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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FromEarth

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                               F I N A L   V E R S I O N
                                  Silent Hill 3 (PS2)
                            By Evert "From Earth" van Aart
                                     Final Version
                               0)  Table of Contents
    If you need to find a certain section quickly, press [CTRL] + [F] to bring up
    the Find menu of your browser or text editor, and search for the code behind
    the section's name in this TOC. For example, if you want to find the
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     0   Table of Contents                     #0TOC
     1   FAQ Information                       #1FAQ
           a. About the Author		      #1ABO
           b. Contact Information                 #1CON
           c. Copyright Disclaimer                #1COP
     2   Frequently Asked Questions            #2FAQ
     3   Game basics                           #3GAM
           a. Controls                            #3CON
           b. Weapons                             #3WEA
           c. Monsters                            #3MON
     4   Walkthrough                           #4WAL
           -> Dark Amusement Park                 #4DAP
           -> 'Normal' Shopping Mall              #4NSM
           -> Dark Shopping Mall                  #4DSM
           -> 'Normal' Shopping Mall              #4SM2
           -> Hazel Street Subway Station         #4SSS
           -> The Train                           #4TRA
           -> Underground Passage                 #4UND
           -> The Sewers                          #4SEW
           -> Construction Site                   #4CON
           -> 'Normal' Office Building            #4NOB
           -> Dark Office Building                #4DOB
           -> Outside / Apartment                 #4OAP
           -> Silent Hill                         #4SIL
           -> 'Normal' Brookhaven Hospital        #4NBH
           -> Dark Brookhaven Hospital            #4DBH
           -> Silent Hill                         #4SH2
           -> Lakeside Amusement Park             #4LAP
           -> Chapel                              #4CAP
     5   Fast walkthrough                      #5FAS
     6   Endings                               #6END
           a. Normal                              #6NOR
           b. Possessed                           #6POS
           c. Revenge                             #6REV
           d. Points system                       #6POI
     7   Weird, Creepy and/or useless Facts    #7WCU
     8   Puzzle solutions                      #8PUZ
           a. Easy Level Differences              #8EAS
           b. Book puzzle                         #8BOO
           c. Hospital Patient Wing 2F            #8HOS
           d. Crematorium                         #8CRE
           e. Tarot Cards                         #8TAR
     9   Extras and secrets                    #9EXT
           a. Hidden Things                       #9HID
           b. Secret weapons                      #9SEC
           c. Costumes                            #9COS
           d. Others                              #9OTH
    10   Item list                             #10IT
           a. Supplies                            #10SU
           b. Story Items                         #10ST
    12   Credits and thanks                    #12CR
                                3)  FAQ Information
                                a. About the Author
    For a full list of other work by the same author, Evert "From Earth" van Aart:
                               b. Contact Information
    You can contact me by e-mail, but there are some rules.
    - Do not send me questions that have already been answered in the FAQ.
    - Do not expect me to know the answer to every single question about the game.
    - Please include the title of the game in the subject line.
    - You can send me corrections and additions, but you should know that this FAQ
      is no longer in developement, so unless your correction or addition is about
      something really important, I probably won't include it.
    - Love mail is always welcome.
    evert.vanaart (at) gmail (dot) com
                               c. Copyright Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Evert "From Earth" van Aart and CNET, C2004-2007.
    It is the intellectual property of the Author and CNET, and as such, it is
    prohobited by law to distribute, host, copy or sell this any part of this
    document without the written permission of the Author or CNET. Websites that
    want to host this FAQ should contact the Author before doing so. For
    personal use only.
    A modified version of this document can be found at GameSpot.
                            4)  Frequently Asked Questions
     This is a list of questions that a lot of people have already asked me via
    email. Before mailing me your question, please read through this list.
    --<  I'm stuck in the bookstore! I'm on easy difficulty, and I've placed all
         the books in the correct order, but the code on the backs of the books
         only has got 3 numbers!  >--
    The fourth number is a 1. It written just between two books, so you can
    easily mistake it for a shadow.
    --<  I can't find the Bleach/Detergent!  >--
    You're playing the game on easy riddles mode, so you don't need these
    two chemicals. The moths that you need to kill with the chemicals also
    won't be there, and you can't turn off the fan.
    --<  What effects does the Bulletproof Vest have?  >--
    It reduces damage, and slows you down.
    --<  Where's the ladder in the mall?  >--
    In a store near the main entrance of the mall.
    --<  How do I get past that cloud of bugs?  >--
    First switch off the fan, now enter the corridor with the bugs and use
    the two chemicals on the bin.
    --<  I'm on hard mode and I've only got 10 bullets left for the fight with the
         Splitworm. Any tactics?  >--
    Depends on the difficulty. If you're on easy or medium, you might have a
    chance of dodging the boss, or surviving his attacks. On hard mode, you're
    pretty screwed, since it can kill you in one hit.
    --<  In the subway station something keeps pushing me onto the tracks.  >--
    This ghost only appears after reading both articles in the station about
    dead people. So either don't read those things or just stay clear of
    Platform 4.
    --<  I'm in the Underground Passage, and I see some red walls. What's up
         with that?  >--
    These Blood Walls can really hurt you on hard mode. Otherwise, they're
    just there for the scare factor.
    --<  What's the deal with those pipes in the Sewers?  >--
    Throw your pipe in the water with the monster before using the dryer on the
    outlet. Answer the questions right and you'll get the Silver and Gold pipe.
    --<  What do I need to do in the construction site?  >--
    Find a room with a hole in the ground, and push in the mattress next to the
    hole. Now jump in.
    --<  I can't find the screwdriver!  >--
    You're on easy riddles mode, so you don't need the screwdriver. Just go
    to the office of the dance studio, and open the drawer.
    --<  What do I need to do in the Dark Office Building?  >--
    Find the matchbook, the Oxydol and the liver and burn a painting.
    --<  Whaaa! There's a big bad monster blocking the door, and I
         can't kill it!  >--
    Find the last part of the story, that will help you.
    --<  Any tactics for the Missionary boss?  >--
    Read the walkthrough.
    --<  I entered the right time of the clock in the briefcase's lock, but
         it won't open!  >--
    Half past three can be both 0330 and 1530.
    --<  What do I need to do in that room in the basement?  >--
    Use the camera on the shelves.
    --<  What's there to do for fun on the roof?  >--
    Nothing, unless you really like Closers.
    --<  What does that perfume do?  >--
    Apparently, it attracks nurses and repels Leonard.
    --<  What happens if I forgive the woman in the confession booth?  >--
    It affects the ending.
    --<  How do I get the <enter extra weapon here>?  >--
    Read the Extras Section.
    --<  Do I need exact 333 kills for the Heather beam?  >--
    No, you can go over 333 and still get it.
    --<  How do I get possessed?  >--
    The easiest way is to equip the Unlimited SMG in a game on hard action
    mode, and blast everything that moves.
    --<  I didn't get the Revenge ending. What did I do wrong?  >--
    To get Revenge, you must kill EVERY enemy with the Sexy Beam. If an enemy
    is down, DON'T kick it, this will count as a melee kill. In the end, the
    counter for kills should be 0, both for melee as shooting.
                                   3)  Game Basics
                                     a. Controls
    --<  Default Setting  >--
    X         Use/pick up/attack (with R2)/confirm.
    O         Cancel/turn flashlight on and off.
    Square    Run/block (with R2).
    Triangle  Check map.
    Start     Pause game.
    Select    Go to inventory screen.
    L1        Strafe left.
    R1        Strafe right.
    L2        Free camera look (doesn't always work).
    R2        Attack stance.
    R3        (press right analog stick) Use equipped item.
                                     b. Weapons
    --<  Knife  >--
    Location     Initially in your inventory.
    Range        Melee
    Damage       Low
    Speed        High
    Description  The knife is only useful until you get the steel pipe. It's not
                 very accurate, and does little damage. Use it only if you're
                 almost out of ammo.
    --<  Handgun  >--
    Location     Normal Mall, after fighting your first Closer.
    Range        Medium to Good
    Damage       Medium
    Speed        High
    Description  A trustworthy friend. Very useful for fighting lone monsters,
                 especially those damn Double-heads.
    --<  Steel Pipe  >--
    Location     Dark Mall, in the bar south of the book store.
    Range        Melee
    Damage       Medium
    Speed        Medium
    Description  The pipe is not a bad weapon at all. It can be very useful
                 against Numb Bodies and Closers. Not a good idea to use it
                 against a group.
    --<  Shotgun  >--
    Location     Train on platform 2 in the subway station.
    Range        Short to medium
    Damage       Medium to high
    Speed        Medium
    Description  The shotgun should mainly be used against groups of smaller
                 enemies or one big enemy. Its main downside is its low accuracy.
    --<  Maul  >--
    Location     Underground passage, in the room where you got the map.
    Range        Melee
    Damage       High
    Speed        Low
    Description  The maul is just too slow to be useful. It's a lot like the Big
                 Knife in SH2: nice damage, but almost impossible to use.
    --<  Katana  >--
    Location     5th floor of the office building, in the Art Gallery.
    Range        Melee
    Damage       Medium to high
    Speed        High
    Description  The best melee weapon by far. It has the speed and accuracy of
                 the knife, the power of the maul and a fairly good range.
    --<  Stun Gun  >--
    Location     Heather's bedroom.
    Range        Very short
    Damage       Medium to high
    Speed        Low
    Description  This weapons might be powerful, but it's a real pain to use.
                 Unless you can master it, you'll hardly ever use it.
    --<  Sub-machine Gun  >--
    Location     Basement of the hospital.
    Range        Good
    Damage       High
    Speed        Very high
    Description  Now THIS is what I'm talking about! This baby is sure to chop
                 any foe to tiny pieces in seconds. While firing, you can press
                 up and down to aim up and down, a must for killing Double-heads
                 and Pendulums. Only downside is the lack of ammo.
    Secret weapons are listed in the 'Extras and Secrets' section of this FAQ.
                                    c. Monsters
    --<  Double-Head  >--
    Appearance   Zombie dogs
    Where        Everywhere
    Damage       Low
    Speed        High
    Attacks      Charge and jump
                 Biting your knees
    --<  Closer  >--
    Appearance   Huge, slow, ham-fisted
    Where        Everywhere
    Damage       Medium
    Speed        Low
    Attacks      All with it arms. Some attacks will throw you down on the ground.
    --<  Numb Body  >--
    Appearance   A fish with legs in a straitjacket
    Where        Begin of the game, hardly any in later parts
    Damage       Low
    Speed        Low
    Attacks      Bumping into you
    --<  Pendulum  >--
    Appearance   A flying ball with spears coming out of it
    Where        Everywhere, first seen in dark mall
    Damage       Low to medium
    Speed        Medium to high
    Attacks      Attacking with the spears sticking out of their body.
                 Attaching themselves to your face
    --<  Insane Cancer  >--
    Appearance   A big fat monster
    Where        First seen in train station, appears regularly from there
    Damage       Medium to high
    Speed        Low
    Attacks      Punching you with its arms
    --<  Slurper  >--
    Appearance   Like a zombie ant eater
    Where        First seen in the dark office building.
    Damage       Medium
    Speed        Medium
    Attacks      Bumping into you. Will sometimes knock you down.
    --<  Nurse  >--
    Appearance   A zombie nurse, armed with either a handgun or a steel pipe
    Where        The hospital
    Damage       Medium (pipe) to high (handgun)
    Speed        Low
    Attacks      Shooting with the gun / hitting with the pipe
    --<  Scraper  >--
    Appearance   Like the Missionary boss, only slightly less powerful. It can't
                 block your shots either
    Where        The chapel
    Damage       High
    Speed        High
    Attacks      Slashing with its claws
                                  4)  Walkthrough
                                  Dark Amusement Park
    In the opening movie, you'll see a dark amusement park, with some shots of
    some kind of monster trough it. You'll then see Heather walking in that park.
    She doesn't seem to know where she is. You gain control of her. First, have
    a look at your inventory. You already have some weapons (handgun, submachine
    gun, steel pipe, knife), some healing items, a radio and a flashlight.
    Anyway, you can explore this area as much as you want. There are some nice
    shots of the man-sized bunny costumes, and cages with weird monsters in them.
    In the next room there's a big pit, and a couple of monsters. You can enter a
    store, but there's nothing to find. If you enter the next door (the one
    labeled 'Mountain Coaster'), you'll have to fight some tough monsters again,
    and even if you survive that, there will be more monsters in the next area.
    There's no use to fight, because if you die, you'll move on to the next part
    of the game. In other words: you're supposed to die! Anyway, if you make it
    all the way trough the park, you'll arrive at the roller coaster. If you
    start walking on its tracks, Heather will get hit by a cart, and die anyway.
                                 'Normal' Shopping Mall
    In her inventory, Heather has got her house-key, her lucky pendant, and a
    knife. On the mirror is a red sign. This is a save-point. You'll find these
    things throughout the game, and they are marked on the map (but you don't
    have one right now). If you examine it, Heather will say she knows the sign
    from somewhere, she has seen it before. If you knock on the locked toilet
    door, you'll hear an answer. Someone is in there. Anyway, Heather doesn't
    want to go back because Douglas is still there, so exit out the window.
    You'll be in an alley, there's only one way out, through the door further
    down the alley. You'll be in some kind of corridor, it seems to be for the
    shop owners and mall employees. Just walk through it, only the doors at the
    end can be opened. This next area is a small part of the mall. There are
    several stores, but only one is accessible. Go to the store with the half-
    closed shutter and enter.
    After you regain control, check out the dead monster and the human body to
    find out what Heather is thinking about them. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS on
    the bench. Get behind the counter and open the door there. To your left will
    be double doors leading back to the previous corridor, but all you'll find
    there are two Double-heads, so stay out of there. Check the board opposite
    the elevator to find the MAP of the mall. Exit through the door labeled
    'Exit' and climb the stairs.
    In here you'll encounter a new type of monster, Numb Bodies. Kill it,
    then head into the corridor. Most doors are locked, except for two on the
    north side. The first one has a Double-head eating some beef jerky. Kill the
    Double-head or not (it's your choice), but remember to get the BEEF. It
    serves well as a distraction. Back in the corridor, turn right, and check the
    doors on the right to find the second opened room. In here, there's a save-
    point, 2 HEALTH DRINKS, HANDGUN BULLETS and a 'table' with a key under it in
    the corner. You can't get the key, Heather can't reach it. Exit the save room
    and make your way to the central area of the mall.
    Many parts are closed of. There are 2 Closers (those big guys) walking around
    the gap to the first floor. Try to avoid them or kill them. I'd say avoid,
    they're easy to outrun and you want to save your ammo for when you really
    need it. There are only two stores here that are of significance. One is the
    bookstore, but it's locked, the second is the Bakery. Go there now. Here,
    pick up the PAIR OF TONGS and read the brochure on the counter if you want.
    Head back to the save room and use the pair of tongs at the table to get the
    key to the bookstore. Go there now, it's in the same area as the bakery, the
    store is called 'My best-sellers'. Note that after you got the key, the
    hallway next to the save room will be filled with Numb Bodies.
    Here you'll find your first puzzle. There are 5 books on Shakespeare
    lying on the ground. They are labeled I to V (Roman numbers). Before
    starting the puzzle, check the rest of the store. There are some HANDGUN
    BULLETS on the counter. Behind the counter is a locked door with a keypad.
    Right, let's start puzzling! Check the Puzzle Solutions part for the solution
    and some hints.
    Enter the code in the keypad on the door behind the counter. When you regain
    control, go to the elevator. Enter. When the elevator stops, a RADIO will
    fall from it's ceiling. Pick it up. This radio has the same function as in
    SH2: whenever a monster is nearby, it starts emitting static. Exit the
                                  Dark Shopping Mall
    In the next hallway there are some Double-heads to be fought.Near the toilets
    you'll find the first-aid room. Enter. Here you'll find HEALTH DRINKS, an
    AMPOULE, and a save-point. Head out, and to the north.
    In the central area there are 3 Closers walking around. Avoid them if you
    can, or try to kill them, this takes lots of ammo though. As you exit the
    corridor, make a right, then left into the narrower hallway. Follow it. Enter
    the room to the left of the women's bathroom. Here you'll find your
    trustworthy FLASHLIGHT, as well as some HANDGUN BULLETS and a FIRST AID KIT.
    Exit and enter the women's bathroom (this is the one you started in). Take
    the BLEACH (not on easy riddles mode), and knock on the locked door for a
    good scare. Continue to the east. You'll arrive in the part of the mall
    that you visited as first. Go to the clothing store again (where you got your
    gun). Take the HANGER, and grab the BULLETPROOF VEST hanging nearby. Head
    back to the central area with the 3 Closers, enter the door on the
    northwestern end. There's a ladder hanging from the ceiling in this room. Use
    the hanger to get it down, then climb up.
    You'll be at the west end of the 2nd floor. Go up the escalator in nearby.
    There's a Closer in this area, and a Double-head nearby. You can enter the
    women's bathroom here, but it seems to be useless. Opposite of the escalator
    is a locked door with a moon painted on it, but it's locked. Instead, go into
    the first shop on your right when you come from the escalator. Here you'll
    see a grilled dog. Examine the dog to find a COOKED KEY. Also find the HEALTH
    DRINK and the FIRST AID KIT from behind the counter. Go down the escalator,
    back to the second floor.
    You hear some static, but it's not coming from your radio. It comes from the
    tv in a shop to the south of the escalators. Check out the tv and you'll see
    a short video. Around the corner here you'll find a second tv with a save
    sign on it. Save if you want, then enter the double doors next to the
    save-point. You're inside a jewelry. Pick up the WALLNUT from one of the
    cases. You can exit trough the back door, or go back to the first tv and
    enter the store there. Be warned: in this store (the one next to the first
    tv) you'll have to fight some Numb Bodies, and you don't get anything for it.
    In this store, that looks like a clothes store, you can also exit through
    the back door. Whether you go through the clothes store or the jewelry,
    you'll end up in the corridor where you met Claudia. A Closer is walking
    around. Make your way to the eastern most door and unlock it with the
    cooked key.
    Here, pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and the STEEL PIPE. The pipe is a really
    useful melee weapon for fighting Numb Bodies and Closers. It's a little too
    slow for Double-heads. When you got your new weapon, exit through the double
    doors. You'll be at the central area. Some Numb Bodies have been waiting for
    you. After you gave them a warm welcome, head to the bakery (you still know
    where it is right? The south-east part of the central area). Inside, pick up
    the DETERGENT near the sink (not on easy riddles mode). Exit through the back
    door. You'll be in a hallway with a fan. Next to it is a button to switch it
    off, so switch it off already! Then, enter the door next to it. Here you'll
    see a cloud of bugs, Heather can't get past them. You'll need some sort of
    anti-bug spray to get rid of them. Well, have a look at the chemicals in your
    inventory, it says on the labels NOT TO MIX IT. Basic rule in adventures: if
    a sign tells you not to do something, do it! Next to the door you came
    through is an empty garbage bin. Use the bleach and the detergent on it.
    Heather exits the hallway. Switch the fan back on, then go into the
    bug hallway.
    The bugs are dead, so walk past them. After a while you can open a door
    on the right side. Find some BEEF JERKY and three times HANDGUN BULLETS. Go
    back to the hallway. Continue north, and turn right at the intersection. Open
    the first door on the left. Kill the Closer inside if you want, then exit
    through the double doors. Here, you'll fight a new type of monster. It's
    called the Pendulum. It can fly, does some nice damage, and has high stamina.
    Avoid it if you want. There are also some Double-heads here. From the double
    doors, head left, then right. On the north-west part of this area are a pair
    of double doors that you can open. When inside, find the vise lying on one of
    the beds. Use your walnut on it to receive a MOONSTONE. Exit the way you
    came, go right, and unlock the door at the end of the walkway.
    You're back in the central area. Head back to the escalators, be warned
    because there are some new monsters hanging around, including a Pendulum.
    Head up to the third floor, and use the moonstone on the locked door
    opposite of the escalators. Go around the pit, and then down the ladder.
    Get ready for a boss fight!
    --<  Boss: Splitworm  >--
    Difficulty - Easy
    You climb down to a closed of area. As you walk away from the ladder, it
    falls down. No way out. And to make matters worse, you're attacked by a giant
    purple snake. It can come out of 6 holes, 3 on either side of the room. It
    can travel to any hole from his current location, so don't think that when
    he exits on one side he'll also come out on that side. When it comes out, it
    opens it's mouth, screams a bit, and then either crosses the room or
    retreats. It only attacks are stomping on the ground (doesn't hurt you, just
    stuns you for a second) andattacking you with the head (will take your
    health down to almost zero). Stay away from the head if you can. When the
    snake comes out of a hole, stand on the other side, facing its head right
    on. When it opens it mouth, fire 3 bullets into his head. No more, because
    after 3 it will close. After that, retreat to a corner, and wait for it to
    disappear. As long as you stay the hell away from its head, you're good to
    go. It took me in normal mode exactly 14 bullets to kill it.
                                'Normal' Shopping Mall
    After you've killed the snake, everything seems to be back to normal. You're
    in the central area of the first floor. Head west, and duck under the
    shutter. In the next area keep going west, and enter the last shop on the
    right. This is the Happy Burger, where Heather woke up long ago. Check the
    store to find a save-point, some BEEF JERKY, a FIRST AID KIT and 3 packs of
    HANDGUN BULLETS. Exit the Happy Burger, then exit the mall.
                              Hazel Street Subway Station
    Follow the path, you can go only one way. After the first door, head left,
    and trough the gates. As you leave the gates, turn right around the corner,
    and pick up the map of the subway. Check the garbage can next to the toilets
    for 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Go down one of the stairs to platform 3 and
    4 (not the one on the east). This next level has a lot of stairs leading to
    the platforms, that's why I will call it the stairs level. Find the stairs to
    platform 4 and go down. There's an occult magazine lying on the floor, read it
    if you want. Go down to the platform itself to find a HEALTH DRINK and a FIRST
    AID KIT. After that, go back up to the stairs level. Head east. There are two
    corridors leading east to the central part of this level, in the south one
    you'll find a save-point.
    From the central stairs level, head east again. Go to the stairs leading to
    platform 1 on the north-east side of this level. There are some Double-heads
    here. In the area you're in there are four stairs: 2 up (one you came from, is
    locked), and 2 down. Go down, both lead to a dead end. At one dead end you'll
    find  2 HEALTH DRINKS and HANDGUN BULLETS. At the other end you'll find a
    NUTCRACKER. Head back to the stairs level. Go to the stairs leading to
    platform 2 on the south-east of this level. It's locked with a chain. Use the
    nutcracker on the lock to open it. Proceed down. Enter the train here and
    pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS and of course the SHOTGUN. You now got a powerful
    weapon. Downside is the low accuracy.
    In front of the stairs leading up, there will now be a new monster, it's
    called an Insane Cancer. They're very slow, big, and fat. You don't have to
    kill it, but you might feel like testing your new gun, so be my guest. Either
    way, you mustn't go back up the stairs with the fatty in front of it, go
    around these stairs and go down using the other stairs. Still with me? You're
    now in the hallway with the two dead ends, where you got the nutcracker.
    Find the stairs to platform 3 and go down. On the platform, fight the
    Double-heads if necessary, then continue to the east end. The camera will
    focus on a door next to the tracks, with a red light over it. Jump down on
    the tracks, check the door, it's broken. You'll now hear the sound of a
    train approaching, so get your pretty behind back on the platform.
    If you made it (press X when facing the platform to climb), you'll see a
    cut-scene where the train misses Heather by one inch. Then two doors open.
    Head west, unlock a gate, then keep going west until you can't go further.
    Now head up the stairs, and down the other ones. You'll be at the west end
    of platform 3. Enter the opened train doors. The doors close and the train
    starts to move.
                                       The Train
    In the first car there's a save-point. Then start heading to the front of the
    train. You'll have to cross about 10 cars. There are some Numb Bodys around,
    an occasional Insane Cancer, and some items: a FIRST AID KIT and some SHOTGUN
    SHELLS. When you reach the end, the train will stop and the doors open. Exit.
                                  Underground Passage
    Close to the train doors is a save-point. You're now at the platform of an
    unknown station. Exit through the only door here. Go down the long stairs,
    then right, and follow this path until you come to a door. Enter it. In this
    next area, a couple of those Pendulum-monsters as well as some Numb Bodies.
    Note: On a replay game, the wall in this section will be pulsing red with
    blood. On Hard Action mode, it can really hurt you, and even kill you! So
    don't stay here longer then necessary. Turn left and take the first door on
    the right. More Numb Bodies here. Have fun. From where you came in, take the
    first door on the right. Even more Numb Bodies, what a surprise! After
    you've taken care of them, turn left and enter the door.
    Here you can pick up the UNDERPASS MAP, some HANDGUN BULLETS, and the MAUL.
    This is another melee weapon. It deals lots of damage, but it's VERY slow.
    And in these narrow corridors, you got a big chance of hitting nothing but
    wall with it. Not a nice weapon, you're better off with the steel pipe. When
    you're ready, enter the door opposite of the one you came through. In
    this next hallway you'll fight a big Numb Body, basically the same as the
    little ones, but it's bigger (duh), does more damage and has more hit points.
    There are also some little Numb Bodies here. Take the first door on the right.
    At the end of this little hallway you'll find 2 HEALTHDRINKS, some BEEF JERKY
    and a WINE BOTTLE. Exit. If you go south and then west, you'll arrive at
    another dead end with some SHOTGUN SHELLS.
    In this hallway, take the door on the east side. In this next hallway are no
    less then 3 Pendulums (or is it Pendula?). Either fight them or run past
    them. At the end of the path is some sort of shaft. Before you reach it, take
    a door on the left. There's a long walk north. Turn right when you exit it,
    and right again when you come to an intersection. Enter the big door. After
    fighting the Numb Bodies here, check your map to see that there are 2 rooms
    on the west side of this hallway. Enter the one on the south. Check the room
    for 2 HEALTHDRINKS and SHOTGUN SHELLS, as well as a save-point. Examine the
    heater next to the save-point, it's filled with kerosene. Use the wine bottle
    on it to get a bottle full of fuel. Now head for the room north of this one.
    There's a machine here that doesn't work, and a ladder that leads down to a
    flooded area. Find the fuel tank of the machine, and use the bottle with fuel
    on it. Start the machine by flipping the nearby switch. Head down the ladder.
                                     The Sewers
    Head east, out the room, over a bridge, down some stairs, to a door. You'll
    now be in a sewer. Head south, fight the big Numb Body, and take the
    first door on the right. Walk all the way to the west, over another bridge.
    In the room at the end, collect an AMPLOULE, HANDGUNBULLETS and a DRYER.
    Head back to the sewers, and enter the door opposite of the one you just came
    through. More Numb Bodies here, let them know how much you love them. At the
    intersection, turn left, and enter the door. Examine the memo's here, and use
    the save-point if you want. Also pick up the HEALTH DRINK. Exit through the
    big metal door.
    In this next area is a bridge over the water. DON'T cross the bridge, there's
    big bad monster in the water that won't be nice to you. Instead, check the
    walls on this side for an outlet. Use the dryer on the outlet to fry the
    monster. Before doing so, you can also throw your Pipe into the water for the
    Gold and Silver Pipes. Refer to the 'Extras and Secrets' section for more
    information. Cross the bridge. Now to the exit there is only one path, so
    I'll be damned if you get stuck here. There are 2 Pendulums hanging around.
    At the end you'll find a ladder, go up.
                                  Construction Site
    Walk around the building. There's a save-point on some drums, save if you
    want. Enter the building. Pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS. Enter the only door you
    can enter, to the stairs. Go up all the way to the 5th floor. Here enter a
    door into a pretty big area. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS and the HEALTH DRINK.
    Also, there's a wall you can break for the Silencer, read the Extras section
    of this FAQ for more details on it.
    Take a look at the hole in the middle of the room. It's too dangerous to just
    drop down. Shove the big mattress lying next to the hole into it. Jump down.
    The door out of the room you're in now is kaput, so exit out of the hole in
    the wall. Walk around the building on the ledge, beware of the Pendulums!
    When you get to the other side, enter the window.
                               'Normal' Office Building
    Exit the little office. Go to the end of the hallway, and enter the door
    here. You're in a room with mannequin dolls. Pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS and
    the SHOTGUN SHELLS and examine all the dolls for a rather useless scare. Exit.
    From here, turn left, and enter a door on the right. Fight the Double-heads.
    From the door, head straight, and enter the dance-studio. The first door on
    the left here leads to a room with nothing but monsters, the door straight
    ahead from where you enter leads to an office. Here you'll find the MAP of the
    office building, a save-point and a drawer that is rusted shut. Exit and,
    still in the dance-studio, enter the last door of the hall on the south end to
    find an AMPOULE and a FIRST AID KIT.
    Exit the dance studio, and head north. Enter the door labelled 'Exit'. Go up
    to the fifth floor. Here, go to the Art Gallery (check your map). Enter the
    main painting room. Examine the paintings, note that one is missing. Exit out
    the back door. In this corridor you can find the SCREWDRIVER. In a small room
    on the west side you will find the KATANA, the best melee weapon in the game.
    Exit the Art Gallery, back to the room with the elevators. Enter the door
    opposite of the Gallery, fight the Numb Bodies. There's a room on the south
    side you can enter, but it only seems to hold an Insane Cancer, so ignore it.
    Head north in the western corridor. Enter the first door on the left and pick
    up the JACK.
    Now go back to the third floor, to the save-point in the dance studio. You've
    seen the drawer near to it? You couldn't open it before, but you can now that
    you got your screwdriver. Use it on the drawer to get the ROPE. Exit out to
    the room with elevators, check the elevator on the west. It's partially
    opened. Use the jack to open it further. The elevator doors on the floor
    below seem opened too. Use the rope on the shaft to go down. Here you can
    find a save-point on a venting machine. Pick up some BEEF JERKY. Go to the
    west, you'll find three doors labeled 'ECHO'. Open the one that is not
    broken. Go north, until you come in a room with a single bathtub. Examine
    it, and watch the nice cinematics.
                                  Dark Office Building
    Head south. Get the HANDGUN BULLETS from the wheelchair. Exit east, and
    immediately go north into the Clinic. Grab the picture from the couch - it's
    of Heather, and on the back is written: "Find the Holy one, kill her". Use the
    save-point nearby if you want. Enter the room next to the save-point.
    Take the OXYDOL, FIRST AID KIT and 2 HEALTH DRINKS from the shelves. Exit
    the clinic. Fight some Double-heads and a new monster, the Slurper. Go to the
    elevator and enter it. Head to the first floor. In front of the front doors is
    some kind of monster, you CAN'T kill it, so don't waste your ammo. Enter the
    Last Drop Cafe. There are some SHOTGUN SHELLS with an Insane Cancer lying next
    to it. Check the fridge to find some PORK LIVER. Go back to elevator, and up
    to the fifth floor. Enter the door on the west. From this door, go left and
    right at the intersection. Enter the door here. Pick up the MATCHBOOK and 2
    packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Exit the room. The first door on the right is also
    opened, but it only features a Slurper behind bars. In the hallway, head east,
    until you bump into a 'glass' screen. Now head north, and enter the painting
    room of the Gallery. Save-point.
    Check out the painting that was first gone, Flame Purifies All. You might
    have already guessed it: you have to make a fire. Standing in front of the bin
    beneath the painting, use the Oxydol, matchbook and liver. When the painting
    is gone, open the hatch behind it. Walk down the stairs, and read the papers
    on the table. It's the middle part of some fairytale. Exit through the door.
    Go to the south east room of this floor. There's a bed with HANDGUN BULLETS
    and a FIRST AID KIT on it, and some Slurpers underneath it. Exit, and head to
    the door that leads to the next hallway. Enter it. Enter the last door of this
    new hallway. Pick up a SILVER COIN. Use the coin on the drinks
    machine in the corner to get the INSURANCE KEY.
    Go back to the elevator part of the forth floor, you can unlock the doors to
    it. Go to the first floor, and use the key you just got to open the door on
    the west side. Head left, and follow the corridor until it's blocked. Be
    careful of the Slurpers. Open the last door on the left. You'll be in a room
    full of blood. On one table is the end of the fairytale you read the middle
    of. Read it, and Heather will say the chant out loud, causing all monsters to
    disappear. Head to the elevator room of the first floor. The big monster is
    gone. Read the beginning of the fairytale lying on the ground. Exit this
    wretched place.
                                 Outside / Apartment
    It's dark, no one around. From the doors, head left, and when you come to
    an alley on the left side, enter it. Follow it until you see the door to the
    Daisy Villa. Enter, and search around for a save-point. Enter your apartment,
    the camera zooms in on its door.
    --<  Boss: Missionary  >--
    Difficulty - Medium
    The main problem with this guy is that it can block bullets with its big
    razor claws. So if you try to shoot him in the face, there's a 99 percent
    chance that your shot will be lost (unless it just started an attack motion).
    So you have to hit it in the back or the sides. Here's a tactic I found,
    that works pretty well: equip either the handgun or the shotgun. The shotgun
    is more powerful and has a higher success rate here, so I prefer it over the
    handgun. Then, stand still and wait. Use L2 to focus on the boss. When it
    comes, wait until it's only 1 or 2 meters away, and then quickly run past it.
    You have to time this right: if you go to soon, it will turn around while
    attacking, so it will still be facing you. If you go too slow, it will hit
    you. If you timed it right, after running past it, take 2 or 3 steps (still
    running), then QUICKLY stop running, mash R2 (Heather will turn around and
    aim at the monster) and then press X to shoot. You'll probably hit in the
    side. If you hear the bullet on metal, your timing was wrong. Keep practicing.
    Repeat this pattern: wait, run past it, turn around, shoot. Don't shoot more
    than one bullet at a time.
    After some shots it will go down, place another bullet in its head, then it
    will get up again and the whole thing starts again. The fourth time it goes
    down, it wont get up, so head over to it, and kick it. That's the end for
    that loser.
    NETSU contributed this tactic:
    " There's a nice way to defeat the Missionary boss. The way you mentioned
      requires ammo wasted and lots of concentration. Here's my way, and believe
      me,  it's effective because it requires no concentration or bullets wasted.
      All you  have to do is equip the katana, wait for him to attack after he
      runs around, and when he gets to you, stab him (attack + forward), he'll
      get stunned for a bit and he'll run around again. Now, if he blocks then
      stab again and keep doing it till he gets hit or back off for a bit and
      wait for his attack again then stab him. "
    Another tactic with katana from SAIYA~JIN:
    " Equip a melee weapon(preferably katana or beam saber), let him run towards
      you and make sure you are already in caution mode(hold R2). When he is
      running towards you walk towards him while still in caution mode with your
      melee weapon equipped and when he comes into view, walk towards him to the
      point of touching him, just calmly walk past him on either side so he is
      forced to make a straight stab, but, he is even slower than you when he is
      doing this and by the time he finishes and is repositioning himself to face
      you, you should have already made about the usual 3 swipes and he will
      scream and run away again and try to attack again like he usually does. Just
      do this until he goes down. Don't forget to give him a good kick while he's
      down there! "
    And here's a really cool tip from MIKE VALLAS:
    " Turn your light off! Seriously, try it. Turn the light off and walk
      around ONLY in caution mode. 90% of the time he'll NEVER run at you. Also,
      he will stand still for long periods of time (repeating that "head-twitch"
      animation about four times) and will occasionally walk around slowly - but
      never really runs around. Basically, just sneak up to him and pound him with
      whatever weapon you want. You can walk right up to him - provided you stay
      in caution mode."
    After the fight, head to Heather's bedroom and pick up the STUN GUN and 2
    BATTERIES for it. Then exit the apartment and take the door next to the
                                      Silent Hill
    You'll arrive at Jacks Inn. Douglas tells he will go to Leonard's house and
    asks Heather to go and investigate the hospital. You might now want to read
    the letter/diary of Harry, it's in your inventory. Now exit, and head to the
    hospital. There are some monsters on the way. Be sure to stop over at the
    Heavens Night bar, where you can find a FIRST AID KIT, SHOTGUN SHELLS, BEEF
    JERKY and a pamphlet on Silent Hill. Continue to the hospital.
                              'Normal' Brookhaven Hospital
    This place hasn't changed a bit since SH2. As soon as you enter, you'll be
    attacked by 2 zombie nurses. Enter the door opposite of the entrance. Here
    you'll find a save-point, as well as the MAP and 2 HEALTH DRINKS. Exit and
    go to the doctors lounge. Check the fridge for another HEALTH DRINK. Pick up
    2 sets of HANDGUN BULLETS. Read the notes on the table. They're about this
    Leonard guy and some dude named Stanley Coleman. They're staying in
    respectively room S12 and S07. Exit, and head to the visiting room. Here
    you'll find a part of Stanley Coleman's dairy. He addresses himself to
    Heather, says he loves her, and wants to give her this doll. Heather won't
    touch the doll, so ignore it and exit. Head to the elevator and take it up to
    the second floor. Find another letter from Coleman. Enter the women's locker
    room. Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS, PARFUME and NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Exit, and head
    to the door to the patient wing. It's locked with a combination lock. The
    hints for this puzzles are posted on a nearby board. Check the puzzles section
    of this FAQ for the solution.
    Enter the door to the patient wing. Watch out for the nurses, one even has a
    gun. Enter the examination room 3. There's a guy here under a sheet. Read
    the article on him to find out no one knows his name, but his stuff is in M4.
    Check out the guy's arm. He's got a tattoo reading "the start time is my key".
    Exit. Enter M4. As you walk to the beds an alarm bell starts ringing. Check
    it out, stop the annoying noise if you want. Note down the time, in my game
    it was 4.32, but I think it's random. Then check out the attaches case lying
    on the bed. It has a number lock, four digits. Enter the time you just noted
    down here (in my case, I entered 0432). Get the INSTANT CAMERA. Exit this
    room. In M5 are some nurses, nothing special, so you might as well ignore
    that and head back to the first floor.
    Go to the patient wing here. In room C2 you'll find a couple of nurses as
    well as an AMPOULE. Head to room C4. Here, you'll find another entry of
    Coleman's dairy, and a key glued to the wall. Use the nail polish remover to
    get the STAIRWELL KEY. Head over to the stairwell now. First, go down to the
    basement. Pick up the SMG-ammo, walk past the wheelchair (nicely done), and
    pick up the SUB MACHINE GUN! Enter the room on the south east of the basement.
    Here, check the trail of blood on the wall and the space between the wall and
    the shelve. Use your instant camera now, you'll get a photo of the back of
    the shelve, with a code carved into it. Take the stairs to the third floor.
    In the left cell of the 'special treatment' room you'll find another Coleman
    dairy. In the storeroom you'll find a save-point, as well as 2 HEALTH DRINKS
    Go into the third floor patient wing, by entering the code from the photo
    (4152) into the keypad. In this corridor there's some BEEF JERKY lying on a
    bench. There are only 3 rooms here you can enter. The first one is S1, where
    you'll find a magazine on the mysterious Hope House of Silent Hill, and 2
    HEALTH DRINKS. Then there's S7, Coleman's room, where you can find Coleman's
    last dairy, with a smashed up doll. How sad. Your real goal is S12. When you
    enter it, a phone will ring, pick up. Go to the patient wing of the
    second floor.
    There's a new door here. Enter it. You'll arrive in some sort of labyrinth.
    The path isn't difficult at all, and there are no monsters, so just follow it
    until you arrive at a 'save-point'. Examine the save-point for a short video.
    After the video the wall with the save-point has disappeared, walk into the
    new hallway. Go up the ladder.
                                Dark Brookhaven Hospital
    This hallway looks really cool, with the blurry effect and such. In case
    you're wondering, you're back at the third floor patient hall. The whole
    hospital is now crawling with Slurpers, so watch your step. Head east and
    enter the day room. Exit it on the west side. Enter the storeroom for a
    REALLY scary scene. I'm not going to spoil it, just see for yourself. After
    the scene, head to the elevator, and take it down to the second floor. In the
    man's locker room, you will get another call, from another guy. He sings
    Happy Birthday. Nothing special besides the phone here. Exit and enter the
    women's locker room across the hall. Pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and a
    PLASTIC BAG. You should now head back to the third floor, and go to
    Examination Room 4. Here's a body hanging from the ceiling, dripping of blood.
    Use the plastic bag on the bucket to get some blood. Head to the elevator,
    and take it all the way down to the basement (bottom left button). The
    crematorium is one big puzzle, check the puzzles section for the solution.
    On the first floor, you can enter the office, but there's nothing there, and
    the examination room. Here you'll find a save-point, an AMPOULE, and a letter
    to a doctor concerning a patient. Enter the day room from the north side to
    find some kind of notebook on the ground. Exit, and use the cremated key to
    unlock the entrance to the east side of the day room. Cross the day room, and
    enter the patient wing. Once again, admire the great blurry effect. Enter C1
    to meet a nurse and get 3 HEALTH DRINKS and a FIRST AID KIT. Also in this room
    you can find a birthday card. Head down to C4. Use the save-point if you want,
    and examine the altar and the book. Use the blood in the bag on the altar. A
    ladder appears. Go down.
    --<  Boss: Leonard  >--
    Difficulty - Easy
    He's not though at all. Both the SMG and the shotgun work really well. Just
    shoot him until he goes down, then wait for him to get up again and repeat
    After the fight things are back to normal. Heather wakes up in C4 and finds
    an AMULET, in the shape of a save-point. Exit the hospital.
                                      Silent Hill
    After the scene, head to the motel and enter your room. Beware of the
    monsters outside, mainly Double-heads and Pendulums. After another
    cut-scene, exit the motel, and follow Nathan Avenue to the north west.
    After some time, you'll automatically be taken to the Amusement Park
                                 Lakeside Amusement Park
    Enter the door to the next area, turn right (watch out for Closers), and
    enter the shop. Here you can find a save-point, 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS,
    an AMPOULE, and BEEF JERKY. Check the cookie tin next to the save-point to
    get the ROLLERCOASTER KEY. Exit the store and head left, enter the door
    labelled 'Mountain Coaster'. In this next area, kill the monsters (or run
    past them), then enter the next gate and turn left. Climb the stairs, watch
    out for those Pendulums. At the top, use the coaster key to open the control
    booth. Grab the HEALTH DRINK and switch the machine off with the control panel.
    Then enter the gates onto the tracks. Follow these tracks (use R2 to prevent
    falling off). After a while, the coaster will reactivate, and a car comes
    heading in your direction at high speed. Heather jumps off the tracks to
    avoid it.
    Enter the nearby door. You're now at the Borley Haunted House. Use the save-
    point on the ticket booth (you really should, trust me). Enter the house. In
    the first room, a man will tell you about the house. Enter the next door. A
    scene with a table covered in blood. First the male voice tells you that a
    family was murdered here, and then he says that that was a lie, and the only
    thing that happened here was a suicide. Enter the next room. An old man is
    sitting in a chair, walk around him. Right before you reach the door, a body
    comes falling from the ceiling. The voice tells a story about the body, that
    seems to be real. Turn around and enter the black door. In this room, the
    ceiling will come down. Press R2 when the camera focuses on the ceiling, and
    carefully walk. You should be fine. Enter the door that the voice says is the
    exit. Of course, it's not. In the next hall, you'll be chased by a red mist
    that instantly kills you - RUN!. After another hallway with red mist, you'll
    be outside of the Haunted House.
    Fight the Closers if you want, and enter the next area. Take the gate on the
    left side, and cross this next area to another gate. You're at some kind of
    stage. Get the CHAIN from one of the benches in the audience, the RED SHOE
    from the stage and the HEALTH DRINK and SHOTGUN SHELLS from a bench close to
    the gate. Go back 2 area's. In this place, there's some kind of attraction.
    Go up the platform of the attraction, and check out the central column. Use
    the chain on it. Get of the platform, opposite of it is a rusted shut gate.
    Use the other end of the chain on it. Now the control booth is opened, so get
    in, and use the switch. The gate is opened. Also pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS
    in the booth. Enter the gate you just opened.
    Enter the gate you just came through, you're now at a new area. Turn right
    and enter the Fortune house. You can read Douglas's notebook on the chair,
    though it might affect which ending you'll get. Pick up the DOLL HEAD from
    the table and use the save-point if necessary. Exit this room. Enter the door
    on the right, into the fairytale setting. Here you can find a Cinderella doll
    and a Snow white doll. On the tracks are some pictures of the doll's shadows.
    Something seems to be wrong... Use the doll head on Snow White and the Red
    Shoe on Cinderella. Now you can exit through the left door of the tracks. In
    the area with the dragon, exit through the normal door. In the next area,
    there's a little shop with a memo from Harry on the counter. After reading it,
    enter the gate to the left of where you started. There's a FIRST AID KIT
    lying on a bench. Continue to the Merry-Go-Round. As you get on, the thing
    starts to move and the horses come to live. Stay clear from their breath,
    and slash them apart from the side with your katana. After you've killed
    them all, a boss fight will start.
    --<  Boss: Memory of Alessa  >--
    Difficulty - Fairly hard
    It's...you! Or not? Anyway, this boss starts with a knife, but it will change
    weapons when you deal enough damage. Against the knife, you should use your
    katana. Timing is everything, since she'll block your swing, unless she just
    started an attack motion. Then's the time to swing. Don't worry, you'll get it
    right after some practice. When you dealt some damage, she'll run away, chase
    her and finish her off. Right after she dies, she'll appear again, now
    equipped with a handgun. That sounds scarier than it is. Just take cover
    behind a horse and wait for her to get close. If you attack her with your
    katana when you're close enough, she'll just use the gun as a melee weapon
    and won't shoot. After she went down, she'll come back with a steel pipe.
    Same strategies as with the knife. You can still use the katana, or switch to
    the steel pipe as well. After she died as well, she'll come with nothing less
    than an SMG! But the same thing as with the gun applies here: if you fight her
    melee, she'll use her SMG as a melee weapon, and she won't shoot.
    After the last version went down, the Merry-Go-Round will stop. Examine the
    signs on the floor. I'm not even going to write it down, this would be the
    biggest spoiler, since that text and Heather's reaction on it determines the
    whole story. Anyway, after reading it, leave this attraction. You'll be in a
    long corridor, with a prayer written on the walls (in blood, naturally).
    Enter the door on the end after reading the sign on it.
    Examine the alter for a save-point and get the EYE OF THE NIGHT TAROT CARD.
    Examine the paintings if you want. Exit through the small door on the side.
    Pick up the beautifully drawn MAP from a nearby wall. Enter the confession
    booth, and listen to the woman's confession. After some time, you'll be given
    a choice, whether to say you forgive her or not. This influences the ending.
    Exit the booth, and head east. The door on the south is locked, so take the
    door to the north. In this room you'll encounter a Closer, nothing special
    for the rest, so exit out the south east.
    In this corridor, there are some Insane Cancers. Enter the south east door.
    Pick up 2 packs of HANDGUN BULLETS. Also in this room, find a CASSETTE TAPE.
    Exit, back to the Cancers, and exit through the north. In this corridor,
    you'll hear a girl crying and some footsteps. Ignore them for now, and exit
    the doors on the end of the hall. Use the BIG save-point if you want. Examine
    the paintings here, especially the one of Saint Alessa. Go back to the hall
    with the crying girl. If you look at the floor, you'll see some footsteps.
    Follow the trail, it will lead to a painting on the east wall. Shove the
    painting aside, and enter the next door. On this ledge, a new monster is
    walking around. It's called a Scraper. Enter the door on the south west.
    This is the library. Read the books about tarot and the religion. Pick up
    the MOON TAROT CARD. Vincent enters. He gives you a book, the Otherworld Laws.
    Exit the library, and go to the elevator in this area. You'll automatically
    go down one floor. Enter the door on the north west, and turn left at the
    intersection. Enter the door here, and inside read the dairy of Harry on the
    bed. Also find the 2 STUNGUN BATTERIES on the table. Exit this room and head
    to the western most room of this hall. Inside you find a HANGING MAN TAROT
    CARD, as well as 3 packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Exit, and go back to the elevator
    room. Don't go down yet, instead enter one of the doors on the south side
    (only one is opened). This next room looks much like the previous one. You'll
    find a Pendulum and a Scraper here. Take the last door on the right, and in
    the next hallway enter the first door on your left. Cross the room with the
    Closers, there's nothing of interest here. Enter the door on the other side.
    You'll hear that crying kid again. Follow the footsteps like you did before,
    they lead to a secret door. Open it, and enter the door behind it.
    This is a room where they locked Alessa in. Find the FOOL TAROT CARD, it's
    hidden in a book about some red jewel. Also, you can find 3 packs of HANDGUN
    BULLETS and 2 AMPOULES here. Exit this room, the hallway is now filled with
    Insane Cancers. Head back through the room with the Closers, into the hallway.
    Take a left, and follow the path until you arrive at another door. This is
    Alessa's bedroom. You can find a save-point here. The door on the other side
    is locked, you have to solve a puzzle to get it open. Ignore it for now, and
    take the BRASS KEY next to the save-point. Exit, and head all the way back to
    that locked door on the first floor. Open it with the brass key. In the next
    hallway take the first door on your left, you'll be in a classroom. Examine
    the lone desk, the letter from K. Gordon on the teacher's desk and take the
    SMG BULLETS (2x). Exit through the east door. Take the first door on the
    right. Use the tape on the tape desk, you'll hear a conversation between
    father Vincent and a unknown woman, they talk about Claudia. Also read the
    notes on Vincent on the desk, they are signed L.S.
    Leave this room. Don't enter the room on the east side of this hall, it's
    only filled with Scrapers. Instead take the other door on the west side. Pick
    up your fifth card, the HIGH PRIESTESS TAROT CARD. Also read Claudia's dairy
    on the shelves. Now get back to the room with the tarot puzzle. First examine
    the hints on the bed, and then let's get puzzled! Refer to the puzzles section
    for hints and solutions.
    After you solved it, the door will unlock. Enter it, you might want to save
    first, and go down the long hallway. Enter the door on the end. After the
    cut-scene, go to your inventory and use the pendant with the red marble.
    --<  Boss: God  >--
    Difficulty - Hard
    Meet the final boss. She's a real nuisance. She'll drop down, aim at her head
    and pop some bullets into it. After some damage (around 5 bullets from the
    handgun, 1 or 2 shots from the shotgun), she will get up again and starts
    making fire. Avoid the fire by running, or use the handgun to pop a couple of
    rounds in her head, which will make her go down again. When she gets down
    again, shoot some more. Repeat this for a very long time. Just stay clear of
    her head and arms, and watch the fire and you're good to go.
    THE ORIGINAL came with the really useful info that on normal mode, the boss
    is killed in 67 handgun rounds. So if you want to get the Infinite SMG, you
    can shoot it 65 times and then finish it off with a melee weapon.
    That sounded too easy? You want to take it the hard way by using only melee
    weapons? Then you might want to try TINI BOSCH's tactics:
    " When I was battling the God at the end of the game, I didn't have much ammo
      and  heath items. So I had to find some way to beat that thing. I found that
      when  the God went down, and you use the maul while standing against the
      curb at  hitting range next to the head (instead of in front of the head),
      the God can't  hit you with its arm. It will try, butt it will miss you.
      That way it is rather  easy to defeat it."
    After that...
                               7)  Fast Walkthrough
                                  Dark Amusement Park
    - Just walk around here until you get killed.
                                 'Normal' Shopping Mall
    - Exit out the window. In the alley, enter the door.
    - Walk through the corridor, enter the store with the half-closed shutter.
    - After the scene, leave the store through the door behind the counter.
    - Get the map, go through the exit door, climb the stairs.
    - Go left, into the central area, and to the bakery.
    - Pick up the PAIR OF TONGS, go back to the previous hallway. Find the room
      with the save-point. Get the key to the bookstore from under the table using
      the tongs.
    - Go back to the central area, open the bookstore. Inside, solve the book
      puzzle (not that hard, check the complete walkthrough for solutions). Enter
      code into keypad, enter door.
    - Head to the elevator, pick up the RADIO when it stops.
                                   Dark Shopping Mall
    - After the fights, head to the save room near the toilets. Collect items.
    - Head to the room next to the women's bathroom on the north side. Collect
      items, most importantly the FLASHLIGHT.
    - Enter women's bathroom. Pick up BLEACH.
    - Go east, enter the clothes story again. Pick up the HANGER and the
      BULLETPROOF VEST. Head all the way back to the western hall. Enter door on
      the northwestern end.
    - Use hanger to get the ladder down from the ceiling. Climb up.
    - Go up escalator, enter first door on the right. Take COOKED KEY from dog.
    - Back to second floor. Enter double doors next to save point. Pick up WALNUT.
    - Enter back door, find locked door, open it with COOKED KEY. Enter bakery.
    - Pick up DETERGENT. Exit back door. Turn off fan. Enter door next to it.
    - Use chemicals on empty bin. Turn on fan. Go back to the hall with the bin.
    - Enter door on the right for items. Enter door on the north east side of the
      hall. Fight Closer. Exit through double doors.
    - Enter door on the north west side here. Use walnut on VISE, gain MOONSTONE.
    - Head to the 3rd floor, use moonstone on door. Go down ladder. Boss fight.
                                 'Normal' Shopping Mall
    - Check Happy Burger for items.
    - Exit mall.
                               Hazel Street Subway Station
    - Follow path until you come at an open area. Left, through the gates.
    - Pick up map. Go down stairs next to map. Go east. Save-point.
    - Go down stairs to platform 1. Go down both the stairs that lead down.
    - Collect items, including NUTCRACKER. Go back to the stairs level.
    - Use the nutcracker on the lock to platform 2 (SE end), and go down.
    - Pick up the shotgun. Go down another flight of stairs. Go down to platform 3.
    - Check the door next to the tracks (red light), then quickly get back on the
      platform. Head all the way east and enter the train.
                                      The train
    - Just go through all the cars until the train stops.
                                  Underground Passage
    - Exit train, save-point. Follow path to hall with Pendulums. Go left, take
      the first door on your right.
    - First door on the right again, then left. Pick up MAUL and map. Leave
      through other door. Take door on your right, pick up WINE BOTTLE.
    - Go east, past another hall with Pendulums. At the end take door left.
    - At the end of this passage, go right, and right again. Go the 2nd hall to
      the right. Use wine bottle on heater.
    - Go to the room north of the one with the heater. Use bottle with fuel on
      machine. Go down ladder.
                                      The Sewers
    - Follow path. At sewer, turn right. First door on the right. Go all the way
      west, pick up DRYER, go back.
    - Enter opposite door (on east side). Turn left at intersection. Enter door.
    - Enter big metal door. Use dryer on outlet. Cross bridge. Follow path to
      outside. Walk around building.
                                   Construction Site
    - Save-point on drum. Enter building. Go up stairs to fifth floor.
    - Enter room with mattress. Break wall for Silencer.
    - Shove mattress into hole. Jump down.
    - Exit through hole in wall. Walk around building. Enter next building.
                               'Normal' Office Building
    - Exit. Take door on the left. Head to stairs with 'Exit' sign.
    - Go to fifth floor. Enter art gallery. Find the SCREWDRIVER in the gallery's
      back corridor. Get KATANA from storeroom.
    - Enter door on south east end of elevator room.
    - Enter room on west side of this floor to find the JACK. Back to third floor.
    - Go to dance-studio (SE), and enter office. Get MAP. Open drawer with
      screwdriver. Get ROPE.
    - Go to elevators on third floor. Open the half-opened one further with jack.
    - Use rope on shaft, get down to second floor.
    - Head to the north east room, examine the single bathtub.
                                 Dark Office Building
    - Head to Clinic. Find photo of Heather, enter door for conversation.
    - After conversation get Oxydol from shelves. Exit, go to elevators.
    - Go to first floor, to the Last Drop Cafe for PORK LIVER (in the fridge).
    - Go to the fifth floor on the elevator. Take west door. Enter south east
      room. Get matchbook.
    - Follow corridor, to the painting room of the Art Gallery.
    - Use liver, matches and Oxydol on bin in front of painting, enter hatch
      behind it.
    - Down stairs, read the story. Exit. Head to north west room of this floor.
    - Get SILVER COIN, use it on drinks machine. Get INSURANCE KEY.
    - Go to the elevators, down to first floor. Open door to Insurance Company.
    - Enter last door on left before barricade. Read story. Go to front doors.
    - Read last part of story, exit.
                                 Outside / Apartment
    - Turn left, enter alley on left side. Look for door of Daisy Villa.
    - Enter. Save-point. Enter apartment. Boos fight.
    - Go to Heather's bedroom, pick up STUN GUN. Exit the apartments.
                                     Silent Hill
    - Stop at the Heaven's Night bar for some items.
    - Continue to the hospital, it's marked on your map.
                               'Normal' Brookhaven Hospital
    - Enter office, get map. Also enter doctors lounge (items) and visitor room
      (letter from Stanley Coleman).
    - Go to the second floor. Enter women's locker room and pick up NAIL POLISH
      REMOVER and PERFUME. Solve puzzle, enter door to patient wing.
    - Enter examination room, read everything. Exit.
    - Enter M4. Enter time on alarm clock in combination lock of the suitcase.
      Get the INSTANT CAMERA.
    - Go back to first floor, into the patient wing, enter C4.
    - Use the nail polish remover on the wall to get the STAIRWELL KEY.
    - Enter stairwell, go to the basement. Pick up SMG. Enter south east room.
    - Take a picture of the backside of the shelf. Take the stairs to the third
    - Enter storeroom for items. Use the code from the photo to enter the patient
      wing. Enter S1 for an article and some items, and S7 for Coleman's last
      letter. Head to S12.
    - After the phone call, go to the 2F patient wing. Enter the door on the far
      west side. Walk through this easy labyrinth.
    - Examine the save-point, continue and climb the ladder.
                                Dark Brookhaven Hospital
    - Follow the corridor, cross the day room. Enter storeroom if you want.
    - Take the elevator to the second floor. Go to men's locker room.
    - After the conversation, go to the women's locker room. Take the PLASTIC BAG.
    - Go back to 3F, to Examination Room 4. Use the bag on the blood.
    - Take the elevator to the basement. Solve the puzzle, get the CREMATED KEY.
    - Go to 1F, unlock the day room. Head to C4.
    - Use the blood on the altar. Go down the ladder. Boss fight.
    - After the fight, exit the hospital.
                                     Silent Hill
    - After the conversation between Claudia and Vincent, return to the motel.
    - You talk to Vincent. After that, head to the Amusement Park.
                                Lakeside Amusement Park
    - Enter the door, head to the store.
    - Walk around until you hear some shelves fall down. Pick up the
    - Head to the rollercoaster. Climb it. Unlock the control booth.
    - Turn the machine off, and walk on the tracks until a cutscene starts.
    - Enter the nearby door. Enter the haunted house.
    - Walk through the rooms. Be careful of the ceiling and the red fog.
    - Outside, follow the path. Take the gate on the left, and continue.
    - In this area is a stage, pick up the RED SHOE and the CHAIN here.
    - Go back two areas. Use the chain on the center column of the attraction and
      on the nearby locked gate. Activate the attraction. Enter gate.
    - After talking to Douglas, go right into Fortune Teller building.
    - Take DOLL HEAD, exit. Enter nearby door.
    - Use doll head on Snow White and red shoe on Cinderella. Continue through one
      of the gates on the track.
    - Exit this attraction. Take the gate on the left. Go to the marry-go-round.
    - Boss fight. Afterwards, enter the gate. Continue down the long hallway,
      enter the door.
                                      The Chapel
    - After cutscene, pick up the EYE OF THE NIGHT TAROT CARD. Exit the chapel.
    - Pick up the map in this next corridor. Enter confession booth.
    - Forgive her or not, this determines the ending. Exit.
    - Continue to the east. At east end of corridor, enter the room on the north.
    - Exit this room on the east. Continue to the south east room of this corridor.
    - Pick up the CASSETTE TAPE. Exit, and take the door on the north end of this
    - Follow the footsteps to the painting, shove it away and open the door.
    - In the room with the elevator, first go to the south east room, the library.
    - Pick up the MOON TAROT CARD. Cutscene. Exit, and take the elevator down.
    - Enter north west door. Turn left at the intersection for Harry's room. In
      the same corridor, enter the room on the far west side to find the HANGING
      MAN TAROT CARD. Return to the room with the elevator.
    - Take one of the doors on the south side. In the next room, take the door on
      the west side.
    - In the next corridor, take the first door on your left. Continue through a
      room with Closers. Follow the footsteps like you did before. Enter the
      hospital room.
    - Pick up the FOOL TAROT CARD. Exit, go back through the room with the Closers.
    - Back in the corridor, head west, and then south. Enter the door.
    - This is Alessa's room. Ignore the puzzle for now, and take the BRASS KEY.
    - Return all the way to the corridor where you got the map. Unlock the door on
      the south end.
    - Enter the first door on the left (around the corner) for the classroom.
    - In the 3 rooms on the south east end of this corridor, you can find:
      > A lot of Scrapers, exit right away because there's nothing of interest.
      > A tape deck where you can play the tape, as well as some letters.
      > The last tarot card, the HIGH PRIESTESS TAROT CARD.
    - After you got the card, head back to Alessa's room, where you got the brass
      key. Solve the puzzle. Open the door, and take the door on the end of this
      next corridor.
    - After the cut-scene, use the Pendant.
    - Jump down the hole. Boss fight. Enjoy the ending.
                                    6)  Endings
    ***  WARNING: SPOILERS!  ***
    Needless to say, this section contains a lot of spoilers. Only read this if
    you want an ending you've seen explained, or if you want to see how to get a
    certain ending. You've been warned.
    ***  WARNING: SPOILERS!  ***
                                  a. Normal Ending
    How to get it: Get under 4000 points (see below).
    Description: After killing the final boss, Heather kicks it some more, and
      then breaks down, crying over Harry. After that she walks away and goes
      back to the amusement park. Douglas is waiting on the bench. First she
      threatens him with a knife, but she's only joking. Douglas calls Heather
      by her real name: Cheryl. The end.
                                 b. Possessed Ending
    How to get it: Get over 4000 points (see below).
    Description: The first part is pretty much the same as in the Normal ending.
      But when Heather goes back to the Amusement Park, we see Douglas lying on the
      bench, dead. He seems to have been killed with a knife. Heather sees her
      knife is covered in blood. She has been possessed by the evil God.
                               c. Revenge/UFO Ending
    Does: Kill every enemy (or at least more than 30) with your Sexy Beam (see the
      Extras and Secrets section on how to get it) or the Heather Beam.
    Don'ts: Use any other weapon
    Description: This one's hilarious. As you enter your apartment, instead of
      showing the normal video of Harry's dead body, you now see the following
      video in a comic book style. Heather enters, and complains to her dad
      about the whole situation. Her dad turns out to be an alien (Heather
      doesn't seem surprised at all). He promises to go to Silent Hill and bash
      some heads. Meanwhile, in the background you can see a fight between HARRY
      MASON and a blond guy that can be no one but JAMES from SH2. Cool!
      The scene changes to Silent Hill. The town is burned down by several UFO's.
      After that, the Silent Hill song will start. This is so funny, it's a bunch
      of Japanese guys singing a completely ridiculous song about SH. According to
      the song, Douglas sells fish, Vincent helps old ladies cross the street,
      and Heather is divorced with two kids. Here are the lyrics, enjoy!
    Intro: Come on, kiddies! Gather around!
       Now, tell me everyone...
       Aren't you all sick and tired of that 'ol UFO ending?
       That's right, be honest!
       Honesty helps you grow big and strong.
       Okay, you fine youngers, let's all sing the Silent Hill song!
       Ready? And a -one, and a -two and a -one, two, five, seven...
    Chorus: Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
    1. We'll start with Claudia!
       You don't all have to sing!
       Claudia, Claudia
       She's oh so nice, and I'm glad
       She gives us candy
       And money to spend
       Just be sure you don't get her mad
    Chorus: Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
    2. Next up is Vincent!
       Here we go!
       Vincent, Vincent
       He's such a good boy, it's true
       He walks old ladies across the street
       But he's selfish and willful, too
    Chorus: Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
    3. Now onto Douglas!
       Douglas, Douglas
       He's not really a true-blue P.I.
       He gets up awful early
       And smells of the sea
       Because he sells fish on the sly
    Chorus: Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
    4. Last but not least, Heather!
       Heather, Heather
       Divorced with 2 kids of her own
       It's hard to raise 'em and still go to work
       A young mom who goes it alone
    Chorus: Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
       Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
       Come on friends - let's sing along
    *(As 'THE END' appears, there's a sound of a machine
    gun, the singers scream in agony. Fade to black)*
                                  d. Points System
    Whether you get the Normal or the Possessed ending is determined with a
    points system. Basically, you get points for certain actions, and lose
    points for other actions. If you get more than 4000 points, you will get
    the Possessed ending. The easiest way to get over 4000 is to play it on
    Hard, with the Unlimited SMG, and kill everything that moves.
    So here's how the points are given. Note: This is not 100% accurate, but
    it's a good guide-line if you want to get the Possessed ending.
    Damage taken          x 1
    Monster killed        x 10
    Forgive the woman     + 1000
    Read Douglas' notes   - 500 (I think. Corrections are welcome)
    So if you've taken 2300 damage, killed 90 monsters, forgave Claudia, and
    didn't read Douglas' notebook (found in the House of Fortune), you will
    have (2300 x 1) + (90 x 10) + 1000 - 0 = 4200 points, and you should get
    Possessed. Good luck.
                      7)  Weird, Creepy and/or Useless Facts
    I decided to keep a list of all weird things I find in the game. The facts
    are arranged to the place where you can see them. If you know any more, don't
    be afraid to mail me about it.
                                 Dark Amusement Park
    - There seems to be something in the bunny on the bench, but Heather doesn't
      want to check it out. Coward.
    - Nice, those 4 cages. But what's that inside?
    - The store seems to be really useless, except for finding even more
      bloodstained rabbit dolls.
                                'Normal' Shopping Mall
    - When you knock on the locked door, there's an answer.
    - But, when you return here after you got the gun, there WON'T be an answer.
      The door out of the bathroom will also be broken.
    - In the first corridor you enter there's a poster saying "The revolution;
      Tirn Aill" with a woman's face under it. Dave Reagan informed me that this
      is no anagram, as I first thought. To quote from his mail: "Tirn Aill
      itself has connotations in Irish mythology. Tirn Aill translates to "The
      Other World". A perfect reference there, I think. Also, just FYI, there
      are other 'Tirs' - such as Tir na nOg (Land of the Young), Tirfo Thuinn
      (Land Under the Waves) and Tire Nam Beo (Land of the Living).
    - In the shopping mall you can hear some weird noises. Someone suggested that
      it's the noise made by the other visitors, but I find it hard to believe.
    - According to Tabris, this is a reference to the movie "Dawn of the Living
      Dead". That movie was set in a mall, and in that scene a prerecorded
      advertisement suddenly started playing. The sound of that ad was very much
      like the noise you hear here.
    - The dead guy in the clothes store looks a lot like Harry Mason from SH1.
    - In the clothes store there's a sign reading "marguerite".
    - In the corridor behind the clothes store, you can find a SH2 poster.
    - After getting the Flame-thrower in a replay game, the sign on the bakery
      counter will say "Freshly baked Dead (instead of bread) delivered right to
      your door".
    - The bookstore is called 'My bestsellers'. I bet you can find a lot of hidden
      jokes among the books, but I didn't find them yet.
    - It doesn't seem like the store owner thought he'd ever sell those
      Shakespeare books. Otherwise why would he write his code on it? And what
      it with side people in these kind of games, that they are all so dumb that
      they can't even remember a simple code and have to write it down in the
      stupidest places?
                                   Dark Shopping Mall
    - In the room where you find the flashlight, a sign kindly asks you to switch
      of the light before you leave. The only difference it makes is that you can
      find the flashlight easier if you do.
    - In the women bathroom, knock on the door. There will again be an answer, but
      the door isn't opened. When you walk away, it swings open, revealing a
      toilet covered with blood, but no sign of the person who knocked back.
    - In the toilets, you can find a reference to SH2. Check out the toilet,
      Heather will wonder who would want to put his hand in that. James of
      course. Note that you must have a SH2 save game on your card to see this.
    - In the clothing store where you find the hanger, the door behind the counter
      is now barred. As you approach it, you'll hear something knocking on the
      other side.
    - When Heather gets the walnut, why doesn't she just shoot it open or crush it
      with a pipe instead of searching for that vise?
    - The scene on the television is from SH1. The little girl is Alessa/Cheryl.
    - When you approach the door that you must open with the moonstone, you will
      hear a monster scream. It sounds really angry.
                              Hazel Street Subway Station
    - The station Heather needs to go to is called Bergen Street, a reference to
      the movie Jacobs Ladder, which served as a source of inspiration for the
      makers. Other JL references are the locked gate you must open with the
      nut cracker, and the point where the hero almost gets hit by a train
      filled with monsters.
    - On platform 4, there are two articles, one about ghosts and one about an
      accident that happened there. If you read them both, a ghosts may come, and
      he'll push you onto the tracks.
    - On the main stairs level, there are some phones in the central area. If you
      walk past them, one will ring.
    - In the corridor where you get the nutcracker, but on the other side of the
      barrier, there's a dead man covered by some newspapers. You can only see his
    - In the train, go back a wagon, and you'll find yourself standing on the edge
      of the train. The wagons you leave fall away behind you.
                                   Underground Passage
    - The underground corridor right after you get off the train and through the
      door, that starts pulsing red as you start going down it drains your health
      on hard mode.
    - In the room with the maul, there's a locker with blood coming out of it.
      Heather doesn't want to open it.
    - East of the room with the Maul is an L-shaped corridor, also with blood from
      the walls in a replay game. It seems to be really useless, since it doesn't
      lead anywhere.
    - From the room with the Maul, go south, then east, and then the long corridor
      north. At the end of this corridor, head left. You will hear a scream.
    - And if you turn right from the route described above (the path you have to
      take), you will hear a banging noise.
                                       The sewers
    - When you turn right after entering the sewers, you will hear a roar from a
      monster when you approach the first intersection.
    - There's a Slurper under the bridge leading to the room with the dryer. It's
      gone when you return.
    - The business with the pipes in the room with the monster in the water is a
      reference a Japanese fairytale. The same game-element can also be found in
      the Zelda and the .Hack game series. If you feel like reading, here's the
      tale as told by CHRIS MCGUIRE:
    - "A poor farmer drops some cheap and broken item into a pond by accident. A
      spirit comes out of the pond with the thing that he dropped, plus one made
      of gold and one made of silver. The spirit tells the farmer that one of
      these is the item that he dropped, but it is not sure which. The farmer
      replies honestly, and as a reward, the spirit gives him all three items. 
      Of course, there is some greedy person who finds out about the spirit, and
      gets the biggest metal thing he can find (I think he's another farmer and
      it's the ploughshare he needs to work his fields), and throws it in the
      lake. When the spirit comes out and asks which item is his, he replies
      that all three are his. Of course, for lying, he gets nothing, not even
      the item that he threw into the pond."
    - And there's also a Greek tale that comes down to the same. It seems nearly
      every culture has its version of it.
    - In the corridor that leads to the exit, you will hear a sound that sounds
      like some metal thing is dropped.
                                  Construction Site
    - As you approach the staircase, you will hear an evil laugh.
    - When you enter the bathroom on the fifth floor, you'll hear some footsteps.
    - After smashing the wall in the mattress room and getting the Silencer,
      Heather will comment on the feet, saying it's just like in Black Cat. This
      is a book written by Edgar Allen Poe. Go to
      http://www.balancepublishing.com/catsyn.htm for a synopsis of this
      novel, it explains the connection.
                              'Normal' Office Building
    - The mannequin room: examine all the mannequins, especially the one with the
      head. As you try to leave, you hear a girl scream, and when you look at the
      mannequin with head, the head has been chopped off and there's blood
    - In the dance studio, you can examine the posters of the dance studio closely
      in first person mode. One of them has got a Teen rating symbol on it,
      similar like the ones on games.
    - There's crate in the room with the Katana. Heather tells you'd need a
      crowbar to open it, but why not use the sword you just got? She then says
      to forget about it.
    - By the way, Heather has a sweet sword and still she needs a lousy
      screwdriver to open a drawer? Sheesh.
    - After turning the knob of the bathtub, you'll be able to see several
      pictures of a smiling mouth on the walls.
                                 Dark Office Building
    - When you meet Vincent for the first time, at one point you can clearly make
      out the word "friend" scratched on a wall behind Heather (and this isn't
      random scribbles, its as clear as the light of day).
    - The meat in the fridge may be another reference to the movie Jacobs Ladder.
    - In the smoking room, there are more smiling mouths on the walls, as well as
      a lit cigarette. This might be Douglas'.
    - You can find out that Heather used to smoke if you examine the cigarette
      pile. She says she has quit for good though.
    - On the 1st floor of the alternate office building, go to the Hilltop beast.
      To the left and right of it are fences. You can see dead bodies hanging from
      the ceiling there...but if you look down at the left fence you will see a
      body wrapped in something white (a body bag maybe?) You might want to up the
      brightness a bit...it's quite hard to see. It looks nothing like the other
      bodies you see in the game.
    - After burning that painting and entering the hatch behind it, look around
      for a picture of a mouth (the same as with the bathtub, see above), and
      something that looks like ears.
    - You'll come to a glass wall with a wheelchair behind it. Heather isn't sure
      it's glass. This is a reference to the movie Session 9.
    - When you look close at Harry's body, it looks like he was giving the
      monster the finger before it killed him. You can see it in the scene where
      Heather cries on his body.
    - It's 10.15 when Heather arrives at her apartment.
    - Another SH2 reference if you check the mail. Heather will comment that
      there's no mail, not even from a dead wife.
    - If you check the door Claudia went through during the boss fight, Heather
      will call her a bitch.
                                     Silent Hill
    - Another one of those bits u get if you have a SH2 save, in Heavens Night you
      can find the tourist brochure from SH2 and a poster promoting "The return of
                             'Normal' Brookhaven Hospital
    - There's a security camera hanging above the door in the visitor room. Use L2
      to see it.
    - In some parts of the first and second floor you can hear a heartbeat on the
    - You can read about a nurse somewhere, who attacked a patient and was
      sentenced to solitary confinement. The nurse they're talking about is
      locked in one of the cells of the Special Treatment room.
    - In the basement, examine the elevator shaft, where the trail of blood from
      the wheelchair ends. Heather doesn't want to peek in.
    - On the roof, check the fence for another SH2-reference (only if you have a
      SH2 save game on your memcard).
                               Dark Brookhaven Hospital
    - When you climb the ladder (in the stairwell of the dark hospital), you can
      find a poster with a mouth on it. There's also some writing in blood.
    - Also on this ladder, there's nurse hanging that looks like Lisa from SH1.
      But another reader said that it's a woman from the 'Fukuro' music video from
      The Art of Silent Hill.
    - This scene was voted the scariest scene in the game...Enter the third floor
      storeroom. There's a wallsized mirror on the back wall. Suddenly blood comes
      gushing out in the mirror image, it comes from the wall and a sink in the
      corner. It covers Heather's mirror image. After the other Heather is
      completely covered in blood, she'll stop moving. Now the blood will come
      out on YOUR side of the mirror. It will cover the whole room.
    - When you enter the storeroom again after viewing the disturbing scene you
      hear everything but there are no visuals, you won't die from waiting when
      you only hear it...
    - The Birthday guy says Stanley is dead, and his number is seven. Meaning
      he is in the morgue, on bed number seven.
    - In the morgue, stand next to bed number seven and you'll hear a man whisper
      "Heather...". Stanley Coleman of course.
    - The Birthday Guy is right about Heather age, by the way. If you've finished
      the game you know why she is really 30-something.
    - You can hear someone talking during the fight with Leonard.
                               Lakeside Amusement Park
    - In the store, there are some bullets. If you walk close to them, some
      shelves will fall down, allowing you to take the rollercoaster key. The
      sound of the shelves falling is pretty sudden.
    - A warning sign on the booth for the haunted mansion reads (in part) "If you
      have a weak heart or may be pregnant, please refrain from entering". Didn't
      think much about it the first time through, but it's quite funny in light of
      subsequent events!
    - The name at least of Borley Haunted Mansion seems to be based on Borley
      Rectory, claimed to be the most haunted place in England. Check out their
      web-site http://www.borleyrectory.com/ for more info.
    - Only three of the seven dwarves can be found near Snow White. The others are
      hidden inside the glass coffin.
    - The photos of Snow White and Cinderella have white spots on them. The spots
      are also seen on photos of supposed ghosts.
                                      The Chapel
    - The Chapel's map was drawn by the child of one of the developers.
    - In painting 4, the Red God Xuchilbara is mentioned. His name was also called
      in a poem in the 'Born from a Wish' part of SH2.
    - Look at the painting that is labeled "6. Creation". To the left in the
      painting is a weird figure that looks a lot like Pyramid Head...
    - You can find a classroom from the school which has a desk in it with "go
      home.... thief... drop dead" this appeared in the "Nowhere" part of SH1
      although here it is explained as being Alessa's desk.
    - Also in the same classroom the teacher who wrote the note about Alessa is
      called "K Gordon" which is the name of the teacher whose house key you got
      in the school in SH1.
    - Yet again in this classroom there is a picture of a wolf on the wall, this
      is a reference to Claudia and Leonard Wolf.
    - In the corridor on the way to Alessa's room, you can look out of the fenced
      window to see a monster (Valtiel?) playing with a human-like thing.
    - The sketchbook in Alessa's room is the same one that Cheryl had in the car
      during the opening FMV of SH1.
                                SH1 and SH2 Connections
    - In SH1 there was a drug called White Claudia. Nice insiders joke probably.
    - Also in SH1, there was a book called 'The Monsters Lurk' by Leonard Rhine.
    - The SH2 references are listed above. Here's all of them again:
      > The toilet in the dark mall
      > The mailbox
      > The poster in Heaven's Night
      > The fence on the roof of the hospital
    - According to Tabris, you can still see these bits without a SH2 save, during
      a replay game.
    - The sign on the fridge in the doctors lounge of Brookhaven is the same as
      in SH2 ('don't store drugs').
    - A reader said that the person hanging in the room where you get the
      blood is James, or at least James' model. Apparently, you can recognize the
      jacket if you look close.
    - Near Alessa's hospital room you see Valtiel torturing a nurse. This could
      be Lisa from SH1. It makes sense, because she is someone from Heather's
      past, and everything in the Chapel seems to come from that past.
    - In the Belfry of the Chapel (the room with the giant red sign), you will
      find a portrait of Saint Jennifer. In SH2 you can find a statue for Jennifer
      in the Rosewater Park.
                                    The Tattoo Guy
    So, who is that tattoo guy anyway? The mystery solved...
    - One reader suggested that James from SH2 is the dead guy with the tattoo in
      the hospital. The records near this dead guy say he was walking around town
      confused, and that he killed himself with a knife (Angela's knife?).
      Furthermore, in the Dog ending of SH2 you can see James has a tattoo near
      his wrist or something that looks like it.
    - Other readers noted that the dead guy also has a tattoo that says "Margret,
      let's swear our love till' death do us part". Now this could mean it isn't
      James, but on the other side, Mary might be short for Margret...?
    - But speculating's over kiddos, because a reader came up with the solution.
      It's so obvious when you think about it. The tattoo guy is a reference to
      the movie Memento! Just think: In the movie, the lead character tattoos
      important information on himself to remember stuff, and always caries an
      INSTANT CAMERA around!
    - The tattoo about the starting time would be a way to remember the code
      without giving it away.
    - And here's another thing I came onto when searching for info on Memento: The
      lead character is called Leonard! Coincidence?
    - By the way, to the guy that mentioned this, I lost your email. Please mail
      me again so I can give you full credit.
                                    The Missing Guy
    Who is this missing guy Douglas was looking for? A couple of speculations:
    - He's Harry from SH1. This isn't very likely though. Douglas knew where
      Heather lives, so he should also be able to find Harry.
    - He's Doctor Kaufmann from SH1.
    - He's James from SH2. In the In water ending of SH2 (and the UFO ending),
      James disappears. He must have had some family in the town.
    - He's someone we'll meet in Silent Hill 4. Although I doubt that they
      already wrote the story for that game at Konami.
    - He's a no-one. Disappointing, but not unthinkable.
    - The motion capturing for Heather was done by a real Heather. In fact, the
      name Heather was giving after the MC person.
    - The Numb Body looks a lot like some creature in the video Papercut by Linkin
      Park. At some time, you will see some kind of monster run across the screen,
      and it really reminded me of the Numb Body.
                               8)  Puzzle Solutions
                             a. Easy Level Differences
    There are a couple of small 'puzzles' that you don't have to do in easy
    difficulty. Here are the ones I found:
    - In the mall, you don't have to find any chemicals, and you don't have to
      get rid of those bugs, they aren't there anyway.
    - In the Office building, you don't have to get a screwdriver to open the
      drawer: it's already opened.
    - You won't have to do the Crematorium puzzle at all, the key is right there.
                                 b. Bookstore Puzzle
    --<  Difficulty: Easy  >--
    There are only two books on the ground: parts I and III. Parts II, IV and V
    have already been placed on the shelf.
    HINT 1: Examine the books closely.
    HINT 2: Put the books in the right order.
    SOLUTION: Simply place book I in the first open spot and book III in the second
    open spot. You can now read the (random) code from the back of the books.
    --<  Difficulty: Normal  >--
    The text on the note by the door reads: "Fair is foul, foul is fair, put these
    books out of order."
    HIIT 1: Examine the books closely.
    SOLUTION: When you examine the books, you'll see that there's something
    written on their backs. You can match those writing, so that they'll make
    numbers. For example, if you put V to the right of IV, you'll see that they
    match. Place the books in the shelve where you found them in such an order
    that they'll make a complete number. You'll get there with a bit of trying.
    The order I found was:I-IV-V-III-II, but I think it's random (after seeing
    the solution in another FAQ). Anyway, it's not that hard. If you got it
    right, you'll see a four digit number code.
    --<  Difficulty: Hard  >--
    This is the text of the memo next to the door:
    Intro: In here is a tragedy ---
       art thou player or audience?
       Be as it may, the end doth remain:
       all go on only toward death.
    1: The first word at thy left hand:
       a false lunacy, a madly dancing man.
       Hearing unhearable words, drawn
       to a beloved's grave --- and there,
       mayhap, true madness at last.
    2: As did this one playing at death,
       find true death at last.
       Killing a nameless lover, s
       he pierced a heart rent by sorrow.
    3: Doth lie invite truth?
       Doth verity but wear the mask of falsehood?
       Ah, thou pityful, thou miserable ones.
    4: Still amidst lies, though the end cometh not,
       wherefore yearn for death? Will thou attend thy beloved?
       Truths and lies, life and death: a game
       of turning white to black and black to white.
    5: Is not a silence brimming with love
       more precious than flattery?
       A peaceful slumber preferred
       to a throne besmirched with blood?
    6: One vengeful man spilled blood for two;
       Two youths shed tears for three;
       Three witches disappeared thusly;
       And only the four keys remain.
    Outro: Ah but veryly...
       In here lies a tragedy.
       Art thou player or audience?
       There is something which cannot become a puppet of fate or an onlooker,
       peering into a cage.
    HINT 1: This puzzle requires a certain amount of Shakespeare knowledge. If you
    don't have that, try searching the web for 'Shakespeare summaries', you'll get
    some pages that can be of great use (they were for me).
    HINT 2: The intro and outro don't really matter. Verse 1 to 5 refer to the
    five books you picked up. Verse 6 has got some crucial information.
    HINT 3: First try finding out which book belongs to which verse. They tell you
    something about the order of the code. Then try to figure out the 6th verse.
    SOLUTION: The intro, as said, doesn't matter, so skip it. Verse 1 to 5 refer to
    Shakespeare works. Each of the five books you picked up is a work by
    Shakespeare. You have to match the verses with the books, and put them in that
    order. You might first want to note down what every book is about.
     Now let's look at the verses. I'm not going to explain why a verse is about
    that particular book, if you want to know look for the summaries of
    Shakespears books on the internet.
    Verse 1 - Hamlet - IV
    Verse 2 - Romeo and Juliet - I
    Verse 3 - Othello - V
    Verse 4 - King Lear - II
    Verse 5 - Macbeth - III
    P ut the books on the shelf in THIS order (IV-I-V-II-III). If you translate
    these Roman numbers to Arabic numbers now, you will get a five-digit code.
    But the door only requires 4 numbers. This is where the 6th verse comes in.
    Let's anylaze verse 6:
    One vengeful man spilled blood for two;  (this is about Hamlet)
    Two youths shed tears for three;         (that must be Romeo & Juliet)
    Three witches disappeared thusly;        (a famous scene from Macbeth)
    And only the four keys remain.
    One man spilled blood for two, this means you got to multiply the number of
    the vengeful man (Hamlet) by two! Since Hamlet is book number 4 (IV), the
    number will be 8.
    The two youths, Romeo and Juliet, cried for three. Meaning you should
    multiply the number of the R&J book, 1 (I) by three. So it becomes 3.
    The three witches from Macbeth disappeared, so let's forget about the
    Macbeth number. Scratch away number 3.
    After putting the books in place, you got this code: 4-1-5-2-3
    (IV-I-V-II-III) Now apply the hints from verse 6: multiply the first number
    (Hamlet) by 2, the second by 3 (R&J), and lose the last number (Macbeth).
    You'll now get this code:
                              c. Hospital Patient Wing 2F
    --<  Difficulty: Easy  >--
    Read the note on the nearby board:
    1. Press, move 2 right,
    2. Press, move 1 up,
    3. Press, move 2 down,
    4. Press and the door shall open."
    HINT 1: This seems to be some kind of route.
    HINT 2: Try following this route on the keypad.
    SOLUTION: I actually figured this out only by the hints someone on the forum
    gave me, I never even played it on easy. The note is the route you have to
    follow on the keypad. In case you forgot, the keypad looks like this:
    Now, after we pressed the first button, we must move two positions to the
    right. This means the first number must be in the left row (1, 4 or 7). After
    the second number we must move one up, so the first number can't be 1: then
    the second would be 2 and you can't move up from 2. The first is either 7 or
    4. If it's 7, the second will be 9 and the third will be 6, but from 6 we
    can't move two down. Therefore, the first can't be 7. It must be 4.
    From 4, you can follow the route: two right gives 6, one up gives 3, two
    down gives 9. This way we come to the solution:
    4 - 6 - 3 - 9
    --<  Difficulty: Normal  >--
    The hints are posted on a board nearby:
       The first is larger than the second.
       The second is twice the third.
       The third is smaller than the fourth.
       The fourth is half the first.
       Four of the numbers are not repeated,
       Three are not in the top row,
       Two are not in the right row.
       One of the numbers is the final key.
    HINT 1: You'll need some basic math knowledge for this one.
    HINT 2: Write down the facts and try something out.
    SOLUTION: For the solution, I will write Roman numerals instead of 'the first',
    'the second and so on'. So if you see 'III' it means the third number.
    Let's write down the hints:
     I  > II
     II = 2*III
     III < IV
     IV = 0.5 * I
    With some logical thinking, you'll get to the solution this way:
    - I is clearly the largest number.
    - I must be even, since it's twice IV > Take 8 for I.
    - Then IV must be 4.
    - II must also be even. It's less than I but seems to be more than IV.
    - The second sentence of the second verse reads: "Three are not in the top
      row". This would mean the top row of the numpad, the numbers 1 to 3.
    - Since III is less than IV, and IV is 4, III must be on the top row. So
      II can't be on the top row, and must be more than 3 > II must be 6.
    - And if II is 6, III is 3.
    So the code you find is:
    --<  Difficulty: Hard  >--
    First, the text of the hints:
    1. Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead---
       You are always looking at me
       and I am always looking at you.
    2. Ah, you're too meek---
       beautiful, unspoiled:
       thus I'm so sad, I suffer---
       and so happy, it hurts.
    3. I want to hurt you
       and destroy myself
       What you would think
       if you knew how I felt.
    4. Would you simply smile,
       not saying a word?
       Even curses from your mouth
       would be as beautiful as pearls.
    5. I place my left hand on your
       face as though we were to kiss.
       Then I suddenly shove my thumb
       deep into your eyesocket.
       Abruptly, decisively,
       like drilling a hole.
    6. And what would it feel like?
       Like jelly?
       Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
       mix it around and around: I must
       taste the warmth of your blood.
    7. How would you scream?
       Would you shriek "It hurts!
       It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
       stream from your crushed eye?
    8. You can't know the maddening
       hunger I've felt in the midst of
       our kisses, so many of them
       I've lost count.
    9. As though drinking in your cries,
       I bring my hopes to fruition:
       biting your tongue, shredding it,
       biting at your lips as if tasting
       your lipstick.
    10. Oh, what euphoric heights I would
       reach, having my desires fulfilled
       like a greedy, gluttonous cur.
    11. I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
       cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
       I would surely be healed,
       and would cry like a child.
    12. And how is your tender ear?
       It brushes against my cheek;
       I want it to creep up to my lips so
       I can sink my teeth into its flesh.
    13. Your left ear, always hearing words
       whispered sweet as pie---
       I want it to hear my true feelings.
       I never lied, no...
       but I did have my secrets.
    14. Ah, but what must you think of me?
       Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
       As though inviting you to the agony
       at the play's end; if you wish, you
       could destroy me--- I wouldn't care.
    15. As you wish, you may destroy me
       --- I wouldn't care.
    HINT 1: This doesn't even seem like a hint. But it is. Try to find some sort
            of pattern.
    HINT 2: A lot of these verses are about parts of the face.
    HINT 3: Try drawing a face, and comparing it to the numpad.
    SOLUTION: This puzzle is just sick, and I'm not only talking about the rhyme.
    The hints just seem so useless...the only thing that seems to be useful is
    that it's all about someone's face. You wouldn't say so, but you have to
    draw a face in the same raster as that of the keypad. Let's do that now.
     1 | 2 | 3      EYE|   |EYE     NOS = Nose
    -----------     -----------     CHE = Cheek
     4 | 5 | 6      EAR|NOS|EAR     MOU = Mouth
    -----------     -----------     EYE = Eye
     7 | 8 | 9      CHE|MOU|CHE     EAR = Ear
    When you're done drawing, and you've got a ridiculous figure like above,
    let's  analyze the verses. I only included the verses that matter for
    solving this.
    Verse 5: He shoves his thumb into the left eye, seen from his position. This
      corresponds with number 1. This will be our starting position.
    Verse 7: The blood streams down from the eye. Going down from number 1, we
      arrive at number 4.
    Verse 9: This verse is clearly about the mouth. Our next number must be 8.
    Verse 11: The next part of the face are the cheeks. There are two cheeks, so
      the next number can be either 7 or 9.
    Verse 13: The last part is the left ear, seen from the position of the victim.
      Therefore, the last number must be 6.
    Now we got these 5 numbers:
    1 - 4 - 8 - 7/9 - 6
    This is one number too many. Now this next part I'm not too sure about, but
    it seems you have to scratch away number 1. The reason might be because the
    eye is gone, so its number must be gone too. Now we've got two possibilities
    4 - 8 - 7 - 6  or
    4 - 8 - 9 - 6
    If you try them both, you'll see that the last one is correct. Lots of thanks
    to CHESH_THE_CAT for this solution, without his FAQ I couldn't have solved it
                                    d. Crematorium
    --<  Difficulty: Easy  >--
    HINT 1: This isn't even a puzzle.
    SOLUTION: Just walk up to the oven, the key will be right there.
    --<  Difficulty: Normal  >--
    If you examine the door of the stove, you'll see a raster:
      |  |  |  |      This is a map of the crematorium. Each square stands for a
    --------------    bed. The beds have numbers on them. The bottom of the raster
      |  |  |  |      is where the elevator is, you're now at the top. There are 4
    --------------    Roman numbers written in the raster. Find the beds that
      |  |  |  |      belong to those numbers, for example:
    If there's a Roman number III in the left bottom square, the third number of
    the lock must be 7. This way, find all 4 numbers and enter them into the lock.
    --<  Difficulty: Hard  >--
    This time around, each of the beds has got a poem on it. They're all about
    Birds. You can read them in the memo section of the menu.
    1. Song of the Sparrow:
       Who killed Cock Robin?
       "The Sparrow," they said
       "He wants them all dead
       To him honey-sweet is their sobbin'."
    2. Song of the Owl:
       The Owl who forgot the sky
       Resigned to his poor earthbound state
       Hungry of full didn't matter at all,
       He ate and he ate and he ate.
    3. Song of the Thrush:
       The grass the Thrush so loved to eat
       Gave him sweet happiness
       He sank ever deeper and finally fell
       To destruction and fatal distress.
    4. Song of the Robin:
       Cock Robin, who hid the key away
       Is ash in the oven all right.
       The place he held is empty now
       And the doors remain shut tight.
    5. Song of the Lark:
       The Lark's child lost all his words
       And walled himself up all away.
       Heart and mouth both locked up tight
       In a cage where no one want to stay.
    6. Song of the Dove:
       The Dove's hope died, he chose his path
       His flapping wings fell still
       Drenched in scarlet there he lay
       His cheeks pale white an chill.
    7. Song of the Linnet:
       He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition.
       Frightening her out of her wits
       Whispering love songs in her ear
       What cruel Linnet wants, he gets.
    8. Song of the Rook:
       The black Rook is the praying sort
       Who hears the gods in the skies
       His whispered petitions go on without end
       And glassy and dim are his eyes.
    9. Song of the Wren:
       The Wren with pure heart as yet unrefined
       Makes us laugh unto his feeble lip-smacking
       But still we all know he shall never grow old
       And he knows not how much he is lacking.
    0. Song of the Kite:
       The Kite hot, crazy and panting mad
       Sweet shackles that tease and excite
       Death itself would drive him wild
       Red blood that turns milky white.
    Also, there's a poem written on the stove door.
    1. Burn the one who knows no death
       Pure, adored by those above
       No prayers within, just simple love
    2. And now the pining hunter
       The flames longing for his rebirth
       A distant flame within the earth.
    3. Burn up that heavy body of his
       Make it wind, dancing in the sky
       That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh
    4. The sweet blood on his laughing lips
       Now calls him to the gates of hell
       There burns evermore that soulless shell.
    5. Four bodies return to ashes
       Thus the door is opened
       Thus the door is opened
    HINT 1: The poem on the door has got 5 verses, but the last one doesn't
    HINT 2: Verse 1 to 4 each talk about a different bird.
    HINT 3: Connect the verses with the corresponding birds, and their numbers.
    SOLUTION: This one's not that hard, if you know what to do. The first four
    verses of the poem talk about 4 different birds. Just find out what bird that
    is, and find the number of its poem. This way you'll get 4 numbers, they're
    already put in the right order.
    So, let's see what bird we're talking about.
    Verse 1: The bird in this verse is pure, beloved, and can not die. This
      clearly corresponds to poem number 9, about the Wren.
    Verse 2: The bird seems to have a connection with the earth. You can also
      find this in the poem about the Owl, poem number 2.
    Verse 3: the key word is 'bottomless', implying that this bird eats a lot.
      You can't find this in the poems (only the one about the Owl, but we
      already have that one), but if you know something about birds you'll
      know that one bird really has a name of being a glutton: the Linnet,
      number 7 (actually, poem 7 seems to be about Coleman, since this is
      his bed).
    Verse 4: The sparrow killed the Robin, according to poem 1. This would
      explain the blood around its lips (but I thought birds don't HAVE any
      lips...?). Anyway, the number must be 1, the song of the Sparrow.
    So now you got this code:
    9 - 2 - 7 - 1
                                   e. Tarot Cards
    --<  Difficulty: Easy  >--
    In the notebook you can read the following:
    |   A FOOL                   THE MOON   |
    |                                       |
    |                                       |
    |             EYE OF NIGHT              |
    |                                       |
    |                                       |
    | HANGED MAN                A PRIESTESS |
    HINT 1: How easy do you want it?
    SOLUTION: Just place the cards in the places corresponding the ones in the
    notebook. So you will get:
    FOO|   |MOO   FOO = Fool
    -----------   MOO = Moon
       |EYE|      EYE = Eye of the night
    -----------   HMN = Hanged man
    HMN|   |HPR   HPR = High Priestess
    --<  Difficulty: Normal  >--
    Right, let's first show the text:
    1. Now the first thing you must know,
       Is that there's something in each row.
       But that is not the half of it:
       Three would be too hard to fit.
    2. The upside-down man under the ground,
       to his right, to his left there is no one around
       Leave him alone though his tears are profound.
    3. The moon is up, above the sky,
       Full or crescent, floating high.
       Twinkling light sits like a clown
       On the head of a crazy clown.
    4. Your excellency praying to God most high
       Do you think you can tell me why
       You always look up at the night sky?
    5. Do you have it now? You didn't forget?
       One major point you mustn't omit.
       And now at the last, before you take a whack
       Here's one more hint to help you keep on track.
    6. Scary and hateful that thing in the night
       Better be careful - it's not on your right!
       Turn to the left and you'll keep it in sight.
    HINT 1: You wouldn't say, but the text refers to the position of the cards.
    HINT 2: First, figure out what the cards are called in the verses.
    SOLUTION: This puzzle can easily be solved with some sense of logic and a large
    part of guessing. Anyway, let's analyze the verses:
    Verse 1: There must be one card in every row (horizontally, vertically and
     diagonally). There can be no more than 2 cards in one row though.
    Verse 2: The hanging man is on the bottom row. He's the only one on that row.
     The most logical place would be in the center, so that he has got two empty
     spaces on either side.
    Verse 3: The moon is on the top row. Right underneath the moon is the fool.
    Verse 4: The priestess is looking up at the sky. That means she must be on the
     center row; she has something above her, and the hanging man is the only one
     on the bottom row.
    Verse 6: The monster is the Eye of the Night. It's on the left. This is what
     the priestess is looking at, so she must be on the left too.
    Combining all the above hints, you come to this solution:
    EON|   |MOO   EON = Eye of the Night
    -----------   MOO = Moon
    HPR|   |FOO   HPR = High Priestess
    -----------   FOO = Fool
       |HMN|      HMN = Hanged Man
    --<  Difficulty: Hard  >--
    There is hardly any text here, just a drawing and a little rhyme that has
    no real meaning. This is what the drawing looks like:
    HINT 1: Three letters appear very frequently.
    HINT 2: The other letters don't matter.
    HINT 3: Study the cards very closely.
    SOLUTION: This one disappointed me, it's not nearly as though as the other
    ones. Here's what you should do: scratch away all the letters, except for I, V
    and X. You'll get this pattern:
    XX   O      XVIII
    XII  XXII   XI
    Now, have a really close look at the cards, you'll see that each has a roman
    number written on it:
    Fool:           O
    High Priestess: II
    Hanged Man:     XII
    Moon:           XVIII
    Eye o/t Night:  XXII
    Now simply put the cards in the right places:
    HPR|EON|      HPR = High Priestess
    -----------   EON = Eye of the Night
       |FOO|MOO   FOO = Fool
    -----------   MOO = Moon
    HMN|   |      HMN = Hanged Man
                                  9)  Extras & Sectrets
                                   a. Hidden things
    --<  Gold and silver pipe  >--
    How to get   In the sewers, the part where you have to put the dryer in the
                 outlet, examine the water. Heather will propose throwing in the
                 steel pipe, agree (doesn't work if you got the pipe equipped).
                 She throws it in, and a fairy appears. She'll ask 3 questions,
                 very easy. If you answer them correctly, she'll give you back
                 your steel pipe as well as a GOLD PIPE and SILVER PIPE. This is
                 a reference to a Japanese fairytale.
    Use          Nothing special. They're not stronger than the steel pipe. It
                 just looks fancy.
    --<  Silencer  >--
    How to get   In the construction site building, go to the floor where you have
                 to shove a mattress in the hole. Here examine the walls, one wall
                 has a different structure (the camera will focus on it). Heather
                 thinks she can break the wall. Whack it with a melee weapon, the
                 Maul works great. The wall will break and reveal the SILENCER and
                 a pair of feet.
    Use          Equip in item menu, it will automatically be fitted on your
                 handgun or SMG when you equip one of those weapons. It doesn't
                 seem to influence damage or accuracy, it just makes the game
                 less loud.
                                  b. Secrets weapons
    These weapons must be unlocked by finishing the game in a certain way. In the
    score screen you will be told which weapons you unlocked.
    --<  Beam Saber  >--
    What to do   Kill more enemies by fighting (melee) than by shooting.
    Where        Found in the corridor where you encounter your first Numb Body
                 in the mall. Used as a replacement door knob of a door on the
                 far west end.
    What         It's a cool green light saber. May the force be with you.
    Range        Melee
    Damage       High
    Speed        Low
    Description  It does some great damage, but it's slow and awkward to use.
                 Even worse, whenever you get hit by an enemy, the beam
                 disappears and you have got to activate the beam again (by
                 pressing R2).
    --<  Flamethrower  >--
    What to do   Kill more enemies by shooting than by fighting.
    Where        In Helen's bakery in the mall, on the counter.
    What         Guess what? It throws flames! Wow! And you don't have too
                 worry about fuel either, because it has unlimited fuel!
    Range        Short
    Damage       Low
    Speed        Very high
    Description  The main downside of this weapon is the damage it does, even with
                 normal enemies it takes very long to kill them. But it has one
                 major plus: it's stopping power! This baby will keep any enemy at
                 a safe distance if you fire it constantly. You can adjust your
                 firing angle by pressing up and down while firing.
    --<  Unlimited Sub-machine Gun  >--
    What to do   Kill the final boss with a melee weapon. Don't worry, it seems to
                 be enough to just deliver the final blow with your katana or
                 maul, so that you don't have to fight the whole battle with a
                 melee weapon, you can just use your guns and kill it off with
                 melee. On normal mode, the boss takes 67 shots from the handgun
                 to kill, so if you shoot it 65 times you can easily finish it off.
    Where        Turn left as you exit the bathroom you start in, it's at the
                 blocked off end of the alley.
    What         Just like the SMG, but now with unlimited ammo! Cool!
    Range        Good
    Damage       High
    Speed        Very High
    Description  It's no coincidence that this is the weapon everyone keeps
                 talking about. It totally rocks. Remember, you can adjust the
                 firing angle by pressing up and down while firing: a must for
                 killing small enemies like the Double-heads and Numb Bodies
                 and also for Pendulums.
    --<  Heather Beam  >--
    What to do   Make a total of 333 kills or more. This doesn't have to be in
                 one game. For example: you can also get it by getting 100 kills
                 the first time, 75   kills the second time and 175 the third
                 time you play it.
    Where        You got it from the beginning.
    What         Unequip all weapons, and press R2 and X to fire. There are two
                 firing modes: if you keep X pressed down, Heather will shoot a
                 couple of homing missiles. If you press up and X at the same
                 time, she will shoot a ball.
    Range        Good
    Damage       Low
    Speed        High
    Description  The Heather beam is a nice weapon, but not really useful. You
                 want to unlock the Transform costume as well, so that you can
                 use the more powerful Sexy Beam.
    --<  Sexy Beam  >--
    What to do   Unlock the Heather Beam (see above) and the Transform costume
                 (password = PrincessHeart). Equip the Transform costume to use it.
    Where        You got it from the beginning.
    What         You use it the same way as the Heather Beam. If you keep X pressed
                 down, she will fire target seeking missiles. If you press up and
                 X at the same time, you will fire from your eyes. Keep X down to
                 keep firing.
    Range        Good
    Damage       Medium
    Speed        High
    Description  The Sexy Beam is way better than the Heather Beam. It fires
                 more homing missiles, that are also stronger. The beam from her
                 eyes isn't that powerful, but it has nice stopping power. A
                 cool weapon, and everyone must use it to get the even cooler
                 Revenge ending.
                                      c. Costumes
    After finishing the game once, you will get a new option in the main menu.
    Here you can enter a code into an old fashioned type-writer. If you have the
    correct code, you will unlock one of Heather's costumes. These are all
    pretty useless, except for the transform costume. All the codes are case-
    13e Rue             Suspense
    Block Head          PutHere2FeelJoy
    Don't touch         TOUCH_MY_HEART
    Game Reactor        SH3_Wrestlarn
    God of Thunder      GangsterGirl
    Golden Rooster      cockadooodledoo
    Heather             HappyBirthDay
    Killer Rabbit       BlueRobbieWin
    Onsen               I_Love_You
    Play                sLmLdGhSmKfBfH
    Royal Flush         01_03_08_11_12
    The light           LightToFuture
    Transform           PrincessHeart
    Transience          ShogyouMujou
    Zipper              Shut_your_mouth
    Official PS Mag.    SH3_OpiuM
    Game Informer       Gameinformer
    About the TRANSFORM costume: Equip this one to get the Sexy Beam (you must
      first have the Heather Beam unlocked).
    About the ROYAL FLUSH costume: When playing the game on hard puzzle mode for
      the second time, you will find the hints for this code amongst the books
      in the Chapel Library.
                                      d. Others
    --<  Douglas in 'special' clothes  >--
    After finishing the game for the first time, highlight the 'Extra New Game'
    option in the main menu and press:
    Up - Up - Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - Circle - X
    Now select the difficulty levels. You will hear Heather sigh. Now Douglas will
    walk around in his underwear in most cut-scenes.
    --<  Extra Options menu  >--
    In the options screen, press one of the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2)
    for the extra options. Here you can change the color of the blood, select
    the 'Beginner' and 'Extreme' difficulties for action, modify the bullet
    multiplier, and switch on the 'Life Bar' function.
                                     10) Item List
                                      a. Supplies
    --<  Health Drink  >--
    Use    Restores a small part of your health.
    --<  First Aid Kit  >--
    Use    Restores a medium part of your health.
    --<  Ampoule  >--
    Use    Restores a big part of your health.
    --<  Handgun bullets  >--
    Use    Extra ammunition for your handgun.
    --<  Shotgun shells  >--
    Use    Extra ammunition for your shotgun.
    --<  Stun gun batteries  >--
    Use    Extra ammunition for your Stun gun.
    --<  SMG bullets  >--
    Use    Extra ammunition for your sub-machine gun.
    --<  Beef Jerky  >--
    Use    Distract Double-Heads with a piece of meat.
                                    b. Story items
    --<  Flashlight  >--
    Where  In the room next to the women's bathroom on the first floor of the dark
    What   A small sized flashlight. It fits in the pocket on your jacket.
    Use    Seeing in the dark. Switch on/off with the circle on your gamepad.
    --<  Radio  >--
    Where  The elevator right before the mall turns black, it falls down from the
    What   A small radio. It seems to be broken, because it won't receive normal
    Use    Emits static when monsters are nearby. You can turn it on and off and
           change the volume.
    --<  Pendant  >--
    Where  Initially in inventory.
    What   Heather's lucky pendant, given to her by her father. Has a red marble
           inside. The marble is said to have special powers.
    Use    After Claudia killed Vincent.
    --<  House key  >--
    Where  Initially in inventory.
    What   The key to Heather's apartment, number 102 of the Daisy Villa.
    Use    To enter the apartment.
    --<  Pair of tongs  >--
    Where  Helen's Bakery in the normal mall.
    What   Tongs, used for picking up bread.
    Use    Getting the key in the room with the save-point.
    --<  Key taken with tongs  >--
    Where  In the save-room on the 2nd floor of the normal mall, you need the
    What   The label says 'My bestsellers'.
    Use    To enter the book store on the second floor.
    --<  Shakespeare Anthology I to V  >--
    Where  In the book store.
    What   Books about Shakespeare. In normal riddle mode, they have got writing
           on their backs. In hard riddle mode, they each represent one of
           Shakespeare's works.
    Use    To solve the bookstore puzzle (only two parts on easy riddles mode).
    --<  Bleach  >--
    Where  The toilet on the first floor of the dark mall.
    What   Used for cleaning toilets. Do not mix.
    Use    For gassing the moth creatures (not on easy riddles mode).
    --<  Hanger  >--
    Where  The clothes store where you fight the first Closer, after the mall
           turned dark.
    What   A simple hanger, for hanging clothes.
    Use    Getting the ladder to the second floor down.
    --<  Bulletproof vest  >--
    Where  The same store as the hanger.
    What   A heavy kevlar vest.
    Use    When equipped, you take less damage, but you're also heavier.
    --<  Cooked Key  >--
    Where  Next to the grilled dog in the restaurant on the third floor.
    What   A key.
    Use    Opening the back door to a bar on the second floor of the mall.
    --<  Walnut  >--
    Where  The jewelry on the second floor of the dark mall.
    What   A good-sized walnut. It has something inside.
    Use    Break it with the vise later on to take the Moonstone inside.
    --<  Detergent  >--
    Where  Helen's Bakery in the dark shopping mall.
    What   Another chemical used for cleaning toilets. Do not mix.
    Use    For gassing the moth creatures (not on easy riddles modes).
    --<  Moonstone  >--
    Where  Inside the walnut from the jewelry. Use the vise in another room on
           the second floor to get it.
    What   A small jewel.
    Use    To open the door to the central area on the third floor.
    --<  Nutcracker  >--
    Where  In a tunnel under platform 1 and 2 of the subway station.
    What   A tool for cracking open nuts.
    Use    To remove the lock on the gate leading to platform 2 on the stairs
    --<  Wine Bottle  >--
    Where  In a dead end hallway at the south west end of the underground
    What   An empty wine bottle.
    Use    For filling with fuel from the heater, and then using the fuel to
           get a machine working so you can enter the sewers.
    --<  Dryer  >--
    Where  A room on the far west side of the sewers.
    What   A normal hair dryer.
    Use    For frying the sewer monster in the area with the bridge.
    --<  Jack  >--
    Where  At KNM auto parts on the fifth floor of the office building.
    What   A jack for lifting cars up.
    Use    To open the elevator doors on the third floor.
    --<  Screwdriver  >--
    Where  In the corridor behind the art gallery on the fifth floor.
    What   A normal screwdriver.
    Use    To open the drawer in the office of the dance studio on the third
           floor of the office building (not on easy riddles mode).
    --<  Rope  >--
    Where  In the drawer of the office of the dance studio.
    What   A long piece of strong, white rope.
    Use    To descend to the second floor through the elevator shaft.
    --<  Oxydol  >--
    Where  In the cabinet of the mental health clinic of the dark office
    What   A bottle of liquid chemicals.
    Use    To set fire.
    --<  Pork Liver  >--
    Where  In the fridge of the Last Drop cafe.
    What   Some liver that hasn't gone bad yet.
    Use    To set fire.
    --<  Matchbook  >--
    Where  The smoking room of KNM Auto parts in the dark office building.
    What   A book of matches.
    Use    To set fire to the painting.
    --<  Silver Coin  >--
    Where  The north west room of the fourth floor of the office building.
    What   A small silver coin.
    Use    To buy a 'drink' from the machine in the same room.
    --<  Insurance Key  >--
    Where  From a soda can in the room with the coins, buy a drink from the
           vending machine.
    What   The key to the Insurance company on the first floor.
    Use    Getting into the Insurance company.
    --<  Nail Polish Remover  >--
    Where  In the hospital, the women's locker room on the second floor.
    What   A fluid to remove nail polish.
    Use    To get the key glued to the wall in room C4.
    --<  Perfume  >--
    Where  Next to the Nail Polish Remover.
    What   A bottle of weird smelling perfume.
    Use    Equip it during the fight with Leonard to scare him.
    --<  Instant camera  >--
    Where  In the room with the alarm bell, hospital second floor.
    What   A Polaroid camera. You can see your photo in seconds.
    Use    To get the code written on the back of shelve in the hospital
    --<  Stairwell Key  >--
    Where  Glued to the wall in room C4.
    What   The key to the eastern stairwell.
    Use    Unlocks the stairwell.
    --<  Plastic Bag  >--
    Where  In the women's locker room of the Dark Hospital.
    What   A small plastic bag.
    Use    Fill it with blood in Examination Room 4, then use it on the altar
           in room C4.
    --<  Cremated Key  >--
    Where  The basement of the Dark Hospital. Solve the puzzle to get it.
    What   A key you found in the oven of the crematorium.
    Use    Unlock the Day Room on the first floor.
    --<  Talisman  >--
    Where  Room C4, after the fight with Leonard.
    What   A round tablet with a sign drawn on it in red.
    Use    None.
    --<  Rollercoaster Key  >--
    Where  In the store of the Amusement Park.
    What   The key for the coaster's control booth.
    Use    Unlock the control booth.
    --<  Chain  >--
    Where  Lying on a bench in the stage area.
    What   A long metal chain.
    Use    To break open the gate using the attraction.
    --<  Red shoe  >--
    Where  On the stage.
    What   A small red shoe.
    Use    To complete the Cinderella doll.
    --<  Doll face  >--
    Where  The house of the fortune teller.
    What   The wooden face of a doll.
    Use    To complete the Snow White doll.
    --<  Douglas' Notebook  >--
    Where  The house of the fortune teller.
    What   Douglas' notes on the investigation on Heather.
    Use    Might determine the ending.
    --<  Eye of the Night Tarot card  >--
    Where  The church in the chapel.
    What   A tarot card.
    Use    To solve the puzzle in Alessa's room.
    --<  Cassette tape  >--
    Where  The south east room of the first floor of the chapel.
    What   A normal cassette tape, holding a conversation between Vincent and
           a cultist.
    Use    Listen to it in a room at the south end of the first floor. Might
           influence the ending.
    --<  Moon Tarot Card  >--
    Where  In the library.
    What   A tarot card.
    Use    To solve the puzzle in Alessa's room.
    --<  Otherworld Laws  >--
    Where  Given to you by Vincent, in the library.
    What   A book about the mysterious 'Otherworld'.
    Use    Unknown, might influence the ending.
    --<  Hanged Man Tarot Card  >--
    Where  On the far west room of the second floor, the morgue.
    What   A tarot card.
    Use    To solve the puzzle in Alessa's room.
    --<  Fool Tarot Card  >--
    Where  In Alessa's hospital room.
    What   A tarot card.
    Use    To solve the puzzle in Alessa's room.
    --<  Brass Key  >--
    Where  In Alessa's bed room.
    What   A key.
    Use    To open the door to the southern quarters on the first floor.
    --<  High Priestess Tarot Card  >--
    Where  In Claudia's bedroom, at the south end of the first floor.
    What   A tarot card.
    Use    To solve the puzzle in Alessa's room.
                               11)  Credits & Thanks
    * This whole list of people, who helped me on my WCU list. Thanks for your
      sharp sight and hearing!
    HALO077         TOPACEBEN      UNPOPULAR1       MILLERS C
    BLUERES7        JENN           CATGUYEZ         BRIAN WERT
    * TABRIS J probably made more WCU contributions then anyone else, even when I
      though I had mentioned everything there was to know. Great job!
    * RED SOUL, writer of the Riddle Guide on Gamefaqs, for letting me use his
      guide for the solutions of the easy puzzles.
    * The SILENT HILL ASYLUM (www.planetps2.com/shasylum/main.html), for teaching
      me the names of the monsters (even though I refuse to call Nurses Bobble
    * The other people who made a FAQ on SH3. I did not copy anything, but I
      found your guides useful to check if I forgot anything. Since that seems
      to count as plagiarism, I'll include you here:
    * NIAI MITCH, for transcribing the Silent Hill Song.
    * MASKRIDER, for telling me that Scraper is a Scraper and not a Slasher, and
      for his great site with videos.
    * NETSU, who suggested another tactic for the Missionary boss.
    * SAIYA~JIN, who mailed another tactic for the Missionary.
    * TINI BOSCH, for his (her?) tactics on beating God with a melee weapon.
    * DARK RAZIEL who noted that one of the costume codes was wrong.
    * DJCREAM, for the OPM costume code.
    * GUYBRUSH122, for the correction on the easy version of the patient wing
    * MUNCHIE, who found out the use of the perfume (I still have to check it
    * STAKHER666, for another costume.
    * DAVE REAGAN, for his knowledge on Irish mythology, and for solving the
      mystery behind Tirn Aill.
    * MIKE VALLAS, for a useful tip on beating the Missionary.
    * THE ORIGINAL, who counted the shots it took to kill God.
    * CHRIS MCGUIRE, for info on the fairytale.
    * Everyone I've missed. Sorry.
    * FNS, even though he was terribly wrong on the endings.
    * GERGO PATTY, for being weak and playing it on easy riddles, and even worse,
      getting stuck on easy riddles. But also for asking me for help.
    * Konami, for making a great game.
    * Everyone who supported me, thanks guys, you made it worth it.
    - Evert "From Earth" van Aart

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