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                   Silent Hill 3
                     Puzzle FAQ
                   PlayStation 2
                    Version: 1.4
                 Written by: Geezguy
             Started: October 1st, 2006
             Updated: October 1st, 2006
             E-mail: Geezguy-@hotmail.com

Table of Contents


=-                     I N T R O D U C T I O N                      -=

Welcome to my Silent Hill 3 Puzzle FAQ! I saw no Puzzle FAQ on GameFAQs
to this game so I have created one here for you. I hope you will enjoy it,
and don't you worry, all the soultions are explained in detail on every

I hope you will enjoy this FAQ and this game as you did with the
last one if you have played it. And as before, if you have any questions,
suggestions or anything else about Silent Hill 3, just send me an e-mail at
the adress below.

Title: Silent Hill 3
Developer: Konami, Tokyo
Release Date: USA 3rd September 2003, Europe 5th May 2003
Rating: M for Mature
Platform: PlayStation 2

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Copyright (c) 2003 by Konami.

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=-                   V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                  -=

v1.1: October 1st, 2006
Today I noticed that there's no puzzle FAQ on gamefaqs, so I decided that
I should post one up. This FAQ was created by my FAQ/Walkthrough, I just
copied that section and reformed it a litte. I think this will be the only
version of this FAQ since there's nothing that I need to fix, but if I update
my FAQ/Walkthrough in the puzzle section, I will of course change it here also.

=-                         P U Z Z L E  F A Q                       -=

This section will show you all the solutions for all the puzzles on all
the difficulties. We start on Easy and go up to Hard. Well, lets get started.

P U Z Z L E  1  :  T H E  S H A K E S P E A R E  P U Z Z L E
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This one is really easy. Pick up the two Shakespeare Anthology books
I and III on the floor and use anyone of them on the empty space on the
bookshelf they were lying next to. Now, all you have to do is to look at
their numbers they have and then put them the order: I, II, III, IV. Then
just read the code and proceed.


Read the note to the right of the door behind the counter. It says:

   "Fair is faul, and faul is fair.
    Put these books out of order."

That means that the books you're going to place somewhere doesn't need
to be in order. Now, go to the place where you found the books and use
any one of them on the empty space on the shelf to start the puzzle. Now
you must place those five books on the shelf so you can read the code from
left to right. The code is always diffrent so I can't tell you the one you're
getting. It's not hard at all, just place them and see so that the number comes
out correctly. There won't be any clicking sound or anyting. So, as soon as you
see what the code is, examine the door where the note was to display the code
Enter the code and the door shall open. Remember, the code must be four-digit.


Okay, read the clue to the right of the door behind the counter. It says:

  "In here is a tragedy---
   art thou player or audience?
   Be as it may, the end doth remain:
   all go on only toward death.

   The first words at thy left hand:
   a false lunacy, a madly dancing man.
   Hearing unhearable words, drawn
   to a beloved's grave---and there,
   mayhap, true madness at last.

   As did this one, playing at death,
   find true death at the last.
   Killing a nameless lover, she
   pierced a heart rent by sorrow.

   Doth lie invite truth?
   Doth verity but wear the
   mask of falsehood?
   Ah, thou pitiful, thou
   miserable ones!

   Still amidst lies, though the end
   cometh not, wherefore yearn
   for death?
   Wilt thou attend to thy beloved?
   Truth and lies, life and death:
   a game of turning white to black
   and black to white.

   Is not a silence brimming with
   love more precious than flattery?
   A peaceful slumber preferred to
   a throne besmirched with blood.

   One vengeful man
   spilled blood for two;
   Two youths shed tears for three;
   Three witches disappeared thusly;
   And only the four keys remain.

   Ah, but verily...
   In here is a tragedy---
   art thou player or audience?
   There is nothing which cannot
   become a puppet of fate or an
   onlooker, peering into the cage."

Okay, this will be almost impossible if you don't know Shakespeare well.
You are now about to work with some of Shakespeare's most greatest works.
To get the code we will place the books in the shelf so we know which order
they'll come in. And then we'll read each vers and match it with the books'
anthology. The books we'll be working with is:

Shakespeare Anthology 1- Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare Anthology 2- King Lear
Shakespeare Anthology 3- MacBeth
Shakespeare Anthology 4- Hamlet
Shakespeare Anthology 5- Othello

"The first words at thy left hand" means that the books should go from left
to right on the shelf. The rest of that verse describes Hamlet's plot. So that
book goes into the far left side of the bookshelf. The next one describes Romeo
Juliet's plot as you can see, so book number 1 comes after Hamlet. Note that the
fourth verse is just there to make you confused, so ignore it. It has nothing
with Shakespeare to do, so continue with the next one. The fifth verse describes
Othello very well, so book number 5 comes after Romeo & Juliet, you know it by
words "black to white", huh? The sixth verse describes King Lear so put book
2 next to Othello. And finally the seventh and last verse describes the only
we have left, which is the Macbeth book. So put book number 3 next to King Lear.

Now you will come up with the books in this order: IV, I, V, II, III.
This is the order that the code should come in. Now we must do some math
and matching with the verses below with the books. It's quite confusing, yes.

We start with "One vengeful man" describes Hamlet, he wanted to revenge his
father. "He spilled blood for two" means that you must dubble the value that
Hamlet's anthology book has, which is number 4, so that gives us number 8 as
the first number in the code. "Two youth shed tears for three" is as you
know, Romeo & Juliet. They shed tears for three, so you must triple their
book number 1 which will result you with 3. "Three witches disappeared thusly"
describes Macbeth. Their book number is 3, and the three of them disappeared, so
that makes the book number 3 disappear from the code, and that's good because we
can't have a five-digit code. We are here for a four-digit code, and the
code for you will be 8352.
. . . . . . . . . .

P U Z Z L E  2  :  2 N D  F L O O R  C O D E  P A N E L  P U Z Z L E
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The clue on the board next to the door says:

"Press, move 2 Right;
 Press, move 1 up;
 Press, move 2 down;
 Press and the dorr shall open."

This should not be to hard to figure out. Now, if you're gonna be
able to move two to the right you must start from number 1, 4 or 7
from the code panel. But then you must be able to move one up, so it
has to be number 4 or 7 now. Then when it comes to move two down, we
know for sure that the code will be 4 because we have to move one up
before it. We press number 4 and moves two to the right which comes to
number 6. We press that button and taking one step up which comes to
number 3. And now be can smoothly move two down which lands on number 9.
Now, the resulting code will be 4639.


Alright, start by reading the memo on the board to Heather's right. It says:

     "The first is larger than the second;
      the second twice the third;
      the third smaller than the fourth;
      the fourth is half the first.

      Four of the numbers are not repeated
      Three are not in the top row
      Two are not in the right row
      One of the numbers is the final key"

This may be very confusing. First, the fourth is half the first."
That means that it has to be a even number when you should take the
half of it, so it's either 2, 4, 6 or 8. If we start with the biggest,
which is 8, the third must be smaller than the fourth, so it can only be
from 1-7. The second one is twice the third so that can only be 2, 3 or 4.
And the first is larger than the second so that can only be 4 or 6.

We're putting 8 first because it's the largest. If we put in 4 last, it's
half the first and it has to be a even number, so it makes sense. So far we
have 8??4, right?  The second is twice the third and it also has to be a even
number which is 3 or 6. So if we read the second sentence that the second number
is twice the third, it can only be number 6 because the third is smaller than
fourth and the only number we have left is 3. Finally, the resulting code is


Who is a fan of the hard riddle difficulty? Not me. But lets start by
looking at the clue to the right of the locked door:

  "Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead---
   You are always looking at me
   and I am always looking at you.

   Ah, you're too meek ---
   beautiful, unspoiled:
   thus I'm so sad, I suffer---
   and so happy, it hurts.

   I want to hurt you
   and destroy myself
   What you would think
   if you knew how I felt.

   Would you simply smile,
   not saying a word?
   Even curses from your mouth
   would be as beautiful as pearls.

   I place my left hand on your
   face as though we were to kiss.
   Then I suddenly shove my thumb
   deep into your eyesocket.
   Abruptly, decisively,
   like drilling a hole.

   And what would it feel like?
   Like jelly?
   Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
   mix it around and around: I must
   taste the warmth of your blood.

   How would you scream?
   Would you shriek "It hurts!
   It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
   stream from your crushed eye?

   You can't know the maddening
   hunger I've felt in the midst of
   our kisses, so many of them
   I've lost count.

   As though drinking in your cries,
   I bring my hopes to fruition:
   biting your tongue, shredding it,
   biting at your lips as if tasting
   your lipstick.

   Oh, what euphoric heights I would
   reach, having my desires fulfilled
   like a greedy, gluttonous cur.

   I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
   cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
   I would surely be healed,
   and would cry like a child.

   And how is your tender ear?
   It brushes against my cheek;
   I want it to creep up to my lips so
   I can sink my teeth into its flesh.

   Your left ear, always hearing words
   whispered sweet as pie ---
   I want it to hear my true feelings.
   I never lied, no...
   but I did have my secrets.

   Ah, but what must you think of me?
   Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
   As though inviting you to the agony
   at the play's end; if you wish, you
   could destroy me --- I wouldn't care.

   As you wish, you may destroy me
   --- I wouldn't care."

Well, that's not a friendly poem. But let's get on to the solution.
Stanley describes Heather's face, so we must see the code panel as a
face in order to figure out the code. It would look like this:

1   2   3          Eye  Forehead Eye

4   5   6   ---->  Ear    Nose   Ear

7   8   9          Cheek  Mouth  Cheek

Alright. Stanley would shove his thumb into Heather's right eye and the
blood would drip to her cheek. So the blood leads us to the first number
which is number 4. Then we have a eays one, he chews on her tounge and lips
which brings us to number 8 because it happens on the mouth. Then he was tasting
her left cheek which is number 9. For the last number, he talks about her left
ear which is number 6. The resulting code is 4896.
. . . . . . . . . .

P U Z Z L E  3  :  B R E I F C A S E  P U Z Z L E
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Use the clue from the Examining room:

     "The start time is my key."

This one is so easy. Examine the clock in the room and the code that
you need to input in the briefcase will be there written in red on the clock.


Use the clue from the Examining room:

     "The start time is my key."

That tells us that the time on the clock by the bed is the code we need
to unput on the breifcase to unlock it. Look at the clock. For example: if
it says 23.20, the code is 2320. If it says 03.56, the code is 0356. If you're
reading the clock only as 3.46, you must always input a 0 so it will be a
four-digit number.


Use the clue from the Examining room:

     "The start time is my key."

On hard mode we must use the Military time, which is to add 12 hours to the
time you get. For example: if the clock is at 05.35 you must add 12 hours to
that because it's 24 hours time. 05.35+12.00=17.35 and then the code will be
See how easy it is? Another example is: if the clock is at 01.05 and you add 12
hours to that you will get 13.01 and the code will be 1305.
. . . . . . . . . .

P U Z Z L E  4  :  C R E M A T O R I U M  P U Z Z L E
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(Note: There's no Crematorium Puzzle for the Easy Riddle Mode)


This is quite easy to figure out. Examine the hatch and you will get
a clue that for example can look like this:

     |     |     |
     | II  |     | III
  I  | IV  |     |

Alright, lets get to the solution. You should know the roman numbers, if not:


Alright, the roman numbers represents the stretchers. To the south of
the picture is the door, and to the north is the hatch. So it's easy to
figure out which stretcher the roman number represents. You're supposed
to check each bed with the roman number in the order they are devided in.
You should first check number I then II, III and IV. When you have read the
numbers in order, you will come up with a code. Press the X button to the
left of the hatch and a code panel will be diplayed. Enter the code there
and the hatch will open. I can give a example. Maybe the stretcher marked
number III has number 5 written on it. The number 5 will then come as number
three in the code, get it? Okay, that was just a example, forget it and begin
to solve the puzzle. (Note: The code will always include number "7" in it.
That's because when you go the stretcher marked number 7, a voice can be
heared wisper "H-H-H-Heather..." That's actually Stanley! He finally got to
see Heather! Quite sad...)


On the hatch there will be a clue for you:

 "Burn the one who knows no death .
  Pure, adored by those above.
  No prayers within, just simple love.

  And now the pining hunter.
  The flames longing for his rebirth.
  A distant flame within the earth.

  Burn up that heavy body of his.
  Make it wind, dancing in the sky.
  That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh.

  The sweet blood on his laughing lips.
  Now calls him to the gates of hell.
  There burns evermore that soulless shell.

  Four bodies return to ashes.
  Thus the door is opened.
  Thus the door is opened."

Also, each stretcher is marked with a memo:

  0- The Kite:
     The Kite hot, crazy and panting mad.
     Sweet shackles that tease and excite.
     Death itself would drive him wild.
     Red blood that turns milky white.

 1- The Sparrow:
    Who killed Cock Robin?
    "The Sparrow," they said.
    "He wants them all dead.
    To him honey-sweet is their sobbing.

 2- The Owl:
    The Owl who forgot the sky.
    Resigned to his poor earthbound state.
    Hungry of full didn't matter at all,
    He ate and he ate and he ate.

 3- The Thrush:
    The grass the Thrush so loved to eat.
    Gave him sweet happiness.
    He sank ever deeper and finally fell.
    To destruction and fatal distress.

 4- The Robin:
    Cock Robin, who hid the key away.
    Is ash in the oven all right.
    The place he held is empty now.
    And the doors remain shut tight.

 5- The Lark:
    The Lark's child lost all his words.
    And walled himself up all away.
    Heart and mouth both locked up tight.
    In a cage where no one want to stay.

 6- The Dove:
    The Dove's hope died, he chose his path.
    His flapping wings fell still.
    Drenched in scarlet there he lay.
    His cheeks pale white and chill.

 7- The Linnet:
    He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition.
    Frightening her out of her wits.
    Whispering love songs in her ear.
    What cruel Linnet wants, he gets.

 8- The Rook:
    The black Rook is the praying sort.
    Who hears the gods in the skies.
    His whispered petitions go on without end.
    And glassy and dim are his eyes.

 9- The Wren:
    The Wren with pure heart as yet unrefined.
    Makes us laugh unto his feeble lip-smacking.
    But still we all know he shall never grow old.
    And he knows not how much he is lacking.

Now, we start from 0 and on to 9 to see which one of them that matches
text on the oven.

 "Burn the one who knows no death .
  Pure, adored by those above.
  No prayers within, just simple love.

We can match this with the first verse on the oven. And that stretcher is
marked with number 9.

"And now the pining hunter.
 The flames longing for his rebirth.
 A distant flame within the earth."

This one matches the second verse on the oven. And the number is 2.

"Burn up that heavy body of his.
 Make it wind, dancing in the sky.
 That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh."

Number 7 matches the third verse on the oven. And also that psycho Stanley.

"The sweet blood on his laughing lips.
 Now calls him to the gates of hell.
 There burns evermore that soulless shell."

The number 1 which is the Sparrow matches the fourth and last verse
on the oven.

Now you will have the resulting code which is 9271.
. . . . . . . . . .

P U Z Z L E  5  :  T A R O T  C A R D  P U Z Z L E
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You should know this: The Eye of the Night(XXII), The Hanged Man(XII),
The Fool(0), The High Priestess(II), and The Moon(XVIII).


Read the sketchbook on the bed and it will show you exactly where the
card should be inserted. I'll write it here just to be on the safe side:

Outcome:             FOOL----------(empty)----------MOON
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                    (empty)---EYE OF THE NIGHT-------FOOL
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
               HANGED MAN----------(empty)-------HIGH PRIESTESS


To start with, read the sketchbook to the right on the bed. It will
give you a clue which should not be too hard to understand:

  "The door sure does rattle,
   but it's struck tight.
   A secret is hidden out
   of your sight!
   You may be thinking,
   'What could it be?'
   You'll need five magic cards
   if you want to see.

   What to do, then,
   with all these?
   I'll tell you straight
   and I won't tease--
   Just as long as
   you say "please".

   Now the first thing you must know
   Is that there's something
   in each row.
   But that is not the half of it:
   Three would be too hard to fit.

   The upside-down man
   under the ground:
   To his right, to his left,
   there's no one around.
   Leave him alone, though
   his tears are profound.

   The moon is up above the sky,
   Full or crescent, floating high.
   Twinkling light sits like a crown
   On the head of a crazy clown.

   Your Excellency,
   praying to God most high
   Do you think you
   can tell me why
   You always look up
   at the night sky?

   Do you have it now?
   You didn't forget?
   One major point you
   must not omit.
   And now at the last,
   before you take a whack
   Here's one more hint to
   help keep you on track.

   Scary and hateful, that
   thing in the night
   Better be careful --
   it's not on your right!
   Turn to the left and
   you'll keep it in sight.

   So you'll open the door?
   I'm just sure that there'll
   Be nothing beyond it but
   frightening peril.
   Forget about that!
   Just stay and play!
   Or else I'll be left
   here alone all day."

You must put these five tarot cards in the right space by reading the
sketchbook.The first one is quite obvious "The upside-down man under the
ground: To his right, to his left, there's no one around. Leave him alone,
though his tears are profound." If you look at the Hanged Man Tarot Card you
will see that he actually is upside-down. And he's supposed to be underground
with no one to his left or right. That means that he must go into the middle
space of the bottom row. The next one follows "The moon is up above the sky",
now we know that the Moon Tarot card should be in the top row on the right side.
"Twinkling light sits like a crown On the head of a crazy clown." That means
the Fool Tarot Card has to be below the Moon Tarot Card, so it will be in the
space in the right row. We continue "Your Excellency, praying to God most high"
means that the priestess (the excellency) is always looking up at the sky, so
that is reffering to the Eye of the Night Tarot Card. In result we know that
the Priestess has to be below the Eye of the Night Tarot Card on the left side.

Outcome:       EYE OF THE NIGHT------(empty)--------MOON
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                HIGH PRIESTESS-------(empty)--------FOOL
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                   (empty)--------HANGED MAN-------(empty)


You should know this: The Eye of the Night(XXII), The Hanged Man(XII),
The Fool(0), The High Priestess(II), and The Moon(XVIII).

Read the sketchbook on the bed and it gives you a clue:

    "I had a dream.
     In my dream, I opened a door.
     But was that really me?
     I had a different name.

     ING  WXX  NXA
     OEI  IFI  VII

     MOX  NOT  XVH
     XON  HNG  III

     XAA  CXX  CCX
     JII  IEI  IHT

     5 are true and 4 are lies---
     and there are some fibs mixed
     in with the truth.

     That's 'cause it's scary to write
     only the truth.
     But dreams...dreams are like lies,
     after all."

This one is actually easier than it looks. You see in the clue that
five are true and four are lies. What you must do is to remove the
letters that are not roman letters. The roman letters are: V, X, L, C, D
and M. So that's the ones you should NOT remove. Then you will come up
with this:


MXX   0    XVIII


By looking at the cards roman letters you will know where they should be
inserted. The Eye of the Night Tarot Card will be inserted in the center of
the top row. The Hanged Man Tarot Card will be at the top right row. The Fool
Tarot Card will be inserted in the center of the middle row. The High Priestess
will be inserted in the top left row. And finally the Moon Tarot Card will be
inserted in the middle right row.

                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                      |                              |
                   (empty)--------HANGED MAN-------(empty)
. . . . . . . . . .

=-                        C O N C L U S I O N                       -=

I'm afraid that it has come to and end...
I will only update this walkthrough if I get something very important to add.
Or maybe I just change something. If you want to check out my other walkthroughs
you can see them at Neoseeker and GameFAQs or at Geezguy.spaces.live.com, it's
not done yet, but I will inform it here when it's done.