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Lots of potential wasted on a generic horror gameDeflare6/10
Nothing's better than a tried and true method with a new and classy twistamekage1910/10
Delivers a headshot to every major first-person shooter release of 2004...and 2005...asherdeus10/10
Gaming evolutionAutoRock10/10
Rise and shine Mr. Freeman!BigCj3410/10
Best game yet in the world of PC games.Bird killer4899/10
A fantastic first half decays into a middling second halfbrutusmuktuk8/10
What is Half-Life 2's final legacy?C.LE7/10
Steaming with quality.Dave009/10
The last time I anticipated something this much was Star Wars: Episode II and we all know how that turkey turned out. Is Half-Life 2 any different?DjSkittles10/10
Crowbars. Is there anything they canít do?Evil Insane10/10
Still one of the greatest FPS games ever made.Exodist9/10
A diverse and varied sequel to Half-Life, that takes it in different directionsGally Claus9/10
Standard first-person shooter with a golden shell.Intangir7/10
A good game, but not the best.klobot7/10
Half-Life 2 is perhaps the best FPS you will ever play. If you consider yourself a gamer, you must play this game.KnightsoftheRound10/10
Half-Life 2: The Curse Gets WorseKumon_Kid8/10
Gordon Freeman ALWAYS winsKyuubit9/10
Half Life 2 won over 40 Game of the Year awards in 2004. If this game were released in 2010 exactly the way it is, it would probably get them again.matrixstream75710/10
Best game ever made? No way! One of the best? Of course!Militiagung648/10
Exceptional game.N1TRO9/10
Valve's encouraging thrust into the cinematic future of gaming shows how far the medium has comeOblong Schlong10/10
This game goes beyond the incredible looksRedfingers10/10
The gravity gun's fun and all... but in battle... well...Stinger313838/10
Oh Gordon, you're a long way from Black Mesa.Tenshi No Shi10/10
A Great Game, But Not the Best Game of All Timethesickness039/10
Tops the original in every way possibleWolfvie10/10

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