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Do you need to have the expansions?

You can just play Guild Wars you dont need Nightfall and all those do you?

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LokiISP answered:

Each of the core campaigns - Prophecies (what you likely meant by "Guild Wars"), Factions, and Nightfall.

One can play each of those games alone, without purchasing the others. Factions adds two new classes (Assassin and Ritualist), while Nightfall adds two DIFFERENT classes (Paragon and Dervish) along with customizable AI-controlled "Heroes".

The games all cross-grade, so if you own more than one, your characters can travel across each game. Honestly, given how cheap the GW: Trilogy is (or can be) nowadays, you would be better off just getting that than hunting each game one by one.

As mentioned, Eye of the North is a true expansion, requiring at least one of the core 3 games to play. It just addes more content, more heroes, etc......but no new classes.
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Lizardneck answered:

Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall are all standalones (that can be linked as if they're expansions, but they're actually standalones), so right, you don't need any of the others to play just Prophecies. The only actual expansion is Eye of the North, which requires that you have one of the others but it doesn't care which of the others you have.

But if you want to do pvp, you'll probably want all of them. But for just the pve, you don't need the others.
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xKynOx answered:

if you want to farm you need factions,Ritualist for solo farming or DoA Speed clears,also need a Sin for most other types of farming
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