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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you use the Portal gun in Half Life 2?

I saw a vido in half life 2 of the main charater using a portal gun for portal

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That isn't the portal gun you saw, it was the gravity gun.

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You CAN use the portal gun in HL2, yes. You need to own Portal to do it though. It's not hard. Basically you'd "load" the HL2 maps into Portal and play it like that. Google can help you out here.

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Well sorry but you cant get it in hl2 only in portal you see there is a cheat in portal to get all the guns from hl2 (there is no cheat like this in hl2) and the guy probally played it in garry's mod. (If you have a game like hl2 in gmod it gives you a list of levels you can play throughout the game he probally just had half life 2, garry's mod, and portal and just used the cheat to get all the guns along with the portal gun.)

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