Lost Memories DVD FAQ by The Hellbound Heart

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                               Lost Memories
                      "THE ART & MUSIC OF SILENT HILL"
Copyright 2003 Duncan Bunce
Version 1.00


Welcome to a brief FAQ regarding the sought after Silent Hill DVD titled 
'Lost Memories - The Art & Music of Silent Hill'. It has come to my attention
that many questions have been asked regarding what this dvd actually is and 
what it consists of. I have received many emails regarding this, so in response
(and to finally give everyone who wants to know an answer!), I have created
this FAQ.

Let's see what the DVD offers us Silent Hill fans.......

Q) What region is the DVD?

A) The DVD is region 2. It originates from Japan, but can also work in region
2 countries such as the UK, rest of Europe etc. Otherwise, you are going to
have to buy some sort of device to allow you to play it in a non-region 2
country or get a chipped dvd player. If you're from the USA, sorry guys, you're
region 1, but my advice just before still applies.

Q) Is it a double disc presentation?

A) No, just the one disc.

Q) Is it all in Japanese?

A) No, the title menus are all in English and navigation is easy. Even the
trailers are all in English as you would expect to see them in the European
game. No language barriers here folks.

What's on the DVD?

Here we go........

The DVD main title menu is split into the following section choices:

Production Material
Art of Silent Hill

(the cool background of the main menu if you're wondering, is a Otherworld 
picture of a carousel horse from Silent Hill 3).

I'll deal section by section contents now.....


A) Silent Hill Original Soundtrack


Silent Hill
The Wait
Until Death
Devil's Lyric
Rising Sun
For All
Follow The Leader
Claw Finger
Hear Nothing
Children Kill
Killed by Death
Don't Cry
The Bitter Season
Never Again
Fear of the Dark
Half Day
Heaven Give Me Say
I'll Kill You
My Justice For You
Devil's Lyric 2
Dead End
Ain't Gonna Rain
Nothing Else
Never Again
Never End, Never End, Never End
Down Time
Kill Angels
Only You
Not Tomorrow 1
Not Tomorrow 2
My Heaven
Tears Of....
Killing Time
Silent Hill (Other Side)

B) Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtrack

Theme of Laura
White Noiz
A World of Madness
Ordinary Vanity
Promise (Reprise)
Ahes and Ghost
Null Moon
Heaven's Night
Alone In The Town
The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind
Angel's Thanatos
The Day of Night
Block Mind
Fermata In Mistic Air
Prisonic Fairytale
Love Psalm
Silent Heaven
Noone Love You
The Reverse Will
Laura Plays The Piano
Terror In The Depths Of The Fog
Black Fairy
Theme Of Laura (Reprise)
Overdose Delusion
Pianissimo Epilogue

C) Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtrack

Lost Carol
You're Not Here
Float Up From Dream
End Of Small Sanctuary
Breeze - In Monochrome Night
Sickness Unto Foolish Death
Clockwork Little Happiness
Please Love Me...Once More
A Stray Child
Innocent Moon
Maternal Heart
Letter - From The Lost Days
Dance With Night Wind
Never Forgive Me Never Forget You
Walk On Vanity Ruins
I Want Love
Heads No.2
Memory Of The Waters
Rain Of Blass Petals
Flower Crown Of Poppy
Uneternal Sleep


A) 4 Trailers from Silent Hill available:

(the cool intro from the game, which is like a montage of the 
game and end with Harry crashing the Jeep. Has the now famous SH music.)

E3 1998 
(early showing of the game. Another montage, like a rolling demo
of the game with spliced ingame footage and fmv. Shows the demon children which 
didn't make it into the final game, and a couple of seconds scene showing 
Cybil's motorcycle crashing over an embankment without her on it. 
Very cool video,and has some music running over the top which never made it 
into the game and sounds just awesome. Silent Hill trademark insignia not 

(now has the SH music we all know and love, another 
montage of the game which is pretty close to the game's actual intro fmv. 
Mainly all fmv,with a few seconds of ingame stuff near the end. Demon children 
now gone. Insignia of title now shown). 

(shows the 'humourous' ending from the game which involved 
aliens. It's in the old 1950's style, comic book style with Japanese subtitles, 
but still English speaking. Bizarre retro alien theme tune as well a scredits 
roll Star Wars style).

B) 5 Trailers from Silent Hill 2 available:

(one of the best SH & SH2 FMV's in the series, this is the intro to the game,
a montage of movie clips with the classic 'Theme of Laura'.
Opens with the prison cell scene between Maria and James as he meets her
again, then the music kicks in. Shows certain scenes not in the game, like
Laura kicking Eddie who is resting beside a van, and James carrying the 
lifeless corpse of Maria through the shadowy prison. Merges Mary/Maria clips,
sets the story and haunting ambience of SH2, introduces all the characters.
Basically awesome 'best of' which end with Maria propositioning James in the

(Japense subtitles break up the scenes. Opens on the misty lake and with lone 
and forlorn James rowing across in a boat. SH2 insignia opens. There's no 
music played, errie silence, like a humming. Shows James's first encounter 
with a monster and the radio. Then 'Theme of Laura' gently begins as James 
examines himself in the mirror at the roadside restroom. Broken up with 
clips of Pyramid Head molesting other demon monsters. Ends with a melancholy 
and haunting pan of the empty decaying restroom as credits come up, theme 

(Scene with Laura on the wall, James asking who she is. Theme of Laura 
(Reprise) begins which is more gentle in ambience, we see Mary talk about the 
town, Angela saying to James "Lost?", first meeting with Maria and then James
asks "Is it dangerous?'. Music stops, monstrous screeching of Pyramid Head 
starts, dragging his BIG SWORD, metal scraping. We get a few of these
disturbing flashes of monsters James will come across, a a silhouette scene
of Pyramid Head molesting monsters in the Hotel [not in game]. Other music
begins, and another montage of clips of James's experiences start and proper
'Theme of Laura' song kicks in, words of "she was waiting for you" flash
on screen at the same time, later picture goes into black and white, last scene
is Pyramid Head molestation scene and screen turns white, Laura says the
Lord's Prayer).

E3 2001
(another montage of clips, mainly movie once again. Nice trailer showing off
the movement of the monsters in game and the genral musteries of the story).

(the 'humourous' ending of the game. Aliens land once again, except Harry from 
the first game is with them. They zap James with their laser guns and take him

C) Six Trailers from Silent Hill 3 available:


E3 2002



E3 2003

(excellent video to the Melissa Williams SH OST classic. Has the main character
of SH3 Heather, lip sync the vocals to the song as she walk around a white
background, with the occassional movie clip from the game breaking it up).


A) There are 20 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill

B) There are 20 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 2

C) There are 26 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 3


A) There are 19 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill

B) There are 20 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 2

C) There are 20 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 3

 Production Material

A) There are 11 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill

B) There are 16 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 2

C) There are 26 pictures to choose from for Silent Hill 3 





The remaining part for this guide will detail as much as possible what pictures
are available for the relevant sections. It will then finish the remaining two
sections on the DVD (the weird and cool videos). Then I'll do a brief review
of the DVD and where you can get it. I'll do some before Xmas, but it will
probably be finished a little after.