assault on Whitey's compound. The compound consists of several sound
beam towers, a whole mess of henchman mining and repairing buildings, three
creature chambers, one water chamber, and a huge oil tanker that must be
destroyed in order to beat the level. After a long battle, enjoy Whitey's
little speech and get ready for level 5!

Level 5 -Trial by Fire-
1. Send Rex to the village to ask for help.
2. Build creatures with the Archerfish water artillery ability and use them to
put out the fire.
3. Put out the fire on the plateau around the village before all the huts burn
4. Find and destroy the enemy lab on the island.
5. Get Lucy to gather the technology from the anti-air towers.
6. Get Lucy to gather the technology from the air chamber.
7. Get Lucy to gather the technology from bramble fences.

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Zebra.
2. Collect the Giraffe.
3. Collect the Chameleon.
4. Collect the Baboon.

This mission starts off with some stupid lady named Velika starting some bush
fires. You need help on this one and the people to help you are the local
villagers. The village is located east of where you start off, but you'll have
to take the south route because directly east is where the fire is. Along the
way you'll come across Zebras, Giraffes, and a very small Chameleon. Collect
their DNA, and get Rex to the village ASAP. Here you'll receive Archerfish DNA.
For those of you who don't know, this fish spits water. Hmm, that could help
put out the fires! I recommend making level 2 archerfish creatures just so you
can mass produce them right away. After you make some, have them attack the
ground that is engulfed in flames. Beware; you'll be attacked by the enemies
Archerfish creatures. After you save the village you receive Dragonfly DNA, but
now the fire is still raging toward your base! Quickly deal with it and then
get back to the usual routine of building up an army. (Side note, don't be
stupid enough to put your fish into the fire, itís like a skillet to them.)

Also in this level you'll encounter your first flying creatures which can cause
some major problems, you'd think your Archerfish could handle it but their
weapon works like a catapult damaging anything in the area including your
units. To handle airborne attackers rely on the chameleons tongue; maybe mix
him with a polar bear. Either way, times to explore the island. The passage to
the north of where the fires were started lays a Baboon and an anti-air tower.
Have Lucy and Rex, along with an army of creatures that can handle enemies on
land and in the air, head in that direction to complete those objectives. Build
one immediately to gain the ability to do a radar sweep of the map. When itís
built, go to your base and click the new icon you see to open up some new
objectives. After thatís done most of your objectives will lie to the
southwestern edge of the island. You'll have to cross a small river but it is
shallow enough in one area to allow land based creatures to cross. Here you'll
come across bramble fences. Do the usual researches while not destroying bit
then take out all the enemies in the area. Head north and slightly to the west
to find the air chamber. Have Lucy research it and send her back to the base to
build one if you want to make airborne units.

Continue north and destroy the creature chambers here along with some enemy
units and sound beam towers. After thatís destroyed you have one major base
left located toward the east. Head that way fighting some hippo monsters and
eventually you'll come across some the final base. Defeat everything here to
beat the level. Yippee Hurray!

Level 6 -Flying Machines-
1. Scout out and clear the entrance to the volcano of all enemy creatures and
2. Clear the area inside of the volcano of all enemy creatures and structures.
3. Protect the landing pad while the gyrocopter is repaired. Do not allow
Velika's creatures to destroy the landing pad.
4. Eliminate all of the structures in Velika's outpost on the other side of the

Bonus Objectives
1. Collect the Chimpanzee.
2. Collect the Gorilla.
3. Collect the Hyena.
4. Collect the Spitting Cobra.
5. Collect the Crocodile.
6. Collect the Black Panther.

Landing on a volcano? What are you mad?!?!?!? Well anyways you gotta lot of DNA
to collect here so might as well build up a strong base first. While your
henchman and Lucy are doing that, Rex can collect the Spitting Cobra and Hyena
DNAs seeing as how the animals should be frolicking near by. Like I usually
suggest, build a strong army before exploring the rest of the island. Bring Rex
with you to get some more DNA from animals lurking about. Once you're ready,
head south fighting off some enemy units and collect DNA from a panther.
Continue your warpath to the east and you'll learn from Rex that there is
probably a gyrocopter around here for you to steal. Also youíll find some DNA
in the forms of Chimpanzee, Gorilla, and Crocodile. Now you should have all of
the DNA so all thatís left is to destroy the enemies located near the volcano.

After you clear it out you convert another henchman to your side along with a
gyrocopter. The bad news is that it needs repairs and you need to protect the
guy doing the repairs. The only enemies that attack come from a cave in a
lagoon in that area. I was able to sustain no damage by having some of my Musk
Ox/Lobsters hang out by the entrance. After a while the gyrocopter will be
completed and a cut-scene will be triggered. Drats, you can't leave the island
without destroying Velika's base. The only problem is you can't take a path or
swim to the other side. Instead you'll have to rely on the gyrocopter to
transport your units to the other side. You can either do that one by one or
you can build a new base on the other side. Whichever you choose, your priority
is to amass a strong army on that side of the island.

I recommend creating a group of 18 or so camouflaged (chameleon tail ability)
units should be over there before you start attacking or building. Just one
creature chamber should suffice if you were able to get the 18 units over
unnoticed. You should build it on the southeastern tip of the island to draw as
little attention as possible. After itís established, start mass producing
units to take on the enemy forces. After you kill the enemies surround your
base head north to find a water chamber. This is the tunnel that was supplying
the bad guys to you on the other side of the island. Destroying this water
chamber should really slow them down. After it is destroyed there is only one
main enemy base left to the north. After making your way past some bramble
fences you'll find the last enemy stronghold on this island. Musk Ox/Lobsters
work best on buildings and ground units, but for air units you should have some
chameleon head units around. After everything is dead get ready for level 7!

Level 7 -A Friend in Need-
1. Free the villagers held captive at the temple by destroying the enemy
structures and the bamboo fences surrounding them.
2. Get all the villagers back to their villages. The villagers only feel safe
when they are near Flaming Savannah Heads. Destroy all of the enemies
surrounding the Flaming Savannah Heads and the villagers will move to it.

Darn islanders, sending their animals away so you have to save their villagers.
That's just mean. Anyways before you go rescue them, you might as well make a
huge army to do so. Build up a nice base defense with sound beam towers and
anti-air towers and send out your army to the flashing yellow circle to the
north of you. The army should consist of water or air units in order to
traverse the water. Once on the next island, head east to attack the enemy base
and free the first group of islanders. Upon freeing them you receive a new

Apparently they will only go if their god is happy and the only way to make
their god happy is to kill baddies that are around its flaming idle heads.
Well, since you easily set them free, this should be a cake walk. Head east
fighting off enemies at each idle until the villagers catch up. When they go to
the idle you just freed, head on to the next one. After about 4 idles you'll
have to deal with a creature chamber and sound beam towers guarding the 5th and
last one to the north. After finally leading the villagers back to their
sanctuary that is their village they give you Piranha DNA!

Don't think you are done; you still have more villagers to drop off at
different villages. However it seems that every time you get to a new village
you get some new DNA! So with that in mind, clear away some more idle heads to
the north to get to the next village. After clearing two more idle heads to the
north of creature chambers and flying crocodiles you'll receive Bat DNA from
the next village. Apparently there are still some homesick villagers left so
you know what that means, more DNA! This is the shortest route of all because
you only need to clear one idle head directly west of you. After those
villagers get home you receive DNA for the Hornet, Yippee hurrah! Ok, ok, ok,
it's getting kind of old but you still have some more idle heads to clear in
the west so head that way. This will be the hardest do to the enemy base right
next to the village. You'll have to clear three idle heads to get to the next
village but clearing out the village is tricky do to constant reinforcements
coming in. After you take out some creature chambers you're golden. Once the
villagers make it to their village you get the last and final DNA for this
level, the Snapping Turtle! You don't have to worry about destroying the whole
base; as long as the villagers got to their homes then you beat the level,
hurray! But Velika ran away so I guess you'll have to chase after her in level

Level 8 -The Wicked Sky Witch-
1. Destroy Velika's Base.

Bonus Objectives-
1. Do not allow Velika's scouts to alert Velika.
2. Destroy Humphrey's base.
3. Destroy Bugsy's base.
4. Collect the Eagle.
5. Collect the Hippopotamus.
6. Collect the Hammerhead Shark.
7. Collect the Komodo Dragon.
8. Collect the Rhinoceros.
9. Collect the Cheetah.

This mission can be a headache if you arenít quick to kill the scouts when they
spot you. Do like Lucy suggest and start building up a base and army to take
out Velika's flying pretties. While Lucy and your henchman build the base, hunt
some animal DNA. In fact there should be an Eagle flying right above your base.
Anyways try to build some anti-air towers around your base to handle the flying
monkey scouts along with Rex's tranq-gun. You should keep Rex at the base and
don't hunt any animals until you've killed all the scouts. You'll know you've
killed them all when Velika herself finds you. She commands Humphrey and Bugsy
to attack you which opens up the bonus objectives of destroying their bases.
Now that you don't have to worry about being spotted you can hunt down DNA.

If you have Rex swim south and to the East, you'll find the Hammerhead Shark.
Head back to your base and take some units with Rex to head north. Up here
you'll find the Rhinoceros and Komodo Dragon pretty easily. The Cheetah however
runs away pretty fast and the only way it can run is north towards Humphrey's
base so try to get it as quickly as possible. The final DNA to collect is the
Hippopotamus that is swimming in the big lake in the center of the island. Now
that itís all done, itís time to choose a base to destroy. Like it says,
Humphreyís and Bugsy's bases are optional but it is helpful to get rid of them
anyways. Humphrey's base is the blue one toward the north and is the one you
should go after first. I say this because it isn't close to any of the other
bases so you won't have to deal with as many reinforcement units.

Assuming you're taking my advice, build up an army with 36 units to take out
the base up north. The main annoyance at Humphrey's base is the amount of sound
beam towers. You could make some knew Rhinoceros/Lobsters for your siege units,
but honestly the Musk Ox/Lobsters are a lot quicker. Whichever you chose, after
defeating the base, you really make Bugsy mad! He's so angry he'll be an easier
opponent so why not go after him before going after Velika.

Head back to your base and re-muster your forces for the upcoming battle. After
getting a 36 army up again, head east to take out Bugsy's base. Like his
brother his base is annoyingly set up with sound beam towers. Use the exact
same method you did with Humphrey's base because Bugsy mirrors it. After
getting rid of the majority of his forces and his sound beam towers, he can't
make reinforcements quick enough to stop you :D Assuming you havenít suffered
any losses, if your units have the regenerative capability rest a bit to regain
full strength or send in some fresh units to where Bugsy's base once stood.
Launching an attack from there is hazardous because Velika will be aware of
your attack do to towers built along the chasm. However, going around to
Humphreyís former base will take a longer amount of time to get to. Choose
whichever one you want and get ready to take out Velika once and for all.

Just like the last two bases, this one is overpopulated with sound beam towers.
At the entrance you can't reach them without ranged attacks at first so make
sure to have some units with ranged attacks in your group to take them out. On
your way to her place you'll notice a small alcove of water. This is a good
place to hold your troops. Why you ask? Because you can build some creature
chambers here and you'll need your already created units to protect your
builders. After you make about three chambers, start mass producing units and
sending them in wave after wave into Velika's base. I don't mean every time
itís made send them in, Have at least a group of 18 units before sending them
in. This is a very tough battle do to her Komodo dragon units and beam towers,
but after a while her forces slowly dwindle to nothing until all you have left
to defeat is her buildings. Unfortunately when you get closer to her main base,
she unleashes a wave of Hornets/Hornets that can really put a dent on your
forces. Hopefully your numbers can stand against them, and if they can't, use
your three creature chambers just outside her base to replace your lost
warriors. After the flying Rhinoceros are defeated, destroy all her bases to
beat the level. Huzzah!

Level 9 -Mouth of the Beast-
1. Protect the lab until it can be relocated.
2. Destroy enemy lab or 4 enemy electrical generators (There are 4 left).

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Vulture.
2. Collect the Electric Eel.
3. Collect the Scorpion.

Oh no, you're already being attacked by animals before you can even amount a
huge army. Oh well, have Lucy and the henchman build a couple of sound beam
towers while Rex attacks with his rifle. They should go down pretty easy but
expect more on the way so build up your defenses and research to get your best
creatures ready for battle. Basically you'll have to survive for about 10.5
minutes until the base is ready to lift off. You'll also notice that Rex is
gaining some of the creaturesí abilities such as pack hunter and regeneration.

After you survived, you take off to a new location, leaving all your old
buildings behind :( I suggest building those structure again at your new place
just encase your enemy decides to crash your old base. Anyways now you have two
options for the next objective. You can either take on the enemy lab head on
which is pretty tricky, or you can take out the 4 generators supplying it with
power. I chose the generators because itís quick and easy if you know what
you're doing. The lab, while being hard, is more direct and what you're used
to. If you chose to destroy the lab, just build up the usual army and take it

Encase you chose destroying all four generators, here's what you'll need to
make it as easy as possible. You'll need some water units, airborne units,
pulse radar, and of course some land units. The pulse radar, if you havenít
used it, shows you the whole map and all the units on it for a brief amount of
time. After itís over all the units are gone but you still can see where the
buildings are. On the map, the four generators are the little white dots. Two
are accessible by all units and are located along the southwestern coast and
western coast. One is accessible by only water and air units and thatís located
to the east of your new base in the middle of the islands lake. Right next to
it is the final generator, dangerously close to the lab, and only accessible by
air units. For the most part I stuck with my usual Musk Ox/Lobsters and
Chameleon\Polar Bears. As for the air only electric generator, I figured "hmm,
what annoying airborne creature did I just face....OH YEAH,
Rhinoceros/Hornets!" They are effective but cost a lot. Make any creature you
think can handle it and take out the generators in any order you see fit.

After completing either task, you run into Julius and exchange some banter, but
pretty much the best thing I can say here is congrats! You beat the level!

Level 10 -Invasion-
1. Make your way to the train factory and destroy every structure in it.

Bonus Objectives-
1. There are 4 other enemy bases on this island. Destroy them all.
2. Collect the Bull.
3. Collect the Ant.

For some reason Trains, Plains, and Automobiles comes to mind when playing this
level. But then again, it has nothing to do with this so letís get to beating
the level, shall we?

Like always, you don't have to destroy the 4 other enemy bases, but doing so
will make destroying the Train yard all the more easier. Besides the only ways
to get to the train factory without running into the bases directly is by
flying and while it can be done, you'll run into problems when most of your
forces are attacking the factory on the other side of the island while the 4
other bases are attacking your base.

Right away you can get the Ant DNA because there should be a small Ant crawling
along to the east of your base. Have Rex get it while the rest of your goons
build up your base in the usual matter. Do a radar pulse as soon as possible to
get a position on where the enemies are located. You'll see that each of the 4
enemy bases are located in a narrow ravine like path. Basically you should take
them out like you would any other base. However, like on the last Velika
mission, you'll want to build a creature chamber where the 2nd and 4th enemy
bases are, just so you won't have to rely on the ones back at your base for
reinforcements. Note that even though you take out a base, they will definitely
have a water chamber that may be out of reach from you on the land. If you
start getting attacked a lot via the water, you might want to consider sending
water or air units their way to dispose of them.

The first lab is of course the easiest since it is close to you and won't have
enough time to build up a strong defense. An army of 20 units could easily take
em down but don't be afraid to annihilate them with more. You might have to
deal with some bat reinforcement from other bases so make sure to have some
anti-air units with you. After thatís done with move on to base #2 and wipe it
out just like the last one. There should be a bull on the way to the second
base but if you don't get it as soon as you see it your troops will scare it
off. After defeating the second base you should build a small base where it
once stand consisting of a creature chamber, a workshop, and some henchman.
From here on you can either head west to the orange base or north east to the
purple base. The Purple base is closer so you might want to deal with it first.
However while your attacking it the orange base might attack the creature
chamber you built. Solution, leave some units there and also build sound beam
towers and anti air towers. I chose to deal with the purple menace first just
because it seemed like they were attacking me more.

After that base is defeated you can either set up another small base there and
then take out the train factory or take out the orange base to get rid of their
nuisance. I chose to get rid of the orange base just because building your next
small base there is more effective. Also if you didn't get the Bull DNA there
should be some stray Bulls running around the back of the Orange base, all the
more reason to take it over! After destroying the final lab, all thatís left is
the train factory and man is this one going to be tough. Its main units are
Elephant/Ants and Elephant/Hornets which have both strong health and strong
attack. Don't go in with less the 36 units or you'll get completely wiped out.
In fact, first make that small base I was talking about right where the orange
one used to be so you can have reinforcements ready for whenever some unit
falls in battle. Do the usual tactic of taking out its units first and when the
units start to dwindle, take out the chambers. After the enemy is on the run,
just destroy every building in the area to beat the level!

Level 11 -Proof-
1. Use Rex to find Lucy by following her footprints in the desert sand; clear
all enemy creatures and structures you find along the way.

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Lioness.
2. Collect the Armadillo.
3. Collect the Praying Mantis.

Your new opponent is Dr. Ganglion. The Dr. Frankenstein of Impossible
Creatures. But no time to worry about him now, LUCY IS MISSING! The only way to
find her is by following her footprints. Odds are the enemy has also noticed
her foot prints and are tracking them as we speak. In order to deal with them,
build up a strong army like usual and take Rex with you to collect DNA. As for
units, you can make a Bull/Lobster now which is slightly stronger then the Musk
Ox/Lobster. As always itís entirely up to you. Right from the start there are
some Praying Mantis wandering by your base so you can get that DNA easily.
There also might be a Lioness to the west of your base on the beach area so try
to get that DNA too. As for the Armadillo it should be right next to the

Before heading out to follow the tracks, get an army of no less then 18 units
to track her down. I recommend the usual 36 unit army with air and water
support but itís up to you. The enemy relies heavily on eel based units so
don't get to close or you'll suffer a damaging electrical burst. Anyways back
to the mission at hand, there is no short cut to finding Lucy. You have to have
Rex go to the end of each trail before more tracks are unveiled. The First one
ends at a small farm. After reaching that area, head north to destroy a small
base consisting of some sound beam towers, one creature chamber, and one air
chamber. After they're all destroyed continue following the tracks to the

The next place the track ends are some abandoned huts. Be sure to have some
units with you because when Rex inspects this place, it triggers enemy units to
attack. After they are dealt with follow the tracks north to a former village
turned enemy base. After taking out all the enemy structures, Rex figures out
that Lucy is looking for villagers. Of course they're probably all dead so no
needs to worry about them now, follow the new set of tracks east. You'll come
across some small bases along the way, but when the trail turns south get ready
for the final battle. The enemy probably sent some creatures to your base along
the way so make sure your base is properly equipped to handle the enemies.
After taking out the enemiesí base, bring Rex to the end of the tracks to beat
the level.

Level 12 -The Good Doctor-
1. Destroy Ganglion's Base

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Tiger.
2. Collect the Camel.
3. Collect the Poison Frog.
4. Collect the Rat.
5. Research Henchman Heal at the Research Clinic. You'll need it!

Quickly build up some sort of defense because you are soon to be attacked by
three creatures. After they're dealt with, continue the whole build up a base
along with an army and do the pulse radar as soon as possible to get an idea on
what enemy buildings near by that you need to take out. As for DNA there should
be a Tiger right by your base. A factor that might be a problem is that there
are several chambers near your base. As soon as you have a good enough army,
start taking out the chambers closest to your base. A short trip northeast
leads to one of the chambers and also nearby are the Poison Frog and Rat DNA.
To the east of your base you'll find some more chambers and a herd of Camel.
Now that you have all of the DNA, you might as well finish off the last bonus
mission by researching Heal at the Clinic. Not only is it good to do just to
finish the objective, but also your henchman can now heal animals.

There are four chambers that you can destroy before taking on Ganglion's base.
Two west your base (the furthest one is the one with the camel herd) and two
water chambers north of your base (one you probably already destroyed. After
these are all dealt with, make a small lab close to the entrance of Ganglion's
base. Remember the difficult mission with Velika? Do like that and build three
creature chambers to constantly supply reinforcements. After making an army of
36 units, start your assault. Ganglion doesn't have very strong creatures but
he has a good defense. The gauntlet before his base is lined with tough to
reach sound beam towers. Itís best to just run through then try to take them
out via ranged attack.

Eventually, Ganglion starts making some Killer Whale monsters that can be
pretty damaging. Taking out the chambers first will help slow them down. After
the enemy units dwindle you can start focusing on the medical looking building.
Once that is destroyed you've beaten the level. Hurray!

Level 13 -The Gate-
1. Destroy the sound beam towers and anti-air towers at the outpost near the
base in order to take control of the buildings there.
2. Defend the base from the wave of goliath creatures.
3. Destroy the creature controller at the blue base.
4. Destroy all of the structures at the second base on the other side of the

Bonus Objectives-
1. Collect the Killer Whale.

Wahoo, you finally can start making some mammoth creatures. I strongly
recommend that while you're building up your bases defenses you go out
searching for the Killer Whale because Juliusís forces will have some mammoth
creatures to battle against. In order to find one, have Rex swim west.
Eventually you'll come across one so grab it's DNA and start creating some new
critters! I recommend a Killer Whale/Lobster (head and tail of a Killer Whale
with the rest of the body being Lobster parts). It may be slow on land but in
the water it is a speed demon and it also has great health and strength. But
like always it costs a lot so do whatever you think is best and get ready to a
mass an army.

Before taking out the base north of you, make sure you are ready to fight some
strong creatures because upon accomplishing that objective, a Sperm
Whale/Gorilla attacks your base and doesn't go down easily. Hopefully your
numbers will crush it so you can get ready for the next major assault.

You'll need a pretty strong army, Killer Whale or not, to take out the blue
base to the south of you. That enemy has Killer Whale, Sperm Whale, Great White
Shark, and Elephant DNA to make massive beasts of destruction. I wouldn't even
send an 18 unit army, only attack in groups of 36 or more. You can try to
ignore the huge creatures in order to take out the controller, but I find
destroying everything is more fun and effective. Besides it's not like you have
a choice in the matter because the just won't let up. After destroying the
creature controller you gain control of 4 huge goliaths, yippee hurray!

Now only one objective remains. Destroy all of the structures at the second
base on the other side of the island. With these goliaths it should be a
breeze, especially if you have some of your Killer Whale brigade left over. If
you don't build up another huge army to take out the base on the other side of
the island, youíll need to have some ranged attacks (that arenít sonar) to take
out sound beam towers that arenít effected by sonar blasts. After doing so
you'll beat the level. Only 2 more levels left!

Level 14 -The Island of the Crazies-
1. Destroy the antidote chamber. Get Rex to the antidote site within 15
minutes. Creatures must be cured at the antidote site to be immune.
2. Destroy the enemy lab.

Bonus Objectives
1. Collect the Sperm Whale.
2. Collect the Elephant.
3. Collect the Great White Shark.

What?!?!?! Ganglion has double crossed you? The jerk! Oh well, time to get some
Unfortunately it is heavily guarded and requires some new recruits. Fortunately
you have some great new animals to make them from. To find some DNA head north
to the ocean to locate a Great White swimming about. From there you can head
east to find the Sperm Whale. This should do for now. Focus on building up an
army of creatures quickly in order to get to the antidote before the 15 minute
timer is up. Spend no more then 7 minutes building up your army. Having 8
minutes left is pushing it but you should be able to destroy the antidote
chamber in time. You should keep Rex at your base until you have destroyed most
of the enemy forces. May I suggest you build your new base there?

Once youíve established a new base next to your antidote pool, feel free to
hunt down the elephant that is located on the east side of the island. After
you get that, make some new creatures such as the Chameleon/Elephant or
whatever you want and get ready to take out an enemy base. The main base lies
in the southeast corner of the island but getting there you'll have to go thru
two small bases. The two small bases are easy but you shouldn't build creature
chambers there. Yeah it will help provide reinforcements but the creatures you
make there won't be immune to the virus and in time will turn on you. Better
stay safe and just send units from your antidote base constantly. When you
amass a 36 unit army, itís time to assault the final base. It's relatively easy
if you have designed some mammoth creatures and have accumulated the resources
to build them. If you're having trouble with resources just cheat! It's not
like you're using an immortality code, just getting some help in the money

Anyways take out the base just like the other ones. You know, first their
forces, then their chambers, and finally crushing their dwindling forces. After
that you've beaten the level. One left!!!!! HURRAY!!!!

Level 15 -Seeds Sown-
1. Destroy Ganglion's lab.
2. Destroy Upton Julius's fortress.

Aww Man, stupid Ganglion backstabbed you again. However you gain control of
Julius's forces! Excellent! Now to finish Upton Julius, once and for all!
Especially since by now you have collected all the possible DNA samples to
fight him with. Luckily with the creatures you apprehended you'll be able to
build up your base without worrying about being wiped out. No matter what
you'll have to take out Ganglion's lab first that lies to the west. However,
there are many small bases along the way brimming with creature chambers
spitting out enemy units. Build up some level three units of your own until you
have enough resources and research to build level five units. After amassing an
army of level 5 units such as a Sperm Whale/Lobster or Chameleon/Elephant (for
air support), get ready to take out some small bases.

It's really like swatting flies if you have strong units that regenerate
health. First head north and wipe out all the units and structures there, while
leaving some of your own units behind at your base to protect it just encase
someone decides to attack. When the small base to the north is defeated all you
have to worry about is Ganglion himself. Repopulate your army if your numbers
have dwindled and head west. You'll run across some annoying sound beam towers
but they're no match for your lobster claws. The closer you get to Ganglion's
base the more units you run into, they should be pushovers but some
Giraffe/Chimpanzee units and Elephant/Scorpion units, sent by Julius, can cause
irritation. Take it out like all the bases you have done before (units, then
chambers, then everything else) and build your new base there to get ready for
your final battle!

As for Julius's base, I didn't find it that much difficult. Start heading
northeast to get to his fortress Aside from the usual sound beam tower trouble
you run into, the only thing I find trouble some is that he builds his creature
chambers far away from his fortress. Right at the entrance you'll have the
ability to take a path to the left or a path to the right. The path on the left
leads to numerous sound beam towers and to one of his creature chambers. The
right leads to a suitable place for yet another base to be produced. However, I
doubt Julius's minions will make it easy for you. Choose either path to go down
first but make sure to destroy the creature chambers on both sides.

Once you reach his fortress you should take out his initial chambers before you
destroy that building. Every time you see a Henchman leave send one unit to
follow and kill him before he can rebuild another chamber. There are some air
chambers that you can't reach from here that may be a nuisance. If you want you
can send some of your own air units or water units to the northwest corner of
the island to take them out. After a long and tough battle, you will have
finally defeated Julius, the Sigma technology, and Impossible Creatures.
HUZZAH! Enjoy your ending movie.

5. Cheats
Get All Buildings: cheat_buildings
Higher Rank: cheat_rank
Kill Yourself: cheat_killself
More Coal: cheat_coal(number)
More Electricity: cheat_electricity(number)

To enter the cheats youíll have to press ~ and then type them in for example

6. Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get the Insect Invasion add-on?
Answer: Download the patch from

How do I unlock the bonus creatures?
Answer: Download the patch from http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1052575331/

Why canít I use the insect invasion animals or bonus creatures in the game
Answer: Because both sets of animals are meant for online play.

7. Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo. As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers
of Impossible Creatures for making such a great game. As for who can post this
guide on their site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN