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Does this game run properly on Dial-Up?

I realize some of you will laugh, but for now Dial-up is all I have. I hope to be on Broadband soon, but it may be a while longer.

I have the system stats to play this game without issue, but since it's online only, I need to know if Dial-up will work.

Thanks. =)

theobsessiveone provided additional details:

One thing I forgot to ask in addition:

I have a laptop with a WiFi card. Any experience with that scenario? I've never gamed online with the laptop (it's very heavy).

Thanks. =)

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LokiISP answered:

Short answer is that yes, dial-up - even via WiFi - will work. You will, of course, be susceptable to slower zone loads, lag, etc.....but I suspect you know that.

A guildie of mine has played on 56k dialup almost exclusively for the life of GW. The rare issue arises, and he has more lag issues than the rest of us do....but they RARELY get in the way.

As for WiFi, I can speak to that personally. On 3 occassions, I have played GW on Verizon WiFi from a VERY rural area on a family member's laptop via an external HDD on which I keep - amongst other things - my GW files. No issues at all outside of weak signal strength making DC's possible.
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Lizardneck answered:

Back when I first started playing, I was on dial-up, too. It works fine so long as you're not in a party with a lot of human players. Some of the more populated towns will lag, especially during festivals. But as long as you keep the number of human players in your party down (which you can do due to AI party members being available), then for the most part, you should be fine.

If you want to see for yourself if it'll work, you can try out the trial at

Though, that'll be a really long download on 56k.
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Dragonspawn1319 answered:

It is capable of running on 56k; but your most likely going to experience lag effects like skill activation delay and 'rubber-banding'. The servers aren't as flawless as they used to be; and sometimes even people on dsl or fiber optic still have lag issues.
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