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When and where can I get a sword?

Ok, so I just started playing the game (starting out with demo) and my character (warrior) starts with a hammer. I have received two shields and something that goes in the shield slot, but I can't find a place to buy a sword.
I'd prefer to use a sword and shield, as I rarely use two handed weapons in any game, but I seem to be forced to do so here. Is it my class?

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Forgot to mention, I bought the trilogy but wanted to play the demo first to see if I liked it before opening and being unable to return it. Will the characters created in the other games be able to use swords right away, and can those characters be used in the original game?

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Lizardneck answered:

Warmaster Grast will give you a sword when you accept his skill quest. Directions to him from Ascalon City: Leave Ascalon City and follow the road to Ashford Abbey (south west). Enter it if you want, but then leave it and head north. Enter Green Hills County. He'll be right there. Most enemies on the way to him will ignore you.

There might be a collector somewhere who can give you a sword, but I don't recall offhand.

Also, Arthur Ayala in Ascalon City can craft you a sword, but it takes some money and iron.

For your other questions, I don't recall which weapon warriors start off with in Factions and Nightfall, but even if they don't start with a sword, it shouldn't be long before you get one.

Characters created in one game can be used in the others once they reach that campaign's port city.
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