Question from DhimasAxel

FamilyFunds Cheats,Anybody can help me???

I don't understand why the familyfunds cheats won't work???
I need an example about how to write it,so I can activate it
Please answer it


xXSim_N3rdXx answered:

Type familyFunds <family name> <amount>
for example,
familyFunds Marasaii 100000

The limit is 9,999,999 simeleons
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Pokemaid answered:

Well I don't know how to use the familyfunds cheat , but I know the motherlode cheat.
Hold in Ctrl, Shift, and c to open cheat window, then type "motherlode" without the brackets.
this cheat gives your family 50000 simeleons,
happy simming!
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Purpl3Seven answered:

The family funds cheat didn't work for me until I did this.
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
boolprop testingcheatsenabled false
familyfunds Thefamilyname 10 (any amount, up to 9999999)

The family funds will NOT add to your money. For example, if you have 50 simoleons, and you type in familyfunds Me 20, you're total simoleans will now be 20. It's best to capitalize your household's name, for example Me, not me. This won't work for people living in dorms or on campus.
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mikayla722389 answered:

Ctrl + shift + c
familyfunds(family name)amount
example: familyfunds(scott)5678
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pizzaman95 answered:

For the cheat "familyfunds" to work, you need the expansion Nightlife or any expansion released after it.

Anyway, if you do and it's still not working, it has to be entered in the neighborhood view and here's the format it's supposed to be in:

familyfunds Family 5000 ("Family" should be replaced with the family/household name whose money you want to change, this also sets Family's money to five-thousand. By the way I believe the family name is case-sensitive so keep that in mind.)

familyfunds Family +5000 (This raises the amount of money Family has by five-thousand.)

familyfunds Family -5000 (This lowers the amount of money family has by five-thousand.)

You're free to replace the numbers with whatever you want of course.
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