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How do you use the nuva blast?

On the gali level

truenow asked for clarification:

I would answer, but i use a joy stick


truenow answered:

On the top of my joy stick, there is a big circle with a 2 in it, to the lower left of it is a hot dog shaped button with a 3 in it, to the lower right of the 2 there is a hot dog shaped button with a 4 in it, the 3 button charges your energy, the 4 button speeds you up in the water, if you press both the 3 and 4 buttons at the same time at full power you do a nuva blast, it uses all of your energy, the only reason i use it is to destroy the dark cages around matoran.
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andy243 answered:

You hold down the sheald butten and then while holding it hit enter
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