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What is the easiest way to get abducted?

I know that I've heard you have to be in the knowledge aspiration and spend a lot of time looking through the telescope, but how long does it take to actually get abducted by aliens? I want to get my sim pregnant with an alien baby. LOL. Any help is much appreciated.

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Just need to know the easiest way to go about it. Like how long do you have to spend looking in the telescope, and does it have to be at a certain time of night?

BrknHrtd21 provided additional details:

Ohhh, Ok, thanks a bunch. I didn't know that it was only male sims that come back pregnant. I guess I'll have to try that.

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Jeni answered:

You don't need to be a Knowledge Sim, any aspiration can be abducted. But if you have the FreeTime expansion pack, then Knowledge Sims have an aspiration benefit called 'summon aliens' which helps them get abducted (maybe even makes it happen right away? not sure, I've never tried it)

To get abducted by stargazing, you need to use the most expensive telescope at night. Only teen or older Sims can be abducted. Only adult males will come back pregnant. It's been reported that when Sims get abducted it usually happens shortly after starting to stargaze, so you may have a better chance of getting abducted if you stargaze for a bit, then cancel the action and start it again.

This link has some more information:
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