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How do I switch between a sword and a bow?

Is there a way to switch from using a bow to using a sword quicker than opening my inventory and changing weapons?

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Scottie_theNerd answered:

In your Inventory screen, click on "Weapon Sets" and check all the boxes. They will appear in the bottom right hand corner as hotkeys F1 to F4. You can equip any weapon (or weapon/offhand) combo in these slots, allowing you to immediately swap to any other set you have ready. This can be done with any weapon; not just a sword and bow.

You'll notice that there is a delay between input and switching weapons. This is because weapon switching is considered to be an action, so it is queued after the current action (e.g. attacking, skill activation). If you want to instantly swap weapons, you must cancel your current action (default: Escape) and then hit the weapon hotkey. This is usually not an issue, but if you are using a build that requires fast-switching, you will need to get used to this command combo.
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ThomasOwens answered:

You can put them in the weapon hot switch, which I believe is by default mapped to F1-F4 or F5.
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