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Where can I find a specific custom map?

I remember years ago I played a custom map on Age of Empires 2. I don't even remember how I came across it I just remember playing it.
The object of this map was you had a single tower along with other players who had the same. You had a kill counter which granted rewards like upgrades and units and you had to use these to destroy the enemies tower. I also remember one of the upgrades was a bunch of saboteurs. I've been looking around but I can't seem to find the exact map I'm looking for.

I can't really provide any more information as this is all I remember. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

macpotty provided additional details:

Although it's simiilar, it isn't the one that I played. The one I played was against AI opponents and didn't have that cloning thing that Medieval Blood Final Version has.
Thanks for trying to help though.


weniswarrior answered:

I believe the scenario you're talking about is called "Medieval Blood Final Version."
You can find it here:
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