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Asked: 4 years ago

How can you get your sim abducted by aliens?

I know that in another one i played you had to use the telescope and it would randomly happened but i was wondering if their was any specific way to purposely get them abducted, and preferably pregnant.

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From: whoami1990_15 4 years ago

So i came to the conclusion that FEMALE sims cannot be abducted and impregnated. My best guess as to why is that it insinuates rape, where as if a male sim is impregnated it only insinuates that he was experimented on.

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If you use the more expensive telescope for a long period of time, you're bound to get abducted eventually.

Also, if you have the FreeTime expansion and your Sim has the Knowledge Aspiration, you can go into the Secondary Aspirations menu and with enough points earned from the Lifetime Aspirations bar you can buy a Lifetime Aspiration Benefit that will allow you to be abducted whenever you choose to be.

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