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Can you combine dye to make different colors, like black?

I've tried double clicking on one dye color to apply it to another dye color in my inventory, but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions or can this even be done?

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Missile129 answered:

Select the dye and then choose the item you wish to apply it to. This will bring up a preview screen where you can see the dye before you finally apply it. In this screen are additional boxes for you to drag and drop the dyes of your choice to mix colours together. This chart will show you the colours made from all standard dye colours (this does not include mixing a 2 colour mix with another colour).

Note that when dying your backpack, belt pouch or bags the dye will take effect immediately and you will not get a chance to preview or mix it.
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j8262345 answered:

Yes you can somewhat, you can get a light black colour sometimes with certain mixes, but you will never get the black dye colour to be exact. I suggest you just buy the dyes, and if you don't have a lot of money just don't buy them and stick with the cheaper dyes.

Good luck.
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