Question from codywake13

How do i get Allies?

I just dont know how to get any allies...


killersteele answered:

Here's how
*first when you are in single player when you set up the game you will see the computer players and your player
*next that square that doesn't have anything in it click on it
*now you should see the #1 in the square
*now do the same thing with a computer player you want to be your ally
*now you have a ally
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shellmon answered:

There is 2 ways to get an ally.
1)Click the team box to what team you want.
2)Build a marker and Diplomacy anyone you like to ally.
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rohitmitra5752 answered:

First up, your question itself is pretty confusing, but I got what you mean. Select the box beside the one you want as your ally. And keep clicking until you get the number beside your player name
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TGF013 answered:

I think u r talking about getting allies once into a game, to do that just get to feudal age, get up a market and one of your opponents will ask u to pay him tribute, just do that and he'll turn his diplomacy to ally
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Ganesh_Mohan answered:

You have 2 choices.

1.If you are playing a standard game,you can see three headings "Name" "Civilization" "Player" and "Team".Look for your team number,if it is 1,then change your opponents number to 1 and vice-versa.

2.When you are playing a game,your opponents asks to change your diplomatic stance to ally with them.Then,just click Diplomacy,and change your diplomatic stance to them as "ally".Then they will become your ally.
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